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Vagabond, Volume 1 By Takehiko Inoue Eiji Yoshikawa Yuki Oniki,

  • Title: Vagabond, Volume 1
  • Author: Takehiko Inoue Eiji Yoshikawa Yuki Oniki
  • ISBN: 9781591160342
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword saint, Miyamoto Musashi perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time For now, Takezo is a cold hearted killer, who will take on anyone in mortal combat to make a name for himself This is the journey of a wild young brute who strives to reach enlightenment by way of the sword fighting on the edge of death.ChapterShinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword saint, Miyamoto Musashi perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time For now, Takezo is a cold hearted killer, who will take on anyone in mortal combat to make a name for himself This is the journey of a wild young brute who strives to reach enlightenment by way of the sword fighting on the edge of death.Chapter TitlesChapter 001 Shinmen Takezo Chapter 002 Akemi Chapter 003 Oko Chapter 004 The Brigand Tsujikaze Chapter 005 Blood Game Chapter 006 The Troubles of Honi den Matahachi at Seventeen 17 Chapter 007 Farewell Takezo Chapter 008 Miyamoto Village Chapter 009 Fiancee Chapter 010 Left Behind
    Vagabond Volume Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword saint Miyamoto Musashi perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time For now Takezo is a cold hearted killer who will take on anyone in mort

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    1. Se n o fossem as minhas mi das, para quem comprei este livro, provavelmente nunca lhe teria pegado Ao contr rio delas, nunca gostei particularmente de manga Mas como n o tive tempo, na livraria, de ver o livro com aten o, acabei por o ler em modo controlo parental retardado, que isto com japoneses nunca se sabe antes deste, peguei num outro que tinha uns bonecos muito fofinhos na capa, mas quando o comecei a folhear, at fiquei verde Depois de um per odo inicial a habituar me a ler um livro de tr [...]

    2. Vagabond is Takehiko Inoue s graphic novel adaptation of the 1930s historical novel Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa, about a real life historical figure from 17th century Japan, Shinmen Takezo, who would go on to become the legendary sword saint Miyamoto Musashi We meet Takezo awakening from unconsciousness after the Battle of Sekigahara, somehow still alive with his best friend Matahachi they are both 17 years old They set off on the path homewards but encounter enemy soldiers, scavengers and thieves [...]

    3. I still remember the stories of the last few months that eventually led me here to Takehiko Inoue s Vagabond It all started with the graphic novel adaptation of Miyamoto Musashi s The Book of Five Rings which brought into my awareness, the sword saint Then I read the first three volumes of Stan Sakai s Usagi Yojimbo, a long time favorite Along the way, I had a late night viewing of Tom Cruises s The Last Samurai on HBO Recently I ve embarked on a reread of the 31 volume Slam Dunk another Inoue p [...]

    4. Holy hell that was just gruesome Surprising in fact, I just wasn t expecting this level of violence when I read.

    5. Vagabond Metal Gear Solid 24 24 Vinland Saga Berserk Death Note Attack on Titan Neon Genesis Evangelion Akira .

    6. Only the strongest survive in this award winning manga about samurai in the Sengoku era Shinmen Takezou is one such man His descent into beasthood, and eventual redemption through the efforts of the monk Takeun and love interest Otsuu captivates, setting the way for his rise to invincibility and undying legend.Vagabond is the typical action type story, where the primary character strives for ever greatest strength, fighting increasingly difficult opponents, with ever unique fighting moves Where [...]

    7. Una obra maestra, a nivel dibujo no puede dibujar tan bien Inoue incre ble y tambi n a nivel gui n Ya me veo leyendo tomo tras tomo con mucho entusiasmo.

    8. With brilliant artwork and a masterful story, we get something that is truly special This is the beginning of the story of Miyamoto Musashi, based off of the epic novel Musashi, which I have also read Unfortunately, I don t know if Vagabond is completed or not I don t think it is since it doesn t have his duel with Sasaki Kojiro yet, so here I sit waiting Oh well Maybe the artist died or something Who really knows

    9. I enjoyed this book Loved the story and drawings.But Typically too stretched The story started so well, but then it leaves you hanging in so many areas I will not be reading any of these.

    10. EDIT Read volume 2 before you decided whether or not this series is worth your time Major changes occur and I believe you ll read further if, like me, you weren t really impressed with this volume 2.5 Somewhere between being meh about it and liking it Perhaps it s because I went in with high expectations, but I expected As of this volume, the art is really nice Detailed and fully flushed out That s than I can say about many manga However I generally want either the characters or the story to b [...]

    11. I was looking for some Samurai Manga, and this one came up I m so glad I checked this out This graphic novel manga is an adaptation of the historical novel Musashi by Yoshikawa, a historical novelization of the life of the great swordsman, Musashi The artwork is exquisite Beautiful detailing and shadowing shows facial expressions and gives the reader a sense of being there with the characters It s easy to sense the poor conditions that some of the villagers lived in and the brutality of the ongo [...]

    12. I picked this up because it was always staring at me in the library Also I think recommended it to me So the stars aligned This is probably the most exquisitely drawn manga I ve ever read and it brings a whole new perspective on the big eyes I was drawn into the story at first but it s hard to relate to Takezo s reasons for violence At first it was self defense but then it just seemed like he was really enjoying himself It will be hard for me to relate to him and support him if that s his only m [...]

    13. This looks good I heard good things about the series before, but the fact it is from the same author as Slam Dunk made me a little hesitant I like Slam Dunk anime but as a fun comedy genre not like this, but again with the new year and after I caught up with Bleach last year I decided to give it a goAnd it looks very good, till now the artwork is great and unlike Bleach it is real no shingami no paranormal activity just a man and it is 18 p with lots of bloodA good start to the journey

    14. W0w The artwork in this volume is absolutely amazing The story too, is well crafted it s fast paced and edgy and reads like a charm There s not a lot of depth to the characters, but what would you expect of a couple of swordsmen searching for enlightenment through bloodletting Not much, right Which is cool it s entertaining and it helps fill the time Looking forward to the subsequent volumes Love to see where the love interests and subsequent sub plots lead us.

    15. Obra maestra, poes a dibujada, c tedra de historia, hay mil formas de llamar a este comic y todas quedan cortas Excelente comienzo para uno de los mangas m s logrados de la historia Culpable absoluto de que yo me volviera incondicional de Inoue Lo debo haber le do m s de cuatro veces, pero cuando lo pueda leer una quinta, seguro se gane una rese a mucho m s elaborada que esta simple enumeraci n de virtudes.

    16. A sedate Naruto or Dragon Ball Z based on real historical factoids, wherein main character and genius swordsman Miyamoto Musashi defeats progressively invincible enemies on his way to the top Meanwhile, his best friend and fellow traveler on the warrior s path survives via cowardly deception, theft, and dunderheaded good fortune and is maybe the interesting and relatable story The art is lovingly detailed.

    17. The story is an adaptation of Musashi the art is very strong But I m not feeling inspired to read the thought of plodding many volumes of it makes me feel vaguely weary In contrast, when I read Blade of the Immortal, the thought of reading many volumes of it made me go, Eeee Filing this one under Not My Thing.

    18. Comenc a leer el manga sin saber que no hab a sido terminado y eso me caus mucha indignaci n Terminen sus cosas nipones flojos.A esta altura no creo continuarlo porque qu flojera estar esperando por otro tomo Muchas gracias por participar.

    19. well, personally i dont like the drawing style no ikemen lol the cover looked nice and tricked mee story is pretty slow cant blame eiji the original novel was writing in too details so far as i read his other book so i am not surprised this one is also slow.

    20. Finally started this series Currently own the first 3 vizbig editions and completely loving the story and even so, the art style

    21. In short, I liked it a lot I ll be buying the next volume to see where the story takes us.General Art style is fantastic Characters have real depth and are fully realized Pacing is done well Instances of brutality followed by moments of tranquility and introspection I m always down for a good aphorism, and Vagabond didn t let me down Takuan, the village monk, has than his fair share of philosophical musings to engage the reader and for our main character to ponder Takuan s wisdom speaking to Ta [...]

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