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Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln By Judith St. George Matt Faulkner,

  • Title: Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln
  • Author: Judith St. George Matt Faulkner
  • ISBN: 9780399241741
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Abraham Lincoln grew up poor and without schooling in a Kentucky wilderness and lost his mother before he was ten It was sparkplug Sally Bush Johnston who married his father, brought a library of books to their log cabin home, and believed in Abe from the beginning She was an inspiring turning point for young Abe, who went on to become America s sixteenth and most populaAbraham Lincoln grew up poor and without schooling in a Kentucky wilderness and lost his mother before he was ten It was sparkplug Sally Bush Johnston who married his father, brought a library of books to their log cabin home, and believed in Abe from the beginning She was an inspiring turning point for young Abe, who went on to become America s sixteenth and most popular and respected president A spirited introduction to the great American for young readers and a glimpse of how any human can rise to surprising heights.
    Stand Tall Abe Lincoln Abraham Lincoln grew up poor and without schooling in a Kentucky wilderness and lost his mother before he was ten It was sparkplug Sally Bush Johnston who married his father brought a library of book

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    1. This book fits under the genre of memoirs and bibliographies and is written for children I A This was a story of the life of Abe Lincoln Though he lost his biological mother at a young age he was encouraged by his step mother to continue to pursue his dreams and be confident in himself.I gave this story 4 stars because I like how they were able to tell the life of Abe Lincoln in a way that younger readers could understand The pictures and their colors were great and brought the words to life Thi [...]

    2. I had lunch with an author the other day and the subject happened to turn to the topic of biographies for children Sometimes it seems like publishers are afraid of doing anyone new these days It s all Einstein and Martin Luther King Jr There are a whole lot of Helen Kellers and Anne Franks than a kid could ever really need Unusual subjects sometimes seem to get the shaft, and this is a real pity You d think people would want to learn about the obscure heroes out there So when I find myself wit [...]

    3. I love children s biographies They are to the point, cute, with pictures, and educational They make me feel like I know so much about a person in just 15 minutes I love that Abe had a pink pig that he loved as a pet and when his father said they had to kill it for food he went into the woods for two days I loved that he loved learning I love that his friend saved him from drowning in a creek I am always sad to hear of his mothers death when he was 9 years old and how hard it was to get used to [...]

    4. This was a picture book partial biography of one of our nations greatest leaders during his coming of age This book tells a story of Abraham Lincoln as a young man, and the seemingly small events that lead him to eventually reach greatness I think books about role models when they were young are great for students because they can relate to the character the students are able to see themselves as potential presidents, Nobel prize winning scientists, outstanding moral practitioners, and leaders o [...]

    5. Stand Tall Abe Lincoln describes the childhood of Abraham Lincoln, and provides a little information at the end of the book about his presidency The biography is primarily providing information about Abraham Lincoln s childhood and tells the story by including Abe s thoughts about the events going on in his life The book mentions the death of Lincoln s mother, his determination to continue his schooling and learn as much as possible, his family moving, etc These are all things that students can [...]

    6. This lovely little picture book focuses on the young Abraham Lincoln We follow Abe and his family through his birth until the time he sets off on his own The hardships of frontier life and growing up on a farm in early to mid 19th century will be a revelation to some young readers The illustrations are top notch Up to two pages big, they set the scene of the life lived back when our 16th President was growing up The illustrations are invaluable for caputuring the emotion of the moment a slave bo [...]

    7. With so many biographies about Lincoln, one might wonder about the value of just one slim volume But this picture book biography is a gem, revealing to the reader that part of life to which a child might relate, Abe s childhood St George and illustrator Matt Faulkner reveal in short chapter and double page illustrations the challenges young Abe faced Abe s mother died when he was only nine years old, leaving the family so devastated that daily household maintenance and hygiene were forgotten Ab [...]

    8. This biography on Abe Lincoln expresses all of the hardships he had to overcome growing up Whether it was deaths, trying to fit in, or simply just feeling lonely he had dealt with it This story also expressed Abe s true love for reading and writing, which led to the duties he gained by having a strong skill with reading mail and letters By reading this story you can see how passionate and hard working Abe Lincoln was as an individual and how these characteristics led him to success Overall this [...]

    9. I like that this is a picture book because the pictures go with the text and it has a lot of information, yet something about it seemed off to me I am not one to complain about too much text on a page and think this is a wonderful way to teach younger students important history Yet, I could not completely get into the book It is not bad by any means and I learned a lot about a young Abraham Lincoln that I did not know, but I think I just do not like how the information was presented I know this [...]

    10. This was an amazingly written and illustrated biography picture book for all ages to read and get better acquainted with the fascinating early life of Abraham Lincoln After this short read but lengthy picture book my daughter and I really had a sense of Lincolns upbringing and what helped shape him to be the type of man that he was one with no tolerance for injustice and cruelty There were several times that my daughter and I wept reading about the hardships and troubles that young Abraham Linco [...]

    11. Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by Judith St George and illustrated by Matt Faulkner is a great piece of work to be used when studying presidents The book is richly illustrated and the reader gets a vibe of how amazing our sixteenth president really was It gives readers a glimpse of how difficult Abe s life was and what he did to turn it around Abe is a model citizen that people should admire for his work and dedication to our great country Six, medium length chapters are filled with detailed informatio [...]

    12. Details the Lincoln s childhood, from birth to one winter night when stepmother informed father that Abe s studies were important than chores that could wait until the morrow The immense positive influence of stepmother Sally to Lincoln and his family is made clear Arranged into 6 chapters dividing his childhood into sections based on major events such as early childhood, death of mother, and the introduction of a stepmother Caricature like illustrations are full of detail, expression and color [...]

    13. A good book for a read aloud in younger classes K 2 For older grades, maybe up to fifth it would be great to have for selection to read to self Non fiction about Abe Lincoln s childhood Kids can relate to him here because of his age Sympathetic to his hardships and encouraged by his drive to read and learn It would fit great around Presidents Day, or anytime the kids are learning about the presidents The story doesn t take you through his whole life or even up to his presidency instead the last [...]

    14. An inspiring account of Abraham Lincoln s childhood, Judith St George and Matt Faulkner whose illustrations offer pleasing, expressive faces show us how Lincoln overcame poverty, the death of his mother and irregular access to education, setting the groundwork for his road to the presidency Most surprising was the touching relationship between Lincoln and his stepmother, Sally, as the two form a loving bond despite Lincoln s initial coldness towards her I think this book could make Lincoln huma [...]

    15. In honor of Abraham Lincoln s birthday and the upcoming Presidents Day holiday, I picked out a few books about our founding presidents This is an interesting and detailed account of Abe s childhood, with a focus on his relationship to his mother, step mother and other close relatives I loved that it showed him as a bookworm and eager to study, even though he had limited access to school The illustrations help to break up a rather long narrative and we loved seeing the pictures of Abe as a young [...]

    16. This biography tells the story of a young Abraham Lincoln The story follows Abe and his family through his birth until he sets off on his own This is a great book to teach children that they can be whatever they want to be and to not give up on their dreams because of the way their paint the picture of Abe Lincoln The author tells the story in a way that children will be able to relate to and understand I would use this book in my classroom when learning about Abraham Lincoln This would be a gre [...]

    17. Sometimes there is a happening in our lives that changes the way we think about ourselves and sends us along a new path This, from the introduction of Judith St George s Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln I love her approach to the lives of our President s and the impact they can have on kids.Don t save this book for President s day of next year Jeff and I had a great time reading and discussing this account of Abraham Lincoln s early years It was a great way to build on the discussion they were having in [...]

    18. Published in 2008 by PhilomelInterest Level 3 5th GradeThis is a great book about overcoming adversity and the power of word and books The illustrations are interesting and lively while also intriguing younger readers about Abe Lincoln Although this is not a complete biography of Lincoln, it allows the reader to desire knowledge about Lincoln and his later achievements I would definitely recommend this book to spark the interest of younger readers about biographies and Abe Lincoln in particular [...]

    19. Some new, little known, surprising facts about Abe Lincoln, will enchant young readers With a loving, bible reading mother, and a caring, supportive step mother, young Abe began to value education and knowledge above most everything Illustrations are colorful and full of movement and life A biography of young Abe s life and what his family meant to him and his adult life.

    20. Simply a wonderful inspiring picture book biography of Abe Lincoln s childhood that every child should experience Toward the end of the book I found my voice breaking as I fought back tears and my little 5 year old could tell how touched and inspired I was Immediately after reading this book he had the desire to read some of those books that were Abe Lincoln s favorite childhood stories.

    21. Young Abe who likes Abraham better is a scholarly child who is facing a variety of challenges and obstacles from being forced to move, to loosing his mother Proving adversity will make a stronger person.The lively illustrations will keep the reader engaged.Great story to read when discussing many topics for example pioneers, gettysberg address, 1800 s, presidents, slavery.

    22. The story of Lincoln s life growing up but done in a picture book style The story line is short and at times read like a list However, it tells the reader information they might not be familiar with and what the reader might be able to relate to family life.

    23. I really enjoyed this book about Abe Lincoln s childhood The story gives kids an upclose look at how challenging life was in the early 1800 s in the backwoods of Kentucky and Indiana The author emphasizes the events that shaped Abe s character and put him on a path to the White House.

    24. A very what you d expect sort of book about Abe Lincoln s childhood years The text is good, but not remarkable, and the illustrations are well executed I enjoyed Abe Lincoln Crosses the Creek better.

    25. Notes great illustrations sentences feel a bit choppy at times and too much info is crammed in to one page, but otherwise an excellent look at Lincoln s youth

    26. Good picture book with Abe Lincoln facts great for second and third graders looking for information from a fun to read source for a school report.

    27. I am always fascinated inspired by stories about Abe Lincoln and this was another informative one Chapter Format LOVED the art.

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