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Happiness By Randy Alcorn,

  • Title: Happiness
  • Author: Randy Alcorn
  • ISBN: 9781414389349
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Christians are supposed to be happy In fact, we are supposed to radiate joy, peace, and contentment that is so unmistakable and so attractive that others are naturally drawn to us because they want what we have And yet, in today s culture, the vast majority of Christians are perceived as angry, judgmental people who don t seem to derive any joy from life whatsoever So wChristians are supposed to be happy In fact, we are supposed to radiate joy, peace, and contentment that is so unmistakable and so attractive that others are naturally drawn to us because they want what we have And yet, in today s culture, the vast majority of Christians are perceived as angry, judgmental people who don t seem to derive any joy from life whatsoever So why aren t we happy Unfortunately, many Christians are taught early on that God doesn t want us to be happy he wants us to be holy In fact, many Christians are laboring under the false notion that God himself is not happy But nothing could be further from the truth God does want us to be happy The Bible is filled with verses that prove that ours is a happy, joy filled God who not only loves celebrations but also desperately wants his children to be happy Why else would He go to the lengths He did to ensure our eternal happiness in His presence We know that we will experience unimaginable joy and happiness in Heaven, but that doesn t mean we can t also experience joy and happiness here on earth.In Happiness, noted theologian Randy Alcorn dispels centuries of misconceptions about happiness and provides indisputable proof that God not only wants us to be happy, He commands it The most definitive study on the subject of happiness to date, this book is a paradigm shifting wake up call for the church and Christians everywhere.
    Happiness Christians are supposed to be happy In fact we are supposed to radiate joy peace and contentment that is so unmistakable and so attractive that others are naturally drawn to us because they want wh

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    1. When the ARC Advanced Reader Copy for Happiness arrived in my mailbox, I remarked to the publicist who sent it Wow, it s big Yes, she said, it s the result of years of research by the author, and she imagined it would be one of those books that remained on readers shelves for years to refer to again and again.Now, having read it, I say to that yes and amen.Friends, this is one for your forever shelf, and it s worth the investment as well as whatever space it consumes on your bookshelf This book [...]

    2. Pastor Alcorn isn t content just to tell us to be happy He insists on searching Scripture and showing us the Gospel centered reasons for a happy life And if you trust him for a few hundred pages, he ll convince you that there s a lot of happiness to be found, first in God Himself, then in the gifts He gives us, and in our response to God and His world I really enjoyed reading this book Frankly, if a book called Happiness wasn t a pleasure to read, wouldn t that be a major problem right there Ran [...]

    3. Happiness What a wonderful read This 400 page book was a book I had put off for quite a few months until I heard someone comment about the book and ask me if I had ever read it before I decided to go ahead and read it at that point I m so very glad I did Happiness is the desire of the human heart But so few are truly happy Actually, a lot of Christians are anything but happy I love the idea of happiness and have historically thought of myself as a fairly happy person But, sadly to say, I ve ofte [...]

    4. God commands His people to be happy and therefore being happy is a matter of obedience for Christians Such is the argument of Randy Alcorn s newest book Happiness It seems that he has encountered a lot of Christians who seem to think, or imply, that happiness is sin and that God s purpose is for us to be holy, not happy He declares that the oft cited difference between happiness and joy is in reality a nonexistent difference, that the terms are so alike in meaning they are synonymous The distinc [...]

    5. This is a huge, well researched book worthy of the time I spent immersed in its pages It is filled with interesting quotes, stories about real Christians, and information from the Bible It feels as if the author left no stone unturned in his search and completely proved his point that Christians should be the happiest people on earth He also did a wonderful job of explaining what is wrong with the idea that Christians should be holy not happy we should be both There are pages devoted to proving [...]

    6. A long read with a minute focus on original languages and translations of specific words, but overall very profitable and worth the effort I learned where the superimposed separation between joy happiness came from in the Christian subculture and how to understand the biblical call to human happiness.

    7. I first picked up this book because Randy Alcorn s previous books, especially Heaven, have been so life changing for me, but I must admit I thought this one might be a bit of a stretch After all, the past few years have been the most difficult years of my life and it seemed very clear that God doesn t just give us what we want As a result, it sat untouched for over a year As I entered a new season of trial, I decided that reading this book might be an encouragement, so I picked it up again I had [...]

    8. Alcorn s book is an attempt to reconcile the evangelical tendency to separate holy joy from worldly happiness At its best, Alcorn s book reminds us that God is not unhappy or indifferent He provides many anecdotes that will be helpful for pastors and teachers searching for tangible examples to communicate a variety of theological points Nevertheless, there are profound problems that run through the length of Alcorn s text Despite attempts to hedge himself away from the following accusation, Alco [...]

    9. The enjoyment of God is the only happiness with which our souls can be satisfied If you are a Christian, you may have heard or even said the following God is not concerned with your happiness but your holiness Happiness and Joy are not the same I know for myself, I have thought this very same thing because many have been taught our happiness is selfish and not God centered Randy Alcorn gives a wonderful argument on that It is our happiness in Christ that we express salvation to the lost It is ou [...]

    10. Randy Alcorn s Happiness didn t change my life I was already or less happy so since having converted to Christianity I have heard of the happy vs holy vs joy argument before, so none of these nearly 500 pages came out of left field for me Every so often I did have to text a verse to my husband for clarification, context, or his opinion whenever a reference felt off to me, but whenever he replied it made sense with what Alcorn was stating If you re a new Christian, this is a great book This is [...]

    11. As excited as I was to read this book, it saddens me to only give it three stars If there was a way to rate each of the four parts, I would have given five stars toe last part Alcorn seems to spend touch time proving an easy to prove point in the first two parts The third part was great for a language nerd like myself, but would hardly appeal to a non language nerd or a new non believer The fourth part was priceless If it could be printed on its own, I would order it in bulk and give it away oft [...]

    12. I might have given this book 5 stars had it been a fifth the length Instead, I found it be a slow and excruciating exercise in mental anguish That s ironic being as I picked up the book to assist me in incorporating a greater degree of the happiness which comes from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ into my life I found reading this garbled mess to be painful than the average trip to the dentist Why Alcorn consistently offers 5 to 10 quotations when just one or two would do The oncom [...]

    13. Our church adopted this book as a church wide subject, taught from the pulpit and reviewed in our small groups Never mind that Randy Alcon gave the church a hefty discount on materials in exchange for being taught Wink I hate this book I hate these videos Despite the faulty lexicon interpretations, the entire book used joy and happiness interchangeably No He misused the Puritans overall meaning and view of what they meant about happiness Here are the confusing terms we had to sift through pure h [...]

    14. Happinessby Randy AlcornTyndale House PublishersTyndale House Publishers, Inc.ChristianPub Date Oct 1, 2015 Randy Alcorn reminds us in the Introduction that although we are often taught as Christians to be Holy,God also wants us to be Happy the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.This book points out that we often think the desire of happiness may have come from the fall of man, but what if in fact our desire for Happiness comes from God Happiness reminds us too that we should not be search [...]

    15. The basic thesis of the book is that it is unbiblical to separate happiness and joy, that it is incorrect to say that the concept of happiness or the word is not found in the Bible The book is exhaustive There is some repetition At times you almost feel like saying, I get it, I get it At times the reading is tedious The author even suggests that people may want to skip the third section of the book which is largely a word study Nevertheless, the book is a much needed corrective for the church to [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book, and I did feel like I learned some things by reading it The author explains that God created happiness, and that too many Christians today feel happiness is not Biblical He explains the Greek meanings of words to show how many times happiness is referred to in the Bible Blessed used to mean happy when the King James Bible was written, but we don t usually think of happy when we hear the word blessed now It is somewhat technical at times, and not the fastest reading, but defi [...]

    17. I really liked the way the book was organized into four parts I must admit that I did not read the book in order The sections made it easy and enjoyable to read them in a different order My favorite part was the last section because of the applications Being reminded that happiness is our choice is refreshing This a great read to reflect on God s goodness and His gift of happiness to His people.

    18. How I wish every believer could read this book I am not the same person I was when I started it The longing for happiness is so deeply ingrained in every human heart that it is undeniable It only follows that we were created by and for a happy God, in whom we find overwhelming and true happiness.

    19. A great Biblical analysis of the theme of happiness throughout the Bible, seeking to answer many questions that readers may have Fairly exhaustive in breadth.

    20. I have wondered about the difference between happiness and joy for a while It was great to read this book to find out that I m not the only one to question that belief.

    21. This 450 page, three year project purports to be the most extensive work on the topic of happiness to date 2015 It is chock full of quotes from theologians, scholars, ancients and moderns, believers and unbelievers, Calvinists and Arminians It contains abundant Hebrew and Greek linguistic evidence to support its claims I admit that when beginning this book I was a bit skeptical The subject matter could easily be taken in a superficial direction, used as an endorsement of the prosperity gospel, o [...]

    22. Happiness is another exhaustive work from Randy Alcorn If you ve read Heaven and Money, Possessions and Eternity, then you will be on familiar ground here Alcorn explores the idea of Biblical happiness in intricate and expansive detail, and generally puts to death the idea that happiness is somehow absent from Scripture In the book, Alcorn goes to great lengths to explain why happiness is a word that should be reclaimed, by demonstrating that God is happy, that God wants his people to be happy, [...]

    23. I received this book on a giveaway in exchange for a review I really liked this book It is a long and dense read I was ready for it to be over about halfway through though as it felt repetitive It was a well researched book rich with Scripture and quotation from people and other books A lot of good insights to happiness and how the Bible uses that word and defines it versus how culture or even the church use and define it I gained a lot from reading this and will most likely use it as a referenc [...]

    24. Should Christians be happy Alcorn answers, absolutely, yes and then discusses implications of this idea Like his book on heaven, this book was perspective changing for me even though I d heard some of it before Alcorn can be wordy, but I appreciate his thoroughness too so I would probably recommend the paired down version God s Promise of Happiness if you want the main message by itself or before embarking on this behemoth.

    25. Excellent book by Randy Alcorn You can find happiness in this book The author clearly state that God is the source of our true eternal happiness and it is a proven fact in this book Thank you, Randy, well done, My faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord Alleluia Amen

    26. Randy Alcorn is an author who consistently puts strong, biblical challenges before his readers His newest work, Happiness is no exception The book is arranged in four parts and is arranged as is summarized below.Part 1 Our Compelling Quest for HappinessRandy Alcorn lays the groundwork here by making the biblical case for happiness He confronts the typical evangelical notion that God is only concerned with our holiness but disregards the need for happiness Such views are not only unbiblical but h [...]

    27. Every decade or so, Randy Alcorn releases a large, comprehensive, well researched book tackling an area of the Christian life he thinks most Christians misunderstand In the 90s it was money, in the 2000s it was Heaven, and now it s happiness Like the previous two books, this book is another solid winner Alcorn begins by tackling the distinction that s often made between happiness and joy and arguing that this distinction is neither a biblical distinction nor a helpful one to make This was a surp [...]

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