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Grotesque By Natsuo Kirino Rebecca Copeland,

  • Title: Grotesque
  • Author: Natsuo Kirino Rebecca Copeland
  • ISBN: 9781400044948
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tokyo prostitutes Yuriko and Kazue have been brutally murdered, their deaths leaving a wake of unanswered questions about who they were, who their murderer is, and how their lives came to this end As their stories unfurl in an ingeniously layered narrative, coolly mediated by Yuriko s older sister, we are taken back to their time in a prestigious girls high school whereTokyo prostitutes Yuriko and Kazue have been brutally murdered, their deaths leaving a wake of unanswered questions about who they were, who their murderer is, and how their lives came to this end As their stories unfurl in an ingeniously layered narrative, coolly mediated by Yuriko s older sister, we are taken back to their time in a prestigious girls high school where a strict social hierarchy decided their fates and follow them through the years as they struggle against rigid societal conventions.Shedding light on the most hidden precincts of Japanese society today, Grotesque is both a psychological investigation into the female psyche and a work of noir fiction that confirms Natsuo Kirino s electrifying gifts.
    Grotesque Tokyo prostitutes Yuriko and Kazue have been brutally murdered their deaths leaving a wake of unanswered questions about who they were who their murderer is and how their lives came to this end As

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    1. Few books start with a crackerjack opening Lolita, Anna Karenina, The Journalist and the Murdererand Tale of Two Cities are the only other ones I know of This is the 5th And for a while she reuses the opening idea when other characters are introduced.An innovative technique.That is, she s walking down the street, see s a man she s attracted to,and begins to wonder what a baby would look like if she had one with him.His eyes His mouth His chin His Do women all around the world think like this I t [...]

    2. THE THREE LEVELS, OR, READING NOVELS IN TRANSLATIONManny Rayner, peerless reviewmeister of , insists that you should learn the language and then read the novels all translation is ba a a ad I can t disagree and if I had a machine which could stop time, I would certainly follow this advice However, as I do not have such a device, I read the occasional translated novel and I come up with a variation of the problem here Note see discussion in messages below all about this interesting topic The lang [...]

    3. If you are coming into this book expecting a mystery novel then I m sorry to tell you that you are likely to be disappointed This book shows a different face to mystery, than the circumstantial kind, it offers something deeper, darker It probes beyond merely what happens and dives into the inner being of those involved in the horrifying set of events that unfold If I were to coin a name for this genre then I daresay this should be called existential mystery It transcends the whodunit and mystif [...]

    4. Recently, in a coffee shop near my home, I overheard one teenage boy intimating to another that if he were to ever marry it would not be to an American woman but a Japanese one because, they re pretty, submissive, and just plain happy to be women Noting that than a few eyelids batted at this exclamation, I wondered how these American teenagers happened upon their conclusions Kirino s Grotesque is a tale of two sisters growing up in Japan Yuriko, the youngest of the pair, lacks the mental acumen [...]

    5. Grotesco le queda corto a este libro, la cantidad de sentimientos de aversi n concentrados en el es incre ble, una historia muy cruda, lo recomiendo mucho.

    6. 4.5 5The pain of being treated like a mere object And a sense that this pain would turn into pleasure.I ve noticed an expansion in my reading standards of late that is old enough to have partway integrated itself into instinct, young enough for the instincts themselves to seem of peculiar make It all boils down to a sense that, alright, since so much is passed over for the sake of beauteous prose, how about the same be held to when it comes to uncommon ideological groundwork An author s writing [...]

    7. 3.75 The other reviews can reveal what this book is about What I wanted to share is the extreme responses this book incited in my boyfriend and me He alternately found himself loving the narrator, Yuriko s sister, for her brutal honesty and hating her for her malice and psychological bullying of Kazue Meanwhile, I found myself rooting the narrator on as she spoke the cruel truth about the pitiful hopelessness of Kazue s meritocratic dreams, but a moment later I wondered if that made me a bully m [...]

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    10. 4.5 para nada fue lo que esperaba A ratos complejo de leer pero ufff, intenso Es de esos libros que voy a tener que digerir antes de poder escribir una rese a en forma.

    11. T i c b n d ch c a Qu nh L , v r t may, y l m t b n d ch kh tr n tru, r nh m ch Song v n c n i ch x l ch a c m t m Th nh t, kh t nh m t ch t, t i th y c l i kh u bi n t p edit , nh th i nh ng n m ngay m t kh c i tho i cao tr o n n d th y v l m t m ch c m h ng c a ng i c Th hai, t i kh ng hi u sao i t x ng h trong c c ti u thuy t Nh t B n lu n b d ch th nh c u v t L c c c nv c n i h c th c n ch p nh n c, nh ng t i l c h u l ng i trung ni n, l i ng l i c i c m t s t nhau, m c phang c u c u t t th [...]

    12. While I had loved Out , I was interested but certainly not enthralled by Grotesque.Through recollections, confessions and diaries, we follow the destinies of 4 Japanese girls who meet in an exclusive Junior High School and drift apart through adulthood only to be reunited in the end through a trail of murders and sexual crimes While one of those girls, the most brilliant and driven, gravitates towards terrorism and finds redemption through love, the other three, all of them misfits in their own [...]

    13. Grotesque is an exploration of many things Japanese society, coming of age and also the yearnings struggles of privileged women I should probably mention that I read the Chinese translation of this book, and also that I didn t end up finishing the book I thought the book was long, drawn out and tedious The book revolves around a girl of mixed heritage Yuriko who is beautiful to the point of unnatural, like she should not even exist on this earth The girl s older sister is the unnamed narrator, a [...]

    14. I read this book because my teacher recommended it but apparently the why is beyond my comprehension The I read, the uncomfortable I felt, partly because this book contained a LOT of truths about the unknown secret life of a prostitute, and partly because the author described the dark side of humanity too well that made me feel uneasy As for the background of the story, it was an adaptation of one of the most shocking news in Japan in 1997 Murder of Yasuko Watanabe a senior economic researcher [...]

    15. Natsuo Kirino is an impressive author She has the power to really portray characters so vividly that I felt them get under my skin I found myself detesting a character as if she was real I found myself wrinkling my nose in distaste, hating some stupid things a person would keep doing, their blindness I had to stop and remind myself that this was fiction and yet, time and again, Natsuo would draw me in This is a rare gift and one that Natsuo employs to astounding results in this book It is not a [...]

    16. a complex tale of class discrimination and sexual inequality Natsuo Kirino may be the most socially astute of the current Japanese writers She criticizes many things about Japanese culture the role of women, the unfairness of the competitive school system, among others She writes how this dehumanizes the participant, especially women She does this in a harrowing tale of three women told by the older sister of a murdered prostitute The story proceeds Rashomon style, narrated by the sister but als [...]

    17. I m hovering between a 2 and 3 star rating for Grotesque I think the main reason that I m leaning towards a 2, is that the book felt tedious But the lives of these people were tedious so really I was just feeling the emotion of the novel I also struggled with reading a book where every character was so horrible and not really horrible in an interesting way like an outrageous gangster, or a powerful, crooked politician horrible in a way that is similar to the vein of nastiness that probably runs [...]

    18. Rating 4 out of 5 stars This book peers into the abyss of human conceit I will launch my boat on a sea of hatred, mye eye on the far shore, wondering when I might make land Those are the words of the main narrator, who calls herself heartless I couldn t find her name anywhere, maybe it was mentioned The story revolves around the murder of Yuriko, the narrator s younger sister, and Kazue All three women were ones studens at a well known highschool It is a study in evil None of the characters port [...]

    19. Signs of Lack of Authorial Control, and Their Relation to IntrospectionThis is not the voice of a major novelist She has gotten some great reviews, both here on and in print, but the reviewers are mainly discussing her work as a reflection of contemporary Japan in other words, they are reading it as documentary evidence of social phenomena As a novel, Grotesque is fairly poor Two points about that 1 In three sections of the book, we read texts written by characters other than the protagonist of [...]

    20. p 422 I m not jealous because you made some money It s because if those men are willing to pay that kind of money to you, Kazue, they must be the type who like monsters I mean, you re ugly too If some kid came across you in the dark, you can be sure he d burst into tears And you don t have much of a future You re just going to keep falling lower and lower You re going to have to quit your job at the firm before long because no one s going to be able to bear looking at you Yuriko s eyes glittered [...]

    21. Mracnija od Atwood u bilo koje doba dana, ali me podsjeca na nju jer su sve nijanse mraka koje se nalaze unutar korica ispisane predivnim stilom i kombinacijama razlicitih formi.Groteskna je to studija ljudske psihe i svih onih sitnih, negativnih emocija koje se nakupljaju u zivotima Traktat je to i o usamljenosti iz koje proizlaze svi ljudski demoni Svi i sve pripovjedacice su nepouzdane, pa je tim bolje pratiti njihove karaktere dok isti dogadaj prilagodavaju svojoj viziji istine U pricu upada [...]

    22. n m zdeki birka y l Kirino okuyarak ge irmek istiyorum Nas l anlatsam Gillian Flynn in evreni okyanusun orta katman ve i inizi rpertecek canl larla doluysa Kirino nun evreni okyanus taban ve akl n z alacak canl larla dolu.

    23. After thinking on this book for a few days, my appreciation has continued to increase This is a really wonderful novel that explores so many different issues in society The main focus seems to on power dynamics There is the dynamic between the rich, accustomed girls and the poorer newcomers at Q High School There is the dynamic between men who pay for sex and the women they buy There are tons of discussions on the privileges of family status, wealth, language, beauty, and the constant struggle b [...]

    24. Grotesque in name, grotesque by content.In recent times, I don t remember any other book that repelled me, as well as took hold of my soul to such an extent, as this one Female oriented story, seething with hatred, perversion, sickness of mind, and violence about two sisters, the younger one, a beauty as never witnessed on earth, who spellbound people who look at her, a beauty so beautiful as to appear grotesque, the unfortunate elder sister who is average in mind as well as body, who is seethin [...]

    25. I loved the author s earlier book, OUT, an incredibly compelling, as well as impossibly horrific beautiful if a bit too wild and implausible at the very end , novel GROTESQUE is not as masterful although it is compelling in its own way In this novel, Natsuo Kirino also deals with the lives of women in contemporary Japanese society, here through the lens of a cut throat competitive educational system, the Q High School for Young Women The principal narrator is a half only half Japanese , older si [...]

    26. Maybe one day I ll be able to read Natsuo Kirino in Japanese, because I don t think this translation did her justice At least I m assuming it didn t, because I struggled with the language often than not It s stilted and choppy I m imagining it s a style that works in Japanese and doesn t in English Or maybe the translator just wasn t the best.I m not sure I liked this book It was intriguing and fascinating but at the same time I disliked all characters Most of them were hateful, bitter and mali [...]

    27. La ricerca degli assassini di due prostitute quasi quarantenni si trasforma in un viaggio nei ricordi di tre decenni densi di umiliazioni, invidie, odio e menzogne Dalle pagine del diario dell astiosa e caparbia Kazue, dalle memorie della bellissima e misteriosa Yuriko, dalle deposizioni dell indagato immigrato clandestino Zhang e, soprattutto, dal racconto dell invidiosa e perfida sorella di Yuriko, pi che la verit si delinea il volto di una societ classista, fondata sulla competizione pi spiet [...]

    28. A well deserved 4 stars Review short version High school sucks Girls are complicated Human are extreme And the author hates men Review long version Wow, I haven t enjoyed reading such a book for quite some time The last time I was this engrossed in a book was probably with Tana French s In the woods Anyway, this book has many themes, complicated themes high school life, family life, mean girls, social status, ego, sex, pain, etc and it was extremely depressing I would not call this a mystery cri [...]

    29. I don t think I will be able to clearly articulate how I feel about it I put the books on my shelves of Psychology, Mystery Crime, Foreign translated lit and Society Culture because it does encompass all this, even as a work of fiction Or perhaps especially as a work of fiction This book is told through first person narratives There s the initial unnamed narrator who is half Japanese half Swiss This story takes place in Japan, though some characters look to their past to events in China or Switz [...]

    30. Near the end of this book the deluded psycho loser Kazue Sato writes something like, Motherfuckers I wish they would all die That is precisely my sentiment toward the characters in this book Fortunately some of them did die, but unfortunately they all left written accounts, which means we readers had to suffer through their conniving, irrational, insecure, perverted, incestuous, jealous, obscene not in a good way , convoluted not in a good way , inconsistent not in a good way mishmash of memorie [...]

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