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Puddle By Hyewon Yum,

  • Title: Puddle
  • Author: Hyewon Yum
  • ISBN: 9780374316952
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One rainy day, a little boy is upset because he can t go out and play His mom comes up with a way to keep him entertained by drawing a picture of herself and him going outside, playing in the rain, and splashing in a giant puddle They have so much fun drawing themselves that they decide to venture out and make the most of the rainy weather.
    Puddle One rainy day a little boy is upset because he can t go out and play His mom comes up with a way to keep him entertained by drawing a picture of herself and him going outside playing in the rain an

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    1. The first big rain storm after winter when the ground has yet to thaw is a laughter factory If it happens to rain all morning but decides to stop before lunch with sunshine breaking through the gathered clouds, it s cause for rejoicing by the adults and students in an elementary school Absolutely no one likes indoor recess When your school library has a wall of windows facing the playground you have a front row seat to the production of comedy beginning almost immediately With standing water eve [...]

    2. Just in time for springtime showers comes this charming picture book A little boy is completely bummed out because the rainy weather is ruining all of his fun plans for the day He can t go to the playground, play soccer or ride his bike His mother tries to get him to stop moping around and come and draw a picture When he declines to come over and draw, she starts drawing without him Like all curious little kids, he comes over and sees that she s drawing a picture of his umbrella Before long the [...]

    3. With a hint of other books that begin with drawing, like Harold and The Purple Crayon, Hyewon Yum begins this story with a young child upset and bored It s raining Mom says come draw, but no, not even that helps, until Mom draws a blue umbrella, and the child moves closer, and asks if she will draw him holding it You might guess the progress made, but there are later surprises too, and lots of fun with puddles The book is cute, makes imagination seem like something that will fill up a day that h [...]

    4. With a dollop of metafiction a playful I m bored scenario, a mother finds an imaginative activity to entertain her child on a rainy day The childlike illustrations and the text with two distinct voices authentically captures the loving parent child relationship A joyful puddle jumping picture book

    5. Brilliant how story is a bout a drawing that morphs into a story then back to a drawing then becomes reality Subtle and quiet but really, really smooth and clever.

    6. Puddle written and illustrated by Hyewon Yum New York Farrar Straus Giroux, c2016 36 pages SUMMARY A mother and son use their imagination to have fun on a rainy day verso REVIEW What do you do on a rainy day when you can t go outside draw pictures and a simple story of you and your mother and your dog walking in the rain and then decide to make the story come true and go for a walk in the rain circular storyline Interesting precept but didn t hold my attention very well Art OK but not to my liki [...]

    7. Puddle is about a boy named Billy and he is upset that it is raining, because he is stuck inside with nothing to do His mother tells him they can have fun at home and asks him if he wants to draw Billy says no, so she starts drawing by herself His mother begins to draw a picture of Billy s blue umbrella and asks if she can draw him holding it Before you know it she draws a picture of him and her with their umbrellas in the rain As his mother is drawing the picture, they create a story Billy sees [...]

    8. Drawing pictures with stories are common but compelling activity parents can do at home In this book, Puddle by Hyewon Yum, a boy hates rainy days because he has to stay at home, feeling boredom His mother suggests to draw something for fun, but he is hesitant to join When his mother starts to draw an umbrella on a sketchbook with a story, however, he engages in the activity in spite of himself After all, they go out and enjoy puddles in a rainy day Illustrations are drawn with water colors and [...]

    9. Remember the time when you feel bored and cannot go out and play because of rain The boy in this story feels the same way as you Feeling grumpy about not being able to play outside, the boy is not interested to do anything However, as his mom continuously invites him to join her to draw, the boy begins to be attracted to the drawing that his mom created, and both of them use their imagination to make the raining day the most wonderful bonding time together The simple but vivid illustrations comp [...]

    10. Puddle was written and illustrated by Hyewon Yum It is a good book for children to learn about behavior Throughout the story the main character is grumpy about it being a rainy day He then starts to draw with his mother and realizes that rainy days aren t so bad He and his mother then go for a walk in the rain and he find a puddle and jumps in it It teaches children to always look for the positives in life The genre of this story is realistic fiction because this could happen but it is not based [...]

    11. A young boy is frustrated about being stuck indoors during a rainshower His mother encourages him to draw but he doesn t want to When she begins to draw herself he becomes interested and asks her to include the cat and dog They use their imaginations to go for a walk in the rain in the drawing The child s attitude improves and Mom suggests they go for a real walk in the rain puddle jumping included.Fantastic for storytime or paired reading The dialog between mother and child is differentiated by [...]

    12. We recently had a windstorm that caused our power to go out for a few days The first day we went as a family to the local library where there was power and heat I randomly picked this book to get my almost two year old son through the storm This is the one book that he loves and prefers to read before bed because of well, the puddles, and kept our sanity without the power and well after it was restored I ended up buying this book for one of his Christmas gifts since it s time to return to the li [...]

    13. This story starts out with the mother drawing and and then the drawing become to tell the story At first the son is grumpy about it being a rainy day, but as his mother gets him to participate in the drawing of the story he starts to enjoy himself The book has cute illustrations, and how the little boy ended up having fun jumping into the puddle was my favorite It s always great to use your imagination.

    14. It s raining outside and of course, there is nothing to do inside Mom suggests that they draw together No way So she starts drawing by herself Almost immediately she captures his attention by drawing his umbrella, then adding people and activities to the umbrella In time he decides that the activities being drawn by his mom might be fun to do.It is perfect for a mother who wants to engage with her child, especially in the imagination realm and drawing.

    15. Of course my kids loved this, because they love to jump into puddles It was great that the story starts out with the mother drawing pictures and then the drawings telling a lot of the story As a mom, I thought it was great how she got her son to start participating even though he insisted that he didn t want to And then the end of the book finds life imitating art, with everyone jumping into the puddles

    16. This book is about a rainy day and two sisters who don t know what to do They start asking each other what there is to do They start asking and then the one sister ask if the other one wants to draw she says no way After some time they go outside with their blue umbrella and play in the rain and in the puddles They have a fun day in the end.

    17. This was fun And it just happens to be an icky day, too, tho I think it s going to snow Still, lots of fun to walk in the rain in the spring time Puddles are always good for splashing in The story starts as a mom entertaining her bored son on a rainy day, but quickly leads to a real walk in the rain Life imitating art, imitating life Fun story for kids on a rainy day

    18. Fabulous The story is cute, and the illustrations are awesome I don t know if it would work as well for a younger storytime, since part of the storytelling is dependent on paying attention to the pictures, but for a preschool group this would be perfect.

    19. Picture book 7 When a little boy is discouraged by the rain, his mother engages him in her drawings and helps him become excited to play This story depicts childhood innocence and a child s desire to explore.

    20. Cute story about a boy who is bored because he can t go outside Finds out he is able to enjoy inside time with his mom by drawing an adventure.

    21. a fun rainy day read a cute story of a bored little boy who gets engaged in the rainy day drawing idea when his mom helps to take away his boredom

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