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Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need By Margot Leitman,

  • Title: Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need
  • Author: Margot Leitman
  • ISBN: 9781632170279
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a practical storytelling guide from comedian, winner of multiple Moth storytelling competitions, and founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade storytelling program, Margot Leitman Did you ever wish you could tell a story that leaves others spellbound Storytelling teacher and champion Margot Leitman will show you how With a fun, irreverent, and infographic approachThis is a practical storytelling guide from comedian, winner of multiple Moth storytelling competitions, and founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade storytelling program, Margot Leitman Did you ever wish you could tell a story that leaves others spellbound Storytelling teacher and champion Margot Leitman will show you how With a fun, irreverent, and infographic approach, this guide breaks a story into concrete components with ways to improve content, structure, emotional impact, and delivery through personal anecdotes, relatable examples, and practical exercises.
    Long Story Short The Only Storytelling Guide You ll Ever Need This is a practical storytelling guide from comedian winner of multiple Moth storytelling competitions and founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade storytelling program Margot Leitman Did you ever w

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    1. I was lucky enough to take Margot s storytelling course in person at UCB and it was fantastic Margot knows what she is talking about when it comes to crafting a story I still think of many of the lessons from that class and use it in my own writing Very excited to have her wisdom in book form

    2. I thought that this book would be about telling stories as in writing them short stories, novels, maybe even screenplays Instead, it s a book that is literally about telling stories in the old fashioned sense of standing up in front of a bunch of people and regaling them with a true story from your life Apparently this is a big deal these days, and you might have heard The Moth on NPR or something I had caught a couple of stories that way, and I was always impressed with them The most famous guy [...]

    3. Margot Leitman uma excelente contadora de hist rias E v rios podcasts como o Story Collider vieram de turmas dela ou de pessoas relacionadas Ent o s o boas li es Mas o livro inteiro voltado para como contar hist rias suas, da sua vida Na linha quando era crian a, achava que timo para quem procura isso, mas eu estava esperando story telling em geral, como passar conceitos, como contar hist rias dos outros.

    4. 4.0 out of 5Great book, narrated perfectly by the author filled with practical tips, do s and don ts, and advice on telling great stories Although focused on oral story telling, the information is also relevant for other media such as blogging or telling stories social social situations A nice find.

    5. Once upon a time, I hated a book.Just kidding But I don t like this book partly because it made me realize a sad truth I am an utterly boring person At least when it comes to storytelling.The book started with Leitman reassuring me again and again that I only think I don t have any stories but actually I do have loads of stories and I better hold on because when she s done with me, boy, people won t be able to help themselves falling at my feet and begging me to tell my many tear jerking, side s [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book It gave great insight into storytelling It was interesting and helpful to work on my writing skills and for presenting, but it has great concepts for presentation, that I will use if I am presenting for one of my businesses I got it from the library but thinking of getting a copy for myself to have on hand in my office.

    7. Interesting book If you have ever listened to a TED talk or This American Life podcast, you ll understand the style of storytelling that Margot is teaching Telling a good story, whether to your friends, or in a public setting is a difficult thing to do and there is an art to it I found it interesting that part of the ability to seem natural in the story telling is a laborious processes of preparation and forethought Perhaps it is so with every art, that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, a [...]

    8. If you have a blog you need to read this book Even though it s aimed at oral storytellers, each page contains invaluable advice for writing in the informal voice of a blog I borrowed my copy from the library but I m going straight out to buy one I can make notes in And I love that each chapter includes writing exercises I m already noticing an improvement in my posts, coherent themes and much better opening and closing paragraphs

    9. Really, really great start to learning about how to tell an engaging story I had the audiobook, which was great because the author reads it herself and really brings her content and stories to life But I may have to get the physical version too, just to highlight sections and do the exercises she discusses They re all incredibly useful, but I mostly listened to this book while driving and couldn t participate.

    10. This book was a good overview of the importance of storytelling, but I would have liked to hear of the practical use in non storytelling or non comedy worlds I know the techniques are important, but the application to every day life could have been a little stronger I d recommend this book to someone looking for the basics or an overview of storytelling techniques.

    11. A helpful guide for anyone regularly engaging with an audience, whether in a board room or on a stage The book has several workbook sections that didn t translate well to audio, but I did do some while not writing them down Some sections felt a little too high school theater or drama camp for me but I did appreciate the cue to think outside of the box 3.5 stars

    12. This book is not about writing stories, it s about telling stories in person to other people I read a lot of books about story craft This is the best one on live storytelling I ve read It has great advice especially about telling true stories Plus the author is really funny.

    13. Practical, funny, helpful exercises Margot provided such good guidance I feel like I could confidently prepare a story by following her guidelines This was an enjoyable and practical read.

    14. I absolutely loved this book A how to book that was both inspirational and entertaining It made me want to go write

    15. Long Story Short is both written and narrated by Margot Leitman an American comedic storyteller, humor writer, and teacher The book is subtitled The Only Storytelling Guide You ll Ever Need , and the question many may have is if the book stands up to its high claim I, like most, enjoy both telling and hearing a good story because they are memorable and draw us into a subject However, this book is geared towards the individual who is looking for exercises, methods, and ways of taking a rather b [...]

    16. Ok, first off the audiobook has a little forward that basically says Listen to this book with a notebook handy Write down the exercises and do them DON T IGNORE THAT ADVICE Really You ll enjoy this book and get so much out of it if you do just that Heck, even if you just write down the exercises and go back to do them after you ve listened to the book once through you ll still be doing yourself a favour by having them written down.This was different from what I had expected, but it was ultimate [...]

    17. Definitely focused on telling a personal story, not on the talk types I need to prepare right now thesis defense, job talks although she does recommend preparing an origin story for job talks and business presentations to help you appear relatable and memorable BUT it does seem like a great resource for personal storytelling The book has a ton of exercises to help you evoke memories of funny interesting personally important life events, then craft them into good stories.Best piece of advice p.89 [...]

    18. I should have done research before buying this book I thought this would be a wide ranging manual for writing fiction Instead, it s a narrowly focused book on how to perform stand up story telling, which is apparently a recent fad in some big cities I d never heard of that type of performance, and frankly, I wasn t terribly interested in it.Leitman does try to generalize her book in a few places she suggests that the same tips apply to the corporate boardroom or the job interview But that feels [...]

    19. Again I finished this book in audible version when driving to and from school Quite inspiring storytelling techniques, for example, finding the commonly shared points with your audiences, making sure you really care about the stories you are telling, telling with emotions, being authentic, writing down your stories before telling it in the public, trying to say yes to invitations and having stories to tell Even simple events can create great stories that are surprising and memorable And try to [...]

    20. I loved this book, and I learned quite a bit about crafting interesting stories One thing that people should realize is that this book is about storytelling true stories from your life , not writing fiction The author makes this clear from the very beginning, so I m not sure why many reviewers were confused about this Though, a lot of what Margot mentions in this book can be applied to many kinds of writing The exercises were somewhat challenging but fun I had to dig deep in my memory and rememb [...]

    21. Margot is brilliant, though her comedy is annoying I read through the book torn between cringes at terrible attempts at humor that I know the other half of the world thinks is hilarious and swimming in her earned brilliance.The insights she s learned and shares about audience perception and how you can fit a story into the built in assumptions that drive human perception are worth reading through to the credits at the end Her learnings are practical, applicable, and time tested.I picked up a lot [...]

    22. A great introduction for wannabe storytellers like myself Leitman answers the types of questions we wannabes have for example, How much can you stretch the truth and How do you go about memorizing your story and How soon is too soon before recounting emotional painful events She really gets into the nuts and bolts of storytelling and gives plenty of personal examples to drive home her points What I found most helpful were all the exercises she provides for generating story ideas So yeah, really [...]

    23. 1 2Informative, yet informal exposition on the art of extended anecdotes The Long Story Short is informative and served me with useful notes that I think will straighten out my verbal story telling style, the way a mechanic corrects your vehicle s alignment Ms Leitman as narrator was laidback, funny and wise, making my listen thru entertaining Recommended For the sensitive crowd some profanity and sexual content.

    24. Yo sab a que hab a gente que se sub a al escenario, contaba historias personales y enganchaba a todo el mundo Luego aprend que se llamaba _Moth_ Cuando lo vi uno en NY, mor de la emoci n, pero ya Fue Margot y su libro lo que me hizo pensar que yo podr a ser una de esas personas, alguien que domina un sitio con una historia, ense a algo y entretiene a los que escuchan Por eso recomiendo este libro, porque ayuda a perder la pena y entretiene montones.

    25. This a wonderful book with commentary on build stories as well as telling stories The stories that the author told were fascinating and fun I heard the author present on the Moth and hearing the backstory of what went through her mind before this performance was great This was a fun and good read I highly recommend it Mr Joe

    26. This is not the only storytelling guide you will ever need It has great tips and tactics, but Leitman does not have a larger understanding of story strategy and structure Her focus is on real life anecdotes and primarily ones with comic elements This is one aspect of storytelling, and unfortunately, the author is unaware of larger aspects of story telling.

    27. If you want to learn about the art of storyteliing, this is the book for you It is not only informational but hella entertaining The author knows what she is writing about and shows it very well I will definitely listen to this again and again, because one time is just not enough Great read and great information.

    28. The Bad I can t speak of anything bad about this book except that I wish it was longer and went deeper The good Her voice was perfect and easy to understand Fun to readMust read for everyone not just storytellers and comedians This is how you get people to remember you.

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