UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Verstoßen - by Russell Banks Barbara Christ

Verstoßen By Russell Banks Barbara Christ,

  • Title: Verstoßen
  • Author: Russell Banks Barbara Christ
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Kid, ein einsamer junger Mann, kommt wegen einer Dummheit ins Gef ngnis Nachdem er seine kurze Haftstrafe abgeb t hat, wird er w hrend der Bew hrungszeit rund um die Uhr elektronisch berwacht In seiner Stadt darf er sich fortan nicht mehr frei bewegen Er hat keine andere Wahl, als ein Dasein unter einer Autobahnbr cke am Rande der Gesellschaft zu fristen RussellThe Kid, ein einsamer junger Mann, kommt wegen einer Dummheit ins Gef ngnis Nachdem er seine kurze Haftstrafe abgeb t hat, wird er w hrend der Bew hrungszeit rund um die Uhr elektronisch berwacht In seiner Stadt darf er sich fortan nicht mehr frei bewegen Er hat keine andere Wahl, als ein Dasein unter einer Autobahnbr cke am Rande der Gesellschaft zu fristen Russell Banks beschreibt das Leben der Au enseiter und Ge chteten von heute, die den Elementen und der staatlichen berwachung gleicherma en ausgesetzt sind Kid bleibt nur die Flucht in die Wildnis Doch auch hier holt ihn die Vergangenheit wieder ein In seinem Schicksal spiegeln sich die Abgr nde der amerikanischen Justiz und der modernen Informationsgesellschaft, die kein Recht auf Vergessen duldet.
    Versto en The Kid ein einsamer junger Mann kommt wegen einer Dummheit ins Gef ngnis Nachdem er seine kurze Haftstrafe abgeb t hat wird er w hrend der Bew hrungszeit rund um die Uhr elektronisch berwacht In s

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    1. Posted at Shelf Inflicted Before reading this book, I never bothered looking at the National Sex Offender Registry Maybe it s because I don t have children, or I don t care to know that much about my neighbors, or I have my doubts that all the people listed are truly dangerous Now that I ve finished the book, I decided to go have a look First, I found all 8 sex offenders in my area After studying their faces closely, noting where they lived and how old they were, I looked at sexual offenders in [...]

    2. In 1952 Ralph Ellison s seminal novel, Invisible Man, was published No, not the one that was made into a film with Claude Raines Ellison s Invisible Man was about how the black man in America was invisible to the wider culture His towering novel looked at a very troubling aspect of mid 20th century America Russell Banks has cast a bright light on a segment of our society that 21st Century America not only wants to remain invisible, but which it is actively trying to erase The Kid lives under the [...]

    3. The main character of Banks new novel, a twenty two year old registered sex offender in South Florida known only as the Kid, may initially repel readers The Kid is recently out of jail and on ten year probation in fictional Calusa County, and is required to wear a GPS after soliciting sex from an underage girl Ironically, he is still a virgin The Kid cannot leave the county, but he also cannot reside within 2,500 feet from any place children would congregate That leaves three options the swampla [...]

    4. What is wrong with the world out there This dreadful, pretentious, simple minded, badly structured, cliche ridden book was not only recommended to me by my shrink and that s really worrying but it was reviewed by the NY Times thus Banks may be the most compassionate fiction writer working today Banks remains our premier chronicler of the doomed and forgotten American male Lost Memory of Skin is a major new work by Russell Banks destined to be a canonical novel of its time OK, both the Times revi [...]

    5. I love sex offenders Here s the thing I ve been a public defender for six years, and I ve worked for hundreds of people, with a wide variety of criminal charges, and my favorite clients bar none are sex offenders See, I work in the district court system, handling less serious criminal cases, so I don t generally get clients charged with the sex offenses themselves, but I have worked for many convicted sex offenders charged with Failure to Register My clients are people who have done some terribl [...]

    6. Does anyone else think this writer s style is awful My brain gets tired following the rambling, run on sentences The book has an interesting premise, but I am not about to endure 400 pages of sentences like this one But he hasn t spoken to any of them not even his mother in over a year and whenever he accidentally on the street spots somebody he once knew slightly from school or from hanging out at the mall in the old days or his job at the light store before he enlisted in the army which happen [...]

    7. Everything I want to say about this book feels like a defense than a review, and I don t want to go that road For some reason, maybe it s my several years working with sex offenders in a prison book group, watching them empathize and identify with the same characters I empathize and identify with, or it s the injustices I ve researched in offender and ex offender access barriers to information and resources that can help rebuild their lives, and the intentional structure of our society that fee [...]

    8. I like books that deal with social issues Lost Memory of Skin did that with a topic that is not common in current fiction but is a significant but mostly hidden issue homeless convicted sex offenders It humanizes people who are most commonly reviled and helps us realize that this is our problem and not just theirs and may have something to say about our development of relationships in this computer and digital age This book includes a tour of a place where convicted sex offenders live for lack o [...]

    9. i have read books by russell banks that i have liked a lot i have a tremendously fond memory of Rule of the Bone and Continental Drift and his book about liberia, The Darling, certainly has value it s a pretty brutal look at liberia s terrible history of massacres, though i m always a bit wary of books about africa s wounds written by first worlders stillis book would get 5 stars solely for the fact that it focuses on the horrible plight of convicted sex offenders, a violation of human rights so [...]

    10. Russell Banks Lost Memory of Skin is a very, very good book that s very, very hard to like Actually, I take that back It s easy to like if you re a reader who accepts that protagonists can be flawed, possibly beyond redemption If you re a fan of Banks, you know to expect this This is, after all, the same guy who s made a career of trafficking in problematic characters from militant abolitionist John Brown Cloudsplitter to an opportunistic lawyer and incestuous father The Sweet Hereafter to a per [...]

    11. Hmm I really did like the premise of this one Banks takes a young sex offender and makes him sympathetic, giving him a minor offense one which ends up being largely theoretical when all is said and done which is understandable in the context of his sad childhood and incredible social isolation and lack of nurturing The offender, called the Kid, must take up residence under a causeway together with other offenders who are rendered homeless by restrictions forbidding them to live within a certain [...]

    12. This is a disturbing book to read because it focuses on the outcasts of today s world sex offenders The larger question posed in myriad ways is this, What do we do with the pariahs of society Where do they live How can they live As with Banks s Rule of the Bone, the central character is a young boy, though in this case the Kid is barely in his twenties His associates are a motley crew who, like him, live under a viaduct The Professor plays the corpulent symbol of the decadence of overabundance, [...]

    13. This book ended up being my top adult fiction pick of 2011, which should not be such a surprise considering that Banks The Sweet Hereafter is pretty much my top adult fiction pick of all time What is evidenced in both that and this novel is that Banks has a tremendous empathy for his characters he s able to look into the darkness of their souls and come out seeing humanity rather than darkness, depravity, and what have you His protagonists in this novel are the Kid, a teenage sex offender, and t [...]

    14. Good story built around the situation sex offenders find themselves in when they are released from jail The Kid, cannot live within a certain number of feet of any place where children live, go to school or meet He also cannot leave the county In Lost Memory of Skin, this leaves him 2 places to live under a highway and in the Everglades I did not understand the insertion of the geological formation of the Everglades I also thought the ending was a little far fetched, but a good story.

    15. Russell Bank s _Lost Memory OF Skin _ is about a 22 year old who was entrapped by the FBI, with the help of a 14 year old girl s patriotic and religious father , into visiting the chick that he had met on the internet, which he shouldn t have done He never saw her, but must live, with a tracking anklet, so far from any church, school or house that his only recourse is to live under a causeway with other so called pedophiles Banks is great at showing how the nation s media have sexualized childho [...]

    16. One of my Top Ten reads of this year This is what good literature is suppose to be about looking at society and asking difficult questions about what is wrong with it A MUST READ Page 72 He opens Larry Somerset s Holy Bible It s the only book in the tent The Kid s never been much of a reader and he has hoped for a long time, every since he first heard of it that he suffer from attention deficit disorder because in school and in the army most people regarded him as borderline retarded He s pretty [...]

    17. Banks has always written about the disenfranchised, and this novel is no exception Sometimes his characters are the disenfranchised by birth, but often it s those who ve managed to do it to themselves It s a rather unsparing look at a segment of society we prefer not to know about, convicted sex offenders who ve paid their dues done their time, but continue to be condemned to a half life of homelessness and electronic surveillance So much for rehabilitation when the conditions of your release r [...]

    18. 0looks at usa s sex offender laws, usa orgy of law n order , usa s coming apoc storm of fat cats, freaks, weather, cops, kids, and stupid people, usas inadequacy and immoralityncy has a really good review here, that could make a whole lot sense review show

    19. Lost Memory of Skin was a timely read, because right in this morning s headlines is Florida Man Gets 2.5 Years for Having Sex on the Beach Despite protesting that there was no actual sex going on beneath their blanket, this man will be going to jail for two and a half years, his girlfriend received time served, and the two of them will be on the National Sex Offender Registry for the rest of their lives And the thing about being put on the registry as demonstrated in the book is that there is no [...]

    20. Jan When you tell people you are reading a book about a young man who is on the Sex Offender Registry, it s hard to get them interested in hearing The book was well written for the most part I d describe it as interestingly written We never know the name of the main character well, it s Billy, I think he s referred to as The Kid The Kid is a slightly built 21 year old virgin who was raised by a mom who was not the best mom, and left alone, he discovered porn at a very young age and never really [...]

    21. Calusa a city strikingly similar to Miami, nowadays Under a causeway that shelters sex offenders, the Kid lives in a tent with his bracelet alarm and the obligation to stay at 2,500 feet from anyone under 18 years old At 22, he feels like a stranger amidst this crowd of outcasts He works as a dishwasher in a restaurant, stays on his own and talks to no one but Iggy, the 6 foot long iguana he has owned since boyhood Raised by a neglectful single mom much of a lost child than an adult herself the [...]

    22. this is a poorly written, shallow book missing all the character development and compelling story line of his other novels I knew it was about a young man living on the streets after being convicted of a sexual crime so I expected it to be dark and hard to read yet was interested as I thought it would offer a unique perspective on a difficult topic Based on the great reviews I read I was looking forward to reading.After reading most of the book, and other reviews, I am left wondering if I read t [...]

    23. I like Russell Banks enough to say that this is not one of his best books He swings for the fences by taking on the modern day equivalent of the leper the sex offender and exploring what it means to be totally outcast by society while being, in many ways, just like everyone else, only guilty Alas, he ends up hitting at best a sacrifice fly, scoring on a few counts but missing on some others The introduction of the character of the professor is unnecessarily convoluted and frustratingly vague, si [...]

    24. SF has long grappled with the dehumanising impact of the Internet you just have to recall the meat from Gibson s Neuromancer JG Ballard also wrote often about the death of affect , in how technology not only estranges us from our essential humanity, but sets loose our moral compass The NY Times review of Skin breathlessly called the book canonical , conveniently forgetting such antecedents What I found impressive and troubling about Skin was its impassioned account of the consequences and impli [...]

    25. I have no idea how to rate this book The subject matter is that of child pornography What do we do with the different levels of acts committed, and where can these people live, or even get a job The true pariahs of our society and how we treat them It is actually a story of a young man and what he indures It asks a lot of important questions of us as a society What is the truth There were lots of times when I wasn t going to finish it as I do not like reading about perverted sex, yet the story k [...]

    26. 7 14 Final Thoughts It was a game changer in terms of my thoughts regarding sex offenders and our society s prevailing laws regarding where they can set up residence I m still on the fence regarding my final thoughts and feelings in that my head and heart are don t agree On the one hand, I m horrified by the very act of sex offences on the other hand, I m not certain that our current rules and regulations account for the different types of offences and offenders Regardless, I m not comfortable w [...]

    27. A novel about a convicted, homeless sex offender, the creepy fellow sex offenders who live under a causeway with him, and a professor who treats them like lab rats how can this book possibly be good I was a little apprehensive about reading this one because I really don t want to read anything explicit about such an awful subject Fortunately, there wasn t too much detail about the really horrible things that some people do although there were some sexually explicit terms and acts that made me un [...]

    28. It takes a talented author to make a sympathetic character out of one who has done something odious, but Russell Banks succeeds in his new book, Lost Memory of Skin Sadly, other aspects of the book didn t fare quite as well The Kid is a 21 year old, socially awkward misfit on probation from his conviction as a sex offender, after an attempt to meet an underage girl goes awry Unable to live less than 2,500 feet from anywhere children might gather, he lives in a tent under a South Florida causeway [...]

    29. Very thought provoking novel If you are looking for a nice feel good book to read this is definitely NOT it But if you don t mind looking at the dark side of society and contemplating some harsh realities you may like it as i did The novel is about a 22 yr old sex offender who lives under the causeway in Fla as an outcast from society as he must live 2500 feet from schools, parks and children He becomes part of a society of others who are also members of the national sex registry He eventually m [...]

    30. I was really looking forward to reading this because the subject matter sex offenders turned homeless due to National Sex Offender Registry laws seemed both topical and worthy of a fiction writer s insights In the end, though, I felt that Russell Banks took a wonderfully specific and gritty situation, fraught with urgency and complex personal and public conflict, and turned it into an abstract allegory for contemplating how one can never know the full story of the publicly ostracized As a result [...]

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