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Only, Always, Forever By Laura Kaye, Only, Always, Forever Hard Ink, . by Laura Kaye Only, Always, Forever book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers An exclusive bonus Hard Ink Short Story of when Nick surprises Only, Always, Forever laurakayeauthor Only, Always, Forever A Hard Ink Bonus Story She always built him up, even when he couldn t do it for himself, and it was everything to find that in another person Thank you, he said She smiled Of course I mean it, Nick She shifted onto her knees and wound her arms Cults Always Forever Lyrics Genius Lyrics Oct , Always Forever Lyrics You and me always forever We could stay alone together You and me always forever Say you ll stay, never be severed You know you ve got me in your pocket always and forever sign Always And Forever,Bedroom Sign,Wedding Sign,Anniversary Gift,Bedroom Decor,Love Quote,Gift For Her,Engagement Gift,Wedding X Inch No Framed . out of stars Only left in stock order soon Always and Forever Rustic Wood Shiplap Style Wall Sign x . out of Always Forever Heat Wave YouTube Jul , A ballad featuring lead vocals by Johnnie Wilder, Jr Always and Forever stood out among the band s predominantly disco repertoire and became a successful U.S hit song in early It reached Demi Lovato Only Forever Lyrics Genius Lyrics Sep , Only Forever is about wanting the person you want to explore a new relationship with to make that first move or take that next step The track

  • Title: Only, Always, Forever
  • Author: Laura Kaye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • an EXCLUSIVE Bonus Hard Ink Short Story of when Nick surprises Becca with his new tattoos.
    Only Always Forever an EXCLUSIVE Bonus Hard Ink Short Story of when Nick surprises Becca with his new tattoos

    One thought on “Only, Always, Forever”

    1. 4 For you, always Stars Nick and Becca, sigh Just loved this couple Without you, I wouldn t have found a way back to myself A short and sweet treat, and a lovely little addition to the series I miss the Hard Ink guys, I just wish the two offshoot series the author has produced since it s finish, offered up less done to death, and then some tropes Still love Laura Kaye s writing though.

    2. This is a short story that can be read for free on Laura Kaye s website hereIt s a cute little bonus scene between Nick and Becca as Nick reveals his latest tattoos to her and I m sure fans of the series will love it.

    3. It was short, but I really liked it I am in love with Laura Kaye s character and this moment of happiness in all the drama is just awesome to read.

    4. Short and sweet, but still kickass ONLY, ALWAYS, FOREVER Reading OrderHard As it Gets Hard Ink 1 Hard as you Can Hard Ink 2 Hard to Hold on To Hard Ink 2.5 Hard to Come By Hard Ink 3 Hard to Be Good Hard Ink 3.5 Only, Always, Forever A Hard Ink Bonus Story Hard Ink 3.6 Hard to Let Go Hard Ink 4 TBR 9.22.15Hard as Steel Hard Ink 4.5 Raven Riders MC crossover TBR 2.23.16Ride Hard Raven Riders MC 1 TBR 1.19.16Hard Ever After Hard Ink

    5. Only, Always, and Forever is a swoony and spicy follow up short for Nick and Becca from Hard Ink.Nick wants Becca to really know just what she means to him so he makes it permanent for her to see, always Becca can t help, but respond to this deep gesture of restoration and love.Loved it

    6. I reread the entire Hard Ink series trying to find the moment where Nick shows Becca his tattoo after it was mentioned in their novella Hard Ever After Silly me had forgotten the scene wasn t released in any of the books, haha I finally looked it up in Laura Kaye s page and LOVED IT.Unfortunately, it was too short But it was incredibly SWEET and HOT This moment happens between the events of book 3 and 4, no necessary to read the book prior to this but it is a MUST for every Nick Becca fan.

    7. A short vignette about Nick and Becca In it Nick has a new tattoo dedicated to Becca and this story shows when he reveals it to her It was nice seeing the first couple again and having them get some quality time This story reminded me why I liked them so much There is not much here for new readers, but fans of the series get an extra free bonus

    8. I loved this book Nick and Becca are my favorite couple and I was a bit disappointed in the last book that he hadn t shown her his new tattoo.Their declaration of love and the pen tattoos added to the cuteness.4 stars

    9. Beautiful short, short to go along with the rest of the series It makes things run smooth and flow very well between the main novels and novellas The exchange between Becca and Rixie is priceless This is the way to make the characters stay fresh in ones mind.

    10. I was looking for the next book in this series and saw there was a bonus scene, but when I went to look for it, couldn t find a copy To my surprise, there was a link for a pdf copy right on So excited I pulled it up and read it right away I love the Hard Ink crew and to have another chance to get to know them better is amazing I remember reading about Nick getting the tribal sun tattoo with the B in it while reading one of the books, but her reaction was priceless SO glad we were able to read ab [...]

    11. There s no question that Nick Rixey loves Becca Merritt, but he wants to show her just how committed he is to that love and does it in a way that will become a permanent reminder for both of them If you didn t think Nick was a romantic before, what he does proves how wrong you are in that observation.Ah, Nick Just when I thought I couldn t fall in love with this guy, he goes ahead and does what he does in Hard to Be Good, and the reveal in this gem of a bonus scene is Nick at his sweetest I ve [...]

    12. Synopsis an EXCLUSIVE Bonus Hard Ink Short Story of when Nick surprises Becca with his new tattoos My Review To start off, a quick note, this is not a full length novel or a novella, just a single quick scene that could make up a single chapter With that said, I have read all the Hard Ink books out up to this point, so the characters are familiar to me and even though it has been a while since the last book they popped right back up with no problems It is both a sweet and sentimental scene betwe [...]

    13. There s love in the ink My favorite couple of the series has been Nick and Becca This bonus short story illustrates why I love this couple so much The love and tenderness that they share really speaks to me.Nick s world was thrown into darkness when his team was ambushed, their reputations destroyed And then a special woman brought the sunshine back into his life He appreciates everything about her He doesn t take her for granted and amidst the hell that is going on around them takes the time to [...]

    14. This was a very quick scene between Nick and Becca of the Hard Ink series There s not much to it, a couple of tattoo reveals, a declaration of love, and a requisite sex scene I couldn t really get why it was a separate thing, as the reveal could have been done in a couple of sentences in book four However, it was well written and somewhat relevant to the series, so is worth reading for that at least.

    15. For fans of the Hard Ink series this freebie off of Laura s website is a piece of perfection Nick has fallen hard for Becca She s is the sunlight to the darkness that threatened to fill his soul I loved all the symbolism, the open declaration of Nick s deep love and devotion He s all in with Becca, no going back Becca loves with all her heart and it belongs to Nick alone.Adult read

    16. 4 4.5 starsThis was a really good story It s basically just a short story that shows some sweet and intimate times between Nick and Becca the couple from book 1 While it s not necessary to read this to keep up with the series, it s still a good story and I d recommend it for people that like the series D

    17. Only,Always,Forever 3 A short story about Nick Becca I didn t know it even exist Till now it was short, really short but I enjoyed every page, a sweet and hot moment between them And now can t wait to keep reading about them in the next series and of course about the other guys

    18. 4 Stars Only, Always, Foreveris a short, sweet bonus story in theHard Inkseries by Laura Kaye, which she offers for FREE on her website Only Always Forever Bonus.pdf

    19. This is a extra scene with Nick and Becca set within the Hard Ink series It s a short but sweet addition to their story I received this directly from the publisher because I pre ordered the last book in the series, but I believe Laura Kaye will publish on her website eventually A nice bonus for fans of the series.

    20. Short and sweet adorable story of Nick showing Becca the tattoo he got as a surprise to her in Love this couple and this series, sorry to see it ending soon.

    21. Short and sweet These two are so in love and their willingness to do things that would make the other happy is great Especially after all the heartache they ve experienced.And together they are soooo HOT

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