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The Haunting of Gillespie House By Darcy Coates,

  • Title: The Haunting of Gillespie House
  • Author: Darcy Coates
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elle can t believe her luck she s spending a month house sitting the beautiful Gillespie property Hidden near the edge of the woods and an hour s drive from the nearest town, its dark rooms and rich furniture entice her to explore its secrets There s even a graveyard hidden behind the house, filled with tombstones that bear an identical year of death.If only the scratchElle can t believe her luck she s spending a month house sitting the beautiful Gillespie property Hidden near the edge of the woods and an hour s drive from the nearest town, its dark rooms and rich furniture entice her to explore its secrets There s even a graveyard hidden behind the house, filled with tombstones that bear an identical year of death.If only the scratching in the walls would be quiet The house s dark and deadly history quickly becomes tangled with Elle s life At the center of it is Jonathan Gillespie, the tyrannical cult leader and original owner of the house As Elle soon learns just because he s dead, doesn t mean he s gone.
    The Haunting of Gillespie House Elle can t believe her luck she s spending a month house sitting the beautiful Gillespie property Hidden near the edge of the woods and an hour s drive from the nearest town its dark rooms and rich f

    One thought on “The Haunting of Gillespie House”

    1. melissa413readsalotI love the creepy cover of this book with that old house I enjoyed this ghost story and it actually had a happy ending Elle was so happy that she was going to get to watch the Gillespie House while Mr and Mrs Gillespie went out of town for a bit She wandered through all of the rooms and found some really nice antique furniture in the upstairs rooms that no one ever went into for some reason She found an old cemetery that had mostly Gillespie relatives in it She started doing r [...]

    2. I am an enthusiastic fan of all things horror, but I have a special place in my heart for the haunted house There s nothing quite like a good haunted house tale I don t know why that particular genre is so attractive to me Maybe it s because your house is supposed to be your refuge, the place you go to escape all the rest of the bad things in the world The thought of it actually being the source for the most horrific things in your world is truly terrifying I thought this had some truly creepy m [...]

    3. I tried but this is simply bad The technical writing part is okay It s just the story itself There really isn t a story here Everything is so forced and artificial to the point where you simply can t invest any There is a lot of disbelief you have to suspend when it s horror AND when it s ghostly in nature This book managed to totally overflow even that huuuge lake of suspended disbelief.Nothing the MC does is reasonable in any way It s so bad that it throws you out of the story It felt like th [...]

    4. This was a super quick read it was not really scared but the end was not what I expected so that was a surprise If you like short little quick read ghost stories this book is for u It has a bonus short story at the end about and old house that was an orphanage The author talks about the book bring based off the short story at the end but I almost think the orphanage story would ve made a better ghost story I enjoyed it anyways so give it a go if this is ur thing.

    5. Wow, this started out as a collection of cliches and ended as an exercise in bad writing Yes, that s harsh, but really the heroine in this does so many inexplicable things, it s ridiculous She has no reason to be invested in the house or its story, and she seems to ignore common sense and even simple self preservation with every action This reads like a rough draft of a rough draft.

    6. THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE, by Darcy Coates started out instantly grabbing my attention The atmosphere of the old Gillespie Mansion that Ellie is house sitting for the owners is a gothic style dream As the temporary caretaker explores the once glamorous building, she uncovers rooms full of beautiful, old fashioned furniture contrasting vastly to the efficient modern day furnishings a library that seems out of proportion somehow, and even a graveyard in the back woods.The little things that [...]

    7. Darcy Coates is one scary author, and her newest, THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE, is one SCARY story I love supernatural fiction and nonfiction above all else, but nearly as much, I love the revelation of monstrousness in human form THE HAUNTING OF GILLESPIE HOUSE starts with human monstrosity, horrible acts perpetrated by an evil individual, and builds until supernatural evil, an all encompassing darkness, kicks in and takes over, in an unstoppable, aggressive, INTENTIONAL, fashion So whether [...]

    8. I do enjoy a good haunted house story.Elle needs to get away from things for a bit She grabs the opportunity to house sit for a month at the Gillespie s house It s of an estate with the large forests and somewhat neglected mansion.First things first, Elle explores the house, finding rooms filled with beautiful antiques Then she walks the grounds, surrounded by heavy brush and trees, stumbling onto a graveyard filled with crumbling tombstones Something peculiar catches her eye All of these peopl [...]

    9. This fast and entertaining book is about a young woman named Elle, who is hired to house sit a huge, gothic mansion in the country Very little is revealed about Elle s life, which I preferred because I was in the mood of a haunted house story, and this book jumps right in to the action.There were a few scenes that creeped me out, and I enjoyed the descriptions of the house and grounds.

    10. I really enjoyed this book, and was pretty surprised to see that it has as many negative reviews as it does No matter, I loved it Elle is immediately likable and it was obvious early on that she s either a lot braver than I am, or flat out crazy, because every move she makes in this story is the exact opposite of what I would have done in her situation Then again, I m a big chicken But that was what entertained me the most at the beginning of the story, along with the premise that drew me in a y [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the intense setting in this book Elle is house sitting for a couple for one month The Gillespie house sits all alone in a rural area of the town Elle is all alone in this huge mansion Is she really Towards the end, the story line became confusing I was really hoping to enjoy this .

    12. This is a good story, nothing that s gonna wow you but it s solid It seems to me that it s of an adventure story than actual horror, but that s not a bad thing, just not what I was expecting However, Darcy Coates has a way with words and character development that makes everything real and relatable, so I found myself enjoying this book a lot.

    13. Honestly, I had never heard of this author and happened to stumble upon her books while browsing on Kindle Unlimited A few kept popping up so I decided to grab them I love grabbing books on impulse and I was very surprised that it was so good, some do not measure up The Haunting Of Gillespie House starts when Elle, a young woman, is asked to housesit while the house s owners are out of town She sees this as an adventure Soon the house begins to come alive and the story that presents itself is si [...]

    14. Young woman finds herself alone in large haunted house is one of those stories which feels like it s always been part of humanity The kind of tale which has probably existed since we first had houses, or maybe even since we first had people It s a story that s been told a million times before and will be told a million times again Indeed even as I type this review, I am almost one hundred percent sure that there s someone else in the world typing or at least telling their own version of it So as [...]

    15. I simply loved reading this book Well weaved plot with supernatural elements that gave me goosebumps I look forward to reading of her books I borrowed a copy via Prime Reading.

    16. This book started out great I was drawn in immediately I love ghost books and hauntings Bits were somewhat cliche but I feel like, in the end, it really was a let down It had the makings of an AWESOME book So much POTENTIAL Then the author just sort of rushed everything and the ending was wrapped up in such a nice, pretty little bow that it kind of ruined the feeling of the rest of the book.There was so much to explore Cut scenes to the spirit who is haunting the house were good and there was so [...]

    17. a truly great story, I loved the psychological terror on the book, all horror books should be like that, it gave you hints and the mystery unfolded piece by piece truly amazing really if you ask mee end is a happy one, but all the thriller before that captivated me hard, it was pretty thrilling and I liked Elle a lot everyone that likes horror should read Darcy Coates, she does an amazing job with them really, you will never be disappointed.

    18. If I could give this book a negative score, I totally would There is not one feature of this book that is even remotely interesting The plot been done, the characters boring and than slightly annoying, the pace molasses, the twist non existent.Trust me, friends, you want to skip this one.

    19. This is a tough one The writing itself isn t bad, and it seems like the author had a pretty good idea for the story The execution of the story itself felt rushed and underdeveloped I was simultaneously drawn into the story by the intriguing concepts and characters, and pulled out by all the unbelievable behavior The main character really the only character is Elle, who is so undeveloped that I think the only thing we know about her is her name The story is told in the first person, and in such a [...]

    20. I m not much of a reader of horror, but I will confess to loving a good ghost story every now and again This suspenseful book, while not terribly long, has plenty of spooky momentsrfect reading for a gloomy winter evening I enjoyed the gothic touches throughout the story The writing gave me a clear sense of place, namely, the Gillespie house, which was chillingly creepy I admit it Elle, the main character, is much braver in investigating the haunting than I would have been in the same situation [...]

    21. 3.5 stars As many other reviewers have said, this started off pretty good however, I don t know what went wrong I just don t think it was executed as much as it could have been Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but something was missing I have no problem with novellas, but I definitely think this should have been a little bit longer Some parts were super cliche and predictable but like I said, still fairly enjoyable If you like ghost ish stories, I d still recommend It s a super quick read, but d [...]

    22. This was a very quick read which I did enjoy on a stormy night here on the east coast Elle is taking care of an old empty mansion while the owners are away I was literally holding my breath while she walked around the house during the night, especially after hearing strange sounds and doors slamming Quite a crazy back story Good storyline and like I said a quick read for those in between times and when you need a change in genre

    23. Meh It was okay Not horrible, but neither was it as creepy as I had hoped A little slow moving in some places, and the heroine made some questionable choices that had me thinking, well, that was a dumb thing to do on occasion I did the audiosync where I had the audio book narration playing as I read along, and I did like the narrator Good enough that I m willing to give the author another try, not so good that it would occur to me as one to recommend to someone.

    24. This was a quick, fun little read It was a good little mystery As I was reading this I could see it being turned into a film They would have to amp up the scare factor a bit but, I think it would be fun If you like quick, little haunted house story I would recommend this Not that scary, but fun with a plucky, brave heroine and a good, little story.

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