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  • Title: Faceless
  • Author: Monica Millard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: ebook
  • There isn t a lot of excitement or drama to be had for a teenager in Wasilla, Alaska This is especially true for students of the charter high school, Lakes Charter That is until a jock is killed in a brutal attack on school property.The victim is the instigator of the school s bullying ring and his biggest target, both literally at six and a half feet tall and in frequenThere isn t a lot of excitement or drama to be had for a teenager in Wasilla, Alaska This is especially true for students of the charter high school, Lakes Charter That is until a jock is killed in a brutal attack on school property.The victim is the instigator of the school s bullying ring and his biggest target, both literally at six and a half feet tall and in frequency, is Eli Markham, the lead suspect The only problem with that story is at the time the murder took place, he was in the school parking lot installing a new battery with Mackenzie Carver Me.I didn t really know Eli before I gave him a ride I don t think anyone does know him He s kind of a loner, but we ve been thrown together and the time I spend with him, the I want to learn All of that will have to wait though, because something is after us, something that isn t human, something that keeps trying to frame Eli for crimes he didn t commit The scheme might be successful if I didn t keep getting in the way of someone s plans.
    Faceless There isn t a lot of excitement or drama to be had for a teenager in Wasilla Alaska This is especially true for students of the charter high school Lakes Charter That is until a jock is killed in a

    One thought on “Faceless”

    1. First Thought post completion of reading Hmm, that was okay.Second Thought Why didn t I know this was part of a series About the Story To begin with, I must say that Faceless was a superb title I was totally intrigued by it I could not wait to see how the author revealed the truth behind it Unfortunately, I cannot say that I walked away with a clear appreciation of how that title went with the story I thought Alaska was a wonderful setting for this story There s something both wild and almost my [...]

    2. I received this book for free in exchange for an HONEST review.As an author, I always try to support other authors in this crazy pursuit of writing, so I sign up for read to reviews every chance I can I don t do it with the expectation of giving 5 stars Not ever I feel like all scripts could use some improvement and am always honest in my reviews Going into this story, I wasn t sure how I would like the script Based on the blurb, I just wasn t sure it would appeal to me, but I wanted to give it [...]

    3. I loved this A LOT than I expected I liked it so much that I m giving it 4 stars even though technically I should probably give it three.The characters and story are great and I wish it would have been longer, but there are still a lot of issues, mainly that it repeatedly feels like whole chunks of passages of explanations are missing I m all for show, don t tell but in this case or just left me confused and feeling like I was missing information because the little I got wasn t quite enough.Bon [...]

    4. The concept of Faceless was very eye catching and intriguing I wanted to read this book, I needed to read this book Once I got my little hands on it, I was disappointed I wanted to like this book I tried so hard but there were some things I couldn t overlook My breath catches when his dark eyes zero in one me The intensity in his gaze is too strong I want to turn away but I can t seem to make the muscles in my neck work I feel hot and tingly all over I don t like being the center of attention, a [...]

    5. I enjoyed Faceless The first few chapters were very teenage esque, and I was struggling with it, but once the action kicked in, it was a very fast read It was well written, the characters were likeable, the descriptions of the scenes were well described, I enjoyed the humour and the banter between the different characters I enjoyed the supernatural element spoiler alert too, however, I would ve enjoyed learning about how the characters came about A prequel would be amazing The mystery element w [...]

    6. Book Hangover 10 The only thing better than a 10 Just finished this one I m immediately on to book 2 I am not a big lover of shifter s in general but I admittedly LOVE this story line Characters are well developed, down home loveable Wonderful job Ms Millard

    7. This is the first book that I ve read by Ms Millard I was really impressed This was a page turner from beginning to end, intense and mysterious with romance thrown into the supernatural mix I like the way Ms Millard uses Mackenzie s voice throughout the story The language and way she writes Mackenzie s thoughts and emotions are relatable She is thrown into intense situations quickly and never falters Perhaps her only fault is how well she is able to process those moments, which in reality I thin [...]

    8. Captivating Supernatural story that grabbed me early and just got better and better The story built so well and the characters developed right along with it Don t want to spoil anything but it than made up for the weak fragile character we started with Loved it

    9. Mackenzie Carver is a teenager living in Alaska Her life changes completely when the murder of a school jock throws her together with Elias Markham, the prime suspect However, as she knows for a fact that Eli has nothing to do with the murder, she fights for his innocence, ultimately drawing some unwanted and inhuman attention Her conviction to do what was right regardless of the consequences made her a morally strong character, and she took the revelation of the truth with grace I also liked ho [...]

    10. 3.5 5 starsI enjoyed the book and recommend it to all Fantasy and Supernatural readers I received this book from the author Monica Millard via the group We YA Books in exchange of an honest review Thank you so much, I really appreciate the gesture.The summary of the book had intrigued me to check out what Faceless had to offer but I had been putting it off for one reason or another Finally I started reading it and devoured it in a day Rest of the review contains spoilers The story starts off wit [...]

    11. I read the book within a few hours, I really enjoyed it and now I want to read Eli is the dark, broody guy giving off the bad boyish theme, nearly fighting at school he catches the attention of Mackenzie and so it begins Even though Mackenzie sits behind him in class she starts to realise how much she actually notices about him and wonders what he is really like Eli finds himself in some trouble that Mack helps get him out of and then it seems to spark something between them that starts to make [...]

    12. What if supernaturals surrounded you and you had no idea What if every single person you knew had a secret Faceless is excellent I loved it from start to finish and could barely put it down The characters were well written and engaging, the plot was thick with secrets, danger, and intrigue with a decent amount of teen romance and angst Eli is just the right amount of gorgeous and brooding, respectful and protective he s stellar book boyfriend material Nicky and Mackenzie have a devoted and highl [...]

    13. The victim is the instigator of a school s bullying ring The story take place in Wasilla, Alaska where there isn t a lot of excitement But then a high school jock is killed and it was a brutal attack that happen on school property There are some supernatural elements that will pull you into the story I don t want to give too much of the story away.So if you are looking for a book that will keep you turning the pages, and has a lot of intrigue than I would suggest that you need to pick this one u [...]

    14. I received this book for free in exchange of an honest review.The book s cover and description were intriguing Mackenzie is really a great character She has the instincts when a situation calls for it I also appreciate the character of Eli I admired his protectiveness towards Mackenzie I only hated the part when he avoided Mackenzie However, it intrigues me how the death of David was only mentioned at the start of the book It doesn t tell the readers what really happened.Still, the book was defi [...]

    15. This was a quick, fast paced and entertaining read I liked the developing feeling between Eli Mack They are kind of sweet together and I really liked how they were both really into the other but also kind of shy about it Was annoyed with Eli s predicatable push her away for her own protection thing but hopefully that is a thing of the past now view spoiler I was wondering if Mack s panic attacks were a sign of something and kept expecting her to explode with some kind of power so I was very hap [...]

    16. TOO SHORT The plot was really good but it was too short I really wanted to know so much about the characters personalities and background and Eli s and Mack s relationship before they fell in love Also, there were parts of the book that for me personally were frustrating because they were not of satisfying length I read lengthy books However, the book kept me in suspense and really wanting to know what happens next after every page and it was really easy to fall in love with some of the charac [...]

    17. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review We YA Books I enjoyed this book a lot I also liked all the characters I liked Mack, Eli, Nicky and Sam Yeah, I definitely liked Sam Even than Eli, I confess The story was a little entangled and some times it was hard to trust anyone And I definitely wanted to kick Eli in the balls for how he treated Mack after that night I really felt as hurt as she did He d been all cute and charming and then he gave her the cold shoulder What The Hell I [...]

    18. I received this book for free in exchange for an HONEST review.This is the first book I have read from Monica Millard I believe this novel is supposed to be for young adults and as it has been many years since I have been one I was pleasantly surprised how much I really enjoyed this book My one and only criticism is that the book wasn t long enough, I really wanted to read so I can t wait to get the 2nd book in the series The characters were intriguing and this book just started to tell their s [...]

    19. When I picked up Faceless on my kindle I didn t look at the cover, didn t read the blurb All I had was the title I really didn t know what to expect when I started reading and from the first chapter I was in love No long introductions to set the story line, it felt like I was smoothly brought into this world Monica Millard did a wonderful job writing Mack s story I couldn t put Faceless down once I started reading and finished it really quickly Mack gets caught in the middle of someone after Eli [...]

    20. I really loved how easy it was to read this book I could not put it down, and very quickly wanted to read the second book also.As far as this book goes with this particular genre I love it the characters were strong and the female lead was not written as week, which I really loved It was a little predictable, however I did love how the characters developed and as an adult who loves to relive my teen years through getting lost in books, I could put myself in the characters shoes and really feel w [...]

    21. Like few my other reviews, this one s going to be really long too Brace yourselves First of all I received this book from the author Monica Millard via the group We YA Books in exchange of an honest review Thank you so much, I really appreciate the gesture.I will try and keep the review as spoiler free as I canI am going to start off by saying that I really enjoyed reading this book It is always great when you have than one kind of supernatural creatures in one story The plot was really good an [...]

    22. This book was okay I am glad I read it, but it is not worth re reading I got it on my kindle for 99 cents so I am not too put out by it I know just what I didn t like about it It was the dialogue for one Almost every time someone talked I thought who would ever say all of this Or something along those lines And people saying things that people would never say just so the information is given to the reader.Another thing that a lot of authors do is tell you the information and not show you it I fe [...]

    23. At first I was sceptical of ever enjoying this book because of the crass and juvenile content in the first chapter I felt like I was reading a junior high essay with how choppy and overboard it felt but then the story and characters began to take shape and I was hooked Now my own curiosity compels me to read the next one This contains some language and explicit comments typical of some teens.

    24. FacelessThis book grabbed me from page one It is fast paced and keeps you interested I really enjoyed it Can t wait to read by Monica Millard.

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