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Cow Country By Adrian Jones Pearson,

  • Title: Cow Country
  • Author: Adrian Jones Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780990915003
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a down on his luck educational administrator arrives into the makeshift bus shelter of Cow Eye Junction, he finds a drought stricken town and its community college on the precipice of institutional ruin Struggling to navigate this strange world of bloated calf scrota, orgiastic math instruction, and onrushing regional accreditors, Charlie must devise a plan to lead CWhen a down on his luck educational administrator arrives into the makeshift bus shelter of Cow Eye Junction, he finds a drought stricken town and its community college on the precipice of institutional ruin Struggling to navigate this strange world of bloated calf scrota, orgiastic math instruction, and onrushing regional accreditors, Charlie must devise a plan to lead Cow Eye Community College through the perils of continuous improvement to the triumphant culmination of world history Idiosyncratic, wry, and ambitiously constructed, Cow Country is Adrian Jones Pearson s most American work yet, deftly blending the lunacies of contemporary academia with the tragic consequences of New World nation building A must read for anyone who has ever worked at an institution of higher education, or attempted to straddle partisan lines, this insightful novel offers a poetic requiem for the loss of our humanity and our humanities.
    Cow Country When a down on his luck educational administrator arrives into the makeshift bus shelter of Cow Eye Junction he finds a drought stricken town and its community college on the precipice of institution

    One thought on “Cow Country”

    1. Let me admit up front that I bought this book after reading Winslow s review in Harper s, wherein he deduces that the author is actually Thomas Pynchon Being a Pynchon fan and having taught English for 30 years at public institutions 20 of these at a community college , this book seemed up my alley Reading was slow going at first It took forever for the first person narrator, Charlie, to get from the bus stop to the campus But as he settled into his new job, the pace picked up The novel doesn t [...]

    2. Haven t finished, but must say I keep closing the book after reading about 6 or 7 pages I normally don t do that Partly this must be due to how busy I am, but that doesn t explain it fully because it seems to keep happening right after I read a sentence or two that blow me away It is filled with so much variety of incredible, funny and thought provoking thought and ideas and, most importantly, sentences that I need to just say this I ve said it.

    3. My brother recommended this book to me, probably because I was a community college teacher for over 35 years Pearson is an exceptionally talented writer I often laughed out loud when reading the satire of educational jargon, the community college accreditation process, and the visit to a creative writing class All the rules for creative writing are gleefully violated in Cow Country It s a long novel, though, and unabashedly repetitive sometimes with humorous effect However, the repetition seems [...]

    4. There were a lot of funny things in this book, especially for those who have done some time in halls of lower level higher education This book lampoons community colleges, the administrators of community colleges, the faculty of community colleges and even the communities served by community colleges The faculty and staff are filled with zany characters, most of whom seem to have a marital or at least a sexual history with each other.The main character, not really a teacher but a trained higher [...]

    5. I absolutely LOVED this book I don t often give 5 star ratings on , but this one deserved it It was so unique and was filled with great metaphors and descriptions, and it has become my new favorite The characters were well developed, and this book was HILARIOUS Granted, I think it takes a certain type of sense of humor to fully appreciate it, but my friends and I tend to have dry deadpan senses of humor, and I know they would appreciate it, so I ve been recommending it to all of them The main ch [...]

    6. Maybe Tom Carson is really Pynchon Read Daisy Buchanan s Daughter or Elementary and Intermediate Algebra and find out _____________The 24 hour cycle of HYPE on this novel has run its course a few people have now read the first page and are incredulous that it d ever be mistaken for the REAL thing For the REAL FAKE Pynchon, check out The Letters of Wanda Tinasky.

    7. I don t imagine it s Pynchon, but it doesn t take the imagination of an Educational Administrator to see how great this funny and absurd novel is I only wish I knew who actually wrote it so I could pick up his her next book.

    8. Cow Eye Community College is a rural institution offering up a well rounded liberal arts and technical education program and sporting a curious atmosphere promising hope and advancement while actually delivering despair or so observes an educational administrator who finds himself in the back country of the rural Cow Eye community facing down its biggest problem ruin.Charlie had no idea his job description was to include miracles and leadership on such a grand scale but then, Charlie actually mi [...]

    9. I wanted to like this book After all, I am a professor at a university and I love satire I am not sure what I expected the hype this book got after it was suspevted to have been composed by Pynchon and I started Mason and Dixon two weeks earlier convinced me I think the biggest issue is that it feels too bloated Had maybe 1 4 of the book been cut, I think I would have felt like I were happily swimming in it rather than treading water I liked the characters, especially Smithcoate, and the Christm [...]

    10. As spot on a satire of higher education administration and accreditation as I ve ever seen Granted, the appeal of satire aimed at that target may be terribly restricted to a narrow band of readers, but still, this was clearly written by someone with a direct line to life inside academe and Midwestern agricultural community college culture at that Some of the digressions go on a bit long to explore other follies, but when the novel sticks to the absurdities of accreditation and college personalit [...]

    11. There is so much potential for humor in higher education and this book tried to take advantage of that potential, using bureaucratic requirements, faculty divisiveness, academic traditions, and so on But the writing style ruined the humor.

    12. Not recommended for anyone that works outside of higher ed Even as someone that does, the latter half of this book really dragged on after a lot of the satire and running jokes connected early on.

    13. Having worked through the accreditation process and reports and self studies and data collection and surveys hilariously spot on

    14. Not Pynchon Possibly Pynchon esque There s a lot of repetitive language in the book possibly for comic effect , but it gets tiring after a while Starts stronger than it finishes.

    15. Anyone who thought this might be a work by Pynchon needs to spend time with Pynchon It was clear up front no way, no how Pynchon demonstrates a depth, and obviously an elasticity to his writing that Pearson does not have Pearson is much transparent, one dimensional, without the layers implication or possibility Was this simply a marketing ploy I think it could have been.The subject of cross forum speculation a couple of years ago, Cow Country was written by another author whose pseudonym is A [...]

    16. The tongue in cheek tone weighed this one down, but I still powered through it The distortion of time as the narrator becomes and crazed throughout the academic year was of note not only because events became compressed the first 30% of the novel covers 3 or 4 days , but also how the conversations ran into one another as the narrator becomes sleep deprived self medicated.

    17. this book was terrible It was everything not to do as an author It repeated itself It had conversations happen between characters who weren t even speaking to each other It went on and on without making a point And I didn t give a damn about a single character.

    18. There is a certain humor I take to be so juvenile as to be almost insulting the repetitive, the ritualistic Think Kramer making an entrance in Seinfeld , or Brian vomiting over and over and over again in Family Guy Wildly different audiences Probably, though I suspect the venn diagram would surprise But, even when I KNOW Peter Griffith is setting me up for a bad flashback, I still have to give in to a laugh, however childish Being happily isolated during a long car ride, I shut off this audioboo [...]

    19. I was not only unable to finish the book but was unable to get very far into it, so in that context my review may not be fair nor well polished Nonetheless right out of the starting gate the novel introduces such unbelievable nonsense that the book quickly became insufferable The character development and inter relationships reminded me of a stilted 1960 s effort rather than a contemporary effort No administrators, no faculty, no classified staff and not even adjuncts arrive at their new jobs b [...]

    20. I d hoped for from this book It was a bizarre tale with odd pacing and little pay off.The first half is spent on what feels like every second of Charlie s first few days in Cow Eye, while the second barrels through the next several weeks, and at some points the timeline becomes completely muddled due to either a poorly executed literary device or the protagonist s deteriorating mental state I couldn t tell I found myself frequently wishing he d get to the point, but then ultimately there wouldn [...]

    21. This book is humorous in a very dry, witty sort of way It pokes fun at academia in general The characters were very well developed, in fact too much time may have been spent as such The Audible version is just short of 21 hours and I think it could have been done in 13 or 14 hours instead It was just too long for not that much plot happening.I received the Audible version of this book in exchange for an honest review and I do think that the narration enhanced the book I know there are many out t [...]

    22. More often than not, fiction writers use the college campus as a site for humor often mixing in some satire and criticism With over 500 pages, Pearson goes overboard with a story that is difficult to accept as anything near real life Of course there are some laugh out loud events in the novel These come early in the novel as we meet the characters My favorite was the speech professor who has for decades has maintained a commitment to silence.

    23. It s not a Pynchon novel There were some similarities, but it was missing some key themes, not to mention that the style was different.As a novel of its own though, it was interesting enough The theme of time led to some obnoxious style decisions.

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