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Jalnan synty By Mazo de la Roche Eila Pennanen,

  • Title: Jalnan synty
  • Author: Mazo de la Roche Eila Pennanen
  • ISBN: 9789510008058
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tule kanssamme Jalnaan Tule rappeutuvaan kanadalaiseen herraskartanoon jota asuu raju ja elinvoimainen Whiteoakin suku, polvi polvelta yht omaleimaisena, t ynn oikkuja ja yll tyksi Jalna maailman rakastetuin kartanosarja alkaa 1800 luvun puoliv list ja ulottuu polveilevana lumoavana sukukronikkana aina meid n p iviimme saakka Nyt voit lukea koko sarjan oikeassa j Tule kanssamme Jalnaan Tule rappeutuvaan kanadalaiseen herraskartanoon jota asuu raju ja elinvoimainen Whiteoakin suku, polvi polvelta yht omaleimaisena, t ynn oikkuja ja yll tyksi Jalna maailman rakastetuin kartanosarja alkaa 1800 luvun puoliv list ja ulottuu polveilevana lumoavana sukukronikkana aina meid n p iviimme saakka Nyt voit lukea koko sarjan oikeassa j rjestyksess ja luettuasi yhden n ist 16 kirjasta haluat lukea ne kaikki Palaat Jalnaan yh uudelleen ja vanha kartano sulkee sinut taikapiiriins.Adeline Whiteoak, my hempien Jalna kirjojen v rik s iso itihahmo saapuu Intiasta Kanadaan kapteeni Philip Whiteoakin kauniina ja kiihke n puolisona Uuden maailman villiin maisemaan kohoaa uljas rakennus Jalnan kartano joka saa nimens intialaisen varustamon mukaan.
    Jalnan synty Tule kanssamme Jalnaan Tule rappeutuvaan kanadalaiseen herraskartanoon jota asuu raju ja elinvoimainen Whiteoakin suku polvi polvelta yht omaleimaisena t ynn oikkuja ja yll tyksi Jalna maailman raka

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    1. Ovo je divan serijal od 16 naslova kanadske autorke koja se ve smatra klasikom u Kanadi itala sam je u tinejd erskom uzrastu i bilo mi je veoma zabavno Prosto nisam mogla da do ekam da u British Council u vrate s itanja slede i nastavak Na alost, nikada nije prevedena na srpski ili hrvatski

    2. I ll bet every public librarian of my era remembers the shelf full of books in the Jalna series They re still available in my library system not at my library but scattered throughout with a title here and there That s what made us curious to read this first title chronologically but published 20 years into the series It s a delightful read for anyone who enjoys old fashioned family sagas The heroine echoes Scarlet O Hara in many ways, beautiful but willful, but her husband adores her The leave [...]

    3. The heroine reminded me of Scarlet O Hara, beautiful, forceful, spirited and spoiled While I enjoyed reading this novel I found the writing a bit effusive the author wrote with such emotionally bold strokes that it tended to make everything that happened seem to be of great import when in the actual flow of the story it wasn t Not sure if I ll continue to seek out books in this series or not.

    4. I was pleasantly surprised by this three quarters of a century old book It gave an entirely new perspective of the immigrant story The Whiteoaks family immigrates with their Chippendale furniture and Asian carpets They build a mansion on a hill with well paid labor But the pleasure in the book is the humor I chuckled I don t remember the last time I chuckled Adeline Whiteoaks would probably drive me nuts in real life, but she is a pleasure to read about All of the characters were surprisingly re [...]

    5. L auteur pensait n crire qu un seul tome de cette saga qui en compte finalement 16 Et je comprends les lecteurs qui ont r clam la suite, car la fin de ce tome ci, on reste un peu sur sa faim.C est bien crit, prenant On s attache Adeline et aux autres personnages On tremble pour eux, on se r jouit, Et tout au long de la construction de leur maison, Adeline r p te comme elle imagine d j sa descendance, les bonheurs et malheurs qui arriveront ici Pour finalement terminer le roman sur la fin de la c [...]

    6. I really enjoyed going back to Jalna I read this serie when I was still quite young, about 11 years old, because two of my eldest sisters were reading it at the time But, at the time, I didn t understand everything about the Whiteoaks life in Canada or about the relationships between the main characters Now that I m older, I can appreciate the real value of this story.What I will remember of it is the freedom that you can feel from page to page the freedom of this new world, still quite savage a [...]

    7. This was the first family saga i ever read As a teenager i loved and devoured the books Now I am rediscovering them and still find them very enchanting, but maybe that is my nostalgic point of view For everybody expecting action, these books are not for you, as a matter of fact i would not even rank the series among top class novels, however if you are looking for good, solid, light fun entertainment, that does not lose it s charme over the years, you will not be disappointed

    8. An unexpected pleasure in this first of a 16 volume series Follows Philip and Adeline from 1850s India to England to Ireland to Quebec to the wilds of Ontario While there are hardships, plenty of money makes them all manageable Love the little glimpses of what s in store for future generations Interesting characters abound, and, while this by no means a comedy, there are some wonderful LOL moments.

    9. Very old school way of writing Very innocent period I am so glad I finally got to start on this range of sixteen books Quite interesting Don t know whether the way the author wrote it fascinated me than the books They are seques but not written in any particular order The auther, Mazo De La Roche had this story in her mind and wrote it over a period of thirty years She started of with the fourth book and just wrote and added on as she felt Amazing way of writing.

    10. Realistically if I were truly rating this book it might get a 3 I certainly don t want to put anyone off if they are skimming for stars It s melodramatic and dated in many ways But I ve added to it because if I d read it as a young teen I would have LOVED IT It would ve been right up my alley Multi generational with a feisty Irish lass What could a young girl ask I ll certainly be passing it on to my granddaughter when the time comes Thanks Betsey for loaning it to me.

    11. i am returning to my book roots this was the first series of adult books that I read, I used to go toParramatta Library every week on the bus to get the next one I was given 6 of the books for presents over the years I have read the complete series only once but the 6 books I have read many times over.Really enjoying reading the 16 books from my Kindle.

    12. This was the first family saga I ever read It s a pretty old series originally published in the fifties or sixties My mother read it as a young woman and suggested it to me The books follow the Whiteoak family as they emigrate from Scotland to America.

    13. If you like plot, don t bother with THE BUILDING OF JALNA There s little conflict here, since the story revolves around a young couple who are happily married, who have no money troubles and no other pressing worries worth mentioning The book is episodic, featuring scenes in their lives before and after their relocation from the United Kingdom to Ontario, Canada However, as a whole the Jalna series is very compelling It chronicles the history of the Whiteoak family from the early 1850 s to the 1 [...]

    14. This author was mentioned in a novel I read recently, so I checked out one of her books, which I had previously heard of but not read This is the first in the series in chronology of characters and story, but not the first published It s a welcome respite from issue and message novels in which the story is concocted to make some political or moral point There is no real point here The characters are vivid and quirky, far from idealized, and the action is never dramatic Just when you think a cris [...]

    15. Possibly my favorite Jalna book Even though it was written as a prequel Jalna was the first book actually written it is chronologically the first book in the series I traces the travels of a young Captain Philip Whiteoak and his wife Adeline from their station in India, to England, Ireland, Quebec and finally Ontario where they build their house Jalna.We see Adeline s stubborness in ensuring that she give birth to her second son Ernest in the half completed house, her rage at a young girl making [...]

    16. Jalna is one of those series that I have been meaning to read for years During that time I have managed to collect all 16 novels, so I figured now would be the good time to start reading them I chose to read them in chronological order rather than the publication order, because it seemed like the most logical thing to do.This first novel or prequel is a collection of anecdotes than a story with one cohesive plotline Adeline and her husband are not the most likeable people, but they are colourfu [...]

    17. I ve read the 16 books of jalna at least 5 or 6 times There are my favourite books Following the story of a family over a century, getting attached to the characters and seeing them grow old is really something amazing Jalna is definitely my favourite book of all time or favourite books My favourite characters are adeline and renny They are strong tempered and so many things happen with them I often refer to the family tree as there are so many people in the books but they each have their own pe [...]

    18. The Jalna books are leftover from my early teenage years I wondered if I d like them now that I m a somewhat cynical but at any rate non romantic grown up Surprise, surprise I was even tempted to give it five stars However, The Building of Jalna is really just an ordinary novel, but written, I think, when care was expanded on character development and general description, on solid writing, even on grammar and construction and propriety I find all that too much of a rarity in current novels, and [...]

    19. The serie of the Jalna books 10 volumes or remains for many French people a very beloved memory of childhood reading although they were originally published in English, they seem to have been popular in France than in the US This epic saga of a Canadian family is like a house you used to go as a kid and are fond of, because of nostalgic reasons than because the house is an architectural masterpiece No one would argue that Mazo de la Roche was a great writer But her characters, her stories, an [...]

    20. Rereading the Jalna series after approximately 15 years I m going with chronological order, since that s how I read them when I was about 12 years old However, last time I read the Swedish translation of the books and this time I m listening to them in Norwegian borrowed from NLB.

    21. First read 50 years ago and upon recalling my enjoyment I decided to re read the series Lovely descriptions and have not disappointed

    22. I read this because Lydia Davis had mentioned de la Roche s Jalna books as among her literary influences Have to say I found it a bit of a slog, however The Building of Jalna is the first book, chronologically, although it was not the first book published, and perhaps Jalna was compelling This one boils down to lovely, wealthy people to whom nothing terribly riveting happens as they establish their home and dynasty in Ontario, Canada The author may have been striving to create something along t [...]

    23. First in the series of well known Canadian stories The writing feels dated well, because it was written about 50 years ago The author keeps the reader at arm s length the whole time It was good enough for me to try the second novel of which I m half through Though, I worry, it s a bit too staid to compete with the other items in my to read list.Luckily the pace is brisk So quite a bit happens in each novel, it just doesn t get very intimate Meaning, you don t really feel what the characters are [...]

    24. Grande s rie de 16 tomes crite par une Canadienne anglaise Histoire se d roulant dans la r gion des grands lacs de l Ontario Chronique familiale Chaque tome suit un des membres de la famille Accent cependant sur Renny, le petit fils de la propri taire On suit la famille sur quatre g n rations C est un peu long, mais donne une vision de l histoire ontarienne rurale de l avant premi re guerre mondiale et un peu apr s.J ai lu cette s rie l ge de 14 ans Mamy et moi nous arrachions les tomes Comme el [...]

    25. I read a few books of this series in high school I thought it was about time that I read all of them It was a series that both my Mom and my Grandma read, enjoyed, and shared with each other I thought it d be nice to be part of that legacy.This first book was a little hard to get into, there were parts that had me really absorbed, but other parts had me a little bored Why explain such minute details I guess it was a different time, and different writing style But it just kept lingering on It fel [...]

    26. I decided to read the Jalna series this summer as a tribute to my Dad He loved these novels and owned many of them This is the first book in the series and so of course it introduces all the main characters and the building of the house that will dominate the story The Whiteoak family is at the core of the story with the married couple Phillip and Adeline starring as the main characters in this slim volume I had a little trouble getting into the first hundred pages, but after I got intrigued by [...]

    27. In the 70 s, these books were made into a series on Canadian TV I was a young teenager and it must have been on past my bedtime, as I never did see it But, I decided to read the books These must be read in order, and I was taking them out of the library, so there were lots of delays I eventually gave up trying to finish the series.I recently found these as e books at my library and decided to read them again I found that they have aged pretty well Lots of drama between the characters, and an eng [...]

    28. I expected this to be a plot driven novel Many conflicts were set up, but then their resolutions were just glossed over This was a good example of an author doing a lot telling rather than showing Most of the book had that distant tone that authors use for flashbacks, which makes sense in a way, since this was written as a prequel Maybe I shouldn t be trying to read the series in chronological order I ve already got the next one on the kindle, so I guess I ll give it a try I usually love what [...]

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