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Outlaw's Obsession By Nicole Snow,

  • Title: Outlaw's Obsession
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 389
  • Format: None
  • AN OUTLAW S OBSESSION RUNS FURIOUS, DEEP, AND FOREVERCHRISTAHell always screams into my life on two wheels so why the hell does he look like heaven Rabid s nothing like the other vicious thugs in the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club When I see the dark ink dancing on his stunning body, I almost believe he s here to save me, instead of just seduce me.But I won t be fooled aAN OUTLAW S OBSESSION RUNS FURIOUS, DEEP, AND FOREVERCHRISTAHell always screams into my life on two wheels so why the hell does he look like heaven Rabid s nothing like the other vicious thugs in the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club When I see the dark ink dancing on his stunning body, I almost believe he s here to save me, instead of just seduce me.But I won t be fooled again All the club brings is ruin, and they re back to give me .Sure, Rabid saved me once Doesn t mean I ll get closer and dig my grave deeper, no matter how nice his rough hands would feel locked around my waist Angels never kiss like devils, right RABIDI can t get her outta my skull My brothers say she s like broken glass, but they don t know she s already lodged in my heart.She s tense, suspicious, and totally scared I m gonna find out why Secrets don t mean a damned thing if she s in danger.Christa s mine I don t care if my patch makes her flip, or even if she keeps breathing fire my way every second we re together I m the best thing that ever walked into her life, and I m not walking out.I ll bleed rivers to get my brand on this woman She s gonna wear it and get used to calling me her old man I ll have my lips all over this redhead knockout if it s the last thing I do
    Outlaw s Obsession AN OUTLAW S OBSESSION RUNS FURIOUS DEEP AND FOREVERCHRISTAHell always screams into my life on two wheels so why the hell does he look like heaven Rabid s nothing like the other vicious thugs in the

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    1. Hello hello MC romance fans It s Nicole again with some flaming hot teasers for my new Grizzlies MC romance novel, OUTLAW S OBSESSION Check out the quote cards below and start your engines OUTLAW S OBSESSION Official Release 03.15.2015

    2. I don t even know where to start talking about my Rabid Did i say MY Hell yes, so just remember that He is hands down the sexiest, most panty dropping dirty talker with a heart of pure gold that has ever existed in the MC Romance world We saw at the end of the first book in this series that Rabid was feeling something of a protective nature towards Christa after her capture and torture by Fang This book picks up after that ordeal and Christa is trying to settle back down to a normal life Which o [...]

    3. Holy hell, first off where can I find my own Rabid The man is a sex stamina god Just like the energizer bunny, Rabid keeps going and going So yes boy toy is needed during this read, otherwise use the handheld rabbit Hahahha okay in all seriousness this was a five star read, kinda nice seeing someone who has lost everything find her own slice of happiness Rabid and Christa s story was one I could get down with Yes it was the A typical damsel in distress, but the quiet keep to herself loner gal wa [...]

    4. Where in the world can I find my own Rabid This alpha sex god has the stamina of a man I wanna know Saweeeeet baby jesus is he beyond sexxaay n hot.e dirty talk is so amazing drool worthy I couldn t get enough I literally devoured this book so quickly as its so good and the sex scenes are SCORCHING HOT If you like MC romance booksTHIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ

    5. I was not a fan of Outlaw s Kiss Brass just didn t do it for me at all This one was a lot better, character wise and romance, but still lacked in story and plot Damn, damn, all things sexy damn Rabid is the epitome of sexy badass mf Drool, pant, and beg for one of your very own kinda sexy He gets off to a little bit of a rocky start He s immediately drawn to Christa, but she has deep physical scars marring her self confidence from book one emotional ones from her younger years protecting her hea [...]

    6. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review Holy cow is this book hot, we start this book after the fight with fang has occurred the grizzle s are still trying to clean up their club and what would one of their books be without drama boring and trust me this book is in no way shape or form boring This is one of those books you will rush your friends out of your house shut off the ringer to the phone and hide from your children until you are done This book grabs you from the first word an [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsFast paced Not much depth to the characters though, and things may have happened too quickly for me to think of this as than a quick MC book to pass the time Rabid has some serious, um, skills I did appreciate that he was a reformed man whore but only has eyes for his lady Christa Lots of steamy scenes, skimpy on the plot Suspense didn t build and the drama was over in the blink of an eye, so that was disappointing I don t know if I would call this one dark More gritty than anything, b [...]

    8. Damn Rabid has me on fire I can t even think I need a min before I give my review Geez that was hot Oh and I loved Christa, she was one badass bitch.

    9. Nuclear level of bad writing Actually, I am torn about this The story is told in dual POV Despite having only one author credited, it felt to me that there were two different people writing The female character POV was well written It s actually what kept me reading as far as I did I connected emotionally to her She was a smart woman who made huge mistakes that she bitterly regretted and hated herself for But she was not a victim As much as the people in her life tried to crush her, she kept sur [...]

    10. Christa Kimmel is trying to survive Keep the bikers off her back and keep her father safe She borrowed money from the Grizzlies MC up north and she has been paying them ever since They keep threatening her father and trying to take her back to be one of the many MC whores After Fang sliced her face before he was killed, she wants nothing to do with anyone on a motorcycle But after she was attacked by Fang and his thugs, Rabid has been keeping an eye on her He wants to protect and keep her safe W [...]

    11. Once again we are drawn into the world of the Grizzlies MC and are in for another thrilling ride We start at Fang s take down where Rabid and Christa start on the bumpy journey to discover their feelings for one another Christa has secrets and does not want to pull Rabid and the Grizzlies into her troubles Rabid is just like his name and is tenacious in finding out those secrets and protecting what is his This is a dark and brutal world where death and violence is an everyday occurrence Ms Snow [...]

    12. This is the second book in the Grizzlies MC series, Rabid and Christa were featured in the first book After what happened to Christa, Rabid has been keeping an eye on her But it s become than that, he s obsessed with her, but she s determined to keep him at arms length Rabid is sure that Christa is hiding something from him and he knows that sooner or later he will find out what it is Christa thinks she knows what sort of man Rabid is, little does she know how far he will go to get what he want [...]

    13. Holy shitballs you no when youve read a really amazing book when you cannot get you shit together and gather your thoughts properly THERE MAY BE MINOR SPOILERS IN HEREWere to startCharlie rabid Tellard, there ain t nothing sweet or soft about my man Yes you read right, he s mine bitches God he s everything I want in a hero, he loves hardfights harder He wanted christa something fierce but wasn t wasnt ready for it so he drank his problems away in spare pussy fucking shit up for a bit, he soon go [...]

    14. I received an ARC for an honest review This woman has done it again with every story added in this series it just gets BETTER and BETTER Miss Nicole CAN WRITE her TALE OFF all the while taking you along for the RIDE What a HELLAVA RIDE it IS I can say that with every book she publishes she grows as a writer The stories flowing from this ladys brain are not only PHENOMENAL but it drags you into it so fluently that one minute you are sitting on your couch or in your bed and the next you are in the [...]

    15. HOLY HELL One of the BEST books I have read in a long, long time I was graciously given this book by the author to read for my honest review.What a great story It s nitty, gritty and all kinds dirty and crazy ass good Rabid is one of the most dirtiest talking, by the brotherhood book, tell it like it is, hold no prisoners, loyal, love til he dies MC biker H s that I ve read in such a long time I absolutely loved him from the first page until the end of this book He is what you totally want in a [...]

    16. Aaaand another one bites the dust.DNF at 31% The writing wasn t too bad, but my issues had to do with the story itself not that I thought the story was bad or anything I didn t get far enough in to judge that , just that it wasn t doing it for me For one thing, I m not a fan of stand alones that make me feel lost if I haven t read the previous books in the series For another thing, as someone who isn t a Sons of Anarchy fan braces self don t hit me GR friends I m not really into reading about M [...]

    17. I m blown away I can t believe she did it again.wow oh wow I have read all the Prairie Devils MC now Grizzlies MCey are getting better better I loved the Prairie Devils MC series Rabid where to beginrong, scary, HOT, bad ass biker with an incredible soft side Christa, strong girl who s had it tough still goes through life with her head held up high This book had it all I laughed, I cried, I got mad the story took a few surprises which I totally did not see cominglove that Sex scenes.wooooooow ST [...]

    18. I was given this book to read by Nicole in return for an honest review I hadn t read anything from Nicole before this so I thought I d read the first one in this series first and that blew my mind with Brass and Missy s story however this one tops it If you want a book that has a little violence, a little drama and plenty of raw, hot, filthy sex this is the book for you Rabid is a crude, filthy biker that gets the blood pumping with his attitude and crudeness who meets his match in Christa Aweso [...]

    19. The good bad guysWe find out not all Grizzlies MC members are bad guys In this well written book it s about Christa and Rabid s story and how they can to be together Christa has been under the thumb of the Grizzlies Klamath crew and owes them money But the Charter home in truth owns that debt and Rabid doesn t like what s happening to her And she s not telling him what s all really happening There are still lots on internal wars within the Grizzlies and the mother charter has to figure who s the [...]

    20. I received this book as a ARC for my honest opinion to be honest before I got this book I never read anything by this authorI got book 1 because I like to read series in order and I am glad that I did because I really enjoyed both books and now I am looking foward to read books by this author even though you can read these books as standalone you get out of the story and understand of what s going on if you read book 1 first.With that said both books are great and I enjoyed reading them and c [...]

    21. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review What can I say, this was the best one I ve read out out of the Nicole s MC series, I cant think of the right words to describe this story with cuz nothing I can think of will even do this story any justice, this is heart pounding attention within the first chapter and never lets up until the last page If I could rate this a 10 I would it is that banging good.

    22. Not sure how to sum it up There just seemed to be a lot of Rabid and Christa getting it on and less story The gritty parts were normal I like Rabid and Christa The book was just not as good as Nicole s other Outlaw books Not to say this one was bad I am looking forward to reading the next one and hoping its Roman s

    23. LoveChrista has been having such a hard time with dad having dementia in a home ,the attack, and now grizzly crap.rabbit is taking all the problems away if it kills him ad to see their story.

    24. Outlaw s Obsession is the second book in the Grizzlies MC series by Nicole Snow This storyline was solid and had everything you look for in some good MC book The characters had passion and chemistry Loved the book and looking forward to in this series

    25. This book was amazing like it was so good that I finished with my snack and realized that I finished the book it is that good this series is a must read I received a copy of this book to read in exchange for a honest review

    26. Raw, gritty, real, fast paced, and damn sexy This is a hard hitting romance, that doesn t slow down or soften the entire way through.

    27. Great ReadLove this author never fails to keep me reading I always recommend her to my friends, family, and book clubs.

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