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Pan's Salvation By Shyla Colt,

  • Title: Pan's Salvation
  • Author: Shyla Colt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lark Rosario spent her entire life bailing her sister, Robin out of trouble But this time, Robin s addiction has them both in over their heads Lark s working as a drug mule to gain her sister s freedom from a cartel when she gets caught in a shootout between rival bikers Captured and given to the biker she injured, she s at the mercy of a man she doesn t know BattlingLark Rosario spent her entire life bailing her sister, Robin out of trouble But this time, Robin s addiction has them both in over their heads Lark s working as a drug mule to gain her sister s freedom from a cartel when she gets caught in a shootout between rival bikers Captured and given to the biker she injured, she s at the mercy of a man she doesn t know Battling addiction and self loathing, Dueling Devils member, Hartley Pan Sumner can barely care for himself The last thing he expected to be was a protector Then he looks into the brown eyed gaze of a woman struggling to survive and recognizes a kindred spirit, searching for freedom Desperate for redemption, he takes his little bird under his wing and shows her the beauty of his darkness She s trapped by her situation, and he s running from his past Together they may just have a future.
    Pan s Salvation Lark Rosario spent her entire life bailing her sister Robin out of trouble But this time Robin s addiction has them both in over their heads Lark s working as a drug mule to gain her sister s freedo

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    1. This book I don t know how I ever went this long without reading anything by Shyla Colt, but I will definitely be reading of her in the future.Pan is the perfect tortured soul alpha male that makes you want to give him a huge bear hug and make all of that pain he carries around inside go away.Lark is a straight laced hard working woman that has always put everyone else before herself She s willing to do anything to try and save her drug addicted sister, even if she doesn t want to be saved.Duri [...]

    2. Pan he likes his woman and likes to bust her balls and get her excited, his wicked smile grew I like it when you look at me like that Lark I liked her I loved how she would talk about her man to other people, the way he treats me I ve never been treated so well in my entire life It s sad really He had no reason to step in and help me, or keep me safe But he did and every day since I just I lean on him a little Pan is always finding out his woman wants to surprise him, she sobbed T that s why we [...]

    3. WellI honestly wondered if this would follow the MC formula I ve been seeing lately, but I should have known better There s a reason I m a fan of the Dueling Devils series I really liked getting to know Pan He s such a complex character and you really see the facade he put up in book 4 really clearly I must say that I really dig Lark also She did not manage to replace Ardy, but she s darn close.

    4. PAN S SALVATION starts off with a bang and Colt pushes the reader through the story with action and drama galore The story unfolds without a lot of drawn out and overly sensational drama The drama is definitely there but it s realistic and a bit gritty which is just what I want in a biker romance Pan and Lark meet under stressful and dangerous circumstances For Lark things go from bad to worse to this is messed up beyond belief Pan and Lark are both dealing with addiction but from opposite ends [...]

    5. I was lucky to get a advance copy of this book for my honest review Shyla Colt is such a fantastic writer Pan and Lark make such a great couple They are both dealing with issues in their lives Lark with a sister that is a addict and Pan with guilt from something that happen when he was teenager This book will put you through the emotional wringer so be prepare I was able to read this without reading the books in the series I am going to read the rest of this series and putting her on my author t [...]

    6. Ok, so this book was really good up until the 50% mark, but then, it started to go downhill So much until I just started skipping pagesSo all in all, this was a fairly decent book that I am so thankful that I only had to pay 99 cents forGiving this one 2.75 stars.

    7. Bad grammar and a bad story as wellI have read the first four books and novella in the D.D series and this is by far my least favorite The storyline was a bit all over the place, the grammar and punctuation errors through me off, and the relationship between Lark and Pan was sort of ridiculous in some parts I am all for a story that takes you to another place, but it has to at least make some sense for continuity s sake If you are gonna charge folks a few dollars for a book then I would expect i [...]

    8. The no she did not moment that made me have to ditch the sample and buy the real thing.The good The above mentioned hot and steamy moments at the beginning of the bookThe real life center of this book, I like that Ms Colt molded these characters with a bit of reality and gave them a very relatable emotions and reactionsThe bad spoiler The party scene with the uninvited guestsOverall Ready for the next installment

    9. Well, I think this review is gonna be short Because there are only so many words like Fantastic, Amazing, Wonderful, Awesome that a person can use at one time I love MC books anyway There s just something about the rawness of MC characters They are usually highly flawed, extremely hot with hearts of gold They aren t perfect and they, at the least, bend the law But it s usually for the better good of someone else Pan s Salvation has all this to the extreme LOVE Lark has has a difficult life Watch [...]

    10. I absolutely hate the fact that I didn t love this book but something didn t quite work for me The story was interesting and had my attention from the beginning However, I feel like things got watered down as the story went on I like that this was a standalone MC story but I feel like I was dealing with some petty vanguards on bikes rather than hard, tough and dangerous motorcycle club They were almost goody two shoe for me I did not feel any sense of danger, I never really felt like I was read [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsPan s Salvation is a story about struggle to help the one that you love being a sibling or friend stay out of trouble yet again and try to find peace with yourself.For Lark Rosario who ends up spending most of her life trying to keep her sister Robin out of trouble yet again and again.While working as a drug mule to help her sister she is captured and given to one of he bikers that she injures of the Dueling Devils enter Pan who belongs to this MC While Pan is trying deal with his own d [...]

    12. Pure MagicThe I read about the Men and women of the Dueling Devils MC the I fall in love.This was a story so about the man and the woman versus the club,you get a raw birds eye view.The relationship between Pan and Lark gives you a look at how sometimes bad things happen to good people or those with good intentions.The chemistry is off the charts and it s so sexy.This was an excellent addition to a fantastic series.The fact the writer lets you see the flaws and insecurities,says to me that I [...]

    13. Pan finds WendyI love this series I like his the characters from the other books are woven throughout without having them take over or feel like you missed out in something Pan was so messed up inside dealing with the demons from his past Lark was broken from dealing with her sister s messed up choices I really enjoyed their journey together There was passion, submission, and love Definitely would recommend this book Looking forward to reading by this author.

    14. Absolutely freakin loved Pan s Salvation I m truly glad Pan found his salvation in Lark, she was just as messed up as him, but in the end they were meant to be The story covers addiction, and how different people cope I like that the author does not sugar coat the real issues of society Addiction is real and it can and will kill But if you get through it, the other side can be glorious My fav book in this series.

    15. I would love to have given this story four stars because Ms Colt dealt with some serious issues in this story but the need for a good proofreading keeps it at three The Dueling Devils series continues to get better and better I loved Monster s story and wondered what would become of Pan his twin after his revelation Pan and Lark are interesting characters who really made me feel for them Delightedly surprised by the turn of events and ending in this story.

    16. OK so after reading Warped Monster and Symone s story, I had high expectations Though I definitley loved Book 4, Monster s story, better than any other in this series I was not disappointed by this read at all I really like Pan Hartley he made me laugh, purr, and cry This story just had so much angst WHEW

    17. OMG, it just gets better and better Whew, which can I say Shyla keeps getting better with this series I m enjoying these so much Pan and Lark endured do much l loss and pain, but still managed to find love This book almost had me in tears Great book On to the next, whew By the way, the sex scenes were off the chains, HOTT

    18. A little salvationPan won me over from the get go He s tortured, loyal sexy and in need of love and understanding I have read all of Dueling Devils M.C and I love all of them but Pan might be my favorite The story flowed you went through so many emotions and wanted Pan to find salvation.

    19. Another Hit Shyla s latest installment of the Dueling Devils was a great read I enjoyed Pan s story of tragedy and triumph Lark was a strong woman who also comes into her own The title says Pan s salvation, but it s really Pan Lark s salvation The chemistry between the two was off the charts as well I m looking forward to the next book.

    20. An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review Loved it My weakness is a hot, alpha male who pulls at my heartstrings and that s exactly what Pan is And Lark Holy cow is she a strong woman Addicting read that tells the story of loss, strength, and love You ll be sorry if you don t check this baby out So good

    21. peter pan aka PAN and larka where a rough journey with some very heart breaking moments I really felt strongly about this book and enjoyed every second pan going through rehab brought a smile to my face 5 stars I really wanna see chase fall in love

    22. Linda ChristianiAh yes what love loyalty and lust can do for you even when everything seems impossible I m loving this series hope there s to come

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