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The Misses Brontë's Establishment By Amy Wolf,

  • Title: The Misses Brontë's Establishment
  • Author: Amy Wolf
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Maria Shelby, the spoiled and rich daughter of an English knight She has a habit of getting into trouble at eighteen, she s already been sacked from six schools No one else will have her, except The Misses Bront s Establishment in Haworth, a remote Yorkshire village With time, Maria comes to appreciate the genius of her teachers Charlotte, Emily, and Anne BrontMeet Maria Shelby, the spoiled and rich daughter of an English knight She has a habit of getting into trouble at eighteen, she s already been sacked from six schools No one else will have her, except The Misses Bront s Establishment in Haworth, a remote Yorkshire village With time, Maria comes to appreciate the genius of her teachers Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bront.Part suspense, part Victorian novel, this novel takes the reader on a profound literary journey along with young Maria.
    The Misses Bront s Establishment Meet Maria Shelby the spoiled and rich daughter of an English knight She has a habit of getting into trouble at eighteen she s already been sacked from six schools No one else will have her except

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    1. The Misses Bronte s Establishment is a delight I ve never really read anything like it It s not a novel that I would have, under normal circumstances, chosen to read I can t imagine picking it up from a table loaded down with books, let alone submit it to read the covers stage.But I stumbled upon it, and it brought the magnificent Bronte clan to life It forced me to look up their unfortunate stories Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and the most honest and vulnerable Bronte of them all, the unfortunate Br [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and this one did not disappoint Maria is the main character and narrator She s forced to attend school in the countryside far from the civilized London she s used to Her relationship to her instructors, the Bronte sisters, does not start off well, but eventually she grows to care for them, and they for her Maria remains their student for a number of years and writes about her adventures with the Bronte sisters as they bec [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book and how author Amy Wolf wrote this story It was different and very entertaining It makes you want to go back and re read the Bronte s books.

    4. It is Christmas of 1843 when Maria is informed by her father that he is sending her off to the wilds of Yorkshire to attend a new school Having been kicked out of six schools already, Maria s father is hoping that placing her so far away from anything of interest will help her focus on her work Days later she is on her way to The Misses Bronte s Establishment a small school in the vicarage home of the Bronte family She is in fact the only student and quickly finds that the genius of the family m [...]

    5. If you are a fan of the Bronte s you will enjoy this book Here we have a boisterous and unlearned Maria being packaged off to the Brontes school where she is their only pupil Not happily transplanted to the north of England and not happily received because of her lack of education by the sisters, the story grows with Maria s knowledge and keener thinking This story points out the difficulties of being a woman with a brain in mid 19th century and the problems with economy based marriages when lov [...]

    6. I received a free copy of this book through First Reads The Misses Bront s Establishment was a well written and delightful afternoon read The story is straight forward mainly a love letter to the Bront family with the thin plot of a spoiled student added to advance the narrative.

    7. The Misses Bront s Establishment is a wonderful book A historical fiction, it tells the story of the Bront sisters and the hopeless pupil they were charged with teaching The story follows the intertwining of these lives through great love and great loss The novel is fast paced and well written I enjoyed it immensely I received a copy of the book through First Reads

    8. I think the book was trying to emulate the Bronte sisters classics that it references Even though the writing is good, it falls short of those famed books And it s noticeable simply because in reading the book, you think about Jane Erye and Wuthering Heights.The story itself wasn t bad, although it started to get a little tedious when it got to the point where the sisters were publishing their books The format turned from being a story, to being like a documentary.

    9. Surprisingly delightfulIf you re a fan of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and all things Bronte, this is a delightful little gem of a book Part fact and part fiction, I found this book hard to put down once I dug into it I loved the passages from each of the Bronte sister s works It s a bit heart breaking, but has a wonderful ending.

    10. I didn t expect to enjoy this book but I really did The writer has a very light and funny style that I really enjoyed This is historical fiction, basically a made up story that features famous real people It was a fun read.

    11. WellIt s interesting A fun romp through history with fiction aplenty I hope the research done has been exhaustive, for it was a fairly enthusiastic story.

    12. BORING BORING BORING Will go back to the Austin s for books of this period.Returned the book thought I had just gotten a sample,but the sample alone would have ended my reading.

    13. What does the spoiled rich daughter of a knight in mid Victorian England have to do with Emily and Charlotte Bront in The Misses Bront s Establishment Plenty and if it s a stretch to imagine that Maria s situation holds connections to these famous sisters, it s not a stretch to see the parallels between her life experiences and the journeys of Emily, Anne and Charlotte, who are her tutors in this take off on literary characters.Readers should ideally have some relatively recent familiarity with [...]

    14. First, if you are looking for a modern readable alternative to Gaskell s biography, this is NOT a factual account of the Brontes While there is a certain charm with this alternate reality account in which Branwell survives, Charlotte marries a totally different person, and they all act in a thoroughly modern manner, this is not a good place to start if you want to learn the facts about the Brontes However, if you want to imagine what might have motivated them to write as they did, and if you wa [...]

    15. The story does not pick up until 50 pages in, before that its mostly a whine little bitch who s tyrannical father ships her off to a place that was to train her to be a learned woman to a degree that she will be able to hold conversations with her future husband Instead she is sent to a school run by the soon to be famed author s famed classical writers Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte While reading this work I could see similarities to Virginia Wolf s ideas of women s rights to education The hi [...]

    16. Amy Wolf s The Misses Bronte s Establishment may very well be the most literary piece of fan fiction ever written Yes, it pimp slaps historical accuracy in places as much as Quentin Tarantino did in Inglorious Bastards, but in the end it doesn t matter because it s a lively, fun rose colored glimpse into the lives of one of the most gifted literary family s of the Nineteenth Century It s a wispy fairy tale for girls who have grown up long after the repression of Industrial Age, an insertion of h [...]

    17. I borrowed this book through s Prime Reading program and was drawn to it because I love the Bronte sisters.I really did like this book, despite the three star rating It was an interesting concept, and the language seemed to be in keeping with the time period, and there were a number of excerpts from the Brontes works.It got three stars because of factual errors I won t go into details, but when you write about people who actually existed, you have to get certain things correct birth and death da [...]

    18. So glad I decided to read this This isn t my usual type of book for take me away enjoyment, but I was drawn in practically from the start Imagine being a young, bored teen with nothing that what you re wearing, who will see you and how well of a husband can you catch suddenly being thrown into a house of genius all because you have been dismissed from 6 acceptable schools for young ladies Marie gets to meet the Bronte sisters before they are published authors and learn from them, and come to lo [...]

    19. A fun book to readI found myself laughing out loud during some parts of this book it is filled with easy to relax fun light reading If you re looking for a book to escape from life for a while then curl up with a blanket and warm cup of tea and enjoy The Misses Bronte Establishment.

    20. It s a very good read However, I didn t like some of the basic facts about the Brontes lives being obviously re invented, while others were left as they were I d rather the author went all the way and gave us happy endings or just kept 100% to what, sadly, cannot be changed now.Still, an enjoyable book.

    21. What a hoot The Bront sisters start a boarding school to help pay the bells and end up with a single student, one who s already been ejected from six other schools History s changed a bit, but it could have happened this way, couldn t it

    22. I felt like this was a bit of a dud Clearly the author adores the Brontes I confess, I ve never read Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre I generally prefer contemporary authors , but they felt flat to me I was hoping for of a story and less of a biography.

    23. this book was found in a stack of books of similar genre and I bought it for a great price IT is a wonderfully written story that picks up where the original sorry left off Well done Amy Wolf It is a most pleasurable read.

    24. The Misses Bront s Establishment is a wonderful book I really enjoyed reading this book Historical fiction is my favorite genre and I was not dispointed If possible, I idolize the Bront sisters even now I received a free copy of this book through First Reads.

    25. I really enjoyed this book ONce I started I didn t want to put it down I like to mix up the genre I read and this falls under historical fiction It has romance, heartache delves into feelings that only friends understand I recommend this.

    26. I received this book through First Reads Giveaway and I really enjoyed it Jane Eyre has always been one of my favorite books, so it was very fascinating to read about the Brontes, even if it was fiction It makes me want to read of their work.

    27. I received this book on the giveaway It was very well written with a good mix of fiction with non fiction The plots were fairly simple and it reminded a bit of Pride and Prejudice

    28. EnjoyableIt was interesting to follow the idea of different lifelines for the Brontes I wish it had been a happier time.

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