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Meet Me in the Dark By J.A. Huss,

  • Title: Meet Me in the Dark
  • Author: J.A. Huss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s empty, inhuman, dishonest, and cruel.She s never wanted anyone .Sydney has lived in fear for eight years after freelance assassin, Merc, failed to rescue her from a cult like militia group Left in the hands of a sadistic man, she did whatever it took to survive But Merc s last words gave her hope Hope he d be back to finish the job.Merc knows just what to do wiHe s empty, inhuman, dishonest, and cruel.She s never wanted anyone .Sydney has lived in fear for eight years after freelance assassin, Merc, failed to rescue her from a cult like militia group Left in the hands of a sadistic man, she did whatever it took to survive But Merc s last words gave her hope Hope he d be back to finish the job.Merc knows just what to do with a fearful girl like Sydney after he was betrayed by her father that night He wields sex, drugs, lies, and love like weapons and Sydney is his target.He s in control He s always in control But Sydney Channing is not what she appears And Merc s only redeeming act, the very one that made Sydney s life a living hell, might just be his worst mistake yet.WARNING Meet Me In The Dark is non traditional DARK CAPTIVE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE It is not intended for sensitive readers.
    Meet Me in the Dark He s empty inhuman dishonest and cruel She s never wanted anyone Sydney has lived in fear for eight years after freelance assassin Merc failed to rescue her from a cult like militia group Left i

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    1. 5 Hush stars I am a reader who loves dark books I love story lines that you aren t supposed to love the messed up ones The books where you can t tell if the hero has any good at all, but they eventually win you over Books that make your heart beat fast and keep you on edge while reading Where there are twists and turns at every corner This book had all that and If you ve read Slack or the Dirty Dark and Deadly series, you ve heard Merc s name mentioned You may have caught a glimpse of him here [...]

    2. Merc is the mysterous friend of Ford s that we met in Slack, he was the skilled killer that resurfaced in the Dirty, Dark Deadly series that lent his skills to Harper, James and Sasha Now it s time for his story to be told.Merric Case, better known to the fans of JA Huss as Merc made a choice eight years ago He was there for a job He had his orders and he didn t follow them But now he s back The Company might have destroyed from the top down, but that doesn t mean the danger is gone or the quest [...]

    3. A Total Mystery, Right To The End I don t know exactly what I expected when I started this book, but this book was unlike anything I ve read before It was immediately intriguing and suspenseful It kept me on the edge of my seat, from beginning to end.If you re expecting a conventional romance Hero, you will be thrown for a loop Merc Case is anything but the cavalier, lady s man that so often graces the pages of romance novels No, he is a cold, calculating killer that is ruthless in his pursuit o [...]

    4. LIVE amzn 1JJsl3cWhen I first read JA Huss I had no idea what to expect I thought I was getting a hot, steamy romance novel with Tragic Then as the series continued it kept unfolding into I was completely lost, but so intrigued about where things were heading Now years and multiple books series later, I am still amazed by the journey she takes us on Fear is not your enemy Fear keeps you alive Meet Me in the Dark is a stand alone novel about Merric Case and Sydney Channing The story begins eight [...]

    5. 5 Be the rabbit STARSCall me crazy but I do seriously LOVE a good mindfuck And Julie Huss is just the author to deliver on that The warning alone had me so ready for this Meet Me In The Dark is a standalone non traditional dark captive romantic suspense It is not intended for sensitive readers Ms Huss did NOT exaggerate If you can t stand violence, vengeance, servitude, humiliation and chaos both physical and mental, then go no further This is not the book for you.If all of the above still has y [...]

    6. 2.5 starsI honestly do not know where to begin with this review First of all, I feel like I have read a very different book then everyone else Second, I decided that I will not get much into the plot of the story as I would not want to give anything away So, I will mainly stick to how I feel about the book in general.I spent the majority of this book confused with what was going on The story takes place with Merc an assasin with a major hate on for a woman named Sydney Channing His goal for the [...]

    7. 5 Mind Gripping Suspense StarsMeet Me in the Darkyou can read the title and see the cover and I think you are safe to think, this is a dark read and boy was it ever This was a book that the less you know, the better off you will be I will say that for a lot of the book, I was placed in a state of perplexity, anger, sympathy, and confusion But in all, it was a twisted and crazy roller coaster ride The twists and turns and the lies and truths, kept you guessing and pondering for the entire read.Sy [...]

    8. ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review image error OMFG MEET ME IN THE DARK was one hell of a roller coaster ride This book was an intense, gritty, scintillating, raw, unpredictable, suspenseful dark read I am constantly amazed of Julie s brilliant and wicked mind as she writes and weaves a story that s so complex that leaves you in awe and shock If I could describe this book in one word it would be CONSUMING I was consumed and wrapped into this dark and twisted book that it left me [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsI ve had this book on my tbr forever maybe all the build up was too much maybe my expectations were too high.Every other encounter with Merc has been a good one This book just didn t blow me away like I was expecting It was good But the mind games got too be too much for me we went in so many circles, that I think I got completely lost then, by the time I found my way back, I d sort of given up caring view spoiler When Sydney had both Garrett Merc in her gun sights, I really wanted her [...]

    10. This book was CRAZY good the mind warped characters to the whole dark disturbing tale J.A Huss wove a tale of complete suspense and taboo intimacy that had me both disturbed and turned on This book is hard to summarize as the mystique, the suspense, and the drama is all wrapped up in the telling of the tale, so attempts to explain would just ruin the experience for any reader This is the story of a young girl whose life has never been her own As the offspring of bad company, the captive of secre [...]

    11. It s Live EKKKKk One Clicked amzn 1J2y0QW Eight years ago, Merric Case AKA Merc, freelance assassin was sent to rescue a sixteen year old girl from a Wyoming based militia group on Christmas Eve A new life, new friends, and a whole lot of new money came out of that job But a choice had to be made that night, and the girl he should ve saved was left behind.Sydney Channing was collateral damage in ways than one when the rescue she expected turned into an eight year nightmare filled with lies, sex [...]

    12. 3.5 starsThe best thing I can say about this book is that I was never bored and I never, not once considered DNFing, and for me lately, that s a major compliment With so many books unable to hold my interest in recent weeks, this one succeeded at keeping it for the entire length of the book, even if I did find it a bit uneventful and repetitive in parts I m by no means a big JA Huss fan, and the only other book I ve read by her is 3,2,1 which I found problematic but tickled my curiosity enough t [...]

    13. What a RIDE I m going to keep this short and simple because truthfully I had a really hard time with this book.It s been since morning that I try to figure out what didn t worked but I have no idea.J.A Huss books are usually one hell of a fucked story And Meet me in the dark was probably the worse.Not in a bad way but as in one giant headache I should have let myself go and read without asking too many questions but I m not that kind of reader I m always thinking two step ahead instead of readin [...]

    14. OkayyyyThis is another book that you will either one star or five It s another book that is so extreme in its LE unfriendliness that I hated everything in it But, I couldn t put it down The writing itself is great I ve loved this author s previous work It s Dark for sure We met our antihero Merc in previous books from the author The Merc in this book is not what I expected from reading about him previously Merc was sent to rescue our little h Sydney from a cult like military group The mission we [...]

    15. 4.5 Because all I gotta do is to tell you to hush Stars Meet me in the Dark is Merc s story Up until now, we have only read glimpses into Merc s mysterious and dark character Merric Merc Chase is a loner freelance assassin Merc is strong, broody and exudes sex appeal in spades I am not other people I am Merc and there are three things you should know about me Number one You might be bigger, but I will last longer Number two If you fuck me, I fuck everything you ever loved And number three I neve [...]

    16. Wow This book was amazing and scary and has completely messed me up This is labeled as dark and I totally get why Now normally I would bypass this type of book I m into the alpha, hero, protector type books, but I ve learned that if JA Huss has written it, I m giving it a chance The is a reason behind her madness She has such a knack for writing damaged characters and making you fall hard for them I did find out that she wrote this book to show readers what it was like for the woman that were f [...]

    17. 4.5 I want you to save me starsWow Talk about a TOTAL mind fuck I literally had NO idea what was going on for the first like 50% of the book But I gotta say, it worked with a book like this You find yourself as in the dark as Sydney and Merc are It totally added to the twisted feel of the book This is my first book by J.A Huss, and it certainly won t be my last I would TOTALLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an amazing read in which you are questioning your sanity right along with the c [...]

    18. I despise myself for wanting him This twisted masterpiece of a tale is not for the faint of heart This is a story that takes place so far into the dark, even our beleaguered heroine does not wish to come into the light for any reason By the dark, I mean it takes place under cover of darkness on a national, geopolitical, familial, interpersonal level and within one s own person.The motivation for all of this darkness is appropriate to each level Why darkness nationally and geopoliticallypower in [...]

    19. 4.5 Wildcat Stars Dark Level 4Captive Level 6Hotness Level 8Mind Trick Level 10 My most anticipated book of the year No Spoilers Sorry, go into the dark on your own When I found out Huss was going to write a dark story about Merc, no less I thought the Book Gods had shined down me Dreams do come true Meet Me In The Dark is a standalone, but Huss likes to incorporate some hot sauce with her chicken, we always get little side dishes of the other characters from previous books That s how I first me [...]

    20. Unfortunately this just didn t work out that well for me This book was just okay, I didn t love it and I didn t hate it either The writing wasn t bad and the story was fast paced However, several tiny major issues depending on how you see it made me feel completely indifferent about this book I respect all opinions but honestly, I cannot figure out how this book brought in so many high ratings.Mindfuck is the best word to describe this book It was intense, brutal, and completely demented But, I [...]

    21. 3 Ok, what the f ck did I just read stars I honestly don t know Can I say I m not sure I didn t totally like it or that I liked just the parts of it but not really sure which ones Hell, I m not thinking straight And my head is spinning This was the most messed up read I ve had the chance to encounter after I read Break Her and that was such a f cked up story I actually had nightmares for days after I ve read it I really wanted to like this, cause I really liked James Fenici in the Dirty series C [...]

    22. 3.5 stars from me Group read with the kitty Kats teamx Tina, awhina and myselfA riveting, twisted intense read, I didn t find this dark at all but I am a sick puppy so that may explain that This is my very first book I ve read by this author, I enjoyed the story line, the intensity of the story, putting pieces of the puzzle together chapter by chapterraw, gritty and so fucked up A game of cat and mouse One of those books that will have you questioning everything you read Or just like me you migh [...]

    23. He s the man who shows up when no one else will He is the man who looks death in the eye and laughs He is the man who will pull that trigger when the whole world stands in shock, unable to move First of all we have to say that this ride we re on with JA Huss has been and still is an amazing twisted roller coaster ride We don t want to get off, rather we want Once again this Author has written something so intriguing, so warped and this time incredibly dark and gritty with powerful moments of sh [...]

    24. 4.5 STARSGenre Dark RomanceCover 7 10 Writing 9 10Heroine 9 10Hero 8 10Humour 0 10Hotness 4 10Romance 6 10Extra book Details Heroine Hero POV 1st person Stand alone.J A Huss never fails to write an intricate story with unique characters and lots of character depth.At first, yes I was a bit surprised with our hero in Meet Me in the Dark, his first encounter with the heroine involves him punching her in the face He s pretty mean and violent towards her for the first half of the book, it made me wo [...]

    25. 4.5 My poor head hurts So many twists and turns I stopped trying to figure out who controlled who and why and just enjoyed the story Afterall, it would all be revealed in the end J.A really knows how to do dark twisted love Even Killers and Pawns need love too Sometimes they just don t know it.My heart bled for Sydney and all she suffered Her body was one thing, but her mind How they hell could you ever recover or know truth again I guess just like anything you have to decide then choose to beli [...]

    26. Julie is a drop everything kind of author for me Everytime she has a new book out, my family know its a pizza delivery night for us I just love her twisted mind, its scary sometimes Reading her books is like jumping from a plane without a parachute you ll never know where or how you ll land, you just know its exhilarating and an experience like no other When I read a book, I usually take notes in my head of how I m going to describe a character, how the story made me feel and how I feel about th [...]

    27. Wow, just wow Meet Me in the Dark is one of those books that I WISH I could go back and read again with fresh eyes not knowing what happens Even though I pretty much felt this way about all of the books in this series especially Ford and Spencer , this one, in particular, really got to me It is dark darker than dark at times and it has some uncomfortable situations that perhaps not everyone will love, but that are so pertinent to the story as a whole there is no way it would be complete without [...]

    28. artwork by Twisted Sisters Book ReviewsThis is a masterpiece of deception, as with any dark tragedy you are taken down a path of horror and pain through the lives of Merc Case and poor Sydney Channing The book read like a CSI, Homeland spie novel to me And I love every minute of it This is a story about loss, betrayal and deception Some could say the backdrop of that story is a love story, but for me it was about loving and accepting yourself and how we create methods to cope during stressful t [...]

    29. I hate rating books so low, but I always try to be honest I LOVE Dark books and the synopsis sounded absolutely amazing Sadly, I was left feeling disappointed I haven t read anything by this author before so I m not sure if this is their usual writing style, but I found it really hard to connect to the story or the characters My difficulty connecting to the characters also made it impossible for me to believe in their love The ending was really great I loved seeing such a vulnerable side to Case [...]

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