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When Time Comes By Cat Nicolaou,

  • Title: When Time Comes
  • Author: Cat Nicolaou
  • ISBN: 9781311623850
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Athena can t avert her eyes Alex Dane is back in Greece Her mind wanders in time, six years ago, to the island of Rhodes Three lustful days with him and a precious gift he left her with All she needs is a leap of faith, but will he fly Dare they dream again When Time Comes
    When Time Comes Athena can t avert her eyes Alex Dane is back in Greece Her mind wanders in time six years ago to the island of Rhodes Three lustful days with him and a precious gift he left her with All she needs

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    1. They met six years prior in Greece Athena was living her greatest fantasy come true, here she was, a little down on her luck and taking a carefree weekend to see her favorite rockstar, Alex Dane, in concert But there he was, on the same ship as her, alone, captivating and so human.Their weekend affair was a slice of heaven, yet over too soon When Athena left for home, she knew no man would ever touch her heart like Alex Dane He had given her the gift of passion and romance, little did she know h [...]

    2. We meet our main character, Athena, as she is having a flashback to her younger days when she first met her idol Alex Danes Alex Danes is a pop star who is having a concert on the island of Rhodes, and of course Athena finds a way to attend She soon happily meets Alex making her way to the show by the ferry, and that s where the beautiful romance begins.Athena and Alex are really sweet, but it was a little too much for me at times The insta love type of romance isn t always for me, but somehow i [...]

    3. To paraphrase Rosalind Russell Books are a banquet and most people are starving to death.I say that because I have many friends who absolutely refuse to read anything outside a specific genre For example They ll happily go to other planets with some authors but will steadfastly refuse to walk the dark streets of a detective novel they ll read about vampires long into the night but won t pick up a Steampunk book unless forced to at gunpoint.Because they won t step outside their reading comfort zo [...]

    4. This is the story of is a beginning to a review that will not do the book justice But this is the story of Athena, unhappy and unemployed, whose life changes because she finds a job in teaching art, something she adores.Though it may not appear to have much to do with the story, it is a boost to her confidence and the reason she decides to treat herself to a concert starring Alex Dane Good looking rock star, one time fling, and quite possibly, something much .Young Athena met Alex many years ago [...]

    5. This was a dreamy, and very sweet book about a girl who gets to meet her favorite rock star Haven t we all dreamed about that This book is set in Greece, and I just loved imagining the well described coastal scenes and boat rides What a nice little escape The main characters are in their 30s and that was a nice change I enjoyed their interactions and romantic weekend together It s amazing what can happen when you are at the right place at the right time A chance meeting turned mini love story It [...]

    6. We all wish that we could have a conversation, a kiss, a one night stand or even marry our celebrity crush Unfortunately, only a handful of people have had a chance to actually exchange vows with their famous crushes like Ashton Kutcher or Kelly Preston In other words, we all wonder what it would feel like to be like one of those people who actually experienced a real good physical company with a famous person that they always admired From my point of view, the experience is probably the equival [...]

    7. this is a beautifully written debut novella that pours love at first sight from every word No matter how long it takes us to find The One this story asks us to never stop looking and always be aware that the next stranger we see could be that person It shows us that no matter what a persons situation or circumstance if we truly believe in something or someone kismet will find a way to bring you together In real life that fairy tale really can be just around the next corner and the story of the t [...]

    8. this is a beautifully written debut novella that pours love at first sight from every word No matter how long it takes us to find The One this story asks us to never stop looking and always be aware that the next stranger we see could be that person It shows us that no matter what a persons situation or circumstance if we truly believe in something or someone kismet will find a way to bring you together In real life that fairy tale really can be just around the next corner and the story of the t [...]

    9. What a fun read I loved following the protagonist Athena s thoughts and travels An artist, she sets out on a whim, to follow a dream of seeing a man famous no less The story takes us through the gorgeous Greek Islands The novella has unexpected plot twists that kept me engaged I highly recommend this book

    10. First, I would like to thank the author for the complimentary copy of When Times Comes with bonus short story, Sealed By A Kiss Author Cat Nicolauo will fuel your love for love with these syrupy sweet stories about a second chance romance time has passed and now they have a second chance and a second love because the first time around, it didn t work out.Let s discuss When Time Comes, my favorite of the two short stories.When Times Comes by Cat Nicolauo is a fun second chance romance novella wit [...]

    11. This is the first time I have been asked by an author to review a book When Time Comes is the first book from author Cat Nicolaou I read this novella with the knowledge that this was her first publication and she was likely not a native American English speaker As a matter of fact, I rarely read internationally set or authored books because I typically find that I struggle with the language barriers and terminology But, because I was asked, I went into this book with an open mind and truly inter [...]

    12. The author sent me this book, When Time Comes, asking me if I d give it a read and review it And me, being the guy I am, did.Okay, standard disclaimer for this type of book, I just can t get into the romance genre And this book is most definitely aligned deep within the wish fulfillment world of perfect love of the romance genre Separating myself from my inability to really get romance novels is difficult, but I ll attempt to do so for the purposes of this review.Because, you see, this is a well [...]

    13. Read review at thereadingarmchairWe all have celebrity crushes They might be actors, singer, athletes, or even authors Athena, our protagonist, was lucky enough to experience a weekend romance with her favourite singer, Alex Dane Naturally, after this weekend they had to part ways, never to see each other again But fate had other plans for Athena She would never forget Alex, not after the gift he gave her Six years later, there was still hope for our young protagonist, as Alex would visit Greece [...]

    14. I have always been into action horror thriller books but over the years I guess I have softened My best friend is very much into romantics and through our mutual love of books and discussing them, I guess we have opened each other s minds to different styles Since the many years ago she convinced me to read The Paris Wife I have slowly come around to romantics For once, I now have a book in her choice of genre to recommend This charming, if a little steamy, story portrays that when two soul mat [...]

    15. This was a great story Of love, loss, and hope I felt like the author did a good job bringing me into the story It was a fast read that kept me intrigued.She meets her celebrity crush, Alex Dane, on a ship I mean who would love to meet their celebrity crush Well she did and to top it off he was into spending time with her Bada Bing Spending an intimate weekend together didn t seem to be enough for Athena but it will do, especially when she finds the perfect parting gift Alex has left her with No [...]

    16. review request submitted by the author for an honest critique You meet your crush, a rock star, have three fun days with him in and out of the bedroom and part ways in love Hmm I don t believe in love at first sight Nor do I think you can love someone after only three days, but hey, that s just me For the hopeless romantics out there, you ll like this tale For me, the best part was the ending I m a sucker for a sweet, happy ending BTW The ending was the sole reason why this book went from a scor [...]

    17. This review is featured on my blog Writerly Bookish Stuff30 something Athena has followed the career of 45 year old, Alex Dane, pop superstar since her teens, and she gets the chance to see him live on the Greek Island of Rhodes Taking the fifteen hour trip to the island she stumbles across the singer on deck, and a romance blossoms Okay, so the narrative is a little cliche and at times unbelievable, but it s the dream of most women, right To entice their idol into a steamy fling.The six years l [...]

    18. After spotting a code on twitter, but not being one for romance, I thought I d give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.Well, I was quite surprised by this shy, innocent, little Romance story It s pretty steamy in parts I m not sure where the line is drawn for erotica, but it was Romantic than I was expecting.As a women s fantasy novel, it presses all the right buttons The heroine feeling she is trapped with her parents in a mundane loveless life and a Rock star hero who is past his pri [...]

    19. We meet Athena who came across the chance to meet her celebrity crush She spends the weekend making magic in and of the bedroomThis was definitely insta love to a tee and as Im usually not so ill mannered when it comes to insta love but I felt that this was a little to hard to take And I completely understand that Nicolaou only had 114 pages to convey her story but it felt alittle to fake for me I also felt a lack of connection to the characters But on a positive a twist in the story gives some [...]

    20. When Time Comes is a classic romance story Girl is lonely and unhappy Girl s luck changes to good, good and even better Girl meets man of her dreams in unusual circumstances and dreams become realities But there are some hitches along the way The course of true love never runs smoothly, they say But this is a happy ever after story And so the girl finds a way The great They also say life is stranger than fiction, so anything is possible I won t give too much away.I think the story is mostly for [...]

    21. I received this book from Cat Nicolaou in exchange for an honest review You know that book that you re interested in but are afraid of reading because you have this perception that it s probably just an okay book Well, this was that book I ended up loving it I m a sucker for romance Who doesn t daydream about falling in love with someone like Alex Cat wrote a spectacular romance novel that makes you swoon the entire time you re reading The character were full of life and love and the plot was be [...]

    22. When Time Comes is a surprising love story that I was a little unsure about but by the end of the second chapter I was very much in love with the story and characters Athena is a down on her luck woman who gets a chance to see her music idol and ends up finding the one Alex is a rock star who finds love without looking The chemistry is undeniable between these two but it s a long six years before they see each other again This is beautifully and descriptively written and will take you on an emot [...]

    23. This is Cat s first novella and honestly after reading this she is going to have some very powerful books This book made me feel as if i was the Characters and going through what they were It just had me wanting to read to see if Athena got her HEA This is a sweet romance with some ver steamy scenes It shows you that even the most perfect looking relationship is not always as perfect as you may think Alex and Athena have communication issues that they both need to overcome Alex and Athena were [...]

    24. This book took me by surprise What I did not expect was to actually care about the characters, especially Athena I had to keep reading to find out if she got her happily ever after And I was certainly not expecting to find myself getting teary eyed at one point This is a new author with the power to move her readers Does Athena get her happily ever after You ll have to read it to find out.

    25. I picked this one up on a free day, and shouldn t have, because I m really not into the romance genre I probably shouldn t even be writing this review now It s not the author s fault that she writes a genre I don t understand If you like romance, chances are this is the right book for you It s short and sweet and SPOILER ALERTthe girl gets the guy and they live happily ever after.But we saw that coming, didn t we The thing is, I don t see a reason why they should So Athena meets her celebrity cr [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest reviewI absolutely loved the beginning half of this book When Athena meets Alex on the cruise ship and they started a whirlwind romance it was sweet, fun, and I loved the build up between them while they are on the ship When Athena draws Alex and then gives him the portrait when she goes to leave it was one of those moments where you are yelling at the characters to stop, go back, don t leave it like that Speak your feelings [...]

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