[EPUB] ↠ Yearning for the Living God: Reflections from the Life of F. Enzio Busche | BY Á F. Enzio Busche Tracie A. Lamb

Yearning for the Living God: Reflections from the Life of F. Enzio Busche By F. Enzio Busche Tracie A. Lamb,

  • Title: Yearning for the Living God: Reflections from the Life of F. Enzio Busche
  • Author: F. Enzio Busche Tracie A. Lamb
  • ISBN: 9781570089848
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • F Enzio Busche, emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, was born in Germany in 1930, three years before Hitler s rise to power Fifteen years later, when World War II ended, Enzio was a prisoner of war, having been drafted into the German army at age fourteen The war left Enzio with many questions Is there a God What is the purpose of life What happens aftF Enzio Busche, emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, was born in Germany in 1930, three years before Hitler s rise to power Fifteen years later, when World War II ended, Enzio was a prisoner of war, having been drafted into the German army at age fourteen The war left Enzio with many questions Is there a God What is the purpose of life What happens after death In time, he learned the answers Yearning for the Living God is a collection of Elder Busche s experiences both before and after his conversion and an account of the life changing awakening that can come to all who search for truth in this world.About the Author Elder F Enzio Busche is an emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints He was sustained a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy on October 1, 1977, at the age of forty seven He has also served as president of the Germany Munich Mission and president of the Frankfurt Germany Temple He and his wife, Jutta, are the parents of four children and the grandparents of nineteen.Tracie A Lamb comes from the small rural town of Manila, Utah She graduated from Weber State College and served in the Germany Munich Mission while Elder F Enzio Busche was mission president there She received a Master s degree from Arizona State University and then taught English in Seoul, Korea, for three years She teaches English as a second language and lives with her husband and two daughters in Auburn, Washington.
    Yearning for the Living God Reflections from the Life of F Enzio Busche F Enzio Busche emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy was born in Germany in three years before Hitler s rise to power Fifteen years later when World War II ended Enzio was a pri

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    1. This is a collection of personal experiences of one man I found it very interesting from the beginning because he sets the stage with describing life in Nazi Germany This is not the war torn horror that is the typical description He describes the positive and noble front of the Nazi party They apparantly encouraged a great deal of good, old fashioned values like hard work, honoring the mother of the home, home ownership and pride, honesty, chastity, and much, much that is often looked down upon [...]

    2. This is the most inspiring book It is an Auto Biography from Elder F Enzio Busche Elder Busche is a dear friend of our family s He sealed my sister and her husband in the Bountiful Temple almost two years ago He is such a sweet man and has such an incredible testimony of this Church I enjoyed reading his conversion story It is such a touching story, and truly helped me to gain a stronger testimony of this gospel He tell stories from his childhood, growing up in Hitler s Germany, The reason he is [...]

    3. This book was an inspiring example of the workings of the spirit upon one extraordinary man who had yearnings in his heart and the faith to seek and know the will of God It testifies of his yearnings and desires to know God in a world where it was dismissed and thought to be of naught Enzio searched to the ends of the earth and was willing to sacrifice all to know who is God He felt unworthy and and knew he needed something or someone to help him to be clean Then an amazing thing happened He act [...]

    4. My mother got this book for Christmas I have a habit of picking up her books and devouring them, and this was no exception I sat down the whole day and just read and read I HIGHLY recommend this book It is a m a z i n g My mother really sought it out He came to speak in N.H many years ago and my mother said that everyone was just walking on clouds for two weeks after She always wondered if he d written a book and after much searching, she found this one It has been nearly four months since I rea [...]

    5. This book is a collection of reflections by Enzio Busche He was born in Germany as Hitler was ascending to power He was converted to the LDS church as an adult and the book talks about his many experiences from his early days through his presidency of the Germany Munich Mission and the Frankfurt Temple as well as his days as a General Authority Mostly though, the book is anecdotes about his own experiences in seeking the Spirit and the experiences of others that were told to him along the way Hi [...]

    6. This book really was amazing I finished it months ago and forgot to ever discuss it His experiences really are incredible Full of faith and hard work It was faith building and informative I gave it four stars merely because I am not typically into this type of book, so I didn t enjoy it as much as I d like.

    7. This is a sweet and inspiring book of stories and testimony and faith F Enzio Busche was born in Germany just a few years before Hitler came to power We learn of his life there and what it was like from his perspective to grow up in Nazi Germany We learn of his journey of faith and conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ After joining the Church he is immediately called to serve and teach We learn from many of his personal stories about faith and conviction He also shares miracles of healing, m [...]

    8. I remember loving this book the first time I read it years ago and thinking that I would want to reread it in the future I m glad that it held up to my original impressions It was interesting to read about his early life, since he was born in 1930 s Germany and how that molded him, and then his passion of finding God and truth I also loved all his experiences while serving in different church assignments It was an inspirational read that left me wanting to do better and have greater faith.2017 P [...]

    9. Fantastic read Inspirational and faith filling F Enzio Busche lead a remarkable life of determined progress towards his goal of becoming His disciple, no matter the cost pg 55 He also shared many stories of those he met along his life path and the amazing faith they also exhibited and experienced Truly a book worth reading.

    10. I want to read books like this It was a little slow at first, but ended up doing a great job balancing the biographical sketch with life lessons learned.I earned a great respect for this humble man who admirably trod a difficult path from the ruins of World War II and spiritual desolation to a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ by always facing and living up to hard truths he encountered as he came to know God.I feel a particular affinity towards Elder Busche as I lived in Germany for two years s [...]

    11. F Enzio Busche has served as a general authority for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and this is his life story He starts the book by sharing a perspective on World War II that we are not accustomed to hearing, which I found extremely interesting I give this book four stars instead of five, only because my interest was not as peaked toward the end This couldn t be helped, however, since the events of his life are written in order, for the most part, and while the book describes [...]

    12. I haven t read an actual book in over a year I so enjoy listening to books I was recommended this book by a friend and from page one I was hooked I absolutely loved it Every story I am picky about the church books that I read I was so impressed by Enzio s testimony and strong faith He inspired me to be better This is a book I should read once a year I loved seeing the Lord s hand in his life and trying to lean on that in my own Also, it reinforced the nagging feeling I always have of writing dow [...]

    13. Enzio Bushe is a fascinating individual whose pure heart shines through in this autobiography.He grew up during the climax of the Third Reich, and his story of how Germany looked through his eyes, and the subsequent betrayal felt by many Germans after Hitler s fall, is heartbreaking.He describes this period without excuse for Hitler s actions, but from a unique perspective of what it meant to grow up under the state lie that Hitler provided for those who hoped for a united, virtuous Germany and [...]

    14. I was expecting this to be of an autobiography, or a memoir, and it certainly had elements of that But I would have loved details of his early life in Nazi Germany, from when he was drafted at 14, to about his family life and life outside of church I appreciated the format, too, it was a little different Instead of being chronological, he took important parts or influences in his life and wrote a chapter about it like, illness, or family So it confused me a couple of times when we would be ba [...]

    15. I like reading church books occasionally and find them all very fulfilling Both my mother and sister who normally read totally different books recommended this to me I knew it would be interesting knowing Elder Busche lived in Germany during WWII, but I had no idea his life experiences and intense spirituality would occupy my thoughts I was particularly inspired by the way he taught his young children to pray, recognize answers, and rely on Heavenly Father And how he trusted and encouraged them [...]

    16. I loved this book Elder Busche grew up in WWII Germnay, and he starts a book with an explanation of how Hitler and other German leaders bamboozled the entire country and the societal destruction that was caused by the people s disillusionment of the Nazi cause when the truth was revealed.He describes his personal search and commitment to truth, his baptism, and the many miracles he witnessed as a branch president, mission president, and general authority The stories are sprinkled with profound a [...]

    17. My sister Jana and I read this book on our road trip to Pennsylvania this month This is a wonderful book about the spiritual life of Elder F Enzio Busche It chronicles his life from growing up in Nazi Germany, to finding the gospel of Jesus Christ, raising a family, and serving in the church as a young new member in Germany, as a regional representative, mission president, temple president, and General Authority Reading about his conviction and dedication to serve God and bless his fellowmen was [...]

    18. Fantastic book, another one that strenthens my resolve to do better and amazes me with insight Elder Busche is a member of the Seventy Emeritus and tells of his remarkable conversion and his life experiences in pre, during and post war Germany From a historical standpoint, it opened my eyes as to the perception of the common German people as Hitler was in power From a spiritual standpoint, it was amazing to read of the miracles he witnessed in his own life, the struggling branch he was in and th [...]

    19. This is a fabulous book It s a wonderful account of Enzio Busche s life long pursuit to seek the Living God It s full of his history growing up in Germany during World War II the everyday German s view of what happened his conversion story, as well as some great spiritual experiences he has had throughout his life I was extremely fortunate to read a copy of the book that had, handwritten in the front of the book, Mike Milligan s personal experience with this general authority while he was on his [...]

    20. I had the great good fortune of serving in Elder Busche s ward in Dortmund for 10 months of my mission I had the opportunity of feeling his and Sister Busche s Christlike love when my mother died while I was serving there They were very kind and concerned about me which made the whole situation tolerable I know many of the people and places mentioned and am seated in the front row of the picture of the Dortmuch chapel incorrectly stated as being from 1965 it was actually taken in 1975 All in al [...]

    21. I was amazed at the life of this man his conversion story, how he was prepared to receive the gospel, how he helped prepare his country to lay a strong foundation for gospel growth, etc I think the thing I most came away with after reading this book is how the Spirit of God is ever present in our lives whether we listen and heed to the promptings or not but when we truly listen and obey and act on faith amazing things happen I was constantly in awe with the experiences he had throughout his life [...]

    22. 4.5 stars because he is amazing His life story, all that he went through, as a child and into adulthood I loved his German background and perspective , all the many spiritual experiences and life experiences and interactions with others, including his familyl of it was inspiring But the most inspiring was his relationship with Heavenly Father Jesus Christ due to his reliance upon prayer He truly communed with God, with the living God And I want to do better because of his example.

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed the reflections contained in this book One of the topics I found most intriguing was his experience during WWII, during which he served as a 14 year old soldier in the German army It never fails to amaze me that people can experience such trying times and use what they learn from those experiences to shape their lives into such a force for good He recounts many other learning experiences, and it is inspiring to read about the growth of his faith in the Living God he yearned [...]

    24. I reread this book this week in preparation for our upcoming book club meeting with an emphasis on biographies my house this month F Enzio Busche was my husband s mission president and had a profound influence on his life I feel like he has had a similar influence on mine I am lifted up as he shares experiences of faith and prayer while seeking to commune with our Living God I highly recommend this book to everyone.

    25. Enzio Busche was born in Germany in 1930 He grew up during the war years of Hitler s rise to power He was drafted into the German army at age fourteen At the end of the war he was in a state of melancholy and full of questions about the purpose of life He read in Psalm 42 2 My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God when shall I come and appear before god As he searched he found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints It is a thrilling story to me.

    26. This book has some really great insights Brother Busche has had some amazing experiences living in Germany during Hitlers regime He helped me understand how the people of that time were misled and brainwashed into thinking that their government was good They were kept from the truth for most of the war and when they did find out what really happened, it was devestating to many, who lost all hope.

    27. This is a fabulous book I read it while on study abroad in Vienna, Austria I learned so much about Elder Busche and the German saints during World War II I was so inspired by Elder Busche s thoughts on the gospel It really motivated me to be better, to be dedicated Books like this really cause me to reflect upon my life and evaluate what I am doing and what I want to be doing I will definitely read this book again.

    28. I have just started this book, and am already loving it It is so interesting to learn about the effects first for good, then of betrayal and shame the Nazi party had on the people of Germany Why accepting religion is no easy task Why many are such perfectionistsc I have a Father from Germany, and a son serving a mission there If you have as many questions as I did of why You will find this book very enlightening.

    29. This is a very faith promoting book, full of amazing experiences Elder Busche was so full of faith and sets a great example in the way he deals with things I especially loved how he would automatically pray for the Lord s help whenever he was faced with a problem I want to be like that I would definitely recommend this book

    30. This book was captivating It was full of fascinating, uplifting and inspiring stories I learned a lot about Hitler from the view point of a German, about conversion from the view point of a skeptic and about communion with God from the view point of an incredible man I liked it much than I thought I would.

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