[EPUB] ☆ Wild Cowboy Ways | By ☆ Carolyn Brown

Wild Cowboy Ways By Carolyn Brown,

  • Title: Wild Cowboy Ways
  • Author: Carolyn Brown
  • ISBN: 9781455534876
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • SOMETIMES ALL LOVE NEEDS IS A LITTLE LUCKAllie Logan isn t the type to land a hot hunk of cowboy Truth is, she s given up on dating since shedding her no good ex But the new owner of the most ramshackle ranch in Texas might just change her mind about that He s six foot plus of tall, dark, and charming the kind of guy who could make a girl throw caution to the wind METIMES ALL LOVE NEEDS IS A LITTLE LUCKAllie Logan isn t the type to land a hot hunk of cowboy Truth is, she s given up on dating since shedding her no good ex But the new owner of the most ramshackle ranch in Texas might just change her mind about that He s six foot plus of tall, dark, and charming the kind of guy who could make a girl throw caution to the wind or the kind of guy who could break her heart.Blake Dawson hopes he can make Lucky Penny Ranch finally live up to its name, but the property needs a ton of work Allie and her carpentry skills are his best shot at getting things in order Besides the fact that her brown eyes and dangerous curves have him roped and tied Now Blake only needs to convince her that a wild cowboy can be tamed by love and she s just the one to do it.
    Wild Cowboy Ways SOMETIMES ALL LOVE NEEDS IS A LITTLE LUCKAllie Logan isn t the type to land a hot hunk of cowboy Truth is she s given up on dating since shedding her no good ex But the new owner of the most ramshack

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    1. 4 Burning bridges Stars Some Spoilers I can t help it when I m around you You don t have any idea how beautiful you are or how you affect a man, do you, darlin Blake I don t care if you are telling me pretty words that you ve told lots of women before me I don t care about your past I ll burn those bridges for you if you ll hand me a stick of firewood and a match AllieWild Cowboy Ways, the 1st book in the Lucky Penny Ranch series, was a sweet, enjoyable read What s not to like, sexy cowboy with [...]

    2. Blake Lawson has just moved to Dry Creek, Texas set on turning the rundown Lucky Penny Ranch a successful cattle operation with his brother, Toby and cousin, Jud The history of the ranch is anything but lucky with a slew of owners quitting and selling over the years, but Blake is determined to make it a success Blake s also determined to leave his wild cowboys ways loving one bar bunny and moving onto the next in short order, and there s a flock of women at Dry Creek bent on staking their claim [...]

    3. For posts on Books and Things, please follow my blog alysenovakWelcome to Dry Creek, Texas and the Lucky Penny Ranch where EVERYONE knows your business, judges you, and gossips about it Blake Dawson along with his brother and cousin bought Lucky Penny Ranch with hopes of finally turning it into a success where everyone else has failed to do so When an unexpected visitor arrives at his house thinking he is a man named Walter, Blake calls the only local number he has the local Feed Store The voic [...]

    4. Four stars A sweet, satisfying romance perfect for comfort reading.Blake Dawson is settling in at The Lucky Penny Ranch He is hoping that he, his brother and cousin can finally turn the ranch with its string of bad luck into a profitable ranch He is sipping his coffee in the kitchen with his dog, Shooter, when he hears the front door open and a woman s voice A frazzled, old lady confronts him, believing he is someone named Walter The old woman reads him the riot act, and then she propositions hi [...]

    5. Shelly s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsAllie Logan isn t sure what to make of the new neighbors that have purchased the Lucky Penny Ranch She has had her heart broken one to many times and is not about to fall for Blake But once she gets to know him it is hard to stay away and with her Grandma shaking things up, she has her hands full trying to keep a distance from her sexy neighbor.Blake and his brother and cousin bought the Lucky Penny Ranch and are bound and determined to make [...]

    6. It is nigh on impossible for me to turn down a sexy cowboy, especially a WILD and sexy one Which is what Blake Dawson isHaving acquired the poorly named Lucky Penny Ranch apparently the least lucky bit of land in all of Texas Blake Dawson is determined to make a go of it, and prove all the naysayers wrong And to do that, he ll need the help of the luscious carpenter next door, Allie Logan Allie is not the type to fall for and land an untamable cowboy She s been burned once before, so trusting Bl [...]

    7. Sparks fly when a hunky cowboy meets a sexy and feisty carpenter and then there s GrandmaWhen I need some laughter and a good story I turn to Carolyn Brown s stories Wild Cowboy Ways didn t disappoint me This is the first in the Lucky Penny Ranch series and I m eager to read book two What s fun about Carolyn s stories is the sense of place The towns and residents of those towns feel real and make me feel like I m visiting They also make me wish I could sit down and visit with some of her charact [...]

    8. A hard working cowboy with some wild ways wants a fresh start and a woman with a bruised heart find each other on a bad luck ranch in a small busy body ranch town Hopefully they can make their own good luck as they put off enough sizzle to melt the winter ice and snow If only they can both get past their gun shy pasts and see what they ve got in front of them.I was excited when I saw the author was putting out a new series about flirty, hardworking handsome cowboys, sassy down home ladies, small [...]

    9. Another fun hot cowboy and sassy woman romance from the author Blake, his brother and his cousin have bought the rundown Lucky Penny Ranch, hoping to turn it into a successful cattle ranch Though Blake has been known for his way with the ladies, he s ready to leave his wild ways behind and settle down to life as a rancher He s the first of the three to move to the ranch and has begun preparing the land and trying to get the house in order Allie is feisty and determined to live her way She has sw [...]

    10. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyWhat Carolyn Brown does best is write sexy, funny, intelligent Cowboy Romances I know after reading one of her books, I am looking around every corner for that humorous, fun loving cowboy, with a heart of gold I know these are make believe characters but Ms Brown makes me yearn This time she introduces us to the Lucky Penny, a ranch that has seen it s share of bad luck In fact the town considers it something of a curse No one lasts [...]

    11. I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.If you like Cowboys, then you will love WILD COWBOY WAYS If you need work done on your place you want Allie Logan for the job So when Blake Dawson needed a new roof, he hired her Blake Dawson wants to make the Lucky Penny a success, he needs help in getting the house ready So, when Allie comes to his doorstep to retrieve her Grandmother, he hires her to do the work The Lucky Penny has been bad luck for the ones who owned it before [...]

    12. I like Brown s cowboys I like the way she writes I like her small towns I always want to visit and fall in love with a cowboy of my own Everyone is nice, even when they are bitchy And they talk so funny So duh, when I saw this on on NG I went for it.Blake is the bad boy cowboy, and he bought a ranch with his brother and cousin btw which means books An unlucky ranch that makes everyone leave.Allie is the neighbor, and he hires her to fix the house.There is a grandma on the loose A sister with an [...]

    13. A sexy and fun cowboy romance set in the small town of Dry Creek, Texas complete with a delightful grandma Two women chasing him, ready and waiting for his call and the one that had buts at the end of every sentence was the one who turned him inside him out with a simple kiss WILD COWBOY WAYS by Carolyn Brown is a fun cowboy romance set in the small western town of Dry Creek, Texas replete with a delightful, but confused, grandmother It heralds a great start to the author s new Lucky Penny Ranch [...]

    14. Reviewed by MollyBook provided by NetGalley for reviewOriginally posted at Romancing the BookCarolyn Brown has done it again with her trademark charm and wit As a long time fan of Ms Brown, I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book, the first in her new series, Lucky Penny Ranch I was excited to see where she took her readers, new and old alike, this time After opening the book and jumping in, I wasn t disappointed to find myself in the middle of a spark flying, passion filled, laugh out loud [...]

    15. 4.5 starI was pulled right into this story The story flowed well and I was kept interested The story has laughs, crazy small town people, and sweet romance This is Allie and Blake s story Blake and his family just bought the Lucky Penny Ranch Allie lives next door and has to come and pick up her grandmother with she wonders over to the Ranch The sparks between Allie and Blake fly as soon as they meet But Blake is known for his playboy ways Allie has enough of playboy ways from her ex Can Blake p [...]

    16. Allie Logan isn t looking for love in fact after her slime ball of an ex husband she is pretty much sworn off men She is happy to keep her head down and values her strong family bonds Irene her grandmother has dementia and has a tendency to wonder off Allie finds herself having to retrieve her from the neighbouring ranch on numerous occasions The new owner just happens to be a very hot piece of man candy As Allie gets to know the cowboy, Blake she sees a business opportunity to help him build up [...]

    17. So I ll let you into a secret.I have never read a cowboy book before I know, shame on me Blake, his brother and cousin have bought the Lucky Penny ranch, and it is falling apart round their ears Blake just happens to be all hard and sexy and knows how to use the charm Enter Granny Irene who has dementia and Allie her granddaughter and a carpenter who now has a job fixing the Lucky Penny for BlakeI like Allie, she has been through the wringer with love and isn t about to get burned again This is [...]

    18. Carolyn Brown is a new discovery for me I received an ARC of Wild Cowboy Ways from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review What stood out for me about this author is that she writes romance fiction that is entertaining but also tackles issues that are prevalent in the world For instance, dementia is hard to witness as an outsider looking in Just think about watching the heartbreaking changes happen to someone that you love I know this first hand because both of my grandmothers struggled with [...]

    19. The Lucky Penny Ranch needs lots of work, so Blake Dawson hires Allie Logan and her carpentry skills to get things in order, but it s not long before her brown eyes and dangerous curves have him roped and tied in this exciting western romance The Lucky Penny Ranch s reputation adds quite a bit of spice to the story making it a wonderful setting for this feisty romance Allie and Blake s personalities complement each other without going too far and I really enjoyed spending time with them, so I am [...]

    20. Great start to a new seriesough you can pretty much predict the stories outcome, the author has done a fine job of getting you there with wonderful dialog, quirky characters and fun romance Thoroughly enjoyed how the characters developed, without drawing out the inevitable I am looking forward to reading the other stories in the series as they develop This book was provided as an ARC by the author publisher, this review is 100% of my own opinion.

    21. AmazingI loved Blake and Allies story Kinda reminds me of mine and my hubbys Seven dollars and a trip to the courthouse, all with a baby in the oven 32 years later and I m still in life with him Thanks Carolyn for the most beautiful love story I can hardly wait for Lizzy and Toby s story.

    22. 3.5 starsCarolyn Brown is an author I tried once before after seeing her name pop up over and over She has many books under her belt and a decent reputation Unfortunately, I really didn t enjoy the first book I read by her The book I read had a great concept for its story but I was not happy with the execution Of course, that put me off this author for a while But she still kept popping up for me so I decided to give it another go Truth be told, I had renewed this from my online library twice be [...]

    23. I didnt know Carolyn Brown, but i knew i would enjoy this book Allie s family is just perfect The awkward situations will make you laugh and the Granny too I just finished Wild cowboy ways and i m starting the second one Hot cowboy nights.

    24. Fun book made even better because it was set in Throckmorton County, where I went to high school It was fun to know the names of the towns and places mentioned in the book, including the fun facts that locals know about the dry county and where it can be wet Loved this book

    25. A ranch with an unlucky rep, a cowboy with a racy background, and a female carpenter neighbour Small town neighbourhood come ons and a senile granny A fine romance heavy on innuendo and light on sex scenes These books are becoming a guilty pleasure.

    26. Lucky PennyThat ranch sure brought luck to Allie and Blake This was a good story about finding love and being able to let the past go This story is good lead into rtf he next one in the series I hope there is one about Deke too.

    27. I have no idea what list this book appeared on to make me read it, but apparently I like cowboy romance now Totally fun.

    28. Good StoryThis was a fun easy read, and had many characters that were interesting I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to of the boojsin this series.

    29. Romance Great Romance novel Carolyn Brown is an excellent author, Looking forward to reading of her books This is the first one in the Wild Cowboy series I have read,

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