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Game On By Michelle Smith,

  • Title: Game On
  • Author: Michelle Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: None
  • As king of baseball in the small town of Lewis Creek, Eric Perry can have any girl he wants and win every game he plays But when a fight lands him in jail, he s only got one strike before his baseball career is over for good His only chance for redemption The girl next door, Bri Johnson.Bri hasn t talked to Eric in months for starters, she s been too busy dealing wAs king of baseball in the small town of Lewis Creek, Eric Perry can have any girl he wants and win every game he plays But when a fight lands him in jail, he s only got one strike before his baseball career is over for good His only chance for redemption The girl next door, Bri Johnson.Bri hasn t talked to Eric in months for starters, she s been too busy dealing with her jerk of an ex boyfriend, not to mention the fact that Eric s been preoccupied trying to drink every keg in the country dry But when he needs a way to stay on the team, she proposes a plan if he helps her out with community service, he can stay on the team At first it s a nightmare Eric and Bri stopped being friends years ago, surely that was for a good reason, right But as volunteering turns to bonding over old memories of first kisses under the stars, they start to have trouble remembering what pushed them apart.In a town as small as Lewis Creek, nothing stays secret for long and their friendship and romance might mean bad news But in this final, tumultuous spring before graduation, Eric and Bri are about to realize that nobody s perfect alone, but they might just be perfect together.
    Game On As king of baseball in the small town of Lewis Creek Eric Perry can have any girl he wants and win every game he plays But when a fight lands him in jail he s only got one strike before his baseball

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    1. Eric Perry is a gem and I want to see male characters like him in every single YA NA romance ever, thank you This was such a sweet little romance My heart is pretty full right now.

    2. Game On is a next door neighbor romance done almost perfectly After a shaky start I wish a couple of Eric s interactions with other girls had been left out I ended up liking this so much Michelle Smith is such a great writer And a twitterpated Eric is about the most adorable thing ever He grabbed my heart just like Braxton before him There s so much to enjoy here, too baseball and the love for the game, family, background ships, learning to love yourself I sincerely hope there s Lewis Creek st [...]

    3. How do you decide if Game On is a book you must try Let me help you out Do you like sports romances Do you enjoy dual POVs Do you like reading character driven books with strong focuses on family and small town living Do you love shippy slow burn friends to romances If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you very much need to experience this gem of a book Game On is the sort of the book that once you re done reading want to cuddle up with and think about all the warm and fuzzy [...]

    4. It s time to go back to Lewis Creek, you guys, and I kind of really love that place This is a companion novel to PLAY ON, and this time, we see the fall of Eric Perry with the re building You ll also get to meet Bri, and this girl completely swiped my heart and ran away with it With family, friendship, romance, small town scandal, and plenty of baseball, GAME ON is a book that s near and dear to my heart I can t wait for you guys to read it

    5. I was very much anticipating this book after how much I enjoyed book one of the Lewis Creek series, Play On And I wasn t disappointed Eric Perry is known around Lewis Creek as the fun guy He can have any girl he wants and it seems get away with just about anything as the starting pitcher of the baseball team But with a reputation as a troublemaker and a fight landing him in jail, his coach bails him out one last time with a warning any trouble and you re off the team Bri Johnson has lived next [...]

    6. Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads.My love for Michelle Smith s writing and this book is so very real, I m not even sure what to say about it I suspected it when I read Play On last year, but now I know for sure I ll read absolutely anything and everything she publishes New favorite auto buy auto read author for sure Game On was the perfect book at the perfect time for me and I loved absolutely everything about it The characters were both amazing The issues they face are so real and the [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI really enjoyed the previous book in this series, so I was pretty excited for this one I really liked Bri and Eric They are both good people and I enjoyed being in their heads They had some great banter and playfulness between them, but I would have liked to see kissing I think they deserved it I wasn t a fan of the situation with the ex boyfriend There was a lot a lot a lot of drama and stalking and unnecessary behavior that happened If someone is calling and texting you at all hours [...]

    8. Not leaving a real rating or review because I worked on this book in a professional capacity, but oh, you should read it.

    9. Michelle Smith sure knows how to make you root for and care for her characters They re just so precious and you can t help but fall in love 3

    10. Review This book was really sweet It wasn t anything groundbreaking or super original but it was a heartfelt story about two neighbors, family and of course baseball.Bri Johnson has kind of a crappy home life Her mom left and her dad is a truck driver so he is gone a lot leaving Bri alone I love that this doesn t stop her from being an awesome student and amazing soccer player that has her college all planned and a future envisioned for herself Still, with an awful ex boyfriend that won t leave [...]

    11. Love these characters There was always something developing underneath all their personas and I love how realistic these two were Sure the romance was a slow paced one but don t you just love those ones Tensions building and their attraction grows ever so slowly I also just love his family because they re also amazing Michelle Smith knows how to warm my ice cold heart because this is the second novel of hers that I loved.

    12. 3.5 stars.This is a very smart, well written, thoughtful contemporary, set in a baseball obsessed small town in South Carolina It s also one of those stories that I can fully agree with how great it is and understand why people love it, while also recognizing that there were some elements that didn t work for me personally You all know I am crazy about some things, guys What struck me the most is how complexly both Eric and Bri are drawn, and, despite their differences, how well they work togeth [...]

    13. 3.5 5 FangsI am a huge fan ofFriday Night Lightsand the synopsis of this book gave meFriday Night Lightsvibes, so I knew I had to read it This book really did feel like the baseball version ofFriday Night Lights , and I loved that Overall, I liked the plot of this book and I thought it was very addicting The one main issue I had with the plot had to deal with some of the drama with Bri s ex boyfriend I thought the drama was necessary and it could have totally been avoided It was just really frus [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars If you have been following me for the past year on any of my social medias you ll know this year has been not great reading wise which is why when I find a book I enjoy I legit do not shut up about it Which is thankfully the case with this book.This book wasn t just a love story, although I admit the love story was pretty great Small town, neighbour s all their life but also sort of slow burn romance What s not to love about that But this book was also about believing in yourself, abou [...]

    15. Eric, the wayward pastor s son, was not taken seriously in any capacity Girls saw him as fun and not boyfriend material The boosters saw him as a mediocre pitcher with a bad image Bri, the overachieving girl next door, was trying to escape a toxic relationship, while still living with the stigma left from her mother s abandonment Circumstances bring them back into each other s lives, and together they heal and become the best version of themselves This was a rather sweet love story Better than t [...]

    16. This review was originally posted on Andi s ABCsGame On is definitely my favorite of the two books in the Lewis Creek stories Eric and Bri s story was the perfect girl next door type of story Seriously I just loved both of these characters so much And they played off each other perfectly They had a natural chemistry and you just couldn t help falling for them They were both in a place where they needed to grow and change and I think finding their lost friendship was a way for them to do that.I g [...]

    17. Eric Perry and Bri Johnson have lived next door to each other for years Now their senior year in high school is changing for both For Eric, he is dealing with his own pressure that he is putting on himself as becoming the baseball teams starting pitcher Still, this does not account for all of his drinking and the trouble that he has been getting in Bri, on the other hand, has been dating the star center fielder who also happens to be a jerk and that has just taken her awhile to figure it out Aft [...]

    18. I have been struggling with YA Contemporaries for a while already YA Contemporaries used to be one of my favorite kind of books to read but lately, I ve been finding them lacking Either the romance is too cute and juvenile or else it s too dramatic and over the top fake, or we have mental illness contemps which are missing that good romance that I love A few months ago, when everyone started talking about how good Game On was, I added it to my list When Nick told me it was good, I grabbed a copy [...]

    19. Four and a half stars A fun, flirty, best friends romance that takes on some serious topics Eric Perry should be ecstatic, on cloud nine, celebrating that he is the starting pitcher for his high school baseball team, something he has worked for his whole life Yet he is not Eric instead feels a sickening dread in his stomach, and the only way to get rid of that tension is to have a few drinks The only problem is that he is on thin ice, since he got caught drinking last year Luckily, his neighbor [...]

    20. I d been waiting for this book ever since I finished Play On, and I d learned there was another novel in this series PO is one of my all time favorite books It s one of the books I ve pushed A LOT over the last year, and it s a book of my heart So I was understandably nervous going into Game On, because I had super high expectations for it And I adore Michelle and didn t want to end up disliking it, you know But I m so glad to say that I LOVED this Not as much as Play On, but not surprising give [...]

    21. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review I requested this ARC without noticing it was book 2 in a series, but I didn t find that it affected my enjoyment of the book or understanding of the story at all I went into it expecting a romance novel type of story and was very happy to get something along the lines of typical contemporary YA While I like some romance in my stories, I don t like many of the tropes of romance novels, so I was [...]

    22. Sport and romance combine in this fun story of second chances and starting over.Eric finally has the starting position as pitcher on the baseball team And that means a whole lot pressure and people watching his every move So getting arrested for hitting one of his teammates isn t going to improve his popularity with the townspeople Bri knows its time to end things with her boyfriend But she doesn t need her neighbour and old friend Eric fighting with her ex for her She surprises herself when s [...]

    23. 3.5 stars Immediate reaction I really enjoyed Eric and Bri s story but I wish there was just a bit of them together, maybe I m not sure but it was missing a bit of the spark of how much I loved the first maybe Eric was just down on himself for so long however, I still very much enjoyed My thoughts As a whole, I really enjoyed this sports romance I am not a huge fan of baseball in real life but really love baseball in books I think I just like seeing the love that characters, in this instance, E [...]

    24. Okay Whatever you re doing, just stop and read this series I m serious I love Michelle s writing, her characters, the Lewis Creek really screwed up world and her stories.Now, a really high praise for a book I didn t give 5 stars to I wanted to I really did It was amazing and I was just rooting for Bri and Eric so much and it felt so freaking real, the characters didn t just change overnight and had some serious issues which weren t just suddenly gone There was also a little christian presence wi [...]

    25. I hate sports but for some reason, I love sports movies I learned recently that that also extends to sports books and Michelle Smith s duology about a baseball team in Lewis Creek is just delightful Bri and Eric have been next door neighbors forever They were each other s first kiss at 10 and now they don t really talk She s dating a jerk and he s a player But of course things are about to change Baseball and the small town they live in are almost characters in this novel baseball in a good way [...]

    26. I m sad I didn t love this I really enjoyed Eric and Bribut I don t feel like I got to be in Bri s head as much as Eric s, so I didn t get to know her that well I love the childhood best friend trope AND some slow burn romance, but this was a little too slow and repetitive for me honestly And cheesy I know this book takes place in the south and is about a pastor s son but there were definitely religious references than the first book too Soooo yeah I don t know which I liked better but they wer [...]

    27. 4.5 This was so, so adorable Just like Play On, Game On was both very sweet and cute, but also realistic and dealt with tougher topics I loved Eric and Bri s stories, they both seemed so genuine and down to earth, like people you d actually want to spend time with Neither was without fault though, which made the story feel incredibly authentic I am usually pretty hard to please with contemporary romance in general, but this series has totally won me over And I dare say I may even like Game On be [...]

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