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Half Lost By Sally Green,

  • Title: Half Lost
  • Author: Sally Green
  • ISBN: 9780141350905
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nathan Byrn is running again The Alliance of Free Witches has been all but destroyed Scattered and demoralized, constantly pursued by the Council s Hunters, only a bold new strategy can save the rebels from total defeat They need the missing half of Gabriel s amulet an ancient artifact with the power to render its bearer invincible in battle.But the amulet s guardianNathan Byrn is running again The Alliance of Free Witches has been all but destroyed Scattered and demoralized, constantly pursued by the Council s Hunters, only a bold new strategy can save the rebels from total defeat They need the missing half of Gabriel s amulet an ancient artifact with the power to render its bearer invincible in battle.But the amulet s guardian the reclusive and awesomely powerful witch Ledger has her own agenda To win her trust, Nathan must travel to America and persuade her to give him the amulet Combined with his own Gifts, the amulet might just be enough turn the tide for the Alliance and end the bloody civil war between Black and White witches once and for all
    Half Lost Nathan Byrn is running again The Alliance of Free Witches has been all but destroyed Scattered and demoralized constantly pursued by the Council s Hunters only a bold new strategy can save the rebel

    One thought on “Half Lost”

    1. Now THAT is how you end a series Wow This book destroyed me I admit I had some reservations afterHalf Wild, butSally Green redeemed herself and ended this series the way it deserves I m at such a loss for words I need some time to gather my thoughts.Okay, I think I can write this review now When I say this book destroyed me, I 100% mean it The feels I was feeling can t even be explained I laughed, cried, cheered, screamed, cried some , smiled, cried a hell of a lot , and on it goes I can t think [...]

    2. what i need in this book less annalise analise dead nathan gabriel hiking nathan gabriel climbing nathan gabriel swimming nathan gabriel kissingis that too much to ask puppy eyesEDIT AFTER READ 5 APRIL 2016 OK first of all I d like to thank to everyone of you who liked and comment my pre read rambling, I didn t expect it d drawn so many likes After read the book, I d say that I got what I need except one But Sally gave us than just Nathan Gabriel kissing About the ending though view spoiler Gab [...]

    3. I can not believe I have finished this series.This novel was a fantastic ending to my favourite series I loved everything Even the endingI will miss this world

    4. Oh See how this book was on the shelf need than my next breath Now see how it s going straight into the trashcan Also, see how I am tempted to lower the rating to one star Honestly, I m not sure whether to even write this review, because it will be next to incomprehensible and not as much a review as a rant about how fucking done I am with this book Enjoy Seriously, this is nothing but an angry rant and sarcasm Also every second word is fuck, so beware The reason I started this trilogy was an a [...]

    5. READ 2, November 2017 I M BROKEN AND EVERYTHING HURTS AND WHY THE HECK DID I WANT TO REREAD THIS This book gave me anxiety Also I freaking love it I love this whole series It is brutal and actually really cleverly told the foreshadowing is A the whole way through and it actually underlines the physical and psychological damage of war The characters are real, so so real I didn t read this bookI fell into it The powerful writing, the agony, the triumph, the wildness and the brokenness have complet [...]

    6. I m so angry at this book, and not because it was sad, and not because I always want a happy ending I don t , and not because I think that in order for a book to be good it has to have a happy ending That s not the case at all I m so angry at this book because it felt like the entire thing was just window dressing for the Shocking Ending And I know that anyone who thinks the ending was ridiculous and pointless and depraved is going to be accused of wanting rainbows and unicorns but guess fucking [...]

    7. I READ THE ENDING AND AESGD KSDJG WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELFI AM B R O K E N THERE IS A FUCKING COVER LOOK AT THAT BEAUTYDo I get why it s a tree No Do I care that it s a tree Nah Okay there s a title Half Lostimagine they d made it Half Lives hahaanyway jazz hands The ending of Half Wild has left me hella anxious and hella needy The whole of Half Wild has left me shipping Gabriel and Nathan like no fucking tomorrow It has also left me hating Annalise, but I think that was there since Half Bad

    8. spoilers Why precious Gabby now every happy scene hurts Such a tragic love storyAlways so hopeless.When they finally got togetherdared to have one simple dream it was snatched away too But at least both were free of cruelty together in tragic peace at the end.Proof for Gabriel s Nathan s undying love for each other Like the ring, forever.Their love was so realmature,actions not just words,love not just empty lust.Respect,loyalty and devotion.Tragic war kids with one simple dream they shared,hold [...]

    9. Lmao, Green sure had fun jerking us around When in doubt, queerbait Even better if you can do it personally by interacting with your LGBT readers on your twitter promise them a happy LGBT ending Watch them buy your book Then see them talk about wanting to kill themselves because of how your plotline made them feel and take no accountability This book was such a ride Because y know, what a revolutionary ending, one dead gay kid and one abused bi kid who don t get a happy ending Maybe some day I [...]

    10. Le do en el BookTourLadoPerdido.No voy a mentir me ha costado leer El lado perdido Habr sido culpa de las tan altas expectativas Habr sido que al ser una de mis trilog as favoritas me esperaba m s del ltimo tomo Puede ser, sin duda, pero voy a tratar de justificar mi opini n en unas cuantas l neas.Empezando por los personajes, creo que se llevan la palma de esta saga Nathan evoluciona de un modo tan extra o, tan incre ble y tan cruel a la vez que es un placer leer sobre l p ginas y p ginas Gabri [...]

    11. This review is NOT spoiler free please proceed at your own peril.Let me count the ways I feel so betrayed.Some people may remember me a staunch support of this series in its youth This is the series that got me into YA literature It was never perfect, but it was interesting and different.Instead book three comes out and everything crashes and burns The plot loses itself what the hell is blue Why was it introduced so late the characters we ve become invested in disappear or die Arran is barely in [...]

    12. I ve killed fifty two people But really all I want is to get my hands on her I d be happy with fifty three Just one and I ll be satisfied 2 1 2 stars I liked this book than Half Wild I liked the gay romance I liked that Nathan is a true antihero with a murderous mean streak that he actually acts upon in other words, he isn t just one of those characters who s sold as an antihero but never does anything questionable.But I have a theory The same theory I have about series like Ee s Angelfall the [...]

    13. I d probably suggest not reading this review if you haven t read Half Wild yet, as it spoils the end of Half Wild I both loved and hated Half Lost Okay, okay I LOVED IT But I am a broken human being right now I am hurt deep in my soul and don t know what to even do about it Sally Green definitely knows how to write an epic finale that can shock and surprise her readers, and happily crush our hearts and souls Prepare yourself for this book, it is going to be a book you find impossible to put down [...]

    14. 5 5Solo os recomiendo que no hag is ninguna teor a acerca c mo puede terminar El lado perdido , pues os prometo que no dar is con la resoluci n Sally Green ha conseguido algo tan dif cil como es escribir el mejor final que jam s haya le do en una trilog a es impredecible, brillante y emocionalmente muy impactante No puedo dejar de pensar en las ltimas 50 p ginas de la novela no entiendo qu le ha llevado a dar con esa conclusi n, que puede gustar m s o menos, pero no dejar de ning n modo indifere [...]

    15. Yeah so what the hell did I just read view spoiler so let me get this straight, at the end Nathan turned to a tree Like what is she thinking hide spoiler It was mediocre until the end The ending sucked big time I think Sally taught it was a joke to actually use that as and ending I don t know but if it is a joke I am certainly not laughing I had such high hopes for this book Gonna be honest but I did enjoy it until the end Why would you do that I mean why So I gave it 2.5 Why isn t it called Hal [...]

    16. 30.03.2016 Might have spoilers, I m pissed off I m not going to rate this book I m crying and I feel so sick But I don t want to give this book one star or hate it I just feel BETRAYED Half Bad was the book that got me into reading Nathan was the only character that I really connected and definitely my favourite AND HE DID NOT DESERVE THAT ENDING GABRIEL BOUTIN, THE MOST PERFECT boy FRIEND AS NATHAN SAID, DID NOT DESERVE THAT I hate and love this book at the same time The story, the writing, all [...]

    17. You ve been away a long time Were you lost I was wounded, not lost Now that his father is dead and Annalise, vanished Nathan has only one thing in his mind.Revenge.He needs to kill Annalise.Kill her because everything bad that happened, happened because of her.Kill her because she is the reason his father is now dead and he is alone.But he isn t alone Not really.He has Gabriel.Gabriel who stays with him even tho they barely even talk He doesn t even listens when Gabriel is talking, because Natha [...]

    18. I m tired of your revenge, your anger, your hate The war is killing you This trilogy should have been a standalone Or a duology.Firstly, I need to establish I LOVED the first book I thought Half Bad was awesome and atmospheric and gritty The sequel was pretty good too, though in my opinion this trilogy peaked at the end of the first book.I hated Half Lost Everything I loved from the previous books was gone and it had everything that annoyed me boring writing, a plot that went nowhere, clich s, a [...]

    19. I have loved this series from the beginning and I have so much respect for the directions Sally Green has taken it view spoiler But fuck that ending No It s everything my fangirl heart didn t want I m angry and devastated hence the crying and ultimately, not at all satisfied So I am going to pretend it didn t happen and only think about what I would have wanted to see instead While crying hide spoiler

    20. Okay, so I ve calmed down although I still have tears streaming down my face as we speak.This might be the best book of the whole trilogy yet it was the worst one of them, it was the most beautiful thing ever yet the most tragic of them all Looking at the story throughout the three books, I think that Nathan had the worst life ever, the most unfair everything and none of what d happened to him was his fault.I fell in love with this book and the writing with every page I turn, the way the story t [...]

    21. honestly the I read about this book and the author s actions leading up to it the annoyed and salty I getEDIT bc someone asked and duh, I should ve linked Links about what happened, obviously containing spoilers Another link.

    22. IO HO IL CUORE IN FRANTUMI la prima volta che non riesco a dare un rating, ho amato il libro e l ultima parte mi ha totalmente sconvolta Non piangevo cos da Clockwork princess e ho detto tutto Il finale straziante, non lo voglio definire perfetto perch c troppa tristezza e scrivere lucidamente non mi riesce in questo momento Sono comunque davvero arrabbiata e frustrata e credo mi ci vorr un po per scrollarmi di dosso questa storia Vale la pena leggerla, ma sto soffrendo davvero troppo e odio que [...]

    23. spoilers I am so very, very disappointed with this book Sally Green threw away a great premise, wonderful characters, by writing the same, dreadful tropes Do you know how hard it is to find Lgbt books Do you know how hard it is to find good Lgbt books that don t focus on sexuality It s a thousand to one It s a thousand to one, and none of the Lgbt characters ever get a happy ending I cannot believe that Sally used social media, made it very clear that she was marketing this book to young, Lgbt t [...]

    24. Spoilers If I could give this book a lower rating, I would I m so sick of writers giving bullshit endings to LGBT characters without another thought I had such high hopes for this book, and I was again let down by an author I thought actually understood what she was doing.Even without the travesty that is the end of Nathan and Gabriel, Nathan s character is slaughtered with bad writing and a fundamental misunderstanding of his ENTIRE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT throughout the series I didn t think a w [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed Half Bad and Half Wild, but one thing that I want to be further addressed in this book is Nathan to explore his sexuality and his relationship with Gabriel I believe Green has the ability to create a bisexual protagonist with Nathan, even though the series is not primarily LGBQT themed, I would absolutely love for Nathan to at least have a chapter of him thinking about his feelings towards both Gabrial and Annalise though i think he s bisexual and you will never be able to c [...]

    26. Didn t Finish Reading thank god i have good friends that warned me about the bullshit ending, i m gone peaaaace out.

    27. Actual rating 1.5 starsHalf Lost managed to beat Allegiant by Veronica Roth for the crappiest ending ever That was nothing in comparison at least in that book you could catch a message of courage, of hope and of mending hearts In Half Lost Well, the messages seem to be Life sucks big time and then you die The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train that runs you over and you die It s okay to commit suicide and give up on lifeSorry to say, I m basically disgusted with the message s un [...]

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