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Dear County Agent Guy By Jerry Nelson,

  • Title: Dear County Agent Guy
  • Author: Jerry Nelson
  • ISBN: 9780761187271
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the tradition of Mark Twain and Jean Shepherd, Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor, Jerry Nelson is a humorist whose beat is the American heartland, a small town world of pickup trucks and Sunday night pancake dinners, dropping in on neighbors and complaining about the county agent.His depictions of daily life, from the point of view of an ex dairy farmer and taciturn husbaIn the tradition of Mark Twain and Jean Shepherd, Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor, Jerry Nelson is a humorist whose beat is the American heartland, a small town world of pickup trucks and Sunday night pancake dinners, dropping in on neighbors and complaining about the county agent.His depictions of daily life, from the point of view of an ex dairy farmer and taciturn husband with a twinkle in his eye, are read by 250,000 people a week and occasionally woven into Prairie Home Companion scripts These are stories of courtship childbirth he offers the delivery room doctor the use of his calf puller family neighbors chores and the duties of a father why is it that a man who spends his days in cow manure can t change a baby s diaper Knee slappingly funny one moment, poignant the next, it s a very special look at a distinctly American way of life.
    Dear County Agent Guy In the tradition of Mark Twain and Jean Shepherd Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor Jerry Nelson is a humorist whose beat is the American heartland a small town world of pickup trucks and Sunday night

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    1. Are you the head of household I glanced around to make certain that my wife was out of earshot Yeah, I said at last.Okay, so I bought this one as a Christmas gift for my husband because I wanted to read it kind of like that time he gave me a birthday present of trees for his train set Nelson is a fourth generation Midwestern dairy farmer Does that mean milk runs in his blood He also possesses a sense of humor, which is clearly on display in this collection of essays about farm living at its fin [...]

    2. Advanced reading copy review Due to be published May 2016This book is a collection of amusing and touching anecdotes about life on a dairy farm in South Dakota Most have been previously published in the author s weekly syndicated column Garrison Keillor is such a fan that he has woven some of the stories into his Prairie Home Companion scripts For people who like to read on the porcelain throne, this would make a good addition to your bathroom library Overall it is a bit too folksy for cynical c [...]

    3. I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This book will be published on May 3, 2016.Dear County Agent Guy is a book comprised of a series of essays that originally appeared in newspapers across the Midwest They were written by Jerry Nelson who operated a dairy farm with his wife in South Dakota They raised two sons on this farm and these essays are antidotes of living the rural life.I had high hopes for this book as I had just recently finished read [...]

    4. Dear County Agent Guy is absolutely hysterical I must admit I originally chose it on NetGalley because I am doing a 2016 reading challenge, and I needed a book in the Humor category Not sure what to expect, I started it and could not stop reading the book was so funny save a few sections where the intricate details of farm equipment made me skim those parts Winter Storm Stories and Labor and Delivery were my favorites of the comical stories Uncle Wilmer and That Old House were touching and so we [...]

    5. I received this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.There are no words to describe this book Epic, fantastic, hilarious and the best book focused on farmers ever written The author is so amazing in his way of expressing the anecdotes from his life regarding events that we may consider as extreme stress Not just that, the book portrays the wonderful life on a farm and amidst nature s love There is so much wonderful stories that may feel closer to few were raised on a farm, lik [...]

    6. This book was a journey down memory lane involving life on the farm I laughed so much at his stories and felt sadness and tears with other stories The writer is really in touch with the subject of rural living both now and in the past Based in Brookings , South Dakota and living in Volga, S.D The author describes the area and the people well I have visited both places and he is right on target A funny and nostalgic read.

    7. I needed to read something warm and fuzzy after finishing several very intense contemporary fiction books and this little gem was just the ticket It made me recall some wonderful memories I had forgotten when I spent the summers at my Uncle and Aunt s farm in western Minnesota when I was younger just charming and folksy.

    8. A delightful,funny book filled with witty stories about the life of a dairy farmer Sort of like Garrison Keillor would write.

    9. Some laugh out loud funny spots A lot that a SE South Dakota farmer, or probably anyone from a farm from the Midwest, can relate to A quick, easy, entertaining read.

    10. I enjoyed Nelson s farm essays I grew up on a farm, not a dairy farm, and enjoyed his anecdotes I enjoyed his style and vocabulary His house sounds like it could be a fun place to visit I bought a copy as a gift for someone I thought would enjoy it The quick chapters would be helpful to those who don t necessarily read novels and would find commonality in the words.

    11. One of my all time favorites Thank you Jerry and Mrs Nelson I have read it three times The second, my mother was very ill and it was a God send for us both She is actually your mother s cousin, Jean Bloker was her maiden name That does not effect my review though just that I am proud to have such a witty, talented writer in the family The first time, I read it in two days, the next , as I said, read it during my mother s illness, to her what joy it brought us it is good medicine to have a laugh [...]

    12. Jerry Nelson has some pretty funny anecdotes to tell about his life as a dairy farmer in South Dakota There are no holds barred as he describes his misadventures in finding a wife, childbirth, raising the kids, calving, ploughing and dealing with grain silos Then there was the time he almost died of hydrogen sulphide poisoning while trying to fix a pump in a manure pit After writing a letter complaining to his county agent about the interminable rain because who else can you complain to about th [...]

    13. Dear Country Agent Guy is Jerry Nelson s tales of being a farmer in South Dakota Jerry is a Norwegian dairy farmer that has worked and lived on his farm since he was a little boy and this book, he lets everyone know what it truly means to be a farmer With stories like nearly losing his life to hilarious tales of his family and what living in a South Dakota winter is really like, this book will make you appreciated everything that a farmer does.This book had me laughing out loud at certain points [...]

    14. Dear County Agent Guy is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time Being married to a man who grew up on a farm, I read him parts of it and he laughed out loud Each story stood alone and many of the stories had previously been printed in a syndicated column Stories about Winter Storms, Labor and Delivery I loved this one , Calf pullers and others were hilarious, while ones like Uncle Wilmer and That Old House were touching and well written I also enjoyed all of his references to his N [...]

    15. This was a pretty funny book The stories were all pretty short along with the book There were several laugh out loud moments especially during the stories about the author and his wife She definitely deserves an award for some of the stuff that she s put up with I also got a full blown description of what lutefisk is Gross I read Murder mysteries and this was the first time I almost threw up from a book Ugh I digress, I thought the author did a great job with his stories and I enjoyed reading th [...]

    16. When this book showed up in Shelf Awareness, I knew it was one that I wanted to read I worked for a short while as a 4 H specialist extension agent This book brought me close to home and the stories of those who work for the county In this book, Jerry shares his column Dear County Agent Guy and the stories that follow Stories of the farm, stories of crops, animals, and everything in between I enjoyed the book and had several laugh out loud moments I recommend this book for those that have an int [...]

    17. This was a great read I grew up on a farm, and live in a small town rural area I really enjoyed the author s short stories of his life as a dairy farmer The last story, The Four Seasons Of Farming, is just beautiful I had to read it twice, the writing was so perfect Most of the stories were humorous in nature, but all of them centered on the author s observations about his farm, his family, and neighbors I feel like I just visited his farming community for a couple of days Wouldn t mind living t [...]

    18. Although I ve been off the farm three times longer than I was ever on it, I still consider myself a farmer s daughter The smell of freshly turned soil, the coolness of a maturing corn crop and the taste of fresh harvest are happy touchstones of my life In Dear County Agent Guy, author Jerry Nelson brings to life all the gifts and foibles of ag life and sets them to the music of laughter An entertaining, uplifting read.

    19. 4 starsHuge thanks to Jerry Nelson, Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.Funny and quick read, I enjoy reading books that are bind ups of newspaper and magazine articles, like Bill Bryson s I m a Stranger Here Myself, so this one was right up my alley.Will definitely read by this author.

    20. This was a fun, memoir ish, read on farming and generally living out in the middle of nowhere in the Dakotas There was humor and a genuine appreciation for life and all the small frustrations and tiny accomplishments that fill out days I liked the writing style and it was overall an enjoyable short read.

    21. As a person who was born into and still has family ties to rural America, I thought this book was a great reminder that we all owe much to our nation s farming heritage, now being lost to an increasingly urban and cosmopolitan world.

    22. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley.This book is an interesting, folksy collection of short essays written by a former dairy farmer about family and small town life It s funny in a lot of spots and an enjoyable read overall.

    23. A quirky fun romp through the life of a SD dairy farmer I love this type of memoir and this one did not disappoint Full disclosure I received a copy of the book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    24. Loved reading the stories of the midwestern dairy farmer So many of his stories I can equate to my upbringing or that of people that I know Each chapter of the book is a compliation of his short stores and articles Very engaging.

    25. I had high hopes for this book I thought it would be similar to the writing of rural writings of Michael Perry Instead, this book is plodding, tangential, and a little like dopey farmer writes a book Thankfully both the chapters and the book were short.

    26. The man has a way with words I really enjoyed the self deprecating humor Very funny and relateable, especially for farmers

    27. EntertainingI appreciated the imagery and energetic musing It s easy to understand why so many enjoy his column A quick and delightful read.

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