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Before I Leave By Jessixa Bagley,

  • Title: Before I Leave
  • Author: Jessixa Bagley
  • ISBN: 9781626720404
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How do you say goodbye to your best friend When a little hedgehog s family tells her they re moving far away, she and her anteater best friend decide to play one last time, like nothing is changing And though it s hard, they discover that while some things have to change, the most important things find a way of working out.
    Before I Leave How do you say goodbye to your best friend When a little hedgehog s family tells her they re moving far away she and her anteater best friend decide to play one last time like nothing is changing An

    One thought on “Before I Leave”

    1. This book gave me so many emotions that I feel like crying I ve never been moved so much by one book The illustrations are warm and detailed The textured and delicately painted watercolours highlights that these two friends are going to have a connection forever despite the sad theme of the book The illustrations really make the reader feel empathy towards the characters and situation Both the text and illustrations compliment each other nicely I think children who have had to move away from a f [...]

    2. I like the book because the storyline is about moving away and leaving your friend The author illustrates the sadness of moving away and how hard it is to not see your friend again The main character in the story is afraid of never seeing he s friend again after moving away at the end of the story he notices there are ways to see he s friend again The author shows the support of the family the main character has with him dealing when moving and how they explain the process of moving The parents [...]

    3. The author of Boats for Papa returns with another poignant picture book Hedgehog s family is moving away They are packing boxes and getting ready to leave Hedgehog and her best friend Anteater decide to spend one last time playing together They act as if nothing is changing at all, playing on the swings, heading out in the boat, sharing ice cream and enjoying their forts Hedgehog is scared to leave and saying goodbye is very sad But once she reaches her new home, Anteater is still right there in [...]

    4. Anyone who has ever moved, changed schools or jobs will be touched by this gentle story of two friends having to part because of a move The story is simple and much is told through pictures to portray the deep friendship and the sad acceptance of change The ending is sentimental, especially the back end pages, but is pitch perfect in capturing the ache of separation This lovely picture book is recommended for readers of all ages who are reluctantly having to say goodbye to loved ones.

    5. A sweet story about a young hedgehog worried about moving and leaving her best friend behind Before she leaves she wants to play One last time, like nothing is changing Very reassuring.

    6. What a tight perfect balance between words and pictures, and the text so spot on spare Dare you not to feel your heart ache The emotional story is real and believable right up until the final suitcase, which is just a hair over the line and so sweet it also hurts because you doubt it will ever happen to you.

    7. Cute story and pictures I can relate to the characters as someone who had to move several times in my childhood This is a good book to help a child prepare for or get through that rough transition.

    8. As someone who moved and left a best friend as a child this book punched me in the gut A beautiful message transcends its also beautiful illustrations as two friends play together one last time before one of them moves away.

    9. Both sweet and sad Little Hedgehog is moving away and wants to play with his friend, Anteater, one last time before he leaves.

    10. Such a sweet book about moving away and young friendship I loved the illustrations and the story It was the perfect package The illustrations were full of detail and innocence.

    11. A beautiful story about leaving friends behind when you move I wish this book was a little bigger so I could read it during storytime.

    12. Story about forest animal who is moving with his family and leaving his best friend Though the animal is a hedgehog and the friend is an anteater they are not very common in the forest or in most stories But the story about two friends missing each other and sending along reminders of their friendship is very good for kids to hear or read themselves.

    13. My comments here are concerning a specific aspect of picture books the portrayal of role of women in picture books Melinda Gates and her foundation have been doing a lot of work on the vast amount of unpaid work that women do in the home, both in the U.S and abroad, and how that affects the possibilities in their lives and their financial status Currently, women do 70% of the work in the home, which is a sizable improvement from decades past Interestingly, the media does not reflect this Here, i [...]

    14. 4.5 starsAfter reading and falling in love with Jessixa Bagley s previous picture book, the critically acclaimed and superb debut Boats for Papa, I couldn t wait to see read what Bagley would do next With the same soft touch of portraying genuine love and sadness this time in a different capacity Bagley s Before I Leave is another beautiful and affecting picture book A simple story unfolds hedgehog s family is moving to a new hometaking her far away from her best friend in the world Through Zeld [...]

    15. Children have no choice when their caregivers decide to move, and leaving behind all that is familiar can be exceptionally hard In this moving picture book filled with softly colored illustrations created with pen and watercolors, a little hedgehog named Zelda is disconsolate at leaving her best friend behind her Although her family and Aaron, her anteater friend, reassure Zelda, she is unsure about what life is going to be like in the new place After the two friends share adventures, building [...]

    16. This book is lovely and heartwarming Before I even opened the book, the cover illustration of Zelda and Aaron playing on a swing together grabbed me and told me this was going to be a sweet story The endpapers in the front show scenes of these two best friends playing together in all seasons And then the text begins with Aaron receiving the sad news that Zelda s family is moving away Aaron looks forlorn as the packing process has begun The illustrations really have the reader feeling the same w [...]

    17. Before I Leave is a great book for early readers because there are very little words on each page, but adorable pictures to add to the story This book is about a Hedgehog named Zelda who s family is moving away and she does not want to leave her best friend Aaron, the anteater The story provides ideas on how to ease into a move and how to make living in different places a little less difficult by staying in touch through letters which is a great skill to have that has slowly been disappearing be [...]

    18. Oh, okay, I was certain this was about death, for some reason I don t know, I think the title was over dramatic Luckily, no Just about moving away from a good friend, which is a problem most kids these days will face, with how often parents switch jobs or look for better neighborhoods.The illustrations of the anteater and hedgehog playing were actually quite delightful, full of motion Even though this book is about the sadness of leaving people behind, these images are so happy that it brings up [...]

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