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Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley By Lord Dunsany Lin Carter,

  • Title: Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley
  • Author: Lord Dunsany Lin Carter
  • ISBN: 9780345097439
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • LORD DUNSANYhis rich language, his cosmic point of view, his remote dream worlds, and his exquisite sense of the fantastic, all appeal to me than anything else in modern literature H.P LovecraftCover Illustration Bob Pepper
    Don Rodriguez Chronicles of Shadow Valley LORD DUNSANYhis rich language his cosmic point of view his remote dream worlds and his exquisite sense of the fantastic all appeal to me than anything else in modern literature H P LovecraftCover

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    1. But to you I leave my long, most flexible, ancient Castilian blade, which infidels dreaded if old songs be true Merry and lithe it is, and its true temper singeth when it meets another blade as two friends sing when met after many years It is most subtle, nimble, and exultant, and what it will not win for you in the wars, that shall be won for you by your mandolin, for you have a way with it that goes well with the old airs of Spain And choose, my son, rather a moonlight night when you sing unde [...]

    2. How to describe this book It s a pretty problem As might a child, after dashing off to play on a bright summer morning hours splashing in the river, exploring the forests, duelling with sticks against the Infidel or the child next door if the Infidel be not available , winning a week s pocket money at marbles and losing it again as such a child, when asked what did you do today simply shrugs and replies oh, nothing much just so should I feel, dear Reader, were I to attempt to pin down the precis [...]

    3. This was a different story compared to everything else I read by Lord Dunsany The prose was at times brilliant, beautiful use of words, language but the story was very simple about the adventures of the young naive Knight Rodriguez whose quest in the story is looking for romantic wars,glory and to win castle in Golden age Spain It was clear to see what the writer thought about the knight and his chivalrous ways I have come to expect subtle meaning than that from this legendary writer The storyt [...]

    4. Well it would seem that the great Lord Dunsany was not infallible I ve loved every other book I ve read by him and came to this one with accordingly high expectations and for the first time, he has not lived up to them.In this story we follow Don Rodriquez after he inherits no than a rapier and a mandolin from his lordly father and sets out on a quest to win himself a castle with his rapier and a lover with his mandolin.The problem for me was that the story just wasn t very interesting, the pro [...]

    5. Don Rodriguez Chronicles of Shadow Valley conveys its young disinherited protagonist through a fantasized Spain, gifting him with a Sancho Panza companion, good luck with magicians, and a castle The Encyclopedia of Fantasy.Lord Dunsany s first novel, this is a historic fantasy set in a pastoral Spain that could never exist with all the charm and innocence that the author attributes to it Don Rodrigues sets out on a quest to find a war to fight in so he can win a castle and wealth of his own Alon [...]

    6. A very beautiful story Taking place in Spain somewhere around 1500, we follow young Rodrigeuz in his journey to earn a castle in war with the help of his Castillan family sword and a mandolin While there are always hints and facts that show that the world is our own, with all its grimdark glory , the narrator always portrays everything through the young and hopeful eyes of the idealist Rodrigeuz This comes out as a finely woven fairy tale with a happy ending It was a very good tale, with many me [...]

    7. Imagine if Don Quixote actually got to live a grand romance, with his trusty, comical manservant and won his fair lady for this story This is probably what Don Quixote imagined for himself when he set out on his adventures There s some humor with the sidekick but it s done straight It s a bit toodense for something that should have a whimsical treatment, but some might enjoy its richness.

    8. Por si quedaban dudas, Tolkien y Lovecraft le deben mucho a Dunsany, que mezcla a Don Quijote con las 1001 Noches en este libro Es aventura pura, dura y simple, con una prosa que puede ser densa o hermosa, seg n quien la lea.

    9. In its genre, this is a masterpiece It is set in an imaginary Spain, maybe around 1500 or so It tells us of the travels of Don Rodriguez, who is searching for a war on the other side of the Pyrenees, to gain himself a castle He travels with the Sancho Panza like servant Moreno, who is always making bacon n his trusted frying pan During his travels he meets La Garda, a rather frightening police force, he meets a magician who lets him travel beyond the stars, and he meets the King of Shadow Valley [...]

    10. 3.5 stars like Lord Dunsany s first novel isn t as elegant in style as King of Elfland s Daughter, though it does have some great lines The tone is what really stands out, though, almost ironic in the story of a young Spanish gallant off to win fame in wars, running into multiple adventures and only briefly getting into the action at the climax There s also the repeated observations that to do such and such a scene justice, the writing would have to get really florid, and readers don t like tha [...]

    11. This book can only be described as amazing They just don t write them like this any This book encompasses the fantastic, with some curious narrative asides and flowery prose that suits the mood and timbre of the book Whenever this story takes place it is in a world that is almost familiar but that is just beyond what we can usually see It may all just be possible, or may have been at one time Wait for twilight, look past the shadows and through the blue light of the fading day and listen with yo [...]

    12. The reason I gave this such a low rating could be that I had to read this in a less than ideal format on line at Project Gutenberg tinyurl yecmm2z the file I actually read is tinyurl ycm334e , but I cannot be sure that was all too it It s a good story, a little long in places and with too much self deprecation on the part of the author but good I wish I could give it a higher score I dearly love lord Dunsany.

    13. It takes a little while to get used to Dunsany s writing style, which at times seems a bit florid and at times seems like deliberate self parody But once used to it, the storytelling is enchanting and just once in a while very funny.

    14. A quaint tale littered with several literary gems, but not a solid treasure There is beauty and profound skill in the prose and dialogue, but little else to compel the reader The character Morano is the best part.

    15. This didn t have the magic of his other books I ve read, and I found it lacking A boring story about a bland, entitled young man I think there were words spent describing bacon than all the female characters together.

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