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Draculaura and the New Stepmomster By Nessi Monstrata,

  • Title: Draculaura and the New Stepmomster
  • Author: Nessi Monstrata
  • ISBN: 9780316300841
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Draculaura brings her ghoulfriends on a special trip to Transylvania for her dad s wedding Dracula is getting a new wife and Draculaura is getting a new stepmomster Read all about her fangtastic adventure in this brand new original Monster High chapter book series 2015 Mattel All Rights Reserved.
    Draculaura and the New Stepmomster Draculaura brings her ghoulfriends on a special trip to Transylvania for her dad s wedding Dracula is getting a new wife and Draculaura is getting a new stepmomster Read all about her fangtastic adven

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    1. I was super excited when I found out there would be Monster High Books I loved the books by Lisi Harrison, and I was sad when there weren t any new books coming out Of course, I was also a bit hesitant, these are written by someone called Nessi Monstrata, I can t find any information about this writer, so maybe it is still the same person, just under a different name, or maybe she still helped with the writing of the story, I don t know I was worried that maybe the characters would be totally d [...]

    2. Draculaura And The New Stepmomster PLOT In a beautiful Chateau in a hotel in Transylvania, plans are being made for the beautiful, stunning, bride Romoanah and Dracula to wed So Draculaura invites her ghoul friends along as guests Frankie, Ghoulia, Cleo, and Clawdeen Notice I didn t say Clawd So why isn t Clawd invited Apparently, Roamona is from a traditional vampire family that s still living in the dark ages and hasn t adapted to the open policy of Dracula that embraces monsters of all types [...]

    3. Of course, I absolutely adored this little read I will say, I had no idea about this new Monster High series and I am a huge fan I was just wandering around Barnes and Noble, and was very shocked to see a new series I picked it up, found out what it was about and bought it obviously It was such a good read, so glad that they gave this adventure a junior novel, not a webisode, tv special, or movie I was so surprised though, to find out that Draculaura s dad, Dracula, was getting married That s cr [...]

    4. Once again, Monster High brings us a very cute story while tackling some issues frequently faced no matter what world you live in As you can tell by the title, Draculaura s world is turned a bit upside down when she finds out that she s getting a new Stepmomster Not only that, but she didn t even know her dad was dating A good reminder to parents who delve back into the dating scene to not get so caught up in new love that they let their kids lag behind We get to go on the journey with Draculaur [...]

    5. This is another in the diaries series In this one Draculaura finds out her father is going to get remarried She s worried about whether or not her new stepmomster will like her or not Things are complicated by the fact that her stepmomster s side of the family is very conservative while Draculaura definitely is not.She has a lot of trouble getting adjusted but then again so does her stepmomster As with all things Monster High matters work out in the end There s also some pages that the reader ca [...]

    6. This is a fun book My daughter loved how it goes from text to right from Draculaura herself It was fun and I was able to point out about jumping to what you think is happening instead of what actually is happening This is a good book and I recommend it to any monster high lover I can t wait to check her out of these from the library.

    7. Draculaura is my favorite character so it was nice to see a story featuring her at the center But there continues to be a fangtastic amount of monster puns that would be fine in very small doses But the powers at be feel compelled to let not a line of dialog go by without some kind of play on words.

    8. I absolutely love love LOVE this Draculaura is my favorite character, this book met all my expectations and

    9. This was a cute little read and I like how it had her diary entries along with the story It is a bit predictable but it s pretty fun.

    10. A good book Draculaura is one of my favorite characters from monster high a enjoyable reading that monster high fans will love

    11. fun story obviously a kids book and super short but i like this character and the story was cute I would highly recommend this to elementary age girls.

    12. AWESOMELY COOL BOOKAs a monster high and draculaura fan, this was a 500,000,000 stared book and I can t wait to read the rest of the series.

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