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Wander By Lewis Bright Rees, Wander Definition of Wander by Merriam Webster Wander definition is to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal How to use wander in a sentence Synonym Discussion of wander. Wander After being hired to investigate a possible murder cover up in the small town of Wander, Arthur is plunged into a world of lies and deceit, as he quickly suspects the murder may be part of the same conspiracy cover up that caused the death of his daughter. Wander Definition of Wander at Dictionary Wander definition, to ramble without a definite purpose or objective roam, rove, or stray to wander over the earth See . Wander definition of wander by The Free Dictionary roam, walk, drift, stroll, range, cruise, stray, ramble, prowl, meander, rove, straggle, traipse informal , go walkabout Austral , mooch around slang , stravaig Scot Northern English dialect , knock about or around, peregrinate He wandered aimlessly around the garden. Wander Synonyms, Wander Antonyms Merriam Webster Some common synonyms of wander are meander, ramble, roam, rove, and traipse While all these words mean to go about from place to place usually without a plan or definite purpose, wander implies an absence of or an indifference to a fixed course fond of wandering about Wander Synonyms, Wander Antonyms Thesaurus Why else should they wander together in the woods, or be so lost in talk by rustic streams They can wander on the banks of the Kladeos and the Alpheios She had to wander around and around, and Wander Cheap Flights, Hotels and travel packages for Search flights vacation packages by price, let us build your perfect vacation package so you won t have to No Reservation Costs Top Deals Wander Internet Peace of Mind for per month Wander is a smart, multi directional wireless network that uses blazing fast fiber and the latest wireless technology to beam internet through the air to each subscriber Connected at the source Wander is directly connected at the source to all your favorite streaming TV Clean Beauty Essentials Wander Beauty Wander Beauty creates multitasking, clean beauty essentials Our easy to use products are always cruelty free and enriched with skin loving ingredients, without ever sacrificing performance. Wanderu Search Cheap Bus and Train Tickets Book buses and trains on the go with the Wanderu app Download our app and snag the best travel deals across North America Europe.

  • Title: Wander
  • Author: Lewis Bright Rees
  • ISBN: 9781546657538
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes I say my name out loud, just to remember what it sounds like Sixteen years ago, a plague swept through the United States of America, locking those infected in a permanent state of heightened emotion.They called it the Feeling.The lucky ones got placed in Quarantine Zones, where they exist in relative peace the unlucky ones, like Wander, got left behind, with n Sometimes I say my name out loud, just to remember what it sounds like Sixteen years ago, a plague swept through the United States of America, locking those infected in a permanent state of heightened emotion.They called it the Feeling.The lucky ones got placed in Quarantine Zones, where they exist in relative peace the unlucky ones, like Wander, got left behind, with no choice but to take each day as it comes When faced with raiders, fighters, and smilers, survival relies on following the rules.1 No names.2 Fly, or die.3 Always keep moving.4 Trust no one.5 Take what you can.6 Don t travel at night.Wander s only alive because she follows these rules, but everything changes the day a boy named Dagger stumbles into her life He s on the run from the smilers and, against her better instincts, Wander decides to help.There has to be to living than being alive and, to find out what it is, Wander s going to need to break every rule she s ever held sacred.
    Wander Sometimes I say my name out loud just to remember what it sounds like Sixteen years ago a plague swept through the United States of America locking those infected in a permanent state of heightened

    One thought on “Wander”

    1. So it s hard to be objective when the author is a close friend But I ve hated stuff written by friends, and I ve loved stuff written by people I can t stand I ll try to avoid spoilers for the most part, and this review is unplanned so might ramble.Wander is a smart, dark and As much as I hate to use atmospheric to describe anything because it doesn t tell you anything Atmospheric In the sense that as world building goes, its up there with the best With Wander s macabre and morose rule set, and s [...]

    2. I m a big fan of using a rating system Some sites magazines use a 5 point scheme others use 10 or 100 uses 5 and that is usually enough for me However With Wander, i m not going to be able to give a score I ll say what i liked and didn t like but a score feelswrong If i wanted to give a low rating, i d feel bad my friend wrote this book and i wouldn t want to ruin his day by insulting something that he has worked on for years Conversely, if i give a 5 star rating, there may be some whisperings o [...]

    3. I will start this stating the most amazing fact about this book I couldn t get a moment of boredom the pace is fast and there is always something happening Wander takes you to a world where all your nightmares can be real, she is alone and always afraid, with good reasons, the world have been consumed by an illness where the basic emotions anger, fear, sorrow and happiness took control of people and destroyed their humanity She is a survivor, and will keep it that way, even though she will have [...]

    4. WOW What an amazing book First time author, Lewis Bright Rees, has really done an amazing job with this The story takes place in a post apocalyptic United States, following the protagonist, Wander, as she survives the wilderness of what s left of the world Through her travels she encounters a variety of well written and very fleshed out characters that help her realise what she s been looking for and help her on her journey to finding it.The story takes you on many twists and turns along the way [...]

    5. Wow This book is amazing I ve had the privilege of reading it and was blown away by the world and characters that were so carefully penned here It s really rare that an author can make you not only attached to the story and characters in a story, but also allow you to experience as a character inside a lifetime of a story as someone else I was so captivated by the details in this story A true post apocalyptic foreshadowing This story has a macabre and eerily dark and raw tone to it, and while it [...]

    6. It s fantastic This book is absolutely enthralling I got caught into it from the first page to the very last The characters are well developed, and they feel so real that it made me laugh, cry, weep and much with them Wander and Dagger s friendship touched me in profound ways and it was amazing to see how it survived fiercely I loved every word and every minute I spent reading it I highly recommend it

    7. I loved this book so much It is a great read, there is so much in it It s a tale of friendship and loneliness, love and hate, fear,vulnerability, hope, courage, strength The characters are well developed, they change throughout the book, grow up and learn from each other, and the fact that there are very few of them never gets boring The world it is set in is really well described and totally terrifying The writing style is great and it is a real page turner, in fact a few times I had to stop on [...]

    8. Wander isn t just her names what she does But giving your real name to someone in Lewis s world makes them human, gives them a piece of yourself that you can t afford to give up to truly survive what everyone going through Wander spends every sunrise to sunset just surviving, barely sleeping and barely living Her character is complex, when we first meet her she can t remember how to talk much as she hasn t had a real conversation in years with another human but her mind is sharp We learn bits o [...]

    9. Is the story thrilling YesAre the characters interesting YesIs the Writing good Yes even with the frequent typos This was a great book, which I thoroughly enjoyed Then why, you ask, are you only giving it 2 stars Two Reasons 1 Some of the violence is overly gory Like, shudder in disgust, have bad dreams gory I m totally cool with having slashing and killing in a book, but there is such a thing as TOO graphic.2 The language Sure, throw in some curse words Fine It fits the vibe and world in the bo [...]

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