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Arbiter By Jamie Foley,

  • Title: Arbiter
  • Author: Jamie Foley
  • ISBN: 9780692376614
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jet Valinor hates jungles He hates the mosquitoes, the rain, and the creature called Darien who claims to know him and his secrets As the world reels from a deadly plague, the Followers accept aid from powerful ancient beings but at what cost Lines between friend and foe blur in The Sentinel Trilogy Book 2 Arbiter.
    Arbiter Jet Valinor hates jungles He hates the mosquitoes the rain and the creature called Darien who claims to know him and his secrets As the world reels from a deadly plague the Followers accept aid fro

    One thought on “Arbiter”

    1. How do I even review this Nearly everything that happens are spoilers of awesomesauce levels for anyone who s read Sentinel, so it s extremely hard to review this book XD I will do my best to do so without spoilers, however tries to be vague Darien, Sorvashti, Aleah, and of course Jet are back for epic shenanigans hugs them all Jet is my FAVE as usual D He s awesome 3 I d say this book is primarily about Jet We still get a LOT about Darien, since Darien s the hero of course, but we get a lot of [...]

    2. My foremost complaint about Arbiter is the difficulty in putting it down to engage in real life Arbiter picks up right where Sentinel left off, immediately diving in to Darien s decision and the consequences of it The story maintains that fast pace throughout, all the way to the final page There s intrigue, battles, fascinating backstories learnt, island adventures and delightful character development The ending in this book sets up beautifully for the final book, Sage, and knowing Mrs Foley, we [...]

    3. I had an opportunity to read an advance copy of this book, and it was awesome So many trilogies fall a little flat in the second book, but that was certainly not the case with Arbiter Foley ups the ante with higher stakes, action, and new information and plot twists at every turn The world building continues to be superb, I enjoyed learning about Serrans and Kai lani But my favorite aspect of this series so far is the complexity of the characters Every character is a mix of good and bad, makes [...]

    4. Arbiter is the second book in the Sentinel Trilogy, picking up right where the first book left off Darien is given a new perspective on the world after his decision at the end of Sentinel, which introduces an entirely new and exciting set of problems.The quality of writing in Arbiter has improved from Sentinel The settings are painted clearer and the characters actions and reactions are even natural than before There might not seem to be quite as much action as Sentinel, but that s not the case [...]

    5. I finished Arbiter in record time I could hardly put it down I liked Arbiter even better than Sentinel The pacing was faster, there was action, the characters were developed further, there were some fun surprises, and there was intrigue At times, I wasn t sure which end was up I was very concerned with a certain anti Joshua comment, which gnawed at me throughout the book My questions were answered at the end It was refreshing to see how Jet and Darien matured, and I found myself chuckling at t [...]

    6. I received this book along with the first book in the series through first reads.I am in love with this series, I can t wait to read the third book.Such a well written and unique story.

    7. Really enjoyed this bookReally enjoyed this book A great read Love the characters Strong and really could understand their characters Always full of twist and turns Ready fort the next one

    8. Brilliant bookI d record eI d recommend this nook to anyone young or old absolute brilliant book full of twists and turns enough excitement for a whole funfair

    9. Good story we ll written Nice blend of fantasy and the human condition Waiting for the third book in the trilogy Will good triumph over evil

    10. I won this and the previous book in a giveaway quite some time ago, I put it in the safe place that you can never find afterwards and when I found them again, decided it was time to read I wasnt sure if it was for me at first as I had been told it was a young adult christian novel, so didnt know what to expect.What a surprise I absolutely loved both books and couldnt put them down excellent for an insomniac.The writing was amazing and I felt like I could visualise everything as if I was there ev [...]

    11. This book was a wild ride I had to will myself to put it down to tend to responsibilities The scenery draws me in, I can almost smell the surroundings As a 50 something year old woman, I feel like I m watching kids grow up, mess up and step up I used a lot of adrenaline and emotion trying to help the good guys Even if there are some times I wasn t sure who the good guys were Can t hardly wait for the next episode

    12. Man Oh Man what a fantastic continuation to Book 1 Sentinel Darien, Sorvashti, Aleah, Jet and and their fellow refugees of Jade Glen Serran Academy are still on the run from lynx Darien matures and finds new truths and surprises arise All In All a great second book Great Job Jamie Foley I Highly Recommend Reading ARBITER Cant wait for the next Book

    13. I liked this book even better than Sentinel The main characters who were at each others throats in the first book have matured much I very much enjoyed J Foley s writing style and could hardly put the book down I am looking forward to the next book

    14. Arbiter didn t miss a lick, picking up right where Sentinel left off I did think it jumped around some and introduced characters, but I m a Huge Fan of Jamie Foley s and can t wait to read the 3rd book in this trilogy Way to go Jamie

    15. wow really great book really enjoyed iti got lost in the story better than the first oneits detail was superi loved everything about itthank you for letting me review

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