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Echoes By Laura Tisdall,

  • Title: Echoes
  • Author: Laura Tisdall
  • ISBN: 9780993344312
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is truth to be shared Let us begin Volatile genius Mallory Park is living two lives In one, she is trying to survive senior year, balancing OCD and social anxiety with looking after her troubled family In the other, she spends her nights glued to her laptop, breaking into some of the world s most secure systems as the hacker Echo Six.As part of a corruption expo There is truth to be shared Let us begin Volatile genius Mallory Park is living two lives In one, she is trying to survive senior year, balancing OCD and social anxiety with looking after her troubled family In the other, she spends her nights glued to her laptop, breaking into some of the world s most secure systems as the hacker Echo Six.As part of a corruption exposing network called The Forum, Mallory is far at ease among the codes and hidden identities of her online world than she has ever been in the real one but when other hackers suddenly begin to go missing, she finds herself caught up in a web of secrets that could have repercussions far beyond bothWhen anyone can be a name on a screen, how do you know who to trust
    Echoes There is truth to be shared Let us begin Volatile genius Mallory Park is living two lives In one she is trying to survive senior year balancing OCD and social anxiety with looking after her troubled

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    1. 4.5 5 starsMy video review youtube watch v u_jjVWhat an amazing book I enjoyed reading this one very much I haven t read anything really similar to this book and I was pleasantly surprised by it If you are looking for something different definitely check this one out from the characters to the plot structure to the hacker element it s a great read

    2. If you like me used to be a fan of Hackers and loved Digital Fortress, you are most likely to enjoy the hell out of Echoes.Mallory Park aka Echo Six is a sixteen year old hacker by night and a young girl with a severe phobia of being touched by day She battles through her fears every day she goes to school and has to interact with people She wears gloves and does everything in the least noticeable manner so as not to stand out.Her dad is an ex Marine suffering from severe PTSD, her mother left, [...]

    3. I was sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ACTUAL RATING BECAUSE DOESN T DO HALF STARS 3.5 STARS.I don t know if it was because I am in a reading slump or if it s because I was simply extremely busy this past month, but it took me longer than I expected to finish this nearly 300 page book Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed it The plot seemed to take some time to grow but I really enjoyed the turn out and was so sure there was destined to be a second book bec [...]

    4. Mallory Park is a 16 year old high school student during the day and a superior hacker Echo Six at night Suffering from a severe phobia of being touched, she is much comfortable in her own home in front of her computer.Her father has his own problems with PTSD, her mother has left the family, and that leaves Mallory also taking care of her younger brother.Being a hacker is the one thing that helps with her stress She is one of the Elites, respected and even made into a moderator of the elusive [...]

    5. Echoes follows the story of Mallory Park, a not so normal teenage girl who lives two lives In the day, she goes to school, does her homework, takes care of her brother and her father who suffers from PTSD and keeps to herself But come night and she is Echo Six, in a group called the Forum, where she hacks into organisations and corporate associations that do a lot of wrong things The creator of the forum, a hacker identified only as The Asker assigns various hacks to the different members of the [...]

    6. Echo Six is the online name of a sixteen year old schoolgirl hacker She is part of a forum who undertake hacks given to them by their leader, The Asker She loves the challenge, but mainly loves the fact that the tasks they are given release information about wrong doing She feels the information she uncovers makes the world better Then, hackers start to go offline People are effectively disappearing but because of the nature of what they do, they have never divulged their real name, addresses or [...]

    7. Mallory is a fun character to read about Having two lives and doing it so well, that no one notices She goes to school, takes care of her brother, and does some hacking Yup, shes got talent, and well I love a female computer nerd Since I m in the IT world, its always extra fun for me and well I like being a nerd Anywho.Mallory has been hacking for a while now She loves the computer world much better than the real one So she just continues to do it and somehow get back into the real world long en [...]

    8. This book was a different kind of book for me as i tend to stick to fantasy kind of novels and this one is no where near a fantasy novel I always have been intrigued by the world of coding and how people can figure out these puzzles and understand the codes within web pages to create or destroy things.I really liked how the author was able to make Mallory feel like a real person, i really connected with her and warden think they be a cute couple and i felt so much at the end of the book I love [...]

    9. An exciting read with a very emotional tinge The writers story is around how a young girl, who struggles with society and the issues its poses, comes alive when she can hide behind a computer screen and hack into systems for the Forum and their leader The Asker When members of the forum start going missing our heroine is drawn into her worst nightmare as she has to meet with the last member of the forum who hasn t disappeared and solve the mystery.The beauty of this novel is it will touch a chor [...]

    10. I first heard about Echoes when the author contacted me in regards to a review The first chapter was sent with the email, and I hadn t even finished reading it and I knew it was something I HAD to read Not only was a drawn into the story within the first few paragraphs, but I fell in love with the cover I love how it portrays both sides of Mallory, with the fading effect of the code.Going into Echoes I had an idea of what to expect, code, hacking, and some mystery But there was so much to the s [...]

    11. her icy blue eyes glued to the screen of the laptop, a single glow in the otherwise darkened room Numbers and letters filter through her mind, faster than most people could read, let alone make sense of The digits on the screen appear jumbled, random, but there is always a pattern, always a solution and she always finds it in the end Echoes is about Mallory Park, a teenage hacker well beyond her years She is part of an elite group of hackers whose sole mission is to let the truth be heard, but w [...]

    12. I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this book It is an exciting and thrilling fast paced book This book revolves around the sixteen year old girl Mallory Park, also known as Echo Six on the hacker Forum She lives with her troubled father and younger brother she is the one who takes care of the family Mallory has two lives pretty much, her risky hacker life, and her real life, where she has a phobia of being touc [...]

    13. 4.5 StarsI loved this book It is a suspenseful, intriguing YA novel with many twists and turns that surprised me One thing I especially loved were the two main characters, Mallory and Warden They had such distinct personalities and back stories that added a lot of depth to their character as well as their relationship I also really liked how their different perspectives brought up some interesting moral discussions within the story Another thing I really liked about their relationship, and espec [...]

    14. I have not read a book about hacking before but the synopsis grabbed me and I am so pleased that I was offered the chance to read and review it.Laura Tisdall is a talented author, her words just flowed perfectly throughout the book, I couldn t get enough of it.Mallory was a young girl who put a brave front on her life with her brother, father and friends, although when she closed her bedroom door she managed to be herself by hacking various companies to try and do good.Being a moderator of a gre [...]

    15. I read and review a lot of books and sometimes right after finishing one I think I shouldn t have given one of the previous books a high rating because this current book is ten times better This is the case for this book I have given out a lot of reviews lately that might have been too generous after reading this one which was sooooo great This is a well written smart book full of suspense that will keep you reading The plot is fast paced with solid writing and a well crafted backdrop I loved al [...]

    16. This was such a good book I read it in two sittings only because I started it in the evening , and it nearly killed me to put it down.This was such a refreshing change of pace for the recent YA books I have read Mallory is a fantastic MC that did not even once get on my nerves That alone is an amazing feat for any author that writes YA She wasn t whiny and she took responsibility for her own actions.Even though I guessed who the big bad was, I didn t mark my review down for that Because it s rar [...]

    17. I really liked the concept to this book.Mallory was a great character and I also liked Warden.The writing was a little hard to get into at first for me.I also would have liked the messaging to be done in an instant messenger format as it was hard to follow.Other than that a great read for all computer mystery fans.

    18. My Daughter recommended me to read this, so I have to thank her for an amazing read.Going into this Echoes I had an idea of what to expect, code, hacking, and some mystery But there was so much to the story itself Echoes is a stunning page turning debut book from Laura Tisdall, and I am so glad my daughter gave me a nudge towards this one, not my usual genre at all.I have devoured every single word of this book, going on this journey with so many twists and turns I never saw the end coming I lo [...]

    19. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI don t think I ever read a Cyber Thriller before this one, but the blurb and cover caught my attention so I decided to give it a try After reading this book I can say I am not sure if this is a genre for me, but I did enjoy the book and I am glad I read it Echoes didn t fully grab me, it always felt like I was only half into the story and only after the big plot twist towards the end I felt like I was really sucked into the story and didn t want [...]

    20. This book was so fast paced It kept me on my toes ready to turn the page, I never wanted to put it down Obviously school kept getting in my way ugh I did have some issues but overall I would say a good read There will be a in depth spoiler free review on my channel next weekHttp youtube MissSassyKassie I was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest review

    21. Rating 4.5This story takes you into the world of hackers A clever girl is the focus in this story With her mad hacker skills, she is sought out to be than a recluse in front of her laptop Then, an adventure begins that takes her out of her safe zone to solve a mystery which transforms her into a kind of superhero status to me.

    22. I couldn t put this one down There are tons of elements in this story that I love the hacking, the mystery, and the main character 4 5 Would recommend.

    23. Wow Just wow This book was so incredibly unique whether that statement be based on the quirky characters or the completely out there, intense plot line I was so unprepared for this.

    24. Rating 9 10 Stars 5 SummeryEcho s is a contemporary thriller of a girl who is an amzing hacker and feels at home and in control in the cyber world than her real life She get s caught in a web of mystery and suspence when her illegal online life may be catching up to her, as high profile hackers are going missing This story was intense and highly engaging from the very first page until the very last At no point did the suspence drop or the mystery seem predictable It was hard work but I loved re [...]

    25. God, what a book.I actually feel bad about not giving it 5 stars In all fairness, this book is at least a 4.5 but you all very well know doesn t give us the half stars.I think I bought this book mainly because of the mystery element on it, the whole hackers start to go missing thing I wasn t really expecting to get into the whole coding, hacking thing It isn t my thing, I was actually expecting to get a bit bored in those parts, to be honest.But man oh, man.I wanna be a hacker now.Mallory is so [...]

    26. An amazing and unique book that gripped me in a way I didn t expect upon picking it up This has to be one of the few books that didn t bore me from the beginning The character development of Mallory was amazing from the start and you got a great feel for the character I loved the character of Roger and how complex he was and how, in the end, he had a massive impact on the story that you wouldn t of expected near the beginning The end shocked me and was not what I expected, while there was certai [...]

    27. I finished this book in the space of 24 hours that s how gripped I was in the story line What I liked about the book is that it wasn t overly soppy The main character Mallory Park used hacking as an escape to fill the emptiness she felt after her mum left and having to live with her ex marine Dad who has PTSD whilst caring for her little brother and maintaining school and working so she could help support the family Hacking was her safe place She talked with a boy named the Warden for two years [...]

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