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Out Came the Sun By Mariel Hemingway Ben Greenman,

  • Title: Out Came the Sun
  • Author: Mariel Hemingway Ben Greenman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A moving, compelling memoir about growing up and escaping the tragic legacy of mental illness, suicide, addiction, and depression in one of America s most famous families the Hemingways.She opens her eyes The room is dark She hears yelling, smashed plates, and wishes it was all a terrible dream But it isn t This is what it was like growing up as a Hemingway In this dA moving, compelling memoir about growing up and escaping the tragic legacy of mental illness, suicide, addiction, and depression in one of America s most famous families the Hemingways.She opens her eyes The room is dark She hears yelling, smashed plates, and wishes it was all a terrible dream But it isn t This is what it was like growing up as a Hemingway In this deeply moving, searingly honest new memoir, actress and mental health icon Mariel Hemingway shares in candid detail the story of her troubled childhood in a famous family haunted by depression, alcoholism, illness, and suicide Born just a few months after her grandfather, Ernest Hemingway, shot himself, it was Mariel s mission as a girl to escape the desperate cycles of severe mental health issues that had plagued generations of her family Surrounded by a family tortured by alcoholism both parents , depression her sister Margaux , suicide her grandfather and four other members of her family , schizophrenia her sister Muffet , and cancer mother , it was all the young Mariel could do to keep her head In a compassionate voice she reveals her painful struggle to stay sane as the youngest child in her family, and how she coped with the chaos by becoming OCD and obsessive about her food, schedule, and organization The twisted legacy of her family has never quite let go of Mariel, but now in this memoir she opens up about her claustrophobic marriage, her acting career, and turning to spiritual healers and charlatans for solace Ultimately Mariel has written a story of triumph about learning to overcome her family s demons and developing love and deep compassion for them At last, in this memoir she can finally tell the true story of the tragedies and troubles of the Hemingway family, and she delivers a book that beckons comparisons with Mary Karr and Jeanette Walls.
    Out Came the Sun A moving compelling memoir about growing up and escaping the tragic legacy of mental illness suicide addiction and depression in one of America s most famous families the Hemingways She opens her

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    1. From the beginning of her memoir, Out Came the Sun Overcoming the Legacy of Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide in My Family, Mariel Hemingway makes it clear that addiction and mental illness is not just a curse of the famous Hemingway family, but something playing out in families across the country At the same time, it s personal as any poignant account of living through and suffering from mental illness is going to be While it doesn t offer much about Ernest Hemingway for those of you who mi [...]

    2. It s too bad this book has had a few bad reviews because I thought it was lovely After hearing Mariel speak about her journey with her family tragedies, I found her to be humbling and very real I discovered the same humble and real Mariel in this book She writes with respect and grace and is honest about her struggles with her family name, her parent s alcoholism, her sister s mental illness, all while trying to figure out who she is and how she fits into her world.

    3. A nice memoir read by the author herself Mariel Hemingway.Written quite simply and an easy one to hold my attention Her family struggles are not unique however her families mental health and the often referred to Hemingway curse is often a major cross to bear for her, the family is riddled with mental health problems, and the black cloud of suicides that have plagued the family throughout the generations It is hard to comprehend how anyone coming out of this family could ever be normal I love th [...]

    4. Mariel Hemingway comes from a particularly dysfunctional family, one plagued by mental illness, suicide, addiction and tragedy Both growing up and as an adult she has had much to contend with, and in this compelling memoir she doesn t shy away from being honest in her account of her own difficulties as well as those of her parents and siblings She talks about how she has managed to build a life for herself and somehow avoid the worst of the troubles that so affected the rest of her family This i [...]

    5. Disappointed in the poor writing that was so surface level and monotone for a story that has such potential The granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, Mariel, describes her life growing up in a family riddled with mental illness, suicide, addiction, physical illness, marriage issues, etc There is so much drama and space for a deeper look in to these issues, but the story telling is completely one note, like a news reporting than a memoir.

    6. I found this memoir to be sincere and quite inspiring as she points out towards the end, you don t have to be a Hemingway or an actress to identify with her struggles Although I could probably relate to black sheep Margaux than people pleasing Mariel what a tragedy that Margaux s memoir can never be written I was hoping for a bit about her yoga and spirituality, but I guess she already wrote that book.

    7. Slightly overwrought account of Mariel Hemingway s life, she either underplayed the manifestation of her neuroses or overstated the extent of her mental anguish For example she hints at OCD several times, but her description of her OCD symptoms are not really clinical OCD, just your normal, slightly over anxious perfectionist type behaviour, which is fine, if slightly insulting to those who actually suffer from OCD which plays havoc with their lives Mariel may well actually have OCD, but if she [...]

    8. I m in a bad rut Reading memoirs and bios and autobios that are the equivalent of eating McDonald s instead of real food I see these books at the library where I am weak I say, oh just this one lightweight book won t be so terrible No, often it is terrible This was a good example Mariel is a competent writer, or maybe had a competent editor, and her family story certainly has a lot of legitimate drama to create an interesting memoir But sadly I grew to dislike her deeply, a person I never had fe [...]

    9. Mariel Hemingway always seemed like the golden girl to me, having first spotted her in Francesco Scavullo s gushing Beauty Hemingway and her sisters, Joan and Margeaux were featured, but Mariel appealed most to me Joan seemed to goofy, Margeaux conceited, Mariel down to earth and self effacing.I felt like I grew up with her and admired her physical transformation for Personal Best, though it was not her best acting work, as well as her stable personal life, restaurant business and health conscio [...]

    10. I read her memoir, Finding my balance I thought it was very good Out came the sun tells the same stories Is this some sort of fad with show business types who need money Neil Young just did this as well Not cool.

    11. Mariel Hemingway has written a raw honest bok about her life her family the legacy of suicidemental illnessher own search difficult at times to find her happinesser path in life.

    12. My problem with memoir is that it is impossible to write one without sounding self absorbed, since it s A BOOK ABOUT YOURSELF This memoir suffered a little of that, but on the whole I found Mariel to be sincere and humble As an Ernest Hemingway fan I hoped that there would be of him in the book, but he died before Mariel was born The little she did say about him I rolled my eyes at, something about him loving so deeply that he had to push people awayummmI think it was that he was just a pretty [...]

    13. Mariel Hemingway crafted a pointed story of her life and family legacy She s Ernest Hemingway s granddaughter She addresses mental health and suicide in a direct and informed way It was beautiful to hear her acknowledge the value of 12 step programs She didn t ignore or put down any ways a person might get to a place of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well being I like her.

    14. The writing ranges from horrific to meh Of course, some Hemingway gossip is always interesting Not descriptive enough, what was Muffet s behavior actually like Seems to be justifying her choices much of the time I would have found some excellent non examples of sentence structure if I was still teaching.

    15. OMG, the cover Did the photographer deliberately have her do a vulgar act with her fingers Maybe the photographer was Woody Allen, LOL

    16. This is a very honest memoir by Mariel Hemingway that details the dysfunction in her immediate family, the history of mental illness, depression and suicide in the famous Hemingway family and her own struggles in life Yet, it is not a depressing tome This is partly because the memoir is interspersed with anecdotes, some light hearted told in an almost gossipy manner from her life A favorite example was Woody Allen s visit to mountainous Ketchum to visit Mariel and her family after the teen aged [...]

    17. Biographies of celebrities always throw me a bit Their lifestyles always seem to include gurus and alternative health providers or religious advisers who just seem strange to me At one point, she spends a tremendous amount of money to see a truthteller in St Louis When she arrives from LA, she finds an unhealthy woman in a trailer park who could barely put two sentences together This is a story, though, of facing depression and dysfunction and deciding to get through it She is a survivor This bo [...]

    18. Here we go again.Nope, donations are capitalist invention as an excuse to not do anything real Again for the hypothesis of most problems are auto invented as evolutionary compensation for boredom and in essence aren t real I admit, people may argue I can argue emotional experiences are real What I had learned from trading, they are real, only when you are in the game I live in some environment play a role , that environment shapes me reaction action, whatever information process happens All you [...]

    19. Having recently read and reviewed the YA memoir INVISIBLE GIRL written by Mariel Hemingway, I decided to read her other new release, OUT CAME THE SUN Describing her life and overcoming a legacy of mental illness, depression, and suicide, the book may target adult readers, but its comfortable, flowing text will definitely work for a young adult audience as well.Mariel Hemingway takes her readers on a journey from early childhood to the present The grand daughter of famous author Ernest Hemingway, [...]

    20. I liked this one It wasn t anything earth shatteringly fabulous, and having seen Running from Crazy on Netflix, I kind of already knew the story But Mariel Hemingway, to me, is a kindred spirit Not that I m all into physical fitness and healthy eating and blah blah because, actually fuck that Do what you want because it really all ends the same But Mariel learned to be very protective of herself because no one else was doing that job Yep, I get it She had 2 much older sisters, as did I The middl [...]

    21. I wanted to read this book because there is mental illness in my family Also I follow her on twitter and I admire her If the reviews of this book are less than good it is their unwillingness to confront mental illness and yes Mariel Hemingway did not inherit her grandfather s talents and there is another writer of this book name Ben Freeman so he probably edited her writing It is very honest and raw At a young age not even a high school grad she knew somewhat to protect herself She has a very st [...]

    22. This one is a tough one for me to review I realize that she s a fellow human being, real and valid, with own perceptions and interpretations of events She is alive and doing her best, as I tend to believe that we all are And I realize that it would be very difficult to condense one s life into 270 pages So I can only assume that she included what she considers to be the most prominent and influential events of her life If that is the case, what I saw in her words is a woman still very much confl [...]

    23. The title is a little misleading to me Based on the title I thought this would be a book about the symptoms, causes, treatments and effects of mental illness within the Hemingway family Although there is an appendix with resources for mental health, substance abuse and better living This book is about Mariel s way of giving herself a voice through an act of memory among the dysfunction in her family, of making herself happen and searching for calm as an adult This is a straight out autobiography [...]

    24. The first half of this book was fairly interesting, especially when the topic dealt with her acting roles, and I just loved seeing how drastic her sisters changed The second half, however got pretty boring, and the further along I got, the I started to wish the book would just end Mariel s writing isn t fantastic I noticed a few times that she tended to repeat things She tended to repeat things just like what I m doing right now Mariel also bugged me a little bit throughout the book, because at [...]

    25. Putting it all out there, or rather, her version of what she wants us to hear, is what Mariel Hemingway has done here, and she s done it well Her very difficult family life is magnified and possibly is interesting to us as a result of the famous name, but the author tells her story in what seems to be her own genuine effort to make sense of it all And making new projects and money from them is not a bad thing either, if the end result is a product that has value Surviving what Mariel Hemingway [...]

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