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Day of the Dragonking By TerryIrving,

  • Title: Day of the Dragonking
  • Author: TerryIrving
  • ISBN: 9780986087349
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mystically powered terrorists unleash volatile magic on the world, turning Washington, D.C into a politically charged fantasyland ripe for human sacrifice.A trio of suicide attackers with magical abilities bring down a 747 by summoning a dragon to rip it from the sky, using the hundreds of lives lost as a sacrifice to initiate the Change The country morphs into a new laMystically powered terrorists unleash volatile magic on the world, turning Washington, D.C into a politically charged fantasyland ripe for human sacrifice.A trio of suicide attackers with magical abilities bring down a 747 by summoning a dragon to rip it from the sky, using the hundreds of lives lost as a sacrifice to initiate the Change The country morphs into a new landscape of swords and sorcery Now computers and other machines are coming to life, and regular people have started to turn into mythical creatures and forgotten deities, creating a chaotic world easily seized by whoever or whatever set this shift into motion Hope appears in the nation s capital where, along with transforming Democrats into potbellied elves, Republicans into cantankerous dwarves, and Tea Party members into trolls, the Change has granted struggling freelance journalist Steve Rowan the abilities of the Tarot Arcana s Fool card, making him a powerful, yet unreliable, wizard Realizing his potential, he is hired by the trivia obsessed sentient computer Barnaby and coupled with the attractive, no nonsense female Navy SEAL Ace Morningstar to uncover the puppet masters behind the plane crash Kirkus Reviews
    Day of the Dragonking Mystically powered terrorists unleash volatile magic on the world turning Washington D C into a politically charged fantasyland ripe for human sacrifice A trio of suicide attackers with magical abil

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    1. 2.5Hmm, what to say about The Last American Wizard Ho hum comes to mind On the plus side, the book is funny and it is a page turner I liked the characters and the writing was quite readable.On the negative side, it wasn t well fleshed out There were a lot of arcana tarot related info drops and some repetition sometimes of the info drop information But that information wasn t fully utilized And it didn t always seem to obey its own rules For example, all the divine or mythical creatures were supp [...]

    2. On the Day of the Dragonking, Steve Rowan, a broke freelance journalist, is woken in the middle of the night by an aero crash that didn t happen, and reality as he knows it begins to unravel and leak purple slime When his cell phone turns out to be infested by a wiseass ghost who may be important to saving the world than he is , and a SEAL who believes he can fly shows up at his door with a cleanliness obsessed BMW, Steve may continue to doubt that he s the all important Fool, but he strongly s [...]

    3. Have you ever read a fantasy book that has fast paced action, comical relief and also great character development If not then I suggest you read this book by author Terry Irving I enjoyed the playful dialogue and the layers of understanding, from bold text and Tarot cards to OTN Other Than Normal phenomena I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series

    4. My original Day of the Dragonking audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.This audiobook really didn t do it for me What I find extra frustrating is that I think I would have loved the book if I d read the print edition.The story ticks most of the boxes I look for in a fantasy novel it has eccentric characters, witty dialogue, magic and monsters.The author blends magic, tarot and beasties in with contemporary themes like the military, alternate dimensions and haunted [...]

    5. So, this is a really weird amazing book This book is like taking an acid trip right before taking a guided tour of Washington, DC.While I wouldn t want to actually have Terry Irving s brain, I am really glad that I can borrow his brain because this book is a crazy rush So, this book is about an evil magical cabal that wants to blow up the world with black magic There s also a triple secret government agency that is tasked with fighting the dismantling of our consensus reality And they got nothin [...]

    6. Day of the Dragonking may be the oddest book I ve read recently I think that s a good thing, but it s hard to write a review of it If you read the blurb, you ll know that a Change has come, that normal people are becoming magical, and magical people are losing their powers We ve got Tarot cards personified and deities from various cultures coming to life Not actually coming to life people are being transformed into them Ghosts are visible and the main character, Steve, has a cell phone that is s [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review As a part of Boundless Book Reviews, a book review blog, I am often the first of our little group to be offered anything fantasy especially if dragons, magic or anything paranormal is part of the plot These are my favorites and Day of the Dragonking The Last American Wizard did NOT disappoint The characters were AWESOME, well developed and funny The imagery was beautifully, and sometimes, grossly written just the way I like it The o [...]

    8. This is a book that grabs you from the first page and keeps you wanting to know I m not a big political fan, so I was happy to see that there was less about politics and much about the growing powers of the central hero of the book and his fight to save the world from the people who want to destroy it and sacrifice innocent lives.The dialogue is witty and there is plenty of humor and action that keeps the story going, but what really sets this book apart from the other fantasies I ve read is t [...]

    9. This is a book that I recommend to any adult who wants an action packed read It is a combination of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Weirdness that I enjoyed reading What is weird Well, a talking cell phone and events that only exist to a certain Wizard s eyes, for starters I won t spoil the twists that keep you wanting I already want to read the next Episode Terry Irving is a must read author, and this one does not disappoint his fans Not a fan already Come join us

    10. Absolutely pulls you in from the very first page Terry Irving is a master of snappy, funny dialog Really creative plot Loved the first episode and can t wait for the next installment

    11. Withholding information from the audience is usually an attempt at wowing them later, but it doesn t always work out It s fragile It relies on an audience who s willing to stick around to find out what s really going on, and it requires that the information be enough to provoke that wow realization upon release The longer you wait to reveal what s really going on, the likely readers are to feel that the revelation wasn t large enough to merit that buildup I felt the buildup undermined the reade [...]

    12. I give this book 3.5 stars Day of the Dragonking characters are quirky and diverse This story line moves quickly and there is a lot of information to digest It took a few chapters for me to figure out what was happening, but enjoyed the book once I did There is violence in the book and may not be suitable for sensitive readers The setting for this book is present day Washington, D.C Magically aided terrorists,with the help of one of the Old Gods, open a portal and sacrifice an airplane full of [...]

    13. Folks, if you want to listen to a book that that will make you laugh, teach, and just flat blow your mind, this is it.Magic comes back into the world through a plane crash that only 1 person saw That starts him on a journey that he really does not want to take.He is a smart ass reporter that has puns than I have ever heard He is also a wise ass so that should tell you about the climate of this book.Along the way, he is joined by an ensemble for quirky people straight out of Tarot cards and of c [...]

    14. Irving does an excellent job in crafting a light hearted urban fantasy for an adult market Filled with snarky one liners and engaging protagonists, The Day of the Dragonking is a fun time Steve Rowan is a funny and relatable anti hero who is attempting sometimes unsuccessfully to be the hero that everyone tells him he s supposed to be His cynical nature and sarcastic attitude only make him relatable and entertaining I had some trouble coming to terms with the logistics of this story, but I susp [...]

    15. This book doesn t make a lot of sense, but it s still fun We never find out who the bad guys are, only who they aren t That s less than satisfying and an obvious tip to this being the first of a series At this point I m not sure what the point is, other than to blow things up That s fine for a movie but I expect from a book Still, lots of puns and some humor.I received a free ARC from NetGalley.

    16. this book was an easy read that had pretty good characterization it is what I would call a urban fantasy but it didn t have the same feel that the genre normally has.I enjoyed the book but found it confusing with what they were doing it was a good book and I can see a lot of points that would make people like it but I think it was a bit fuzzy and soft when this sounded like it was so dark.

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