Divine By Aven Jayce,

  • Title: Divine
  • Author: Aven Jayce
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: None
  • Divine is no longer available for sale Aven was inspired to write this novel after she was bullied out of her position as a college professor It s based on partially true events The story playfully mocks college professors, indie authors, and social media sites.
    Divine Divine is no longer available for sale Aven was inspired to write this novel after she was bullied out of her position as a college professor It s based on partially true events The story playfully mo

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    1. My God in all of Mary Mother and Joseph Dear Fucking Lord, I m going to cum, he says.He pulls out and tugs the condom off so I can feel the warm shots of fluid on my back Oh, Jesus, he says In darkness of Hell I release my evil onto this woman And with a laugh he falls on top of me.I m glad that was a joke because it sure as fuck was starting to sound creepy I m religious, but that s taking fornicatin to a whole other level.Aven Jayce was one of my holy shit I just found a fanfuckingtastic autho [...]

    2. This book is not just for me, I guess.I added this one because I thought I would enjoy this as much as I enjoyed The Virgin Romance Novelist I mean, the blurb was my cup of tea and I love a little mystery so I thought this would be a good read.Let s just say that though this might be my cup of tea, the serving is too small that it leaves me hanging.

    3. 4.5 Stars The first thing that struck me about this book was that there appeared to be some familiarity to it, in the way that Divine Hallowell AKA indie romance author Violet Cuddlecock I d read her books with a name like that and her Street Team behaved on a facebook group and also the way other members interacted with her I m not sure if this book is based on anyone or anything in particular, but as Violet, Divine initially came across as someone who, with the help of her street team was tota [...]

    4. Warning Divine Hallowell enjoys viewing adult websites and reading silly western erotica This book contains a bunch of crazy and sarcastic characters Oh, and birds suck ass

    5. I don t think I ve ever given a review as much thought as this one, I m desperately trying not to upset the dick slut s I read this book as I m a huge fan of the author, I m really not into romantic comedy in any way shape or form, it s not that I don t like a laugh and a joke I m just quite hard to please on the comedy front Blimey how miserable do I sound That said this book is amazing, it did make me laugh and I mean really laugh Swallowell had me chuckling The reference to the Facebook group [...]

    6. Divine by Aven Jayce is a refreshing thought provoking, funny, sexy hot read Makes you sit back and think how you act daily on social media sites, Divine is gripping, funny, contains some twists and erotic acts.Div Divine Hallowell is a lonely person, her day job as a college lecture involves fighting against Margaret an evil twisted older colleague and bitchy sorority girls Her other job is an erotic author under the pen name of Violet Cuddlecock, her book sales are down and she constantly has [...]

    7. Fun, Snarky, and Memorable This book will make any BloggerAuthor including AJ herself Reader in any group on FacebookWonder if it s about some one they know on a daily basis It s Amazing how consuming and involving you become in this book, picturing people you know as the characters The only way to describe the theme to this book is Have you read the book The Help When everyone s thinking this sounds like so and so, but no it can t be That s this book I literally devoured it in a day Love Div s [...]

    8. I love when I stumble upon a book by an author I ve never heard ofd end up loving it so much it s an instant favorite This book was everything for me Drama, romance, dark humor and emotional I don t think this type of book is for everyone You have to have a really odd sense of humor and be open minded Rarely does a book make me laugh out loud like literally I did laugh out loud , then make me incredible sad I loved this story and I hope others will love it too

    9. Amazing isn t strong enough to describe I just finished divine and I have to say at first I wasn t so sure, couldn t figure out what was going on However as I continued to read and finished the book I found that my initial reaction is what made me fall in love with the characters It was like hearing all the thoughts people have but are to afraid to say out loud To say this book was amazing isn t a strong enough description

    10. Loved it Weird, and sweet, and unexpectedThis book was awesome It s always weird to me when the author casts her characters as authors Lol but this girl was great She wasn t meant to be a teacher Haha and the events surrounding Dan really freaked me out I was so glad that this had a HEA great book Recommend to everyone

    11. 3.75There s quite a bit going on in this book A bit of mystery, humor, family problems, hot neighbor, work problems and an inner voice problem that doesn t let up.I love the book cover For me the best parts were the humorous parts regarding book blogs on Face Book Some of it made me cringe since I participate at times on those sites but, nonetheless made me laugh.

    12. Loved this book It mixes humor with a sexy and romantic love story filled with kooky characters that made me both laugh out loud and cry at the same time Aven James is a great writer and story teller

    13. WittyThis was very well written, funny, smart,d sexy From the beginning with the words dick sluts I was laughing and glued Unlike any story Ast read for book lovers.on social media.

    14. RatingThis book I found extremely funny and sad at the same time but the book is something I would read over again B

    15. A must readStunningly hilarious, I couldn t put it down This book had the perfect balance of storyline and sex, very refreshing I m officially a Dick Slut Thank you Aven.

    16. I stumbled on this book when looking for late night erotica couldn t sleep, you know A dark series of books was just released, Jameson Hotel by Aven Jayce There was a book set with 6 parts 6 books I didn t have time to commit to a 6 book series by an author I have no experience with So then I did some stalking and found that they were a spin off from the NOVA Trilogy, which seemed so dark, I couldn t bring myself to download that one either although a part of me was intrigued with the author I f [...]

    17. I absolutely loved this, it was so different than any of Avens other books that i ve read so i wasn t sure how she would cope with the transgression from dark to light but HELL she did an amazing job SPOILER ALERT This tells the story of Divine, a University teacher by day and a writer Violet Cuddlecock in her spare time, of erotic fiction Violet is her inner bitch and not afraid to say what she thinks whereas Divine isn t quite as outgoing Divine has noticed a guy who lives near her and after a [...]

    18. I won this book in a facebook book page contest This book is 3.5 stars for me It started off absolutely hilarious From the first page of the prologue, I was already laughing I am avid reader and also a member of book pages like she described It s true that you can be a different person behind social media I enjoyed a lot of the banter between herself herself , but I think it started to be too much I mean we ALL talk to ourselves, but I realy thought at one point she had a multiple personality di [...]

    19. Weird, funny and two fab characters have made this one a fab read Divine is quirky, a struggling author who would really love to write full time but sales aren t allowing her the opportunity to do so Although having shunned a social life in favour of her writing and pen name on a book review website, Devine surprises herself by approaching neighbour, James Daniel Keller and a highly erotic relationship follows Funny laugh out loud moments throughout the book and great visual sex scenes, this was [...]

    20. This book is my first book by Aven Joyce, and it s fantastic It s hilarious, smart, and perfectly weird I do like dark, so I m excited to read her other works I read Divine through Kindle unlimited, but will be purchasing it for my Kobo immediately I want to read it again Just checked, it s not on Kobo Crud that s where I keep all my books I love.

    21. READ AND REVIEWED ON BEHALF OF FICTIONAL MENS PAGE FOR BOOK HOS fictionalmenspageforbookhos.blfacebook pages Fictio user show 2

    22. Wasn t my cup of tea This book just wasn t my cup of tea There s some really weird stuff in this book that many people will find really funny and pretty cool I m just too vanilla to be one of them.

    23. Aven does it again Not sure if my favorite character is Div or VioletWe re all a little crazy, or maybe it s just me, and can relate to keeping it all together and falling in love for real This was a fun readd I wasn t paid to post this or was I

    24. Violet cuddlecockReally good funny book I wanted to kill Hannah myself, the little bitch I loved Daniel, but he was really strange, his parents were the best though This isn t a book for a lot of people, got to have a sex filled mind.

    25. I liked this book , I didn t love it , it was way different than what i normally read , but I did enjoy the change.

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