UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ I Have to Touch Myself to Pretend You're There - by taylorpotato

I Have to Touch Myself to Pretend You're There By taylorpotato,

  • Title: I Have to Touch Myself to Pretend You're There
  • Author: taylorpotato
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • Teen Wolf TV Peter Hale Stiles StilinskiStiles tries to make a sexy video for Peter s birthday It doesn t work out quite the way he intended.Words 2467 Complete
    I Have to Touch Myself to Pretend You re There Teen Wolf TV Peter Hale Stiles StilinskiStiles tries to make a sexy video for Peter s birthday It doesn t work out quite the way he intended Words Complete

    One thought on “I Have to Touch Myself to Pretend You're There”

    1. 4.5 It started with a teddy bear and a webcam, y see Well not exactly like that There is definitely spanking but no teddy bears were harmed Now Stiles ass howeverStiles tries to give a gift to his Daddy He has his teddy bear for courage as he shows Daddy all that Daddy owns But an unexpected circumstance ends up giving both Peter and Stiles pleasure.When I saw the latest from this series, I seriously screamedhigh pitched Flailed The whole shebang I am sooooooooooooooo happy taylorpotato sees the [...]

    2. Damn taylorpotato is starting to get to me with the daddy kink.He thinks about when they have sex in the shower, his front trapped against the cold tile, and his back burning hot When Daddy s rough, everything is over sensitive and he gets dizzy and he can t get enough even when it s already too much.But his favorite thing is when Daddy is gentle When he spends an hour licking Stiles open, and then they make love Why s he gotta make it so hot I was totally fine in my daddy kink doesn t really do [...]

    3. Listen This is straight up daddy kink If that ain tchur thing, then don t crack open this gem.Actually, fook that Even if it s not your kink, come at this like a sledgehammer I did, it s not, and I definitely did.This is Stiles doing something for Peter, when it s generally the other way around How is it that Peter is one of the few characters ever from whom I can stand to here darling as a term of affection Oh, that s right, it s not just used in affection

    4. Yay, so glad there was to this series This one felt straight forward, or something, compared to the others Stiles is making a sexy very very sexy video for his Daddys birthday while he s Little, Daddy comes home thinks Stiles is playing with equipment he shouldn t be and gets a good seeing too As hot as the others and I know it s extremely depraved, but I kinda dug the teddy bear and oversized t shirt thing Yay for of Stiles and Peter.

    5. I don t really understand fanfic in general and have never gotten the whole Stiles Peter thing I read one by accident which was good but not enough for me to jump on that train Daddykink when it is done well it s enjoyable but most of what I ve read has just skeeved me out So basically I try to stay away from fanfic and daddykink BUT then someone reviews something and they are so enthusiastic and passionate about it that I just cannot help myself Plus then you see it s free and you re like free [...]

    6. This series is like crack I always love Steter Daddy Kinkbut Taylorpotato has a flair for making irresistible.I feel like I should feel guilty for loving this.but I don t.DANG This just keeps getting hotter.I m so glad Steter has been getting some attention.

    7. Not keen on Little headspace, but of course I couldn t resist reading this anyway bla bla And the plotting was fun is this one Short, dirty and good

    8. Sexy little short with love and tears and fucking I m really glad this series continues, it s an interesting dynamic and I like added component of age play to the Daddy kink for something different.

    9. Holy sweet hotness baby What a way to wrap up this little series It s Peter s birthday and Stiles has a surprise for him.

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