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The Veiled Heart By Elsa Holland,

  • Title: The Veiled Heart
  • Author: Elsa Holland
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  • Page: 481
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  • Sometimes your salvation comes when you have given up A box full of condoms and a broken carriage were all the circumstances that Lily needed Why shouldn t she have him show her how they are used There was no husband, no family and no friends Widows had certain freedoms other woman didn t and for once in her life she wanted to take a chance, do something outrageous.Sometimes your salvation comes when you have given up A box full of condoms and a broken carriage were all the circumstances that Lily needed Why shouldn t she have him show her how they are used There was no husband, no family and no friends Widows had certain freedoms other woman didn t and for once in her life she wanted to take a chance, do something outrageous It would be a secret just for her Something to think about as tea was served and time ticked by Her veil was tightly in place over her face and those blue eyes of his where the color of promised pleasure Besides, he was a mechanic of sorts they didn t run in the same circles She d drop him off somewhere and they would never see each other again The Veiled Heart is a wonderful Victorian Romance with a moody, sensual, gothic feel.
    The Veiled Heart Sometimes your salvation comes when you have given up A box full of condoms and a broken carriage were all the circumstances that Lily needed Why shouldn t she have him show her how they are used Ther

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    1. The story was great, my one criticism is that the editor should be shot But I cannot lower a books rating due to poor editing This is a delicious and erotic story The characters are pretty well developed and likable Bottom line, it was a VERY entertaining read, never a lull in action, passion or drama.I would certainly recommend to others and look for by this author.I am back to edit my review Why Well I just want to say I keep thinking about this story, the writing etc and very few books have [...]

    2. I don t generally read historical novels Every now and again I will pick up something with a historical flavor but it is not my preferred genre However, I was told there was a new flavor of Gothic historical romance emerging so I decided to give it a go It s been cold in Melbourne and I needed something to warm me up I was drawn to Elsa Holland s book for three reasons word of mouth, the word Gothic , and the incredibly beautiful cover art by Hang Le that could be a stand alone work of art Elsa [...]

    3. This was one of the best books I ve read in a long time It was full of emotion and a little dark at times but it was very well written I was captivated until the end and what a great ending, everyone came full circle and had their happy ever after, some on the other hand just got what karma had in store for them Plan to pick up some of this Authors books in the near future.

    4. If Jane Austen wrote a dark erotica novel, it would probably closely resemble this story This was remarkably good for a freebie well written, depth, not so prim and proper nookie in a carriage or a dark alley I really liked it Part of a series but can be read as a standalone 4.5 stars

    5. The Veiled Heart Velvet Basement 1 By Elsa Holland 5 5 starsPut aside what you think you know about Victorian England era novels and GET this book NOW This book grabbed me from the beginning and never let me go I was enthralled and loved it There are some stereotypes of the Victorian England era and the romance novels written during that time period One is that the women were long suffering and because of their lack of rights during that time, they are bound to suffer a loveless marriage where t [...]

    6. The Veiled Heart The Velvet Basement 1 by new to me author, Elsa Holland is a steamy and hot Victorian romance that has a slight comparison to Robin Schone, but it s not as dark and disturbing as Schone s historical romances tended to be The heroine has endured a marriage to a sadistic and psychotic man who enjoyed hurting her just for his pleasure The hero is the complete opposite of her dead evil husband, who shows the heroine that sex can be very pleasurable and enjoyable Elsa Holland can sur [...]

    7. Please be aware that this book contains frequent and explicit scenes of a woman being tormented and humiliated for the jollies of her husband and, presumably, people who enjoy reading about such things If you are not one of them, and will end up nauseated the rest of the day after encountering it, please do not read it Overall, this book was reasonably well written, though it could use a vigorous editing with an eye toward punctuation in particular, commas they are omitted when needed and insert [...]

    8. What the author was thinking when she wrote this book is beyond me There are so many ways that this story could have gone, but it took the one route that proves that some people just need to stop writing.We have a woman who was raped, beaten, sodomized, and every other vile thing you can imagine by her late husband so the author says, but she could have gone into detail and yet her character doesn t read like an abused woman A scared woman, yes but not the sort of woman who went through the amo [...]

    9. I m not normally a historical romance reader, but this book totally swept me away Elsa Holland s writing is so evocative, I felt as if I could smell and taste and touch every detail of the story And the sensuality is smoking hot You ache for these two to get together, but can t imagine how they can The Veiled Heart ticks all the boxes for me sexy, romantic, great characters that I cared about, bastard villains to hate, gorgeous gowns, and some of the best sex scenes I ve ever read Seriously, dow [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars.I guess this is what one would call Romantica Not sure though, so I ll be careful to label it That being said, the story is quite good Miriam is probably one of the most tortured heroines I ve come across lately and the book isn t an easy ride to HEA at all Some parts of the book were difficult to read, mainly those which told us about her first marriage Maxwell was a wonderful hero The sex scenes were plenty and hot

    11. This book definitely has a spot on my best ever Top 10 romance novel list Simply put, it was just beautifully written Poignant, heartbreaking, yet exhilarating We first meet Miriam as she s trying to buy boatloads of condoms Her new project is to promote safe sex among prostitutes While attempting to purchase the condoms, she runs into this really handsome guy with eyes as blue as the Mediterranean He, too, is buying condoms, but Miriam wrests all of them away from him and leaves While sorting t [...]

    12. My ReviewThe very first thing that struck me about this novel was the cover it s absolutely stunning and evokes images of an early Victorian erotica, mixed with a twinge of gothicka beautiful and alluringyour eyes are naturally drawn to the models lips in the cloud of netted veil From the very first page i was like a fish chasing the bait my lip was nibbled and my interest was well and truly piqued but by the second chapter, i was hooked, caught, hook line and sinker This story is very unlike an [...]

    13. I was first drawn to this book by it s beautiful cover and was immediately pulled into the story by the shocking first scene It isn t something one usually reads about in a victorian romance I found it engaging how the author teased out the back story, but the she revealed about Miriam Lily, the harder it was to keep reading Spousal abuse is not usually a plot device and this abuse was horrific I liked Max in the beginning and I definitely understood his motivations, but he was also your typica [...]

    14. 3.5 starsI don t often read historical romances, certainly not the Victorian age, as I m not really into the way women were treated back then Which was also the case for Miriam, but Elsa Holland has put some great twists in here to keep it very interesting.A woman back then, trying to save other woman, it s not an easy feat When on her first night out, she meets Max, she has no idea who he is Though there is this immediate attraction between them, that they fully explore While things might seem [...]

    15. Although I enjoyed this book I had several problems with it There were so many mistakes and inconsistencies in the story line and with the grammar For example Maurice calling Miriam, Lily, when he is supposed to be unaware of Max s pet name for her Words being left out, misspelled or simply the wrong word being used The editing was very poorly done, which made it distracting to the reader Also, I had a hard time getting into the book initially because it just felt wrong The characters and plot d [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book and thought Lily was a strong and resourceful woman, who had not only overcome the trauma of a very abusive marriage, but gone on to try and help other women, turning her experience into something positive for herself and fellow women in a time when it was very hard for women, especially women of the lower classes, to find help or a place of refuge i enjoyed this aspect of the book.However, really the book is a love story and a beautiful one Some of it, particularly, t [...]

    17. Really, really, goodI don t give 5 star ratings often, but this beautiful love story has earned it Lily suffered through unthinkable abuse at the hands of her late husband Now that he s dead, she s trying to put herself back together and help others in the same situation A fateful meeting REintroduces her to Max with whom she has an unknown history Lily refuses to let another man posses her, and Max refuses to let her get away again I Love the way we learn about Lily s and Max s past thru littl [...]

    18. From the very first chapter, it was apparent what a fantastic writer Elsa Holland is As I listened to the words being read aloud on my Kindle Fire, The Veiled Heart The Velvet Basement sounded like a classical chorus of finely tuned instruments being played I was mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful, romantic story, poetic from start to finish This historical, Victorian Era novel was an emotional reminder of the plights women faced in the late 1800 s I loved that it was so different from m [...]

    19. Powerful feelings come to play in Elsa Holland s beautifully written novel The Veiled Heart, part of her Velvet Basement series Characters who are physically attractive but soul tarnished rise to overcome their past in this sensual and moving tale of misconceptions, betrayal and ultimately love Scrupulously researched, this author sensitively depicts difficult events through kindness and understanding in her prose The tender and intuitive interaction between the hero and heroine are sure to stir [...]

    20. Max and Miriam I loved this book They were both wonderful characters Thoughts in Max s mind were swoon worthy I thought he took a little too long to tell her his secret, but other than that, it was beautifully written The sex scenes were very graphic, if you don t like that, you might want to just skip over those parts, because the story itself is worth reading.

    21. Love overcomesThe Veiled Heart is a heartbreakingly beautiful story of the dark road love sometimes follows before it finds happiness It s a tale of hope and never giving up Max and Lily defy who and what they should be and make you love them for it It s erotic notes and lush overtones make for breathtaking can t put down reading I can t wait for the next in the series.

    22. Loved this book character s are well written I found myself loving some of the character s, and very much hating others This book pulled at my heart strings I highly recommend it Hold on tight and enjoy the ride that is the veiled heart

    23. Intensely beautiful healing Intensely passionate Beautifully written Completely enthrall one Historically accurate and completely believable, I felt like I was there while Max lifted Lily s veil If you love historical romance, you ll love this.

    24. Great storyI enjoyed this story of hurt and love recaptured Elsa Holland has written a riveting story that had me wanting to finish it in one day.

    25. A good read with backboneThough fluffy in some places the characters have backbone and the story doesn t shy from reality and the occasionally horrid truth.

    26. Great story4 out of 5 stars I liked the twisted backstory of Lily and the history between her and Max Overall, very good book.

    27. So, an author friend of mine on Facebook shared a promo for The Painted Heart, the third book in the series and since I trust this author 100%, I picked it up not realizing it was part of a series I didn t realize the series is made up of stand alone books, so I checked this out realizing that I already own it So, I read it Which is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life I was instantly pulled into the story I instantly connected with Lily and fell in love with Max and was DYING t [...]

    28. Beautifully writtenThis is actually a review after a re read.I thought it was wonderful first read and realised that I only reviewed the other books in the series This is the amazing tale of how Miriam Rothbury is effectively sold by her family to a brute and pervert,something her brother knows from his own knowledge and because others,including the hero tell him Once she s a widow Miriam not surprisingly feels unable to trust men of her class as she believes they knew Only a chance meeting with [...]

    29. Surprisingly Depth FilledIt starts out like an erotica and quickly becomes something The true handling of a woman who has suffered physical abuse and a man still in love with his childhood sweetheart make it a book worth reading There are hints of bdsm, but her response isn t true to erotica but rather true to life The predictability of who was her husband s partner in crime was the only flaw It could have been depraved with her husband writing details and asking for suggestions That would hav [...]

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