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The Way of the Master By Ray Comfort Kirk Cameron,

  • Title: The Way of the Master
  • Author: Ray Comfort Kirk Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780882702209
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron s organization It anchors their television program, radio program, and website Considered by many to be the definitive text in evangelism, this book is coming to Bridge Logos to be updated, expanded, and illustrated with photographs for Spring 2006 release It s an anecdotal, loaded with comment The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron s organization It anchors their television program, radio program, and website Considered by many to be the definitive text in evangelism, this book is coming to Bridge Logos to be updated, expanded, and illustrated with photographs for Spring 2006 release It s an anecdotal, loaded with commentary and remarks that are conversational than academic It s an easy read with a hard message that has already changed the face of sharing faith.
    The Way of the Master The Way of the Master is the flagship work of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron s organization It anchors their television program radio program and website Considered by many to be the definitive text i

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    1. The subject matter This impressive and inspiring book teaches how to accurately and biblically witness to the unsaved The Master at witnessing was, of course, Jesus Christ This book stresses the use of the Ten Commandments while sharing the gospel message, leaving the conviction work to the Holy Spirit and the choice in the sinner s life.What I especially liked I ve seen the television programs by the same title, but the book was much helpful What I found most useful as teaching tools were Ray [...]

    2. Quite honestly a must read for every Christian It will change the way you view the significance of the Gospel message It will change you as only God can.

    3. After initially hearing Kirk Cameron s presentation of Hell s Best Kept Secret, I eventually read this book was changed by it I heartily recommend it

    4. The Way of the Master I recommend this particular book of Comfort Ray Comfort, with helpful comments by Kirk Cameron, takes head on the Easy Believism movement that has been distorting the Gospel See my own book review of John Bevere s Driven By Eternity for related subject matter.Comfort and Cameron want Christians to use God s Law properly No of the Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life stuff No Though they don t state it as such, it s back to the Biblically Reformed use of t [...]

    5. falsehood I am frightened that impressionable believers will read this book and question their salvation and that of others as well as put themselves back under the shroud of legalism This is wrong Granted, I didn t finish it, but when I got to about page 80 and Comfort implies that you ll know false converts because they sometimes act selfishly, I realized that he was saying that most of us, then, including myself, are going to hell when I was actually under the impression that I accepted Chris [...]

    6. The Way of the Master is a short book about how to be an effective evangelist Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort take their readers through numerous of steps to show this For example, Cameron and Comfort uses the speak directly to the conscious method first they would use an ice breaker to start a conversation, Hello, do you mind playing a game you consider yourself a good person have you ever lied before well what would you call someone that lies By going through these steps the listener or player of [...]

    7. This book was so amazing I have never heard the salvation message delivered this way before it was so powerful I had no idea there were so many false converts in christianity simply because they didn t know the way true way to heaven It gives you so much insight into God, and what he expects from us i felt so convicted, and at the same time so full of love for him I see my sins in a new light, and will be forever changed by this book God is amazing, and his forgiveness is there when we are ready [...]

    8. If you ever had a question about how to what the Bible said about how to witness to an unbeliever, this is the book This book comes with a cd This book will change the way you witness

    9. This was the most powerful and convicting book of evangelism that I have ever read This book should be read by every person on the planet.

    10. Ray Comfort is a conservative Christian, author and evangelist who is well known for the television series that bears the same name as this book Kirk Cameron is a Christian actor and contributor to the book as well as a close friend and working partner to Ray.This book outlines a method of bearing witness and soul winning that takes it s pattern from the words of Jesus as found in the Christian bible The authors explain how to use the method described, it s function and purpose and how to avoid [...]

    11. Candace Cameron Bure mentions this book in her convocation address at Liberty University which I saw on youtube , so I decided to check it out I am really glad I did, because I enjoyed it and greatly appreciate the message The main theme is the issue of today s evangelists focusing only on God s grace but neglecting to stress the importance of the LAW, i.e Joel Osteen and most megachurches Ray Comfort does a great job of writing in a simple, convincing, heartfelt style and his sincerity and conc [...]

    12. No no no no no This is an instruction book from the foundation of the abuse of Holy Scripture It corrupts the Gospel with formulaic, legalistic, dogmatic praise It was a struggle to complete this material for my seminary course list Though it is regarded as necessary material by many, I find it turgid and rather American.

    13. This is another great book by Ray I recommend all Christians to read this One Christian read it and it for to fearful for them to continue to read.

    14. This is a great book with some useful ideas for evangelism I would also recommend the resources on the website wayofthemaster especially the free movies.Read my blog post for the full review and discussion about evangelism methodschristianmissionaryuk

    15. I would recommend this book to every single person By the time I got to the end I was both full of blessing that the concept of being driven to the grace of God through the reality of my own sin was not new to me, and convicted that I have slowly migrated toward the God is love as primary gospel The truths in this book are life changing

    16. This book has a great heart of evangelism, but it fails in that it makes the way we share the Gospel always the same way It is claimed that the way Jesus did evangelism is to use the law first and that idea is based on only one story in the Bible It doesn t carry through when you look at all of the Gospels.

    17. The basic idea is that, as Christians, we tend to over emphasize God s grace and under emphasize God s law when speaking to the lost Romans tells us that the purpose of the law is to convict people of their sin, so when we don t mention the law, we end up with people who become Christians because they want the wonderful life we told them all about when they should seek grace out of fear of eternal damnationThis book really got me thinking if nothing else For the first 8 or so chapters I really d [...]

    18. This is a good book to learn about evangelism It s great that the author advocates using the Ten Commandments to bring people to Christ, because then people will know that they are sinners However, the way Comfort describes it, he makes it sound easier than it really is to bring someone to Christ If it is so easy, then we would not need to disciple believers and show them what Christian life is all about He has a good approach, but did not really develop the idea of evangelism enough.Favorite Q [...]

    19. This needs to be read by everyone who claims to be a Christian Not only does it remind us to see our sin for what it truly is disgusting and able to send us to hell, but it also shows us how to share our faith Biblically the way Jesus did As Christians we are not called to live comfortably, we are called to reach out and take hold of those who are perishing Using the 10 commandments before you show people God s mercy and love, is vital It shows them their desperate state and then the cross of Ch [...]

    20. This was a very difficult heavy read but it was a major eye opener and I think will be very helpful when witnessing to others to make sure you are doing so in a Biblical way Many churches today preach on God s wonderful plan for your lifebut I don t think as many of those churches preach on God s law and the importance of confessing our sins and in truly understanding WHY we need Jesus to save us Many important messages in here.

    21. What a wonderfully refreshing technique for sharing the gospel Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it The Law exposes sin and shows our deep need for a Savior God extends grace and mercy to sinners by sending His Son to pay OUR sin penalty What a glorious gift He has offered us Oh, that all would come to know Him

    22. At a different time in my spiritual walk, Comfort s book may not have earned 5 stars But in my current state of fighting complecancy, His challenge to replace the thinking of What Would Jesus Do and replace it with What Did Jesus Do was what I needed.

    23. Not only does this book show you a clear and correct way to point someone to Christ, but it gives you a sense of urgency to share with those who don t know Him as Savior and Lord This is one book I will probably pick up and read parts of again and again.

    24. This book is amazing and made me think a lot about the gospel message Very well written and easy to read, it really gets to the heart of salvation and how to share with others I really recommend it

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