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The Silk Roads: A New History of the World By Peter Frankopan,

  • Title: The Silk Roads: A New History of the World
  • Author: Peter Frankopan
  • ISBN: 9781408839973
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The No 1 Sunday Times and international bestseller a major reassessment of world history in light of the economic and political renaissance in the re emerging east Magnificent Sunday Times Immensely entertaining so ambitious, so detailed, so fascinating The TimesFor centuries, fame and fortune were to be found in the west in the New World of the Americas TodaThe No 1 Sunday Times and international bestseller a major reassessment of world history in light of the economic and political renaissance in the re emerging east Magnificent Sunday Times Immensely entertaining so ambitious, so detailed, so fascinating The TimesFor centuries, fame and fortune were to be found in the west in the New World of the Americas Today, it is the east which calls out to those in search of riches and adventure Sweeping right across Central Asia and deep into China and India, a region that once took centre stage is again rising to dominate global politics, commerce and culture.A major reassessment of world history, The Silk Roads is a dazzling exploration of the forces that have driven the rise and fall of empires, determined the flow of ideas and goods and are now heralding a new dawn in international affairs.
    The Silk Roads A New History of the World The No Sunday Times and international bestseller a major reassessment of world history in light of the economic and political renaissance in the re emerging east Magnificent Sunday Times Immensely e

    One thought on “The Silk Roads: A New History of the World”

    1. This is the most unbiased and objective narration of history focussing on the rich history of countries on the old Silk Route The aim was simple, somehow focus the spotlight of history back on this region instead of focussing on European and American historical version which seems to be widely prevalent Peter has weaved a tremendous story which at times almost seems apocryphal to someone like myself who is steeped with the popular historical narrative The fact that Peter is a well respected hist [...]

    2. Oh I am really disappointed with this book Maybe because I had very different expectations about it I ve read the title and the introduction by the author, and I thought that it was exactly what I want to know about the people of this region over the centuries I wanted to find out about their way of life, religions, political systems, culture and economy I wanted to know about their interactions with each other and only at the last place their interactions with the other parts of the world.As [...]

    3. 4.75An extremely well researched but defintely not dry history of the Silk Roads I am definitely a happy camper.Need time to gather my thoughts and refer to my notes for a better and cohesive review reaction

    4. The Silk Roads is part of the genre of popular history books that purports to tell the history of the world through one particular theme or from one particular vantage point, and is better than most of them Peter Frankopan is a trained historian, and so knows how to synthesise a great deal of information from cultures across Asia and Europe and the span of several centuries in a nuanced manner As an example of a sweeping chronicle, there s much to admire here The author knows how to keep a narra [...]

    5. Don t let the size of The Silk Roads daunt you It s very readable The scope is huge, geographically and over centuries, but Peter Frankopan keeps everything clear and moving along.I lack familiarity with the history, so I can t say whether his arguments, his judgements on history, are true and what is truth Probably if each of us studied the same scholarly texts we d decide things a bit differently But his arguments did hang together the evidence he presents supports his insights Frankopan has a [...]

    6. Well written, well researched, interesting and original all good points about a book that is excellent in parts I enjoyed reading it, found much to be compelling and challenging to some of my own views, but at times I found this book frustrating For all its excellence, this is less one book than two And neither of those books quite fulfils the promise of the title The first book, roughly chapters 1 16, is a history of trade routes and in being that, it is largely about Eurasia The second book, r [...]

    7. This is a world history from the perspective that the area between China and Europe is the center of gravity of everything important in human endeavors For the author, Frankopan, this loosely defined region is bounded by western China, northern India, the Horn of Africa, eastern Syria, and southern Russia Roughly speaking this places Uzbekistan in the center When passage through this area was the only way for trade goods to be transported between east and west it was indeed an important area Tra [...]

    8. A broad and comprehensive overview of the history of the world, starting with the Persians in the 6th century BC, and ending with the contempory challenges in Central Asia For me, this book had three merits First of all, I admired the way the author explains the connections between and the interdependency of historical events in completely different parts of the world After reading this book, I realized that globalisation is not new, but existed throughout the history of the world One great exam [...]

    9. In this book, Peter Frankopan wants to give an alternative insight in the history of the world by describing the history of the Persian region which has shaped and still shapes the world we live in todayThe traditional view that the world we know today was shaped by the Romans and the Greeks is challenged in this book Instead, Frankopan places the center the centre of the world in the region of modern Iraq, Iran, the Caucasus and the Russian steppes.The silk roads have functioned as the world s [...]

    10. This is a frustrating, though still useful, book Historian Peter Frankopan s title claims this is a new history of the world He then proposes that what the world needs is to reorient its focus from Europe to the silk roads , vaguely defined by him as the region between East and West from the Eastern shores of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to the Himalayas This almost certainly reflects the fact that the core of this region happens to his particular area of interest Turkey, Persia, Central [...]

    11. The Silk Road Just the very name conjures up images of travellers carrying expensive bolts of cloth, exotic spices and fine ceramics from the Far East to Europe This road was than that though, it was how the two separate domains of East and West first encountered each other, was the backdrop to countless wars, as power ebbed and flowed back and forth across the continent The road has been responsible for the spread of numerous religions over millennia, not just the Abrahamic ones, but Buddhism [...]

    12. This is a profoundly ambitious book, aiming to tell the whole history of the world from the perspective of the Silk Roads that run through Asia In a way it is almost impossibly ambitious, because the subject itself is limitlessly broad, potentially The author runs through the history in a way that is generally satisfactory, although by necessity he has to skim over many events that were quite monumental This is a general world history, a clearly written and useful one, but not one that necessari [...]

    13. I am genuinely upset this book had to end This spans such a large time frame specific to Western China, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe the original Silk Roads Its very readable and unbiased Virtually every page is full of history that leads to the next time frame Very interesting this specific part of the world has been fought over since the Roman times to present day United States Russian involvement Nations are desperate for control or to prevent control of this resource rich land I find [...]

    14. I LOVED this book If you are extremely well versed in history, then, to you, it might not read like the new history of the world, the book promises Since I am only a moderate reader of history, there was plenty of new information for me in this book Usually, the history that interests me most involves great scientists or inventors or the kings, queens, and other rulers of the world from the distant past When trying to read about recent events, such as the Revolutionary war, WWI or WWII, my eyes [...]

    15. Time, the creation of gods, the needs of commerce Hammurabi is mention at the very beginning 1810 1750 BC of this incredible expansive and ambitious book, taking us through the ages and arriving to very recent history, opening doors and unapologetically exposing the interest and machinations of power, clearly coldly because this world is dog eat dog world, and if you are not the powerful you are the weak and the meek and this history will tell you what that really means, and what happens over an [...]

    16. 61st book for 2017.This book is all over the place While I enjoyed sections of it the discussion of slave markets in Central Europe was an eye opener , it lacked clear focus You d be forgiven for thinking that this would be a new history of the silk roads , but it s not It s mostly a story about European predominantly England France barely gets a mention and later US and USSR relations to Asia, but it jumps all over the place Why on earth was their a whole chapter on Spain s conquest of the Amer [...]

    17. A wonderful history book very well chosen details useful to understand contemporary social and market behaviours The confrontation and the effective militarisation of Rome and Persia had an important impact on trade originating in or passing through the ij z With government expenditure funnelled into the army and chronic pressure on the domestic economies to support the war effort, demand for luxury items must have fallen considerably The fact that the traditional markets, above all the cities i [...]

    18. A very comprehensive and entertaining narration of world history I have given this book 4 stars in spite of a main reservation I have on it The book brandishes itself as controversial and as unraveling a new history of the world I admit it was this title and this message that attracted me to buy this book However there is barely any controversy in this book rather the author overdoes the emphasis on and overstates events in the east such as detailing in excess historical events relating to Iran [...]

    19. An epic, non eurocentric history of the world The main focus, as you would expect from the title, is the nations along and at either end of the trade route known as the silk road This really is a fascinating book with a huge amount of information It covers human history pretty much from the birth of civilisation in the Euphrates valley right up to the current and ongoing situation in the middle east It is very interesting to get a non westerncentric world history, however there were a few moment [...]

    20. Peter Frankopan does a fantastic job of putting into context some of the most defining aspects of the modern world through a consistently top drawer explanation of the history of the East The Silk Roads takes you through the rise of Persia in antiquity, Roman trade and it s effect in India, the rise of the Mongols, the religion tensions in the region and gives some much needed commentary on contemporary events The importance of natural resources in the region is a consistent over arching theme [...]

    21. This is an entertaining and well written book by a British historian who seeks nothing less that recasting world history since the time of the Roman Empire in terms of the importance of what he calls Silk Roads , but which is meant the major long distance geographic and economic pathways that link the interactions of major nations for extended historical periods The initial intuition is that world history did not stop with the fall of Rome but instead flourished with trade and political interact [...]

    22. Ik heb interesse in het verhaal verloren, toen de ingewikkelde relatie tussen de USA en Iran en Irak aan bod kwam Het boek is wel goed geschreven en werpt een andere blik op de geschiedenis in het midden oosten enhet verre oosten, dan we gewoon zijn Voor mij had het deel over de historische zijderoutes belangrijker mogen zijn in het totale werk.

    23. This is a tour de force unvarnished history of the Middle East that begins early Mesopotamian civilization and brings its reader to the most recent upheavals of the so called Arab Spring It s all here from rise of monotheistic societies to the shift of Europe s focus to Byzantium to the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to the age of the Mongols to the Black Plague to the rise of the Ottomans to the Age of Exploration Colonialism to the Awakening of Russia to the Industrial Revolution to the Great [...]

    24. An interesting and informative read I particularly enjoyed the first half or so of the book The division of the book into topic based chronological chapters was cleverly done and there was a good natural flow through the book I was a little disappointed that so much history was dealt with so quickly in the first half of the book , while the second half dealt with the last hundred years or so in greater detail That is probably a personal gripe as I found the history much interesting than the pol [...]

    25. Very much focused on the modern period the shift in focus to all of Eurasia instead of Europe was a change in view a bit Covered a large area and a long timespan so it didn t get too in depth A common problem with a book like this is that it is a mile wide and an inch deep I think to get a richer picture he would have write volumes.

    26. The Silk Roads is an outstanding book, wonderfully written Condensing the history of 3000 years in 600 pages is no easy feat, but the most extraordinary thing about this book is telling us the history we think we know, but from a different perspective centred in the Middle East instead of Europe The accepted and lazy history of civilisation, wrote Wolf, is one where Ancient Greece begat Rome, Rome begat Christian Europe, Christian Europe begat the Renaissance, the Renaissance the Enlightenment, [...]

    27. The first half of Peter Frankopan s book is a triumph which presents the Eastern history of the world in a clear manner It is easy to mould the past into a shape that we find convenient and accessible But the ancient world was sophisticated and interlinked than we sometimes like to think he wrote of the period in question He contextualises, like Robert Conquest in his wonderful The Dragons Of Expectation, how dangerous ideas can be It is interesting to question the modern narrative that Islam i [...]

    28. A must read for anyone interested in history and geopolitics It changed the way I look at religion and some of the most turbulent chapters of European history.

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