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  • Title: Maya
  • Author: Mahak Jain Elly MacKay
  • ISBN: 9781771471008
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The electricity in Maya s house has gone out again Worse, she is afraid of the dark and her fear has been even worse since her father died Now it feels as if the darkness will never go away.Maya s mother distracts her with a legend about the banyan tree, which saved the world from the first monsoon by drinking up the floodwaters, and growing tall and strong Later thatThe electricity in Maya s house has gone out again Worse, she is afraid of the dark and her fear has been even worse since her father died Now it feels as if the darkness will never go away.Maya s mother distracts her with a legend about the banyan tree, which saved the world from the first monsoon by drinking up the floodwaters, and growing tall and strong Later that night, unsettled by the noises around her, Maya revisits the story in her imagination She ventures deep into the banyan tree, where she discovers not darkness but life snakes slither, monkeys laugh, and elephants dance Maya pushes her imagination even further to call up memories of her father, helping to soothe her fear and grief.Elly MacKay mixes miniature paper theater art with spellbinding shadow puppetry to play with darkness and light, giving Maya s real, fantasy, and story within a story worlds unique treatment and making Maya s world come alive on the page.
    Maya The electricity in Maya s house has gone out again Worse she is afraid of the dark and her fear has been even worse since her father died Now it feels as if the darkness will never go away Maya s mot

    One thought on “Maya”

    1. Between the story and the illustrations, the imagination has many places to go This book is great for getting students to work at deeper thinking, seeing little details, and questioning what they hear and or see A beautiful story, with whimsical illustrations.

    2. This book is about a young girl who is scared of the dark One day her power goes out and she has a very bad fear ever since her father died He mother came to sooth her and talked about the legend of the banyan tree This tree once saved many of lives, there once was a big flood that came into the town The tree soaked up everything and saved the town Going back to the little girl, she starts to hear noises and starts to picture the tree and what it could of to sooth her, she soon looks very deep a [...]

    3. This is a good book with beautiful pictures My children enjoyed it and we discussed how Maya lived in India and it was so far away The only complaint that I have was that I felt it didn t transition well from her imagining and real life It left my kids a little confused Maybe my kids were a little too young to understand what exactly was happening Otherwise, a beautiful story that I would recommend reading.

    4. Elly MacKay s paper theater art is the primary reason I picked up this book It s absolutely stunning.The power goes out in a small village A girl s fear of the dark and the noise is lessened by the comfort of her mother s words, telling her of the story of the first banyan tree It s a sweet story of loss and overcoming one s fear.

    5. Nice story, and it actually touches on some sadder sentiments than many children s books do Enjoyed the illustrations My edition was also inscribed with To the Lillian H Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, Thank you for all your support , and signed by both.Slightly surprised to see it forgo the official national spelling for center.

    6. Maya is a lovely book about a girl who has difficulty sleeping in a city blackout She is missing her father terribly and is afraid of the sounds of the night Her Mother tells her a story and through her sleeplessness she finds the true meaning of the story.

    7. Didn t even read the story but the illustrations are great They look like hand painted paper dolls that have been photographed.

    8. Elly Mackay s illustrations particularly of the peacock are beautiful and dreamy Maya s father is not with her or her mother when the monsoon begins, so it is up to Maya s mother to calm Maya s fears The story initially helps, but then Maya reads too much into it and must, eventually, calm herself and face her fears overcome them to be able to rest.

    9. A young girl and her mother have a long night with no power after a big storm and use their imaginations to help them get through it Preschool and up for topic and length.

    10. Papa used to tell stories, too He said that a story was like a bird It flew you to places you had never heard of, and the places always changed you Maya, by Mahak Jain.Last night I read this book to both my 7 year old daughter and 10 year old son Before bed, they left the story quietly imagining the stalking tigers in their own minds, clinging with their fears of unknown noises creaking into our new apartment, and wavering shadows in the corners and tipping boxes tumbling from open closets As Ma [...]

    11. This was a sweet book it would be good for any child grieving the loss of a parent, but it s not so narrowly focused that I feel like it s only about that It s also about being afraid even when you re with someone who loves you, and finding hope in unexpected places.I was a little turned off by the illustrations at first, but they grew on me Especially when Mumma is telling the story, the silhouette style was very effective.

    12. Through colorful illustrations, you are taken on a mystical journey of a magical banyan tree where one can overcome there fears, learn to cope with loss and learn to love in a different way Maya is a beautiful story that entangles loss, fear and love into one memorizing voyage The author takes you along for the ride and shows their readers that you can defeat anything, regardless of how big or small you are and that things don t always seem as they appear.

    13. A book that is well thought out and crafted no matter how small or short it is is a pleasure to spend time with and carefully ponder To appreciate the fine details that encourage a reader to loose themselves in a plot of a story seem almost enlightening to anyone s mind And there is plenty to ponder over in the detailed efforts of Mahak Jain and Elly MacKay in Maya.tinyurl jzj93dq

    14. Received this book and was very impressed It is an adorable read and seemed to keep the little ones attention She loved the very detailed artwork Mahak Jain thank you for supplying us with such a heartwarming story We loved it

    15. This is a sweet story about overcoming fear and finding hope in the midst of grief, and Elly McKay s paper theater images, layered with light and shadow, make it truly unique.

    16. What a sweet picture book for any child, but so for a child who has lost a father figure The art is beautiful and the story is sweet.

    17. Lovely pictures in a lovely little book about a girl in India afraid at night when the electricity goes out.

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