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Mimus By Lilli Thal,

  • Title: Mimus
  • Author: Lilli Thal
  • ISBN: 9781741147025
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Two mighty kingdoms have been engaged in endless, merciless war, but change appears imminent King Philip is meeting his arch enemy, King Theodo, to sign a peace treaty But King Philip and his men are tricked and consigned to the squalid dungeons of King Theodo s castle Soon, 12 year old Prince Florin is lured to the castle, where the same horror awaits him.On a whim, KiTwo mighty kingdoms have been engaged in endless, merciless war, but change appears imminent King Philip is meeting his arch enemy, King Theodo, to sign a peace treaty But King Philip and his men are tricked and consigned to the squalid dungeons of King Theodo s castle Soon, 12 year old Prince Florin is lured to the castle, where the same horror awaits him.On a whim, King Theodo decides to make the crown prince his second fool, trained by Mimus, an enigmatic, occasionally spiteful, and unpredictable court jester To add to Florin s misery, he and Mimus are fed a daily portion of gruel, forced to live in a dark, damp tower, and required to entertain the court on demand But events ultimately turn for Florin and the other captives, and it is Mimus s intervention that helps make it possible.
    Mimus Two mighty kingdoms have been engaged in endless merciless war but change appears imminent King Philip is meeting his arch enemy King Theodo to sign a peace treaty But King Philip and his men are

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    1. Mimus is now one of my favorite books of all time, and will stay as one of my favorites And jesters are officially the best thing ever Here is why 1 The plot is unique and intriguing And the execution was splendid.The two kingdoms, Moltovia and Vinland are at war To end this, King Phillip of Moltovia meets his archenemy, King Theodo, to sign a peace treaty However, he is betrayed King Phillip and his men find themselves whisked to Theodo s dungeons, tortured and to be executed Phillip s son, Pri [...]

    2. Read by the stupendous Maxwell Caulfield, Mimus is the tale of the young prince who gets subjected to the low embarrassing position of court jester Belonging to the kingdom of Moltovia, Florin is the young prince who has grown up on tales of the war between Moltovia and its neighboring kingdom, Vinland One day he is told that a peace treaty has finally been made Eager to rejoin his father he sets off only to realize that he has been betrayed by the king of Vinland and is instead sentenced to liv [...]

    3. Beautiful There is simply no other words to describe what I felt after reading this book When it ended, I felt as if my heart was ripped out of my body, and placed into a blender on high, while I was getting methamphetamine injected into my bloodstreams Truly beautiful.I had finished reading this book quite some time ago, but did not no, could not write a proper review Nothing in my bull ridden mind could come together to string a proper sentence to explain this, and do the book justice Am I doi [...]

    4. Brief premise The kings of Moltovia and Vinland have long hated each other, and the people passes on stories on how undesirable and repugnant the other is.It was strange then that the King of Vinland, Theodo, invited King Philip to a peace offering banquet in his castle Strange, but to Prince Florin of Moltovia that meant that there will be finally peace between the neighbouring countries.When Prince Florin receives a missive from his father to join him at the banquet, he sets off eagerly and im [...]

    5. Mimus starts out as a classic fairy tale, with a prince and a king and a war Luckily, it soon distinguishes itself from the other oft trodden plot lines Unluckily, it doesn t do much after that There s a big spot in the middle where not much happens at all and he just goes around jestering, and it gives the impression that with a bit less of that it could have made a good short story Mimus is a fairy tale, and somewhat fun to read, with occaisional action bits and funny bits, but it just doesn t [...]

    6. We start with a pretty basic fantasy plot One prince, captured by an evil king, who against all odds must somehow escape and save not only himself, but his father and the entire kingdom But just when you think you ve got the plot all figured out, it twists itself into something interesting The evil king isn t actually any evil than the prince s own father they are simply two arrogant rulers with a history of mutual deception and dishonor It s actually rather difficult to feel sympathy toward e [...]

    7. Like many, mistakenly, I first had Mimus marked as fantasy I suppose I am so used to anything set in the Middle Ages including dragons and unicorns and such, but I had to take a step back and say HOLD ON This book has in common with Catherine, Called Birdy than Ella Enchanted though I love both of those as well Mimus doesn t even have a Merlin ish wizard like Camelot The counties of Moltovia and Vinland might not have existed, but the story presents them in a realistic way and puts this book in [...]

    8. teen fic well written and a little grim than I thought it would be asks the question whether one can change emotional defenses built up over many years in this case, no.

    9. What a beautiful and intriguing tale I love medieval times, and I love stories that think out of the boxMimus had both One of the most original books I ve read in some time Highly recommend.

    10. Mimus is a great book that contains many different elements that draw you into the story and keep you there Something that I found particularly enjoyable is how you can never predict what is going to happen next, and if you think you have it all figured out you are thrown a curve ball that sends the story in a completely different direction At the beginning of the book when Florin receives the letter supposedly sent by his father you never imagine the treachery in wait for him when he arrives at [...]

    11. Lilli Thal skep met Mimus n uitstekende spanningsverhaal wat in die Middeleeue afspeel Koning Philip van Monfiel en sy seun, kroonprins Florin, word deur n aartsvyand, koning Theodo van Vinland, in n lokval gelei en gevange geneem Philip en belangrike adellikes van Monfiel word in die kerker aangehou, terwyl op Florin n besondere vernedering wag hy word die hofnar se leerjonge Gedurende die maande in Kasteel Bellingar leer hy dinge wat nooit van n seun uit die adelstand verwag sal word nie liedj [...]

    12. Once you enter the world that Thal has created in Mimus, you will find it hard to leave The kingdoms of Moltavia and Vinland have been at war for years, but now they seem on the verge of peace that was brokered with the assistance of a neighboring kingdom King Theodo of Vinland has invited King Philip of Moltavia and his advisors to a celebration of peace at his castle Bellingar Florin, King Philip s son, has been summoned to the feast and is just beginning to think about a world at peace in whi [...]

    13. One of the best books I ve read of this genre, Mimus is intense in its premise and probably one of the most engaging stories I ve had the pleasure of reading The best part about the story is, of course, the character of Mimus, the spiteful and dark hud Fool that is the center of the story, despite not being its protagonist The other characters actually seemed rather grey and unoriginal in comparison to him, which is the only part about this book that I found lacking That aside, however, the writ [...]

    14. I m not sure why so many people shelved this under fantasy there aren t any fantasy elements to it The book takes place in the Middle Ages, but it s a fairly realistic Middle Ages If you re looking for magic, elves, or witches, you won t find them here.It s not every day that you read a complex, engaging YA historical fiction book about the Middle Ages that doesn t incorporate fantasy elements, but Mimus is just such a book and because of its realism and its moral ambiguity, it s a book that wil [...]

    15. I m not sure why I liked this book so much But you know you re enjoying something when you re sad for it to end I got to the last CD and felt a little forlorn I actually looked forward to my commute.The book takes place in medieval times, but has nothing of magic or fantasy I think the real genius of this book is it s fully developed characters and realistic details.Be warned, the book is a little okay a lot depressing and has some ungodly language and a pinch of vulgarity I think this is the Ge [...]

    16. One of the most intriguing and enigmatic YA books I ve encountered the kind that your mind keeps turning over and over afterwards There s an unfathomableness, a moral ambiguity to the character of Mimus which is mildly unsettling, but in a slow creeping sort of way that hits you unawares while your attention is elsewhere It s the sort of book that s difficult for me to frame an opinion of there s some humor, and some action adventurey bits, and a driving, well paced plot, but that s not what mak [...]

    17. Okay so it took about 6 months be we finally finished this It was good I mean I wouldn t read it just for fun but reading it with my son WAS fun It may have been a bit beyond his 11 year old reading level but that s another reason it was good to read this with him He didn t ever seem to get bored so that s a good sign.It s basically a medieval fantasy with no magic, set in a world with christianity but different countries It seems kind of strange to mix the two becuase for a while you re wonderi [...]

    18. Grabbed this book at the library because the cover and story line looked good Read it and could not get the storyline out of my mind Even though I had to get over some of the language, I found it very entertaining A prince is forced into becoming a court jester after a rival king s betrayal of peace, leaving his father in a dungeons He has to endure the torture and humiliation to buy time to save his father and himself While his country is crumbling without a king and the numerous misfortunes th [...]

    19. Treason, trickery and Midieval mischief are the ingrediants with which Lilly Thal invites us into her world, a place full with shifting wall panels, dread and poison, a time in the history of the world where tomorrow was always doubted and honesty was always compromised by the aftereffects of a night on the street Unfortunately for poor Thal, this novel didn t gain so much as a few kind words from newspapers and teens afar, and was left on the shelves for adventurous readers, such as myself, tha [...]

    20. jordan s telling me that this isn t fantasy because there are no magical things, creatures that are unexplainable by science i maintain that it is merely because it isn t happening on earth i don t know who s right I loved this book because there was excellent character development As a coming of age story goes, it really got to the meat of how you define yourself when you have nothing material to your name and the few things you do have define you in a way that isn t true So there.

    21. Thoroughly entertaining yet subtle and sophisticated characterizations Compelling plot Set in medieval times, tells the story of Prince Florin, captured along with his father the king and his father s nobles by a rival king Florin is given as apprentice to the sour and complex court jester Mimus How will Florin escape and save his father Great narration by Maxwell Caulfield Presents as fantasy,but really historical fiction.

    22. Genre Fiction teen fantasy Set in a medieval like time period, Mimus is the story of the young crown prince of Moltovia who is tricked and captured along with his royal father King Phillip and his loyal supporters by a neighboring monarch King Theodo holding a heavy grudge and hatred toward the Moltovians While King Phillip and his companions are thrown into the dungeon, the Moltovian crown prince is forced into becoming a jester, under the care and training of Mimus, the court s regular jester [...]

    23. Mimus by Lilli Thal is one of the greatest standalone books I ve ever read It s also one of the best comedy books I ve ever read because the humor is ubiquitous, clever, and subtle The jokes never reach the point where they feel forced or vicious like sometimes happened in Douglas Adams s books Moreover, the story is a great adventure and you really come to love Florin.The son of a king, Florin is forced to play the jester when treachery traps him as the prisoner of his enemy As little Mimus, Fl [...]

    24. Fantastic Such rich characters the traitorous king with humanizing pain, the noble father with a dark past, and the eponymous jester, who is anything but a fool does he resent Florin, care deeply for him, or is he truly as indifferent toward Florin as he tries to appear And John Brownjohn s translation uses a vocabulary sure to make any middle school English teacher giddy Accelerates to an exciting climax with a satisfyingly complex ending Highly recommended.

    25. I read this aloud to my 12 year old son over several weeks and we both agreed it was the best YA fiction book we d ever read And I am a librarian You will need your dictionary at the ready There is also a study guide you can google if you want to use this text for teaching or just family discussion.

    26. Two mighty kingdoms are engaged in endless, merciless war, but change appears imminent King Philip is meeting his archenemy, King Theodo, to sign a peace treaty But King Philip and his men are tricked and consigned to the squalid dungeons of King Theodo s castle Soon, his son, 12 year old Prince Florin, is lured to the castle, where the same horror awaits him On a whim, King Theodo decides to make the captive crown prince his second Fool, trained by Mimus, an enigmatic, occasionally spiteful, an [...]

    27. Mimus is an extremely compelling and nuanced character I love this book The wordplay is awesome I wonder if any of it was lost in translation since this was originally written in German.

    28. I m going to step out on a limb and talk about the Middle East As I write this, America has been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for over ten years In the course of these conflicts, right wing Muslims and right wing Americans have both vilified each other I m not saying that all things are equal members of Al Qaeda are criminals who should be captured, tried, and hanged What I see, though, is that people the world over and throughout time have been and continue to be short sighted about conflicts [...]

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