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Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek By Michael Hyatt,

  • Title: Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek
  • Author: Michael Hyatt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook
  • 4 Proven Strategies to Create More Margin for the Things That Matter Most 1 Boost your energy2 Guard your time3 Sharpen your focus4 Flex your no muscle
    Shave Hours Off Your Workweek Proven Strategies to Create More Margin for the Things That Matter Most Boost your energy Guard your time Sharpen your focus Flex your no muscle

    One thought on “Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek”

    1. Hyatt is one of the best writers on productivity This little book will be a big help if you re looking to get started in better time management practices.

    2. I receive a daily email from Michael Hyatt on leadership, self improvement building a platform, or some other business or self improvement related topic I also read his popular book Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy World since it was recommend twice in a writer s conference that I had attended I have found Hyatt to have a good insight into many business related topics When I found this short, ebook Shave 10 Hours From Your Workweek was available on how to increase my personal effectiveness and ef [...]

    3. As someone who homeschools, works, and runs a household, the idea of freeing up ten hours a week appeals to me Hyatt identifies this as a margin issue, and exhorts readers to consider if they really want to be remembered as constantly tired, sick, and emotionally spent No.Interestingly, the most guidance I noted in the book was about getting sleep The book has some good ideas about this.I did find the book helpful, and think it s worth the cost of giving up your email address I like Hyatt s sty [...]

    4. Many useful advices packed in one Not quite new for those who are interested in personal productivity, but still something good for refreshing the knowledge.Focused on four topics Energy Sleep Nap Eat Smile Time Plan Schedule Focus Online distractions Batch tasks Emails Saying No Manage options Manage meetingsNice productivity ap ritif overall, enough consistent to read in 1 hour spare time.P.S Advising on taking nap in work environment in either car or closet is er grotesque

    5. This is a great short read full of little but powerful things you can do to better manage your time and workload With info taken from various sources, using the ideas you may have read before and not used, perhaps because many of the books carry too much information, this is one you should read and then act on.

    6. Good advice and quick read Gives references to other material if you want to read about a concept Very high level with little detail but great advice

    7. Even though some of the advice get enough sleep, take naps seems of the eat your vegetables variety, he makes compelling arguments for all Good stuff on guarding your time, dodging distractions, and firm admonitions to touch emails only once that are presented as eminently doable One of the best ones for me was that saying no to things that drain your time is actually saying yes to things that are worthy Credible and helpful stuff.

    8. Good short read on how to be productive in your career and in life Some of the points Michael Hyatt gives are common knowledge such as plan your day in advanced email inbox zeroexercise and eat rightYet he gives reasons why and also provides links to proven studies This free Ebook was a reminder and a refresher to why I should be productive with my time.

    9. This one is good, but if you are a follower of Michael Hyatt s blog or podcast you are probably already pretty familiar with what is talked about in here If you are not then this is a great way to find a lot of what he teaches in one place

    10. This short book includes important productivity principles Unfortunately, if you ve spent much time focusing on productivity, there s not a lot of new information here I was hoping for something revolutionary that really would save me 10 hours a week

    11. Basic sound advice that requires execution Love the flow The tips at the end are a great summary Good short read that s worth the time to learn and implement.

    12. Simple, common sense, and very helpful I am a firm believer that it is the simple stuff that will allow us to succeed when applied consistently over time.

    13. Decent overview on time management, but the title was slightly misleading in that the book is general strategies, not a this will save you 20 minutes of time type list.

    14. I m practicing many of these The hardest is perhaps the sleep part which I m constantly working on but the biggest nugget for me is to Automate Your No.

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