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The Stars are Also Fire By Poul Anderson,

  • Title: The Stars are Also Fire
  • Author: Poul Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780812530223
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now Poul Anderson returns to the same brilliantly conceived future to tell a story of revolution and liberation on the Moon.
    The Stars are Also Fire Now Poul Anderson returns to the same brilliantly conceived future to tell a story of revolution and liberation on the Moon

    One thought on “The Stars are Also Fire”

    1. Despite what other reviewers might say, this book is far from being Libertarian Objectivist propaganda Rather, despite the viewpoint mostly sticking with the libertarianish crowds, Anderson does a superb job of presenting both sides of the argument.There are very few villians here, if any and while Aleka and Ian loosely fit into the protagonist category and Venator into the antagonist category, both Aleka and Ian are consistently plagued with doubts about their goal, and Venator the remarkably k [...]

    2. Mejora mucho las reflexiones que plantea al lector pero pierde en profundidad de los personajes y se vuelve previsible Si en la primera parte ten a notas libertarias, en algunas partes de la novela casi sientes que el autor te coge fuerte del brazo y te dice verdad que los estados son basura Creo que me plantar aqu con esta serie, no quiero ni imaginar en que derivar n las tesis del autor metidas con calzador en una, dentro de lo que cabe, muy interesante novela.

    3. Billions and billions of years ago when I first bought and read Harvest of Stars and its sequel The Stars Are Also Fire, I loved those books I can t remember or imagine why Before embarking upon a reread I could remember nothing about either book, and that s usually a bad sign that it didn t make a lasting impression, even though plenty of books often much shorter and read even longer ago made a bigger impact.Usually though, even if I ve outgrown a book, I can remember and understand what I once [...]

    4. I think maybe this is the kind of science fiction I might have enjoyed in high school but I was also willing reading Ayn Rand novels in high school I guess what I m saying there is there are some things that we grow out of.I made it through about 75 pages before I pushed this aside I just couldn t take it Whatever story or stories were buried in there, they were not coming together and even assuming that they inevitably would, I could find nothing compelling in the narrative, nor the style The l [...]

    5. A great read that explore in great depth the differences between individuals, peoples, races, and particularly, machine and man Set in a not so unlikely future when machines have largely revolutionized the work force sending many into unemployment and a few on a desperate quest for meaning and purpose in a world where the very idea of freedom has been forgotten I really enjoyed it I think you ll like it a lot if your interested in figuring out the way the world might look after the robotic revol [...]

    6. Poul Anderson is vastly underappreciated And prolific This book is epic You ve got transcendent artificial intelligence, interstellar colonization, hard astronomy, bioengineering, sex, talking seals, genetically regressed mormon robber barons Hell yeah.

    7. I had to abandon this book after about 75 pages I recently read Starfarers by Anderson, and gave it 4 stars But this book, just never got me interested I switched to Vernon Vinge s A Fire Upon Deep, and I was hooked after a few pages One thing that bothered about this book, was that it seemed that Anderson was relying way to much on a thesaurus, or was using obscure words as often as possible to make the read very difficult.

    8. Memorable characters and a well imagined setting save a rambling story that essentially goes nowhere Anderson ratchets up the mystery and anticipation extremely well, but the payoff never really occurs That being said, this is my favorite representation of moon life next to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

    9. Very painful book to get through Every other chapter switches timelines in an unsuccessful attempt to add style to a very dull story It took me months to get through half of this book and now I m giving up.

    10. A gripping and nuanced exploration of humanity s long term options Anderson convincingly shows how human imagination and dogged stubbornness eventually knock down the most daunting obstacles Along with Harvest of Stars, this is a must read for anyone interested in technology and politics.

    11. Nicely paced and plotted story with a nicely converged past and present timeline, but like much scifi of this period, it comes to the end trying to resolve metaphysical issues while trying to stay true to it s philosophical materialism and so is ultimately unsatisfying.

    12. I sometimes grow tired of the in depth family blah blah Dagny weepy character even though the man spins a good yarn and is a superb learned writer I give the book three stars for the sheer scale of the story and his vision on what a colonized space future may look like.

    13. This science fiction novel spans five hundred years from man s entry into space colonization to a time when machines control the universe The only salvation for mankind lays in the past.

    14. Series have everything going for it, but it lacks final touch and composition to be great Very hard to follow if listening, because of the alternating timelines and flashbacks.

    15. Not bad, but the libertarian and feudal drumpounding gets a bit much at times Sequel to Harvest of Stars Standard space libertarian ubermensch novel.

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