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Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan By Mary Williams R. Gregory Christie,

  • Title: Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan
  • Author: Mary Williams R. Gregory Christie
  • ISBN: 9781584302322
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young boy unites with thousands of other orphaned boys to walk to safety in a refugee camp in another country, after war destroys their villages in southern Sudan Based on true events.
    Brothers in Hope The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan A young boy unites with thousands of other orphaned boys to walk to safety in a refugee camp in another country after war destroys their villages in southern Sudan Based on true events

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    1. Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Book 2006 American Library Association Notable Book Award 2006 This story about eight year old Garang is based on the real events and stories of The Lost Boys of Sudan According to the author s note at the beginning of the book, Sudan suffered from a civil war which raged on and off since the 1950 s Mary Williams reveals the fact that than two million people, mostly from southern Sudan, died in this war Additionally, in the mid 1980s, approximately thirty th [...]

    2. Although this book is a long read for a picture book, it tells the incredible story of a journey that orphan refugee boys took to find safety This book is easy to follow and is very engaging from the start It refers to difficult topics without going into the gruesome details Because of this, I think that this is a good book to use when teaching students about the hardships that refugees face.

    3. This is a story based on true events that happened in Sudan This story is great to teach about refugees because it zeros into one person instead of a mass The age of the boy in this story will also relate to students in the third to sixth grade range This allows the students to get a better perspective on the crisis.

    4. This book is very powerful, and I absolutely loved reading it It is an incredibly written story, and shares the hardships and terrors that must be overcome by children boys , in order for them to survive I could not imagine ever going through what refugees go through, but to then go through it as a child, without any parents, is unbearable to think about However, the boys persevered and found light in education and each other, and stuck together through it all.

    5. This is such a fantastic book This is such a motivating story for children grades 3 5 to read and learn about the importance of friendship in times of need This story is a great introduction book for children learning about the refugee crisis and it is very relatable because this story is about young boys This story is not only easily relatable for a young audience but an inspirational story about how to be a good friend to someone else.

    6. This story would be good for a read aloud to a 3rd 5rd grade class on a lesson of refugees The book shows a great example of how challenging and long the journey to find another home and get out of danger can be for a refugee With the main characters being children, it allows students to relate and think deeper about the life of refugees Since the young boy loses his family, it also makes students able to see how awful and upsetting war can be The cause of war shows students a possible reason fo [...]

    7. This book tells the tragic and moving story of the Lost Boys of Sudan and the incredible journey they took The book is a bit lengthy but the story is incredibly moving and has a very powerful message For students, this book is helpful in helping them deeply understand the idea of refugees and the hardships they face I love this book because it has great illustrations that help the reader deeply understand what the story is telling and helps the reader build a better picture of what it might ha [...]

    8. Brothers in Hope is the story of a group of Sudanese boys who have lost their homes during the war Garang is 8 years old who works tending cattle for his father He returns home one day to find his home destroyed after being attacked during a civil war As he meets other young boys who have lost their homes, they begin walking to Ethopia and Kenya with hopes of finding a better life They endure numerous hardships along the way but press onward In Ethiopia they find shelter at a refugee camp but be [...]

    9. The book begins with an author s note which informs the reader that the Lost Boys of Sudan consist of approximately thirty thousand southern Sudanese children, many under ten years old, who were forced on a trek of nearly one thousand miles in search of refuge during the mid 1980s in a period of fighting The author is also the founder of The Lost Boys Foundation Garang was a young boy living in Sudan when his village was attacked Soon after, he joined several other young boys who could not find [...]

    10. Brothers in Hope The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan is a realistic fictional picture book and is based on true events This story is told through the perspective of a young boy named Garang who is forced to flee his village at a young age after it is attacked The boys he flees with have lost their family and they are seeking safety in Ethiopia Garang is forced to grow up fast and the author, Williams, does not sugar coat this experience The boys struggle to survive, but the story is both inspiri [...]

    11. Feeling at home doesn t necessarily mean to literally be at home but rather to feel comfortable and loved In this book, a boy named Garang is trying to find his family when a bunch of rebels attack his village, in war torn Africa, while he is away tending his cattle He was forced to move beyond his village in hopes of reuniting with his family He decides to go and look for them when he comes across a bunch of other boys, around his age and younger, who are also searching for their families who, [...]

    12. Brothers in Hope follows the story of the Lost Sudan Boys This inspiring tale shares the story of Garang, a young boy who helps to lead his fellow brothers to find refuge after escaping war that has destroyed their village in Sudan Throughout the book the boys face a lot of adversity and fear but they continued to cling onto hope that one day they will find a safe haven This book can be used in all grades as a read aloud to introduce the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan Teachers can use this book [...]

    13. This fictional story about eight year old Garang is based on the real events and stories of The Lost Boys of Sudan One day when Garang is out tending his family s animal herd, his village is attacked He flees to safety, hiding in the forest when he returns, his village is demolished and no one is left Orphaned, Garang wander, soon meeting other boys whose villages have been destroyed in the war Before long they become a moving band of thousands, walking hundreds of miles seeking safety first in [...]

    14. Brothers in Hope is a factual picture book for grades 3 6 It begins with an author s note that tells about the Lost Boys of Sudan The author then explains that this book is based on the true story about the Lost Boys as one of them told her It is about a boy born in southern Sudan named Garang His village was attacked while he was away tending to animals He couldn t find anyone so he walked through the trees He met up with a few other boys at first, and they kept finding boys until they had tho [...]

    15. Powerful picture book about the Lost Boys of Sudan The book, a fictionalized account based on the true stories of many of the boys, tells of a a young boy who is startled by an attack on his village while attending to his family s cows When he returns to the village, he finds that it is deserted, his family gone Soon other boys appear, but still no adults The boys decide to head to Ethiopia, where they have heard that it may be safe The book details the dangerous journey and the adult roles the [...]

    16. While eight year old Garang is out tending his cattle, violence comes to his southern Sudanese village He ends up among the 30,000 children left homeless and often without families by the war erupting in their country The youngsters cross the countryside in search of refuge Garang becomes one of the group leaders as they travel on foot to Ethiopia where they are able to have some semblance of a normal life until war forces them to move again As Garang cares for Chuti, an even younger boy, he als [...]

    17. I read this book about the Lost Boys of Sudan to build some background knowledge for A LONG WALK TO WATER by Linda Sue Park It s an excellent picture book about Garang, a young boy who has to flee his village in Sudan after it is attacked He befriends a younger boy and takes care of him during their walk to Ethiopia This picture book parallels A LONG WALK TO WATER closely, so it makes a great introduction.

    18. This was an inspirational book about little boys from Sudan how has lost their parents in the war It expressed empathy and determination from protagonist Garang He was nominated the group leader and lead his group to Ethiopia and Kukuma Garang went to America at the age of 21.

    19. For older grade school children, Brothers in Hope is an excellent introduction to the Lost Boys of Sudan Williams strikes a good balance between depicting the horrors the boys faced without providing overwhelming or overly upsetting detail for children The prose is descriptive and dense on each page, and might work well in a classroom or in a one on one situation, but would not be suitable for storytime Illustrations were not to my tastes at all in fact, I found them a little scary, with detaile [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book because I know it s a story that needs to be told The book is long for a picture book, written by the founder of the Lost Boys Foundation The story of the Lost Boys is difficult to tell and probably difficult for most American children to comprehend Despite the immense hardships that the boys face alone, during their childhood, the author has given us a story of hope The faith and perseverance of the young boys is all the touching when juxtaposed with the consequences of war [...]

    21. An inspiring story with a great peak into a unique cultural background Especially good to share in a classroom in which there is a Sudanese student or students

    22. Summary This is based on the true story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, an enormous group of children who had to flee their homes in Sudan in the 1980s because of civil war In this story, eight year old Garang must flee his home when war comes to his village, leaving his family behind Garang becomes the leader of thirty five other boys on their journey to safety This book won the Coretta Scott King Award.Review This is a very moving story In the United States, African history is not widely taught, so [...]

    23. Tragic story about thousand of boys, specifically two young Sudan boys who walk thousands of miles to seek refuge The boys were separated from their parents when the civil war broke out forcing them to be split from their loved ones.

    24. The story begins with the main character in the story Brothers in Hope, is a boy named Garang who becomes an orphan in Sudan Africa due to the ongoing civil war that had killed his parents Thousands of other boys who had lost their parents just like Garang, would have to walk about one thousand miles in the hot African desert in order to find a safer place of refuge These orphaned boys became known as the lost boys and would often take care of each other in order to survive For instance, Garang [...]

    25. Book 56 Bibliographic Citation Williams, M 2005 Brothers in hope The story of the lost boys of Sudan New York, NY Lee Low BooksAge Grade Level Ages 8 12, Grades 3 6, and Grades 8 12 Summary When war comes to Sudan, Garang is forced away from his home into a journey of danger Along with thousands of other boys, and one that becomes his new special brother, Garang cares for a group of 35 other orphans, creating a new community within a community Finding their way to Ethiopia, then Kenya, and final [...]

    26. Garang Deng is a little boy who grew up in southern Sudan One day while tending to the animals his village is attacked Garang manages to escape and hid in the forest Garang is unable to find his parents but finds thousands of boys also looking for their families, unsuccessfully Garang, being one of the older boys, is asked to lead a group of boys, as none of them have ever been on their own before He is at first afraid to be a leader but then remembers his father s advice as a young boy to not f [...]

    27. I cannot imagine a difficult subject for a children s book than the current genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan But in Brothers in Hope The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, author Mary Williams and illustrator R Gregory Christie manage to tackle the difficult subject with grace, poignancy, and hope.In the late 1980 s, over 40,000 boys from the ages of 4 15 were orphaned by the civil war that is still going on in Sudan These boys banded together, organized themselves into groups, and walked 1 [...]

    28. This book is about a young boy living in Sudan named Garang Deng He lives with his family father, mother, grandparents and two sisters His family was one of the wealthy families because they owned cattle One day while with the cattle, he saw smoke coming from his village Then there was an airplane shooting down on the land Once he escaped he came across a group of hundreds of boys of all ages He became the leader of a group of 35 boys and was supposed to protect them They would travel at night [...]

    29. Genre Picture BookAward 2006 Coretta Scott King Award Grade Levels 4 6Recommendation This picturebook would be a book I would recommend to social studies teachers either introducing or concluding a lesson that mentions the Lost Boys of Sudan Besides detailing the horrors of war throughout Europe as the boys travel to find refuge, this book allows students to imagine what happens next as America offers the characters a home Following the route the boys take on foot and across the Atlantic using m [...]

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