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Where It Hurts By Reed Farrel Coleman,

  • Title: Where It Hurts
  • Author: Reed Farrel Coleman
  • ISBN: 9780399173035
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the critically acclaimed and award winning author comes a gritty, atmospheric new series about the other side of Long Island, far from the wealth of the Hamptons, where real people live and die.Gus Murphy thought he had the world all figured out A retired Suffolk County cop, Gus had everything a man could want a great marriage, two kids, a nice house, and the rest oFrom the critically acclaimed and award winning author comes a gritty, atmospheric new series about the other side of Long Island, far from the wealth of the Hamptons, where real people live and die.Gus Murphy thought he had the world all figured out A retired Suffolk County cop, Gus had everything a man could want a great marriage, two kids, a nice house, and the rest of his life ahead of him But when tragedy strikes, his life is thrown into complete disarray In the course of a single deadly moment, his family is blown apart and he is transformed from a man who believes he understands everything into a man who understands nothing.Divorced and working as a courtesy van driver for the run down hotel in which he has a room, Gus has settled into a mindless, soulless routine that barely keeps his grief at arm s length But Gus s comfortable waking trance comes to an end when ex con Tommy Delcamino asks him for help Four months earlier, Tommy s son T.J s battered body was discovered in a wooded lot, yet the Suffolk County PD doesn t seem interested in pursuing the killers In desperation, Tommy seeks out the only cop he ever trusted Gus Murphy.Gus reluctantly agrees to see what he can uncover As he begins to sweep away the layers of dust that have collected over the case during the intervening months, Gus finds that Tommy was telling the truth It seems that everyone involved with the late T.J Delcamino from his best friend, to a gang enforcer, to a mafia capo, and even the police has something to hide, and all are willing to go to extreme lengths to keep it hidden It s a dangerous favor Gus has taken on as he claws his way back to take a place among the living, while searching through the sewers for a killer.
    Where It Hurts From the critically acclaimed and award winning author comes a gritty atmospheric new series about the other side of Long Island far from the wealth of the Hamptons where real people live and die G

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    1. This is the first novel in a projected new series by the very gifted writer, Reed Farrel Coleman The protagonist is Gus Murphy, a former cop in Suffolk County on Long Island Murphy had a great life and was perfectly content until, out of the blue, a tragedy destroyed him and blew his family apart Now Murphy is trudging through life, caring about virtually nothing and no one He works two crappy jobs, one as a courtesy van driver for a third rate hotel and the other as a bouncer in the hotel s bar [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Coleman s nine books featuring ex cop Moe Prager In fact, I d go as far as to say it s been one of my favourite crime fiction series Prager was a haunted soul whose career as a cop was ended by a freak accident when slipped on an errant piece of carbon paper Thereafter, as he worked as a PI and sometimes as a wine seller, he sought but never really seemed to find true happiness But the search was a good one and he had some brilliant adventures and met some memorable characters a [...]

    3. WHERE IT HURTSWritten by Reed Farrel Coleman2016, 368 PagesGenre mystery, suspense, thriller 1 2After the death of his son, Gus Murphy retires from the police force and is divorced from his wife He works as a courtesy van driver for a run down hotel and now resides there, while his wife and daughter live with his wife s family Gus is breathing but he is not really living Then one day a former ex con, Tommy Delcamino shows up at his door begging for his help A month ago his son was murdered and t [...]

    4. 3 stars.This is my first novel by this author, Reed Farrel Coleman It is also the first book of a series This was perfectly enjoyable for my day Overall, I liked this I listened to the audio and the narrator did a great job I liked the different voices for the characters The writing was certainly creative.The MC was kind of fun In some ways, there was nothing that made him different from other MCs in this genre, attractive, broken marriage, a rebel spirit, other women falling all over him, etc , [...]

    5. Above average debut for Gus Murphy as a retired cop from Suffolk County NY duty And it does superlative cover for the Long Island locale It s different and yet grabs the size, the tone, the connections, the variances of that place setting.It only lost a bit for me in the foul language of cop and perp talk and within the seemingly and nearly constant action levels Gus survives at least 7 or 8 different death dealing exchanges here I believe he may have even passed by a Reacher level of encounter [...]

    6. Dark, gritty and well written I loved everything about this book and hope to read about Gus Murphy in the future, a series I will definitely follow.

    7. Ex cop Gus Murphy is hurting His son s sudden death has thrown him into a deep hole of grief leading to the end of his marriage, problems with his daughter and a menial job as a hotel van driver living on site and isolated Then he is contacted by a man he regularly used to arrest and asked to look into the barbaric death of the man s son Initially reluctant to do so, Gus slowly uncovers and details about those involved and as he does so, he also learns to deal with his personal grief and move [...]

    8. Outsiders don t get Long Island most New Yorkers don t understand it They can t get past the beaches and the sound, the Hamptons and the Gold Coast, the country clubs and marinas What off islanders see is the 24 carat gilding the edges where the money flows, not the fool s gold in the middle where the rats race as hard as in the city and where stray dogs lie in wait.Retired Suffolk County cop, Gus Murphy works the night shift at a low key hotel on Long Island as courtesy vehicle driver and bounc [...]

    9. After decades of reading mysteries and thrillers, I still frequently encounter authors whose names are new to me but are described as bestselling and sometimes have dozens of novels to their credit Reed Farrel Coleman is the latest example Author of at least 23 books divided among six series of crime novels, Coleman is the recipient of half a dozen literary awards His latest series features John Augustus Gus Murphy, a retired cop in suburban Suffolk County on Long Island Where It Hurts is the fi [...]

    10. Gus Murphy, once a Suffolk County Police Officer, is now driving a shuttle van for a run down MacArthur Airport hotel Two years ago, his son John died from a genetic anomaly of the heart, keeling over during a basketball game Since John s death, Gus has been wallowing in grief, his marriage has imploded and his daughter has turned to alcohol and drugs in order to deal with her feelings One day, out of the blue, a small time crook by the name of Tommy Delcalmino approaches Gus and asks his help i [...]

    11. I read this book because it was nominated for an Edgar Award this year, and now I m scratching my head trying to figure out how it could have possibly made it to the list Maybe it was because this book was up for an award that I felt so incredibly disappointed in it I went into the reading experience expecting something great Instead what I got was a very mediocre crime story, wholly unoriginal plot line, characters whom I ve read about a dozen times before, and the dialogue was not great and of [...]

    12. When we meet Gus Murphy, he s a broken man living working at a third rate hotel He used to be a happily married cop, content with his lot in life but that was before Before his son died, before the divorce before he left the job Two years on, he s still smothered by the overwhelming loss of everything that mattered each day is a struggle to just breathe.Tommy Delcamino is a reformed criminal familiar with the pain of losing a child Four months ago, his son TJ was beaten left like trash on a dese [...]

    13. John Augustus Murphy is a sad, cynical, and empty man His life has been riddled by loss He has lost his faith in God and his trust in people He has also lost his career as a cop with the Suffolk County Police, his marriage, his house, but most of all, where it hurts, the sudden and senseless death of his beloved twenty year old son I lost my faith a long time before losing my son, and his death proved me right He lives his life on automatic pilot, existing rather than living and grieving In the [...]

    14. Gus Murphy is living a run down hotel and driving the courtesy van for it s guest when he is asked by an ex con to help find out what happened to his son Gus tells him he should really ask the police for help but Tommy Delcamino said he has already asked them and brought them plenty of leads but no wants to see justice done for his son Gus reluctantly agrees and takes what Tommy has the detectives involved in the case but they shine him on Now Tommy is dead and Gus has been shot at As and clue [...]

    15. Reed Farrel Coleman is an extremely talented writer He excels at character development and setting a scene This is the first in a new series for Coleman featuring former Suffolk County police officer Gus Murphy whose life is in a shambles following the unexpected death of his son 2 years ago A person Gus knew quite well having arrested him a number of times while on the job seeks Gus out asking him to investigate the brutal murder of his son When this man later turns up dead, Gus makes it his mi [...]

    16. I can t believe this author has written 20 books, and I have never heard of much less read any of them That is about to change.Where It Hurts is an Excellent start to a new book series.Gus Murphy hasn t been a cop since is son died 2 years ago, but he was a cop, a solid good cop, for 20 years No he is a hollow shell of a man, when a lowlife from his past Tommy D reaches out to Gus, to ask for help, regarding the murder of his own son Gus is soon buried in crosses and double crosses, doesn t know [...]

    17. Gus Murphy is the real deal Troubled but still got his sense of humour All helped by the fact that Reed Farrell Coleman hits you where it hurts Highly recommended.

    18. The character names alone set the gritty landscape Gus Murphy our hero , Tommy Delcamino, Kareem Shivers and Frankie Tacos Those are character names worthy of Chandler or Leonard or Block.We re on Long Island, the overlooked sections with dive bars like Harrigan s It was a classic loser s bar The kind of place where even the young men were old Where the Daily Racing Form passed for the news of the world and where the light of day was the common enemy The entire novel unfolds against a gritty bac [...]

    19. I have never read anything by Farrel Coleman before so this is my first experience with his writing and his style This is not a feel good story nor is it a tidy mystery It s dark, gritty, and has complicated characters that you will most likely not enjoy ever, Murphy s character evolves from a broken man in the beginning to a man who is forced to face his demons and become the man he once was.Murphy s character s evolution throughout the novel was well written and inspiring As a reader, I was re [...]

    20. Today I read detective novels as ongoing narratives than thrillers There are only so many elements that can compose a thriller whodunnit, whydunnit, McGuffin And, increasingly, wheredunnit I chose this novel because it is the first in a series hopefully , which means no catching up on backstory Because backstory is what I am most interested in Not the drugs, murders, and other devices necessary to the plot After faithfully following all the 87th Precinct series from the 60 s on, which first fas [...]

    21. I don t remember how I found this novel but I am glad I did It absorbed me for hours I suspect the main character, Gus Murphy, will appear in a future title, and I will be looking for that one, too, as well as seeking out other books by Reed Farrel Coleman In Where it Hurts, Gus Murphy s life unravels at the sudden death of his teenaged son Instead of being a police officer, Gus is driving a hotel shuttle bus, serving as a hotel house detective and sometime bouncer His daughter has fallen into a [...]

    22. This is my first experience reading a book written by Reed Farrel Coleman, and although my reactions are mixed, I doubt that it will be my last Where It Hurts is a bit too noir P.I for me, but Coleman writes beautifully and put me right inside Gus s head At the beginning Gus is a robot, and robots know only what they need to know As he takes on this investigation, we get to watch him coming out of his grief stricken inertia However, the pace of this book was excruciatingly slow for two thirds of [...]

    23. 3 1 2 Coleman is the newest addition to my must read authors list He is a really talented detective type writer I first encountered him in the wonderful upgrades he had leant to the Jesse Stone series This book is great fun Well developed characters, lots of twists and turns, plenty of personal angst and a funky Long Island setting that provides a perfect cultural background for everything The first paragraph has a couple of the best lines you will ever read and after about 75 pages the story pi [...]

    24. I was a huge fan of Reed Farrel Coleman s Moe Prager series and was sad when it came to an end I wasn t sure I was ready to move my loyalties to a new protag, truth be told But I should have had faith Mr Coleman is one hell of an author and Gus Murphy just rocks He s not Moe he s certainly his own character, but he has many of the qualities that drew me to Moe I look forward to much and foresee a very long life ahead of the new series, led by Gus and an engaging, interesting cast of supporting [...]

    25. Absolute gem of a book This proves again Coleman is at the top of the game Great new character with Gus Murphy The guy is full of hate and can t get over the death of his son and the dying is his family Finds some life again while trying to get to the bottom of a killing Loved the book and I sure hope he brings Gus back soon.

    26. This is a win review I have never read this author before I will be looking for of his books This book is crime fiction about Gus who once had everything and lost it all and he gets lost in his life But an ex con asks him for help to find the killer of his son This book is awesome.

    27. Nominated for an Edgar Award for best novel, and I can t figure why This story is one cliche after another Embittered retired cop with a soft heart Check Corruption in the police department Check Furious sex with his ex wife Check Coleman is a pretty good writer, but I couldn t find anything fresh about the story

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