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Planetes Omnibus, Volume 1 By Makoto Yukimura,

  • Title: Planetes Omnibus, Volume 1
  • Author: Makoto Yukimura
  • ISBN: 9781616559212
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the 2070s, increased interplanetary travel has led to crisis level amounts of dangerous space debris, and someone has to clean it up Planetes follows the space garbage crew of aspiring explorer Hachimaki, mourning Yuri, and secretive Fee, collected in two omnibus editions, printed from the original files and complete with bonus color pages
    Planetes Omnibus Volume In the s increased interplanetary travel has led to crisis level amounts of dangerous space debris and someone has to clean it up Planetes follows the space garbage crew of aspiring explorer Hac

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    1. Planetes is an excellent slice of life manga about space janitors living in space and dealing with things like love, passion, mourning and existential crises, but also terrorism, politics and bureaucracy It s humorous, philosophical, naive and maybe a bit pretentious, which is not always a bad thing For fans of stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Fear Agent and The Omega Men this manga will likely be a great read.

    2. knew nothing about this, but i liked the cover i liked the picture of this astronaut just floating above earth so i judge a book by it s cover so what, eh it worked out really well there ve been times i ve read a book because the cover was really bad call it reverse judging anyway, i don t know i ve been, cause apparently this has been out for a while i really dug it it only had some lost in translation bits and pieces, but i really felt a universal vibe this is about the human experience in a c [...]

    3. Set in the far future, Planetes is working class sci fi that follows the crew of a sanitation ship Basically, space garbage collectors dealing with all the junk that humans have let accumulate in Earth s orbit I didn t completely like it until the second volume, but then I loved it Initially it s a slice of life comic following these folks through their work and family lives, but a larger arc emerges as crew member Hachimaki trains to apply for a deep space exploratory mission to Venus His conti [...]

    4. This is the series that convinced me that graphic novels and manga was a worthy storytelling medium Along with Y The Last Man, Vol 1 Unmanned, this is my favorite graphic novel series of all time Back when it was published in the turn of the millennium and picked up two Seiun Awards, Japan s highest honor for science fiction , it also kindled a love for hard sci fi that has since grown into an obsession If you love novels and movies that go heavy on the realistic science, such as The Martian or [...]

    5. March 4th, 2016 EXISTENTIAL CRISIS IN SPACE4.5 stars.Thought I reviewed this already but apparently not, hence remedying that now.Our universe is vast, probably much bigger than we perceive it to be We may be the only form of life in our solar system, but who knows what lies out beyond ours Why are we here For what purpose do we exist for our particular solar system to consume to explore to live All these questions are constantly questioned throughout this omnibus But essentially its a story abo [...]

    6. This volume alone starts far differently than it begins For one thing, our main character nicknamed Hachi looks to be blonde and later becomes a brunette.Art inconsistencies aside, this starts as a somewhat serious slice of life space story First chapter focuses on Yuri who also looks much differently later on, by the by , whose wife died in a space flight accident Second chapter focuses on Hachi and a Lunarian girl, after Hachi breaks his leg and some dark stuff happens in this chapter Later ch [...]

    7. This is definitely one of the best space comics manga out there Although the original copyright was from 1999, this doesn t seem dated, mostly because the heart of it is ideas and emotions using space as a medium to convey these Aside from Hachi being the standard annoying, thick headed young male manga protagonist whose main ability is to hard headedly pursue a goal, and somehow accumulate much interesting, intelligent, and caring human beings along the way, and Tanabe being merely a narrative [...]

    8. This is by the same author as the currently running Vinland Saga The art is absolutely fantastic and this edition by Dark Horse is a beautiful book Volume 1 is an omnibus containing the first half of the series Each chapter starts with the original colour pages and the book itself is made of thick quality paper The story is hard science fiction and I think this is my first manga like this The main theme is space travel and the main character s training for a mission to Jupiter The characters are [...]

    9. Desperately wish I could give this a 4.5 It is that good The arc of this first omnibus is something to be applauded watching Hachimaki grow as both an astronaut and a person is heartbreaking, irritating, and yet beautiful The struggle to accept certain things most of which I can t give away because spoilers is just so human I think what I loved most about the entirety of the omnibus is how the writer managed to really settle into the emotional beats in each chapter All around, this is just a fan [...]

    10. This comic is all about loving what you do, loving it to an absurd and unreasonable degree It s about letting go of fear and grasping for love and the people around you.It just so happens to also be set amongst a bunch of space garbage men.Yukimura s vistas especially on the color pages are vast and grand and a little lonely, his characters are well defined, his story is deft and assured If you have any interest in manga, especially some of the high brow stuff, I highly recommend this.

    11. Always loved the Planetes anime whilst the manga is rather different I still loved it Can t wait to read the second half.

    12. Disclosure I received a free e galley copy of this book from Edelweiss.I d heard about Planetes when I received my e galley copy, but I hadn t heard much I had no idea what this book was about, no expectations, and I was honestly pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed everything about it From the opening scenes the characters, the world, and the style pulled me in All of the SF anime and manga I ve consumed has either been near future, Earth based, and often dystopian or cyberpunk Neon Genes [...]

    13. 4.5 stars Tanabe was just soooooo annoying.But other than that, this was amazing 3 3 I really can t wait for the next omnibus to come out, I want to see how the story will go on The art is absolutely gorgeous, details, details everywhere, great facial expressions and human anatomy Good job I would recommend this.Maybe I will write a longer review soon.

    14. I love Planetes Makoto Yukimura creates well rounded believable characters and has them face exciting challenges each chapter, whether they are life threatening challenges like a failing part of a spaceship, deadly rapidly approaching space debris, or even terrorists to or other existential crises like what it means to inhabit space, and whether we face this world and universe alone This manga is very moving and emotional, and the Dark Horse release really does it justice The paper quality is a [...]

    15. I was pleasantly surprised by this book I like sci fi and I like manga, so this was a perfect combination What really stood out to me was the maturity and complexity of the themes tackled by the storyline There aren t any space battles or constant boner one upper explosions and effects This story is about the dramas of human life and how living in space might impact people It s good writing and it s good sci fi and I m looking forward to reading the second volume.

    16. Planetes is easily one of the best manga about Space Travel It takes a mature and realistic approach to the subject of day day drama in space I loved that it minimized the amount of sci fi elements in its writing and an inclusion of some scientific phenomena no light sabers or light speed travel My only advice is to go in with low expectations, don t expect an epic saga or to be mind blown It s the art and the narrative what makes it an amazing read.

    17. My complaint about this first volume is that Fee, the pilot of the space debris collector, is a smoker That s all I ve got for complaints.An annoyance is that I ve seen the animated series so many times, I can t fully immerse in the manga without comparing the two Oh, well.This book is my newest favorite.

    18. Planetes 1A group of spacemen who work collecting debris orbiting both the Earth and moon, one of them has a dream of one they owning his spaceship, and step one in his plan is getting selected for a future mission to Jupiter Very likeable characters a nice setup that really showcases what the author thinks as life in space could be A very nice sci fi everyday story.4 stars

    19. Perfect anime and manga, Planetes is an amazing journey of a headstrong rationalist, individualist and a space lover Hachi He is like my spirit animal.

    20. I really didn t expect to fall for in love with these characters After finishing this collection I immediately wanted to go get the next one and I am so upset that the library is closed tomorrow.

    21. I love Vinland Saga so I figured I d check out some of Yukimura s other work Planetes is set in a future filled with space flight and all too familiar challenges of finding fuel and cleaning up garbage There s a focus on man s place in the universe, as space stories tend to do, but also a focus on man s place within mankind, and the relationships between humans, and how those two focuses can conflict Very interesting, with great art starts a little rough, the first couple chapters feel like they [...]

    22. Full marks Playful moments, but an overall serious story Of note a loud word bubble literally going in one ear and out the other, color inversion of line drawing for simple but effective jarring of the reader, and a story that one can t tell where it is going.

    23. Since I picked up this book and read the first 2 chapters I was like Oh god another philosophical manga , I was right This is a very philosophical manga in the sense of existentialism and other forms of what s my purpose why am I here philosophy It is not too deep when it deals the man vs man or man vs environment situations and delves into the character s conflict without alienating the reader s entertainment I wasn t that engrossed until after the first half of the book or maybe after the firs [...]

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