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Relics of Eden: The Powerful Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA By Daniel J. Fairbanks,

  • Title: Relics of Eden: The Powerful Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA
  • Author: Daniel J. Fairbanks
  • ISBN: 9781591025641
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Since the publication in 1859 of Darwin s Origin of Species, debate over the theory of evolution has been continuous and often impassioned In recent years, opponents of Darwin s dangerous idea have mounted history s most sophisticated and generously funded attack, claiming that evolution is a theory in crisis Ironically, these claims are being made at a time when theSince the publication in 1859 of Darwin s Origin of Species, debate over the theory of evolution has been continuous and often impassioned In recent years, opponents of Darwin s dangerous idea have mounted history s most sophisticated and generously funded attack, claiming that evolution is a theory in crisis Ironically, these claims are being made at a time when the explosion of information from genome projects has revealed the most compelling and overwhelming evidence of evolution ever discovered Much of the latest evidence of human evolution comes not from our genes, but from so called junk DNA, leftover relics of our evolutionary history that make up the vast majority of our DNA Relics of Eden explores this powerful DNA based evidence of human evolution The relics are the millions of functionally useless but scientifically informative remnants of our evolutionary ancestry trapped in the DNA of every person on the planet For example, the analysis of the chimpanzee and Rhesus monkey genomes shows indisputable evidence of the human evolutionary relationship with other primates Over 95 percent of our genome is identical with that of chimpanzees and we also have a good deal in common with other animal species Author Daniel J Fairbanks also discusses what DNA analysis reveals about where humans originated The diversity of DNA sequences repeatedly confirms the archeological evidence that humans originated in sub Saharan Africa the Eden of the title and from there migrated through the Middle East and Asia to Europe, Australia, and the Americas In conclusion, Fairbanks confronts the supposed dichotomy between evolution and religion, arguing that both science and religion are complementary ways to seek truth He appeals to the vast majority of Americans who hold religious convictions not to be fooled by the pseudoscience of Creationists and Intelligent Design advocates and to abandon the false dichotomy between religion and real science This concise, very readable presentation of recent genetic research is completely accessible to the nonspecialist and makes for enlightening and fascinating reading.
    Relics of Eden The Powerful Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA Since the publication in of Darwin s Origin of Species debate over the theory of evolution has been continuous and often impassioned In recent years opponents of Darwin s dangerous idea have mo

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    1. Relics of Eden by geneticist Daniel J Fairbanks is an essential must read Neo Darwinism based book that approaches the basic concepts of the genetic evidence of evolution But, can DNA really support the evidence that humans and great apes share a common ancestry Yes, of course it does, and this is what the author accomplishes in this book, he demonstrates a great ability to explain genetics in such an easy and clear way for everyone, for those passionate about science and also for the non scient [...]

    2. This is a very well written account of the recent evidence for evolution in DNA and I have read quite a few books on the general topic of evolution and DNA.Daniel Fairbanks, the author, is a respected biologist and is currently the Dean of Undergraduate Education at Brigham Young University He brings together many years of research in the field.Fairbanks presents the evidence, which by any measure is overwhelming He presents a particularly compelling example by showing how humans and certain oth [...]

    3. I have always been a strong believer in evolution, but i was always very cautious about it due to a lack of understanding as to how to integrate it with faith It went as far as a girlfriend telling me i was going to burn in hell for believing in it At that point it kind of became a crusade of mine to determine my faiths views on evolution, integrating it with my own, and perhaps just open peoples thoughts to the possibility As it turns out, my religion, as do many others, has no official stance [...]

    4. This is, simply put, A MUST READ Written for the layman by a molecular biology professor LDS and from BYU, no less It lays to rest any dispute regarding the reality of evolution and the inanity of both creationist and intelligent design theories, while simultaneously arguing against the need for any dichotomy whatsoever between evolution and religion My only criticism is that the book merely whet the appetite I wanted Fortunately, there are ample footnotes and a bulging bibliography.

    5. If you or anyone else you know is unconvinced by the fossil evidence for biological evolution, I highly recommend the book Relics of Eden There is stronger evidence in the DNA of living species than in the fossil record for biological evolution, as it is significantly better preserved.Distinctions are made between genes DNA that codes for proteins and non coding DNA sometimes colloquially called junk DNA, though some is functional and some is not and how measuring mutations relative to each othe [...]

    6. The book s target audience seems to be the 45% of Americans who believe in special creation in some form He appeals to them that this isn t your parents fossil record full of gaps With recent genome sequencing methods, DNA evidence for common ancestry is overwhelming.I haven t had biology since tenth grade, and even then we only spent a moment on genetics While the book was technical, it was pretty basic and easy to understand He starts with human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2A and 2 [...]

    7. This book has a ton of great information However, it was poorly organized It seemed to toss most of the information first, and then organize it later, after most readers would likely be confused at the significance I think the writing could have been greatly improved by essentially reversing the book appendices included , teaching about the history of evolution and genetics, then looking at how the evidence fit those predictions I also think that the way the evidence was presented could have be [...]

    8. Excellent book, a chapter at end gives a very good historical summary from Darwin to 2000 of how ideas and science evolved.Genetics professor Fairbanks, author of several science books for laymen Genetics The Continuity of Life , presents the details of evolution as gleaned from a close study of genetics, but marshals his evidence in a conversational style readily comprehensible to general readers Fairbanks excels at explaining the momentous discoveries in genetics in the past 20 years in clear, [...]

    9. Daniel Fairbank s book is an excellent and up to date as of 2007 description and explanation of the multiple types of recent DNA evidence fusions, fissions, inversions, translocations, duplications, and deletions , that point to human evolution from a common ancestor with the great apes The book is a bit technical, but his clear descriptions of the logic of the research and the conclusions are easy to follow This is followed by two chapters on the creation evolution issue, focusing on putting as [...]

    10. Relics of Eden is a excellent introduction to evolutionary genetics It traces the molecular evidence for evolution and even hints at themes that will play a role in other advanced specialized texts For example why is the junk DNA similar in evolutionary similar species Although the immediate consequences are quite obvious,they re related from an evolutionary point of view, this observation will have profound implications regarding evolution itself Villareal writes quite a bit about this in his [...]

    11. It s a good solid overview of the latest DNA evidence for common descent, aimed at the general reader Fairbanks concentrates on the human chimpanzee evidence partly because that s what people are interested in, partly because that s his own specialty I would have actually preferred if he had ranged further afield I don t need Fairbanks to convince me that I m a primate, and I d have liked to have learned about how the new molecular evidence is effecting taxonomy as a whole That said, so much wo [...]

    12. I originally picked up this book looking for a good summary of the evidence for evolution Though this book focuses almost entirely on the genomic evidence, it certainly gives plenty of it presented in a straight forward and clear manner to succeed in defending the scientific rigor of the theory of evolution What I did not know when purchasing the book was that the author also holds a theistic worldview as a professor at BYU, my assumption is that he is a Mormon , and as a very pleasant surprise, [...]

    13. I chose the book as the topic for an evolution seminar course that I teach One of the strengths of this book its easy readability and the author s ability to easily explain complicated genetics actually worked against us as there was usually little need for group discussion or explanation For those of you who are not aware of the impact of the human genome project on the understanding of human relatedness, this is a wonderful book One of the reasons why I chose this book was the inclusion, in th [...]

    14. I ve been on an evolution book kick lately, but out of the three books I ve read so far none have addressed my biggest question If we share a common ancestor with apes why do we have 23 chromosomes while all other apes have 24 Knowing this is a huge issue Fairbanks addresses the fusion of two ape chromosomes into one right away in the first chapter This book goes into detail on DNA evidence for evolution, I can kind of see why its not as often mentioned in the other books, its a little harder to [...]

    15. An easy to read introduction to the subject but in this instance easy to read results in a little too superficial too But it is still a good telling of the fascinating evidence that science has teased out of the growing knowledge of DNA Then the book suddenly stops without warning and with no real conclusion, and abruptly starts on another subject, that of religion and evolution, and gives that a superficial covering in two chapters The second mini book doesn t really belong with the first, and [...]

    16. This is a good little book, but it s likely to brief to convince nay sayers Fairbanks offers a good overview for laymen as to the current okay ten years ago now state of genetics, explaining a bit about how things work and then moving on to several chapters explaining some of the overwhelmingly hard hitting evidences for common descent and human evolution The last two chapters address the place of evolution in science education and public debate and the shortcomings of Creationist and Intelligen [...]

    17. Daniel J Fairbanks is probably not as famous or prolific as Richard Dawkins He is definitely technical in his descriptions on how evolution works on the molecular level and stays away from all the name calling that Dawkins gets into not just with Creationists but other Evolutionists Those two factors made Relics of Eden enjoyable to me I wanted something that didn t shy away from the science like Dawkins does And I definitely wanted a work that didn t devote 2 3 solid chapters to silly argument [...]

    18. I learned some things from this book I did not think it was particularly well written I found many descriptions hard to follow Worse, it was missing the discussions that I had hoped to find Primarily, it did not separate Evolution from Natural Selection Evolution is the idea that all life is related Evolution is well established truth as the book demonstrates Natural Selection is the idea that the environment alone is sufficient to cause and drive life from the simple compound to the complex cre [...]

    19. This was just the book I was looking for to update me on the current state of genetic evidence for evolution and if that s all it had tried to do I d give it 5 stars It is so contemporary that the author mines the extensive on line genome databases for many original examples in the book However , it also provides a couple of chapters on the existence , or not , of a dichotomy between religion and science and another chapter on a brief history of genetic research Both of these have had better and [...]

    20. A great read I m certainly convinced with Evolution DNA evidence What I like the most is how the author is both a true scientist and a believer and sees no contradiction between the two, however, as a true scientist refuses to fill holes with religious belief As believer himself, he sees no contradiction between science and belief and goes into great lengths explaining arguments of creationists, advocates of intelligent design and atheists Finally, I like how he explains why science is mistaken [...]

    21. Having never really looked at detailed evidence of evolution, I figured a book by a BYU professor about it could be interesting I enjoyed the information, although it was at times oversimplified and left out a few lines of inquiry.After showing pretty conclusively that humans and other primates share common ancestors, he goes on to discuss the relationship between religion and evolution Essentially, he argues that the two ideas are not mutually exclusive, and it s damaging to both sides to argue [...]

    22. I really liked this one Most general books on evolution will have a chapter on the molecular evidence, but as this book shows, the molecular evidence alone is overwhelming It is akin to Donald Prothero s Evolution, what the fossils say and why it matters in that it takes what is normally a small part of the evidence and makes an absolutely convincing case just on that.

    23. I wanted to mark his stars down due to him thinking that god is there somewhere and it needs to be mentioned in the book but he comes across as sincere and I think on this topic it is relevant His genetics knowledge is amazing , the digital precision of the telosome fusion is stunning Regarding Human evolution, this evidence makes my head spin, thanks for writing this book.

    24. Evolution, based on some of the latest DNA research Written very clearly, in a way that is pretty accessible to the non scientist, and presents amazing things to think about Enjoyed his discussion of how science and religion for those who believe in God are not opposed, but complement each otherautiful mechanics versus the big questions.

    25. This book is wonderful It has enlarged my understanding of very current research and results into Human DNA and also covers the Creationist and Intelligent Design argument and destroys them all with truth LDS Scientist

    26. It was well written and hits on many topics that I ve wondered about However, I feel many important pieces of the story of evolution are missing, and it left me with many open questions But I guess that might be one of the goals of the book.

    27. Great book about how scientists look at the various elements of Human DNA, especially transposable elements and how they can affect genetic makeup Read at compulsivereader html

    28. Puts creationism in the grave where it belongs The first chapter, on chromosome fusion, did this, the rest was icing on the cake.

    29. The main argument of this book was that of similarities without address other macro evolutionary questions.

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