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Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales By Justin Richards David Wardle,

  • Title: Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales
  • Author: Justin Richards David Wardle
  • ISBN: 9781405920025
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • WE ARE ALL STORIES, IN THE ENDFifteen tales of ancient wonder and mystery, passed down through generations of Time Lords Dark, beautiful and twisted, these stories are filled with nightmarish terrors and heroic triumphs, from across all of time and space.
    Doctor Who Time Lord Fairy Tales WE ARE ALL STORIES IN THE ENDFifteen tales of ancient wonder and mystery passed down through generations of Time Lords Dark beautiful and twisted these stories are filled with nightmarish terrors

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    1. This review can be found on Amaranthine Reads.Heroes can be found in the most unlikely places Perhaps we all have it within us to do great things, but may simply lack the circumstances or the reasons to be heroic.Doctor Who is one of those classic British things that everyone knows about, despite the fact they ve never seen it Even before the series was rebooted in 2005, I had a vague notion of The Doctor and the Daleks and a few other monsters, and was absolutely on first name terms with the TA [...]

    2. 2015 Book Awards Definitely Re Reading Runner Up information about this award is available on my profile A collection of Doctor Who inspired fairy tales was definitely a perfect thing to listen to today As there are 15 stories, there were stories that I enjoyed a lot and stories that I enjoyed a bit less, but they were all good in their own way If I did an average rating for this story collection it was roughly 3 2 3, which I rounded up to 4 stars.Now, a quick run through the stories in order of [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book A must read for any Doctor Who fan who also enjoys fairy tales The Garden of Statues 5 5, loved this one Weeping Angels are probably my favourite DW villain Frozen Beauty 4 5, I love the way this one paralleled the classic story Cinderella and the Magic Box 4.5 5, loved that this one featured 11 The Twins in the Wood 3 5, cute story but it was so predictable and didn t really do much for me I have no idea what story this is supposed to be based on The Three Little Sont [...]

    4. Playful short stories taken from classic fairy tales featuring characters from Dr Who With its aim at younger readers, this collection has appropriate language and content for children The stories move along quickly and you can be sure to get a happily ever after, unless you happen to like the bad guys.

    5. Full disclosure I initially saw this hardcover in the bookstore and knew I was going to buy it Without reading the synopsis, without knowing anything about it except Doctor Who And Fairytales Purely based on looks alone I had to have this novel So, once upon a time there was a twenty something year old details aren t important woman who desired the gloriously titled Doctor Who Time Lord Fairy Tales It was a thing of beauty to behold, and in no time she became the happy owner of the title One day [...]

    6. This is a beautifully produced collection of Doctor Who Fairy Tales which range from slightly altered Grimm stories, to Arthurian legend and tales from 1001 Nights They are very short and the language is clearly aimed at children, but it s a lot of fun to see when and in what way the Doctor Who universe collides with the fairy tale world One of my favorite stories is Little Rose Riding Hood which features Rose who is on her way to her grandmother and very afraid of the BAD WOLF whose signs she s [...]

    7. This collection of stories was not quite what I was expecting it s actually proper retellings of classic fairytales, with a Time Lord twist Represented here are classics like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast, with added monsters like Sontarans, Slitheen and Cybermen The Doctor even makes an appearance in a few of them, in various incarnations I found them all to be charming, well written tales and I loved seeing how each fairytale was woven into the Whoniverse I got my copy f [...]

    8. Hm, die Bewertung bei solchen Anthologien ist wirklich schwierig Eine Geschichte, die f r mich gar nicht funktionierte, drei die mir wenig brachten, vier die sich recht gut lasen und sieben, die mir sehr gefielen, dazu eine sch ne Buchgestaltung Tja ich entscheide mich f r 3,5 Etwas konkreter aus meinen Blog Dieses englischsprachige Time Lord Fairy Tales Book enth lt insgesamt 15 Geschichten, die Variationen haupts chlich von M rchen darstellen, u.a von Rotk ppchen, Dornr schen, Rumpelstilzchen, [...]

    9. I ve never read a piece of Doctor Who fiction before and I am so glad I chose this one to start with I had an absolutely delightful time reading this and I will definitely be reading stuff from this author.The 15 stories in this lovely collection are all classic fairy tales retold with a clever Doctor Who twist Now, I read a lot of fairy tale retellings, and sometimes they can get a bit repetitive after a while But that was not the case with this at all Each tale felt totally fresh and exiting [...]

    10. I bought a copy of this at Forbidden Planet when I wasn t feeling well because it looked very comforting The artwork is AMAZING Wonderful black and white fairy tale illustrations featuring Doctor who monsters It s a beautiful book and Justin Richards is one of my favourite Big Finish writers so I was sure I would enjoy it.This was just WONDERFUL I can t recommend it highly enough It was a beautiful twist on traditional fairy tales with a science fiction or Doctor Who twist to the stories It was [...]

    11. This is dull Time Lord fairy tales, you think How exciting And I did too, settling in for an exciting glimpse in to Gallifrean mythology and folklore, stories that could only come about from a race that can manipulate the very timestream and experiences near immortality simply as conditions of existence And two hearts Buuuuut no What we have instead is Earthen fairy tales, retold under the guise of the Whovian canon, incorporating words races that ostensibly define entire races of characters, bu [...]

    12. As pretty as this book is, it wasn t what I was hoping for I thought perhaps it would be fairy tales written within the Time Lord s own mythology, but instead it turned out to be a re hash of familiar tales with Who monsters shoehorned in Not the author s fault, who was obviously asked to put together a tie in, but a bit of a disappointment.

    13. Definitely a must read for every Whovian I loved all the stories where the Doctor was involved but all the other ones were amazing, too The art work especially the cover is brilliant and I like the feel of the book.5 5

    14. I loved everything about this book I love the cover I love the thick pages I love the illustrations And I loved the stories Some involved The Doctor and some didn t Some were closely related to fairy tales I knew, and some weren t.A must read for any DW fan

    15. Such a great book for all the doctor who fans Its great to read stories from our childhood with doctor who characters

    16. Overall this was a disappointment I was expecting tales that would have been told on Gallifrey, something closer to The Tales of Beedle the Bard, instead it was mostly cheap re tellings of well known tales like Cinderella and Snow White Many of the stories were rushed, uninspired, and plain old boring If you are going to pick this up these were the best of the bunch in my opinion The Garden of Statues, Cinderella and the Magic Box, The Gingerbread Trap, Helana and the Beast, and The Grief Collec [...]

    17. This is an absolute gem for all of Doctor Who fans out there It isn t a novel, but rather a story collection there are 15 short narratives Time Lord fairytales all in all and they are the amalgamate of Doctor Who magic and fairy tale magic so the product is rightly marvellous I mean, who doesn t want to get a double dose of fantasy Some of my favourite stories are Garden of Statues wink to the Weeping Angels , The Grief Collector even creepier than Rumplestilskin , Cinderella and the Magic Box a [...]

    18. 3.5Me gust mucho Son varios cuentos de hadas tradicionales pero con un giro Doctorwhoesco, y otros pocos originales Sin embargo, me decepcion un poquito y por eso no lo puse m s estrellas La premisa me ten a muy emocionada, me imaginaba que eran las historias que los Time Lords les contaban a sus ni os Y algunos cuentos si cumpl an con eso que me imaginaba, pero en varios simplemente se sent an como cap tulos de Doctor Who incluso aparec a el Doctor, y era el que resolv a todo Eso no es necesari [...]

    19. A nice collection of stories but pretty much all of them are exact copies of our fairy tales and myths as in, the Grimms s fairy tales and such Only a few elements have been twisted around and switched out like instead of a fairy Godmother, Cinderella gets a Doctor to act as her guide Not very original obviously.But even knowing this book would be a ok read, I would absolutely read it again Because that s what a Whovian does.

    20. These are all fairy tale retellings with a sci fi Doctor Who twist popular and well known stories like Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty etc but retold to fit the Doctor Who universe and full of Doctor Who monsters like Slitheen, Weeping Angels or the Sontaran I thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories and would therefore recommend it to people who love fairy tales and Doctor Who

    21. Whovian spins on popular fairy tales, and while some are pointless and silly, and some don t feature the Doctor at all, the ones that work REALLY work, and the whole book is a requirement for any Whovian library Sontarans, Cybermen, Zygons and vampires are all featured prominently, and we get all of the modern Doctors plus Two Good stuff, deceptively light and airy, but a joy to read.

    22. Absolutely love this stories I m a bit surprised, as I m not a big fan of either short stories, or traditional fairy tales But these ones with a whovian twist are just perfect I listened to the whole book in just two days and am quite sad it s over already.

    23. This was such a fun book I loved Doctor Who take on classic fairy tales My favorite was either The Garden of Statues or Cinderella and the Magic Box, but all of them were fun to read I definitely recommend this collection to Whovians.

    24. QUALITY, It s really cool because it s like fairy tales that are twisted into the Doctor Who universe I suggest you read it It s good.

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