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Murder by the Spoonful By Vicki Vass,

  • Title: Murder by the Spoonful
  • Author: Vicki Vass
  • ISBN: 9781939816672
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anne Hillstrom is hunting antiques, a diet that works and her Great Aunt Sybil s killer This book tells the story of Anne and CC, two estate sale bloggers and antique hunters, who get than they bargain for when they discover a killer who is hunting the antique hunters.
    Murder by the Spoonful Anne Hillstrom is hunting antiques a diet that works and her Great Aunt Sybil s killer This book tells the story of Anne and CC two estate sale bloggers and antique hunters who get than they bargai

    One thought on “Murder by the Spoonful”

    1. Author Vicki Vass hit the ground running in this wonderful first installment of the Antique Hunters Mystery series With a pleasant, flowing way with words, Ms Vass made each scene and chapter of MURDER BY THE SPOONFUL a joy to delve in to I immediately liked Anne Hillstrom and her friend CC Muller I enjoyed their dynamic together And when a scene didn t contain both of them, it didn t always just follow Anne There were times where the reader gets to follow CC as well I liked being able to see wh [...]

    2. Kindle Unlimited, Murder for Sale Previously Published as Murder by the Spoonful An Antique Hunters Mystery, Book One I did not and do not need repeated descriptions of the same things, too much of it not related to the mystery in any way, and what I call count word page padding A third in to the book it had been back and forth with so much and so many characters, some of them being unclear as to who is even talking, and no closer to any real mystery In addition to that, this was not supposed to [...]

    3. A few months back I was fortunate enough to come across the author Vicki Vass from Chicago I entered a contest and was the lucky winner of her four books in the Antique Hunters Mystery series I was excited because I was raised learning about antiques my parents were antique toy dealers and was originally from the Chicago area This series, set in Chicago, is about two very good friends who both have a love for antiques and history, an appreciation for finely made items, and are regular attendees [...]

    4. A book for antique lovers and murder fans alike The characters are coming to life as the story rolls along The writing is sharp and precise The theme and background are entwined with an entertaining murder plot Anne is a chemist, CC is a journalist and together they are antique fiends with a blog A family death murder starts the story out and the pursuit of clues and antiques keep it moving The leading ladies are mid aged, with strong personalities and convictions The historical information on a [...]

    5. I was excited to jump into this new series as I enjoy mysteries and antiques so I thougt this would be a great mix and I was not disappointed This was the first book I have read by this author and I have to say that I enjoyed her writing style and I look forward to books in this series I liked the way Anne and CC worked together not only hunting antiques but in solving the mystery It was fun that there were two mysteries going on at once There were so many twists and turns that I was not able t [...]

    6. Antiques, Mystery, Food, Romance This Book Has It All I thoroughly enjoyed this book Best friends Anne and CC love antiques and going to sales and quaint shops looking for them Snooping amongst forbidden items at an estate sale leads Anne to discover that the owner s death may not have been by natural causes after all The mystery deepens, a handsome detective takes an interest in helping Anne with the investigating and CC finds a bit of romance Plenty of twists and turns, as well as delicious so [...]

    7. Too long windedI liked the story itself but it dragged When I read a mystery it needs to keep going It left some questions hanging and brought others to lack of purpose I figured out who was behind things quickly which means the story was done and the rest was fill in I gave it lower than it may deserve as the story was well written but it needs to be thinned out.

    8. Book oneThis author is unparalleled in her work The first book in the series of the Spoon Sisters, it s a terrific page turner Find out how the Spoon Sisters got their name, and get cosy to enjoy this book in comfort Highly recommended reading, l loved this All fans of murder mysteries, antiques, and foodies will be delighted with this book.

    9. Intriguing but not awesomeWhile the book was not great, I enjoyed it enough that I will try the next book I did not connect with Anne at all, but I did enjoy CC in spite of her tendency to share knowledge a bit than necessary The plot of the mystery was excellent

    10. As far as murder mysteries go, just speaking on the plot alone, the idea is solid The mystery set up was honestly fairly well thought out and made sense The execution, however, was a little meandering, and there were a lot of unnecessary descriptions of things that simply did not need to happen Much of the writing could have been pared down considerably, like eliminating all the scenes where a meal being prepared is listed out like a recipe, and the sentence structure had little to no variation, [...]

    11. I received this book for free through First Reads Giveaway.This book would be perfect for younger readers but not so much for someone like me in their 20s and for this I am sorry I gave it a slightly lower rating on stars One of the characters mentions Nancy Drew as their favorite crime solver, and that is the exact feeling I got for this book Now, being in my 20s, and reading the caption for this book, I thought there would be a little bit to the spoon part I understand now that the main focus [...]

    12. Very good mystery Two things I love, mysteries and antiques This new to me series was very good and I have added it to my wish list and will read list Thank you Ms Vass

    13. Where to start I think the most honest way to explain the novel is that it s a train wreck Honestly, I loved the first chapter I though perhaps it was going to be a great read Those feelings ended when chapter 2 began Without any warning or explanation, CC is thrown into the plot I actually re read the first chapter, thinking I d missed something It s immediately apparent that CC is a walking encyclopedia She throws meaningless facts regarding antiquities to any character, in any situation, as i [...]

    14. Anne had a love for antiques, just like her Aunt Sybil who passed away She was find of her aunt, but knew she could be a little rough around the edges Anne and CC, Anne s best friend, hit the estates sales looking for a deal, but they found then they bargained for when people were dying all around them they all seemed to have something in common, but Anne just couldn t put her finger on it just yet With the help of CC will Anne find out her Killed her Aunt or will she end up a victim herself Th [...]

    15. This was such a fun read For starters I really enjoyed the well researched facts about antiques and definitely learned a lot Living in the Chicago area also made it fun to follow the characters around my own stomping grounds and places I have been, it brought the story to life for me.I was really hooked in the middle and thought I had figured it out, but there were still new twists and turns to the story that keep my attention Overall this was a fun and clever mystery and I can t wait to see wha [...]

    16. Antiques, a double murder, intrigue, suspicion, deception and really good name it, this book has it Somewhat like a cozy mystery but with substance, a relaxing good read that just doesn t not let you go till the very end.Murder by the Spoonful may the be the title , but you ll be reading it in gluttonous gulps

    17. I just finished Murder by the Spoonful and I was so delighted by it I was thrilled with the way the story flowed, the characters and the plot line I did not want to put it down and I was so excited to get to the end I had it wrong in the who done it category I really was impressed with this story and can not wait to read the next one

    18. Enjoyable.This is a great first book I enjoyed the hunt for antiques and the stories that accompanied them I also enjoyed the setting and all of the tales of days gone by Some of the details were overdone, but all in all I am looking forward to the next entry in the series.

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