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Lazarus, Vol. 4: Poison By Greg Rucka Michael Lark Owen Freeman,

  • Title: Lazarus, Vol. 4: Poison
  • Author: Greg Rucka Michael Lark Owen Freeman
  • ISBN: 9781632155238
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The world is at war, and Family Carlyle must fight to defend itself With Malcolm Carlyle hovering at death s door, the siblings struggle to maintain control But deception and war go hand in hand, culminating in a final revelation that will truly change everything for Forever Carlyle.Collects LAZARUS 16 21
    Lazarus Vol Poison The world is at war and Family Carlyle must fight to defend itself With Malcolm Carlyle hovering at death s door the siblings struggle to maintain control But deception and war go hand in hand culm

    One thought on “Lazarus, Vol. 4: Poison”

    1. Actual rating 4.82 stars And a half.This series YES So much of it It keeps getting better And intense And bloodier With lots of delicious scheming and backstabbing and stuff YUM.Okay, so I can t really say anything about this scrumptious volume because spoiler spoiler spoiler and stuff, but I can tell you this It s war And it s glorious Much blood and gore and slaughterish action in this instalment there was How delightfully exquisite indeed Forever Carlyle kicks much delicious ass.Ruthless swo [...]

    2. This is volume 4 in an ongoing sci fi dystopian series I can t really talk an awful lot about the series as i don t want to give anything away but I did really like the initial section with the Nun and I felt as though that gave us clues about the world, the way it operates, and the way of life for people who aren t in the Families.Forever once again has a spotlight role in the later half of this with some very badass moments and a lot of fighting and craziness Personally I preferred the one on [...]

    3. The tentative truces between the Families are crumbling, in the wake of the concave and the attempted assassination of the Carlyle scion Outright war in certain contested territories has broken out, and the Carlyle family s holdings are at risk in a war with another family Forever, the Lazarus of the Carlyle family goes with selected army recruits to reclaim control Forever is the draw of this series for me She is a fearless warrior who fights for her family, but follows her conscience But she s [...]

    4. The Carlyle family is at war with the Hock family, and a lot of people die in the process, as one would expect Forever is leading the charge Again, she dies in contemporary superhero fashion, there is some concern about this for no apparent reason, because she does come back to life, of course what s the point of that Dad Carlyle seems to be close to death, not that we care at all about him or what implications his death will have for anything So why keep reading 1 I am reading Lark s Daredevil [...]

    5. I have really been enjoying this series That said, volume four loses a star I still enjoyed it the pace, however, slowed down and I felt a little bit bored from time to time as I was reading it.It s less stabby, stabby, and politicking.I like stabby, stabby.Don t get me wrong, Forever still kicks some ass, and the politicking that takes place is still intriguing, but I kept waiting for things to really heat up and it never really delivered.Sure, there s a cliffhanger at the end of the book that [...]

    6. I feel like this was of an expository volume Ok, fine, but that doesn t make it interesting to read I ll take it back, the first issue in the volume was pretty cool, and I m disappointed that the story line there seems to have been shuffled off into the background But there s a fair bit of work here that definitely needed to be done before the overall story was set to move on, and I get that I think that my bigger stumbling block was actually the in the trenches part of this volume, which I hon [...]

    7. THAT ENDING THO YOOOOOOOO So the first issue is to give some backstoryd honestly I nearly quit I hated the first issue I didn t care about it, it was drawn weird, way too much reading, it just didn t do it But then we got back to the meat of the story To my girl, and we go through hell with her and a squad to take down another family It s intense, wonderfully drawn, and really moves the plot forward Then we get the final shot and it just blows your goddamn little f ing mind to a million damn pie [...]

    8. Volume 4 is of only a slightly lesser quality because it s light on story and weighing heavily on intense and violent action, which is understandable given the direction of the story Forever Carlyle basically has to capture a city on her lonesome with a group of four soldiers one of whom is the Lift petition redhead you might have been wondering about The rest of the Family struggles to cure their poisoned father with a team of doctors one of whom is the Lift petition dread locked guy you might [...]

    9. How the mighty have fallen.Forever Carlyle in war is like the Energizer Bunny UNSTOPPABLE The fourth volume of Lazarus is like a suspenseful movie Commander Lazarus is in charge of her family, soldiers in the war against Hock, the rival family that poisoned her father There s a light at the end of the tunnel.The artwork is very surreal I had to do a double take on a few panels to realize what was happening.

    10. Interludes are a tricky thing Jason Aaron and Pia Guera did them with grace in Scalped, giving us meaningful snippets of backstory on some already great secondary characters John Layman and Rob Guillory OTOH used them as spacers and ego masturbation in Chew.Rucka and Lark are using them here to give us side Story illustrations to help with their rapid world building, and it s both helpful and makes the story a little relatable than tales of the super rich Telling us about one of the selfless, s [...]

    11. You d think after 20 odd issues, you d know pretty much how Greg Rucka and Michael Lark s world is working They ve introduced most of the main characters by now, you d think, and the conflicts between the Families are spreading, with the inter family squabbles also causing problems too.And then along come two cliffhangers in this trade that are complete gut punches, and then the series goes on hiatus for six months.God damn it.

    12. Bullet Review When thinking how to review this one, the one word that popped in my head was safe This was a safe entry in the Lazarus series I wouldn t say anything new or exciting is learned the trajectory of the story goes exactly where you think It s still enjoyable, but it s nowhere near as exciting as volumes 1 and 2.Full Review The stories really start to branch off as this ensemble cast in 3 different locations reacts to the war It s been about 3 months since volume 2 Casey Solomon is pro [...]

    13. This series just keeps getting better with each subsequent volume It doesn t get reflected in my rating because volume 1 got 5 stars, and that s the top rating one can give any book on But you know what I mean Each volume builds on the one s preceding it, and it only makes waiting for the next volume s harder, because the series is so good For people like me, who wait for the stylish deluxe hardcover edition s which include cool bonus features the waiting period is even longer But as I ve mentio [...]

    14. FUUUUUUUCK Seriously How long do I have to wait for volume 5 Dammit to hell Just when you think you know what s going to happen Just when you think you ve seen the worst of the gore Just when you think folks can t get twistedIS SHIT HAPPENS And I m loving every minute of it The characters that get introduced, the I see into this dystopian sci fi world that is dysfunctional fucked to such a terrifying, yet great extent, the I love it The families The lazari, the serfs, the waste It s all amaz [...]

    15. Wait, what The next issue doesn t come out until JUNE Rucka goes from an arc that takes place over a few days in one location and jumps ahead a few months so that we re in the middle of a war between two families, and things are happening everywhere We get to know a couple of the Carlyle siblings a bit better still not sure what Johanna s got up her sleeve sheesh and get a few well drawn, written, and executed battle scenes but Rucka s still keep us hanging when it comes to a few major mysteries [...]

    16. I am done with Lazarus During four friggin volumes it did not manage to interest me in the plot or any of the characters I can t remember their names, I don t care what happens to them, and I don t want to know what happens next Especially considering that not that much has happened up to this point in this series It is so incredibly lifeless and emotionless, I just don t see what is so good about it And I don t think I ever will.

    17. I wish there were than five stars, because I swear each volume of Rucka and Lark s Lazarus gets better and better, and it started out as a five star work From the ability to pace and draw a compelling, dramatic small squad combat scenario, to the surprising but naturalistic plot twists in the political goings on behind the scenes, this is simply the most compelling book on the market these days.

    18. I finally got around to reading the 4th Volume Wow One of the better collections and they all have been great What a series Reminds me a lot of the cable series The Badlands in a way dark future thing.But this dark future has hi tech I like Forever Eve She is one efficient Lazarus No waiting around for me, as I have already read the first of the five stories in the 5th Volume Cull.This series is screaming for either a movie at least 2 or a well done in style of Westworld cable series.Well done, [...]

    19. The Carlyle and Hock factions engage each other in a full blown war Terrific execution of the action sequences legendary Lark at the top of his game , but I would have preferred a further exploration of the world how this dystopian future actually came about, background information and considerably focus on the characters instead Too many underdeveloped narrative strands as of now, which confused the whole thing.Perhaps I just want something from Lazarus it was never planned to be It certainly [...]

    20. Masterful work from Greg Rucka The perfect combination of a political thriller with futuristic sci fi sometimes not so much sci fi as what could possibly, very realistically, happen and action I m not a big fan of Michael Lark s artwork but the quality of the story makes up for absolutely everything else The world they re building is extremely rich and vast, makes me wonder what s the plan in the long, long run and, especially, how long will the series run for It s looking like an epic story rig [...]

    21. Storylines converge as Eve Forever Carlyle enters the Carlyle Hock war while new serfs battle or rush to save Martin Carlyle s life Several revelations come to life Forever, questioning whether her emotions are her own or imposed by drugs, has stopped taking the medications designed to activate her immortality survival mechanisms And frighteningly, there appears to be another Forever in training, only this is a 13 year old version identical clone

    22. First of all OMG the ending I did not see that coming at all I just say that this series is getting better and better with each volume Too bad there is only one left for me to read.I must especially praise how Forever is drawn She has a very complex face expression which really illustrates how torn she is She is not Rambo style comic book hero She just wants her daddy to love her She is a kid who never grown up but instead got very good at killing and fighting She does not want to wear dress bec [...]

    23. If you ve been reading this series it should come as no surprise that Carlyle and Hock went to war Especially after the outcome of the conclave, and the poisoning of Malcolm m CarlyleYou could view this trade as one big action sequence, and that would not be unfair Rucka and Lark handle those portions of the trade very well, and in no way do they make these portions of the trade feel overly long as some writers do.Nor, are the politics of this world ignored Power plays are made within Carlyle, a [...]

    24. High quality I love this series, I try to read slow make it last a little longer, but much sooner than I d like I m on the last page Awesome story with just the right mix of character exploration development, action, family drama, political intrigue, it s a fun read If you like comics graphic novels you re not reading this series you should be, you won t regret it.

    25. Vol 3 of Lazarus had entire issue devoted to one 1v1 fight I can appreciate the work and talent that went into creating that fight, and I know many people probably loved it, but that sort of comic is not my cup of tea.Vol 4 is much different lots of characters stories coming together, much world building and plot advancing I still don t love the artwork and find it difficult to tell some characters apart, but it certainly fits the gritty post apoc style

    26. very close to 5 stars Rucka has created a really well refined story that has plenty of action and backstory to keep you interested Forever is a great character and has a bit of mystery that keeps you guessing to her history I think story speed or pace is crucial on graphic novels and Rucka has a great understanding of balance with the Lazarus plot The art is well done even a little gritty and the colors are well chosen with a subdued feel This has become one of my favorite Image series that sta [...]

    27. In the future, society is ruled not by governments, but by wealthy families Across the globe, these families vie for power and wage war upon each other by any means possible You are either a working subject, valued and put to work, or you are Wasteleft to the elements and considered utterly worthless.This is a good series I just wish I d discovered it after the entire story had been written Waiting for subsequent volumes is horrible The Hock family has created a terrible virus the other families [...]

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