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The Age of Dreaming By Nina Revoyr,

  • Title: The Age of Dreaming
  • Author: Nina Revoyr
  • ISBN: 9781933354460
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jun Nakayama was a silent film star in the early days of Hollywood, but by 1964, he is living in complete obscurity until a young writer, Nick Bellinger, tracks him down for an interview When Bellinger reveals that he has written a screenplay with Nakayama in mind, Jun is intrigued But he begins to worry that someone might delve too deeply into the past, and uncover theJun Nakayama was a silent film star in the early days of Hollywood, but by 1964, he is living in complete obscurity until a young writer, Nick Bellinger, tracks him down for an interview When Bellinger reveals that he has written a screenplay with Nakayama in mind, Jun is intrigued But he begins to worry that someone might delve too deeply into the past, and uncover the events that led to the abrupt end of his career in 1922 These events include the changing social and racial tides in California and the unsolved murder of his favorite director, Ashley Bennett Tyler.Spurred on by his fear of a potential misunderstanding, Jun begins to track down his surviving acquaintances from his years as Perennial Pictures greatest star In the process, he recounts the lives of several other figures from the silent film era Elizabeth Banks, the working class girl from St Louis who becomes a major Hollywood diva Nora Minton Niles, the dreamy, childlike teenage actress controlled by her ambitious mother Hanako Minatoya, the elegant actress and playwright who serves as Jun s inspiration and foil and Ashley Bennett Tyler, the British director whose guiding hand turns Jun into a star But what Jun ultimately discovers is far complex and personal than even he could have imagined.Revoyr s stunning new novel alternates between the 1960s and the height of the silent film era It is also the story of a man caught between worlds Jun must try to please both his Japanese and American fans, and while he is adored by moviegoers especially women he s despised by public officials, who see him as a threat to American power and racial purity.The Age of Dreaming explores the history of Los Angeles, the heady beginnings of the movie industry, and the interplay of race and celebrity It is part historical novel, part mystery, and part unfulfilled love story, all told through the voice of a forgotten star who must gradually come to terms with his past.
    The Age of Dreaming Jun Nakayama was a silent film star in the early days of Hollywood but by he is living in complete obscurity until a young writer Nick Bellinger tracks him down for an interview When Bellinge

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    1. What a challenge to write a book in the narrative voice of an elderly Japanese man and former silent film star, this is so well done It opens up a character few people would be capable of writing so well, where his correctness and attempts to distance himself from what he does not want to see both fail him beneath the pressure of unexpected circumstances In some ways it does limit the ranges of what the book can reveal of this fascinating early period in the intertwined histories of both film an [...]

    2. Again Nina Revoyr took me into another time here in the city where I live and showed me a world we can barely imagine in 2015 I loved her first book, Southland, set in Los Angeles in the 40s, 50s, and 60s In The Age of Dreaming, she goes earlier to the era of silent film.Jun Nakayama was a fictional silent film star in the early days of Hollywood He emigrated from Japan as a young man and through a combination of hard work, self assurance, a passion for acting, and plenty of luck, wound up as a [...]

    3. By Judith FreemanOne of the many pleasures of Nina Revoyr s quietly powerful new novel, The Age of Dreaming, is the portrayal of its central character, an aging Japanese silent film star named Jun Nakayama The novel is set in 1964, and Jun is living in a small apartment in West Hollywood, forgotten and ignored, a dignified and elderly man whose neighbors have no idea he was once a major Hollywood star with an understated acting style that would later influence the likes of Montgomery Clift and M [...]

    4. During a time when Japanese Americans living in Los Angeles could only live in a few designated neighborhoods, and whites agitated for a Constitutional amendment to bar Japanese immigrants and their American born children from attaining citizenship, Jun Nakayama becomes one of Hollywood s biggest and most unlikely stars He appears in over 60 films, tours cross country selling war bonds, appears on the cover of Photoplay, and makes women swoon in the theatre aisles.But then in 1922, shortly after [...]

    5. Earlier this month I went to a silent film workshop in Virginia where attendees were treated to unidentified silent films complete with live musical accompaniment from various film archives around the world in hopes that some information can be revealed about them their title, their actors, possible directors and crew, the year it was made, the place it was filmed It was something really fun and challenging to do Viewers devoured every detail of the films in question, scoured reference books, vo [...]

    6. ,bTitle The Age of DreamingAuthor Nina RevoyrGenre Literary fiction.Setting Los Angeles in the 20 s and 60 s.Reason for Reading 50 book project, book 41 Nine books to go Relevance to the Project I never gave silent films much thought This was a really interesting exploration of what it was like at the beginning of film, seen through the lens of a protagonist who really has quite a lot he s trying to avoid thinking about.Finished In It took me a bit to get going with this book all in all I think [...]

    7. I love early film history It s one of the most fascinating topics ever because of all the scandalous things back then that are common today Jun Nakayama used to be a nationally beloved actor He was an A list star like in the ranks with Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks Especially for a Japanese person, he was highly successful Despite being at the top of his game, he suddenly stopped acting in 1922 Ever since then he disappeared into Hollywood s shadow We fast forward the the story s prese [...]

    8. I liked this book alright I love the subject of old Hollywood, in particular the silent days, and I loved the storylines on the racism against the Japanese something not written about very often, at least to my knowledge , but there was one big thing that bothered me about this book The author does name check some of the famous stars of that day, but the characters in the book are purely fiction That being said, two of the major characters in the book, actress Nora Milton Niles and director Ash [...]

    9. As a massive movie fan, this novel is a loving testament to the era of silent films It tells the story of Jun Nakayama, a young Japanese American who became a huge star during the birth of Hollywood for about a decade and then disappeared until we find him again in his 70 s who then receives a call from a journalist interested in the pictures of old this ignites reliving memories Jun has been keeping locked away for over 40 years and sets off motions that are beautifully vivid and startling in n [...]

    10. This is a truly beautiful story with exquisite writing and a handful of killer sentences no pun intended We read this for a book group and because it was chosen for the West Hollywood reads program, and I m so happy we did, or we might not have happened upon it The characters are well developed, there are multiple stories within stories as well as a captivating primary narrative bridging two distinct periods of time There s also a fascinating back story to the book, check out vqronline articles [...]

    11. This story is told by a Japanese man who was a silent movie star Because of his feeling of what is appropriate and what isn t, to me the writing was very stilted However, I feel that is how it has to be It also moved very slowly in parts I did like the description of what Los Angeles was like during that time and how he saw it change, not only in appearance but also showing how society changed I was disappointed in that the author took poetic license as to times certain things could take place I [...]

    12. ENJOYABLE ENCHANTING.Compelling and likable characters, times, and setting Hollywood in the early days of silent movies make the novel, The Age of Dreaming, by Nina Revoyr an engaging and delightful read Told as a first person narrative, it reads as part memoir, part mystery, and wholly entertaining.Recommendation Do add this one to your want to read shelf Japanese students were barred from attending public schools page 44Adobe Digital ePub edition, 286 pages

    13. If you find silent films and old Hollywood fascinating, Revoyr s well written and incredibly engrossing novel, The Age of Dreaming, is a must read.

    14. 5 5 starsI was surprised by how much I enjoy this This was my first time reading anything by this author, and I must say, if her other work is even half as good as this, I d be happy From start to finish, this book was a delight to read The pacing was perfect The story unraveled slowly, but had just enough intrigue to keep you hooked The characters were well developed and interesting I felt completely transported to old Hollywood I loved the name dropping of classic Hollywood actors And I especi [...]

    15. I liked this book in spite of myself Loved Revoyr s Southland, and had no problems with the purposely stilted first person narrative It was interesting to see a protagonist learn But the numerous historical inaccuracies much frequently occurring than the two main anachronisms she acknowledges kept throwing me out of the story Sloppy is not something I would have applied to this writer, but this seems to have been poorly researched and fact checked Or maybe I just was familiar with the 1960s Ho [...]

    16. Not sure why I picked up a book on Hollywood since I rarely watch movies MC was a little self absorbed and conceited so didn t connect with him How he got to America was a bit forced.

    17. I m not really sure how this book ended up on my to read list I read Southland earlier this year and did not like it , but when the hold came up from the library I plowed through this one Both novels deal with race relations in part in southern CA in a historical setting Unfortunately, I was not impressed with either.In this book, Revoyr attempts to do a lot She tries to deal with nascent Hollywood and the transformation from silent films to talkies she embeds several different love stories incl [...]

    18. I found this book on the dollar shelf at a local used bookstore I don t even remember why I picked it up I needed something to read for a trip, and it was a dollar, and the premise sounded intriguing I like Old Hollywood stuff if it s done well and when I read a test page I thought the writing was pretty good.I didn t even bring it on that trip, but I m so glad I picked it up last weekend That was officially the best dollar I ve ever spent.I LOVED THIS BOOK I don t even know how to describe how [...]

    19. Book 11 completed for Book Riot Challenge 2017 Read a book published by a micropress It was incredibly difficult to find a micropress book at the library, that after reading the first one I found, I wasn t expecting much This story was riddled with emotions and curiosity and intrigue The only thing was some parts seemed to be little too wordy and detailed, unnecessarily But overall, it was very unique and continued to make me want to know the next part of the story.

    20. This was a very interesting book.It is the story of Jun Nakamura, now an older man living in Hollywood, but in the 20 s, he was a major silent film star He has lived in obscurity for decades, but in the advent of a new interest in these old movies, a reporter screenwriter seeks him out Because of this interest in his life, Jun thinks about and recounts the story of his rise and fall as one of the great of Hollywood s very early days Because he is Japanese, it also explores the prejudice against [...]

    21. I think I expected I appreciated addressing the racism of the 1920 s 1960 s focusing on either end of that spectrum and avoiding the war itself and its internment camps , but the narration was heavy handed and didactic Indeed, it was first person, thus, part of the characterization, and so often that character seemed a doddering old man, but in the last push of the book, there are revelations that Nakayama was not as blind to his career s experiences as one might have originally thought, and it [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this story I have to say, after reading several of the reviews I find that I don t really agree with any of the criticisms people have put forth For one, the narrator may feel stilted, aloof or whathaveyou, but to me it makes complete sense considering he is a 70 Japanese man born around the turn of the century who has spent 40 years suppressing his memories, feelings and desires This is a perfectly real and believable person to me and if his narrative had been easy or self awar [...]

    23. Nina Revoyr demonstrates great versatility and range in this novel It s quite different from The Necessary Hunger, and I am impressed with the high amount of creativity and imagination suffused throughout The protagonist and narrator is Jun Nakayama, a Japanese man who moved to the U.S in his teens and became a rising star in the age of silent films during Hollywood s nascent years The mystery and intrigue of the novel lies in his reluctance to disclose why he chose to end his career prematurely [...]

    24. This book was so different from anything I ve read, I don t think I could possibly have predicted anything that happened Jun is a fascinating character definitely a product of the 1910s with his formal, proper use of language increasingly unreliable as you realize how self absorbed he is was, and how fully he blinded himself to what was incredibly obvious but also admirable in a way, as we finally see him start admitting the truth to himself I couldn t have imagined it ending so nicely, but I ac [...]

    25. I became a fan of Nina Revoyr after reading her racial themed book Wingshooters and found the topic explored once again in her book The Age of Dreaming this time taking place in old L.A and the film community It is combination historical novel, murder mystery, and unrequited love story set in the silent film era The central character, Jun Nakayama narrates, with the author filling in the details switching from past to present day 1964 He s an intriguingly handsome Japanese celebrity highly sough [...]

    26. I thought this book was very well written and I enjoyed reading about the silent film era of the 1920s The book is set in 1964 with flashes back to the 1920s Jun Nakayama came to the U.S to study but stayed on as a silent movie actor He led quite a glamorous life and associated with the top film stars of the era But his career ended abruptly in 1922 Through his narrations looking back as an old man, we find out why his career, and that of a few of his contemporaries, ended so suddenly I would ca [...]

    27. Nina Revoyr is one of my favorite authors I think that both The Necessary Hunger and Southland were beautiful and evocative Heck, they made me want to spend lots of time in L.A and I could never have predicted that But I was very disappointed in The Age Of Dreaming While the story was strong, once it got going, the first person voice felt contrived and stilted I wasn t able to get into the flow of the book because that narrative voice just kept pushing me back out with its awkwardness I apprecia [...]

    28. A little frustrated with this onee narrative tension revolves around something that happened in the narrator s past, but he refuses to reveal it I didn t feel like he actually couldn t remember, or that there was a good reason for waitingother than to propel the reader with an artificial sense of mystery.On the other hand, place is wonderfully well done Often a chimeric bit of glittery backdrop to sex and pills, here LA comes alive as a real geographical place with history and landscape and tone [...]

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