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Phoenyx Rising (Demigods, #1) By Kolleen Fraser,

  • Title: Phoenyx Rising (Demigods, #1)
  • Author: Kolleen Fraser
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As a danger to the world, I ll be locked away here forever Afraid to move on, afraid to start my life, I have no idea who I was or where I belong, only that I am a killer.Desperate for a connection I clung to Asher, a bad boy fire chaser like me, the only person who knew my pain But in this world everyone has something to hide, and Asher s secrets could break me.My lifeAs a danger to the world, I ll be locked away here forever Afraid to move on, afraid to start my life, I have no idea who I was or where I belong, only that I am a killer.Desperate for a connection I clung to Asher, a bad boy fire chaser like me, the only person who knew my pain But in this world everyone has something to hide, and Asher s secrets could break me.My life unraveled pretty quickly when I put my faith in the wrong person All I ever wanted was to belong I never saw rock bottom coming until I was too late These are my mistakes, this is how my life began.
    Phoenyx Rising Demigods As a danger to the world I ll be locked away here forever Afraid to move on afraid to start my life I have no idea who I was or where I belong only that I am a killer Desperate for a connection I

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    1. Kolleen is an author to watch out for This book has a great story with a bit of smut thrown in You watch Phee come into her own maneuvering past unthinkable hurdles Kolleen recaps then expands the story throughout the book making things flow smoothly There is a cliff hanger just enough to make you want but oddly enough satisfied Keep it coming Kolleen

    2. 3.5 StarsPhoenyx wakes up with non memory of who she is, but has a power within her that can burn everything around her if she doesn t control herself Branded a murderer, a crime she can t remember, she is sent to the island a place where she learns what she is and over time maybe she ll learn who she it.Over time she must learn who to trust and when and must make difficult choices as she learns to grow up in the strange world she lives in Life isn t easy but it s hers to live as she wantsright [...]

    3. Disclosure This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.Reviewer Megan TownsendAt the age of 16, Phoenyx killed 4 people But she doesn t remember how, or why All she knows is her name and that she s a demigod She is punished for her crimes by being sent to the academy for young demigods, in hopes that she can learn how to control her powers But how can she when her whole life is a blank space As she fights to control her powers, to figure ou [...]

    4. 3.5 starsFirst off many thanks to the author, Kolleen Fraser, who provided a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Phoenyx Ember is a fire starter, and that s pretty much all she knows of herself other than random flashes of memory She is sixteen when she is brought to the Academy, both for training and confinement They tell her she s a murderer, but she has no memory of her crime, only the bands tattooed around her wrists telling the world she is a killer Her only chance of b [...]

    5. You know when you see a really nice dress in your favourite shop and you try it on and all the mirrors and lights in the dressing room make you look like a princess so you buy it.Then you get it home and look in your own mirror and you look just like yourself pretending to be a princess That s what I get with this book.I was really intrigued by the pretty cover and the blurb sounded enticing and different Like this would be THE book I d want to dive into again and again.But then I started readin [...]

    6. This story was a little hard for me to follow at some points Maybe it would have helped a little to have a clearer vision of what the world we were following Phoenyx in looked like a little That is just my opinion though When we meet Phoenyx, she is a young lady that is waking up in a strange place to her and has no recollection of how she got there or what happened with the murders they are sticking on her The people think that she is just playing dumb, but she honestly has no idea what they [...]

    7. I haven t read a book in a long time that has grasped my attention so quickly and literally kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next I didn t want to put this book down and after the sneak peak into the next book I can t wait to see what comes next for Phoenyx This book had a little of everything mystery, suspense, drama, romance dirty sex included and magic I loved all the characters even if it was only to love them to hate them you really get a good sense of who they ar [...]

    8. I was was given the honor of reading a beta copy of this book and I have to say I honestly loved it The characters in this book are so real Phee was so tough and smart yet so vulnerable I loved her from the start and wanted to protect her immediately This book has a little bit of everything romance hot sex included , mystery, drama and action It s a great story that was well developed and easy to follow If you like paranormal or even dystopian type books then you should try this out You won t re [...]

    9. This was a really interesting book with a fresh and unique concept I have to say I became highly irritated with Phoenyx many, MANY times over the course of the story, but isn t that the hallmark of a good main character She could most certainly be a real girl, making true to form mistakes, especially at her age, and I almost felt like one of her friends, hoping and praying she d turn her life around for the better.I think that, in itself, shows how much this book stuck with me, and I m definitel [...]

    10. I purchased this book because I m always up for an adventure, and based on the synopsis, this story looked to be original that the typical twilight vampire inspired stories that appear to be so popular right now I found the story to be fast paced and character driven, with a climax that leaves the reader looking forward to the next book in the series Well done, Kolleen

    11. I am having a hard time continuing, I am pausing this book and will pick up again at a later date the story has just left me lacking I want to like it than I do, it s just gone a bit flat and I don t want to force myself, when I went into this wanting to love it Will continue later, dnf for nowopped at 64%

    12. I had the honor of being a beta reader for this book almost from the beginning I loved the storyline and development of each character Reading Phoenyx grow and come to terms with her powers and who she is was like watching a movie unfold Such a good book and I can t wait to see what the next one holds.

    13. This bookG Kolleen did such an awesome job with an intriguing storyline and an even intriguing MC I loved Nyx, especially getting to watch the character grow through her trials For a debut novel, so so good

    14. Beta read this book for Kolleen.This book has it all Mystery CheckRomance checkMagic checkKolleen brings the main character from confused, messed up teen to mature woman.Pick it up to see what happens on her journey to adulthood.Loved it

    15. I read this book as a beta read, and it was amazing There are many unexpected twists and turns, that make you anxious to see where the road leads It left me wanting I can t wait until the next books come out If you love paranormal books you will love this

    16. I had the honor of reading it from its inception, it was well written and sucked you in almost immediately It hit all the points that make a good story, romance, suspense, and a bit of mystery I am looking forward to what unfolds in Kolleen s upcoming stories.

    17. I loved the story line of this book Great characters and great pace I just wanted to keep reading I look forward to

    18. I hate to give three stars I rarely do I just couldn t with this one I hope this will help the author .The basis of the book is amazing I loved it The idea of the characters different powers were so different I loved that uniqueness of the book versus other books Phoenyx could have been an amazing heroine and perhaps on the second book I will like her a bit I get that she is a teenager, figuring herself, drowning herself in the things around her She felt lost Hated what she was around There is [...]

    19. Wow Just wow It has been a long time since a book has grabbed my attention so quickly I just loved this story and am looking forward to finding out what s next for Nyx The story kept my attention all the way through and I loved how it was such a mix of genres Action packed but still with some romance too.

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