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  • Title: Jake
  • Author: Cynthia Woolf
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note This is an alternate edition for ASIN B00I1GZAU0.Jake Anderson killed a man defending his fianc e from a brutal attack, but lost her and his freedom in the process Now he s on the run, tormented by the need for vengeance.Becky Finnegan will do anything to escape her drunken father s fists, including slave away at their mine Her only hope is to strike gLibrarian s note This is an alternate edition for ASIN B00I1GZAU0.Jake Anderson killed a man defending his fianc e from a brutal attack, but lost her and his freedom in the process Now he s on the run, tormented by the need for vengeance.Becky Finnegan will do anything to escape her drunken father s fists, including slave away at their mine Her only hope is to strike gold and make a new life for herself somewhere far, far away from Deadwood But then Jake arrives and does the unthinkablerces her to feel, to hoped to love.Jake would give his life to protect Becky, but all he can offer her is a broken heart, a criminal s life, and a past haunted by failure How can he save her when he s already lost himself Will he destroy everything, or can the beautiful rebel redeem Jake s lost soul Originally published in 2014 under the title Redeemed by a Rebel.
    Jake Librarian s note This is an alternate edition for ASIN B I GZAU Jake Anderson killed a man defending his fianc e from a brutal attack but lost her and his freedom in the process Now he s on the run

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    1. I think we saved each other, I love you Becky Anderson, my rebel, my redeemer, my wife JakeIt s been a while since I ve read a Western romance I think I stayed away from them for so long because the ones I had read always, without variation, included the rebel but vulnerable virgin and the renegade but sexy outlaw, or the man on a mission, being it a bounty hunter, or the willing to break the law if needed man in uniform, but it was always the same.I was gladly surprised this lovely story was no [...]

    2. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.The Spring of 1876 was a turning point for the Anderson family Forced to leave St Louis in the middle of the night to save his brothers, Liam Anderson, the oldest of the Anderson brothers, led his family to the ramshackle town of Deadwood about as far away from St Louis as he could take them.Jake, his youngest brother, was wanted for murder of the man who had raped and killed his his fiancee His other brother, Zach, was AWOL [...]

    3. Jake Anderson is on the run from the law after being falsely accused of murder His brother Zach is also on the run because he helped Jake to escape They joins their eldest brother Liam on the journey to Deadwood in the Dakota territory Becky Finnegan s life is very difficult, every day she has to go and bring her drunken father Billy back from The Gem where he has once again gambled and drank away all of the gold She has to lie to Billy in order to save a little of the gold that she mines for su [...]

    4. Jake and Becky come together under some very difficult circumstances and great pain, but thankfully love and perseverance conqueres it all This book had me hooked from the beginning and I could not put it down An excellent and highly recommended read.

    5. Review A couple of years back, I acted as travel agent for my Mom, planning, organizing and preparing a trip for her and a friend to visit South Dakota They traveled all through southern South Dakota, taking in Mt Rush, The Badlands, Sturgis and Deadwood Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized that JAKE is primarily located just outside of Deadwood, South Dakota, a place I feel I have taken a virtual tour of Combine that with my love of history and the old west in particular and I knew t [...]

    6. Ok, I ve got to admit this is my first book from Woolf but the cover I just couldn t pass up I m a sucker for a six pack, smooth skin and the promises to come a cover can give me.I was not disappointed with Cynthia Woolf writing style I love Historical Romance especially the Western era It tells of a time when women were strong, could shoot a gun and ride a horse like any man But it also tells of how women back in the day had to work right beside their man, they had to fight for their right to b [...]

    7. Redeemed by a Rebel by Cynthia Woolf is a 2014 Cynthia Woolf publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This western historical romance felt like the old west dramas I watched on Saturday afternoons, only of course this story was not watered down The author addressed the rough life women were subjected to in this time period as they were at the mercy of men, be it their fathers or husbands For Becky it was her father, a man who climbed inside a bottle and cam [...]

    8. Love Those Westerns For the longest time I had stayed away from Westerns and Western romances Why I really don t know Especially considering how I grew up watching Westerns and always loved them I sure am glad that I have rediscovered this genre, and Cynthia Woolf s Redeemed by a Rebel definitely helped me solidify that fact.I loved the characters in this book, especially Becky and Jake Becky is not a girlie girl by any stretch She is strong, independent, and a little rough around the edges, but [...]

    9. Interesting premise Takes place during the early wild west gold rush period Three brothers on the run for murder One brother, Jake Anderson, comes across this fiance right before she expires from being raped brutally shot by her former boyfriend and another man He shoots and kills the former boyfriend, but the other man got away Unfortunately the other man is his brother s commanding officer Jake is now a wanted man for murdering the ex boyfriend and thought to be responsible for his fiance s mu [...]

    10. I m guilty I fell for the sexy cover hehe But also I decided to give this book a try because eventhough I m not a fan of historical romance, I ve read another book by Cynthia Woolf and really enjoyed it.Redeemed by a Rebel didn t dissapoint It is a really fast paced book and easy to get into Very entertaining with a great setting I loved the way the author described Deadwood, a town with no law and where people is only interested in gold and bars Jake and Becky, the two main characters have had [...]

    11. Historical Western romance set in a tough no law mining town with only seriously damaged characters because who else is looking to hide in the middle of nowhere mining town So we start out getting to know the Anderson family at its lowest point because they are being wrongly accused as murderer rapist when they were only trying to protect their family and fiance So We get the damaged farmer Jake Anderson who falls in love with the also damaged Becky Finnegan who is a tough survivor Jake is not a [...]

    12. This was listed as a historical romance and from the description sounded interesting But it was actually a cross between an old language and modern slang And whores and gambling was mentioned in an overloaded capacity While I wanted to connect to the characters, you had almost nothing to go on I gave up after about 100 pages.

    13. Ebookanother free kindle book that is a really good story So many stories that I would have never chosen to read but so enjoy Fibromyalgia made it so hard for me to read, I am glad I can enjoy these easy short books.

    14. This book had me gripped from the start Jake and Becky get together in difficult circumstances and start to have feelings for each other, but is this enough Could not put it down I would highly recommend.

    15. Got this as a free download Meh Not a very good story Predictable, depressing and had really odd details that didn t need to be in for the story I really felt I was reading a rough draft.

    16. A story about overcoming adversity This was a story about overcoming adversity and making the best of a situation While the character s lives were tough they never gave up.

    17. Jake Enjoyable Full of drama and romance Characters are strong and the story is believable Looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    18. Very nice readThis was an excellent read, well written with great characters A lovely historical read set in great backdrop I can t wait to read the next in the series.

    19. I received this book from in exchange for a review.Two of the three Anderson brothers are running for their lives The year is 1876 and young Jake Anderson has gone to visit his fianc e What he finds are two military men standing over the body of Elizabeth, who has been raped and shot Jake is able to take one of the villains down, but the other escapes Jake reports the events to the town sheriff, who is satisfied with his account and feels Jake is innocent, but both Elizabeth s father and the mil [...]

    20. Gold Flakes, chunks, or nuggets It didn t matter what form it took, just as long as it could be traded for food, drink, or women in Deadwood Becky Finnegan was lucky if the gold she had panned would pay for some food in her belly and not for the drink in her father s stomach At twenty three, Becky was one of very few women in Deadwood who hadn t made a career on her back She mined her father s claim while he reaped the rewards and beat her for kicks.Jake Anderson, his brother s, Zach and Liam, a [...]

    21. Jake and his brother Zack find themselves on their brother s doorstep running from the law In that moment, Liam Anderson realizes he will be bringing two people with him to his gold mine in Deadwood Meanwhile, in Deadwood Becky Finnegan works her fingers in her father s claim only to fuel his alcoholic nature Little by little she saves until the day she will one day be free This all changes when she meets the handsome Anderson brothers But, only one in particular calls to her Jake immediately f [...]

    22. This book popped up while I was searching for historical fiction westerns.Yes, it s historical fiction, and yes, it is western set in Deadwood, South Dakota, but it s a Romance novel.Some of the information in the book was accurate, but the biggest error was the claimed distance between Deadwood and Jefferson City, MO of a 1,000 miles Following modern roads, the distance is about 900 miles As the crow flies, Jeff City and Deadwood are almost exactly 650 miles apart The most likely route in the 1 [...]

    23. Cynthia Woolf and Black Lion Book Tours gave me a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review Thank you This is the first book I read by this author I love a good historical romance and Cynthia Woolf definitely knows what she s doing.When a book involves a fiery and determined heroine with a rough life, and then you add a ruggedly hansom man who is willing to protect her even when she doesn t want to well, things get very interesting.Becky Finnegan is the kind of character you just have to [...]

    24. 3.5 STARSI received this book, courtesy of the author, for an honest review.Jake tells the story of Jake and Becky They meet in Deadwood during the Gold Rush Jake, one of three brothers, is running from the law I liked the sense of family and loyalty these three brothers exhibited Jake is a good man and a loving man He wants to protect Becky, especially from her brutal father Becky is working hard towards making a better life for herself She endures living with her father but dreams of a happily [...]

    25. I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewJake Anderson on the run from the law, along with his brother an AWOL officer, AWOL due to the fact he helped his brother escape Together with their older brother Liam and his two children they head for Deadwood, having bought a claim in the booming gold rush town, the family set out to escape the authorities and plans for their families future.Becky an unappreciated daughter, who s father is an abusive man using Becky to take care of him and [...]

    26. Wonderful book, I enjoyed from start to finish Jake is the kind of man I always picture as the perfect western hero He won t stand by while another man abuses a woman, and Becky has had than her share of abuse But don t let that fool you into thinking you know what kind of woman Becky is She happens to be a very strong, self sufficient lady, who can take care her of herself if she needs to Jake is ever the gentleman even when the lady in question is in breeches This is a fun book to read, with [...]

    27. The entire book felt rushed and not well thought out My interpretation of this book is that the author saw the show Deadwood and decided that she wanted to write a book that takes place there She introduces a ton of traumatic experiences and then quickly solves them in a matter of sentences Not very deep and not very thought out The problem with that is that I genuinely liked the characters If she had taken the time to go deeper in one or two of their experiences rather than give them all of the [...]

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