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The Devil on Her Tongue By Linda Holeman,

  • Title: The Devil on Her Tongue
  • Author: Linda Holeman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From internationally best selling author Linda Holeman, a spellbinding story of loss, romance and betrayal set in 18th century Portugal Diamantina is 13 when her father, a Dutch sailor who washed up on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, abandons her and her African born mother and sets off for the New World Unbaptized, tainted by her mother s witchcraft and her foreigFrom internationally best selling author Linda Holeman, a spellbinding story of loss, romance and betrayal set in 18th century Portugal Diamantina is 13 when her father, a Dutch sailor who washed up on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, abandons her and her African born mother and sets off for the New World Unbaptized, tainted by her mother s witchcraft and her foreign blood, the girl is an outcast who seems doomed in her struggle to survive But Diamantina refuses to accept her destiny and vows to escape her circumstances and forge a life of her own, no matter the cost, leading to an odyssey of starvation and plenty, cruelty and love, disaster and triumph.
    The Devil on Her Tongue From internationally best selling author Linda Holeman a spellbinding story of loss romance and betrayal set in th century Portugal Diamantina is when her father a Dutch sailor who washed up o

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    1. A meaty well written story that is wonderfully engrossing and absorbing If you like a fleshed out solid storyline, interesting characters, strong and intelligent women, then you will like this book as much as I did

    2. Every time I read one of Linda Holeman s novels the first question that pops into my mind is why in the actual heck are her books not well known or on the best sellers lists Like her other novels, The Devil on Her Tongue was a phenomenal and engrossing read that I was unable to put down Her novel combines a strong female protagonist with drama, romance and history what is there not to love And to top it all off, she is an eloquent writer I definitely recommend this book to lovers of historical [...]

    3. I love Linda Holeman s books she always creates such a wonderful sense of place When I m reading them I m right there, in the scene, seeing, smelling and feeling everything she so ably describes This absorbing story is yet another rich and exciting tale from one of my favourite authors Straight to my favourites shelf.

    4. alrighti am a bit conflicted with this one i enjoyed parts, and stayed up way, way too late last night to finish the book, but as i was reading and as i have been reflecting on it today, many of the secondary characters were very one dimensional and i feel as though a much richer novel could have been possible if there was depth to these players holeman certainly created a compelling story, and i was fascinated by the time and setting the author has clearly done her research it just ended up be [...]

    5. Yes I was finally able to purchase it Before it had been too expensive but it was under 10 dollars so I am fine.I prefer with some authors to get the physical book and Linda is one of them but that will have to wait So far I loved and enjoyed all of her books so I can t wait to read this.Lately , well since I started with kindle unlimited, I have read a lot of true crime books so it will be good to pick something else for a change Update October 25 Reading now and quite enjoying it I love how th [...]

    6. Linda Holeman never lets me down When I crave something historical, inticing and descriptive of a certain era, I always turn to her novels This one is no exception to that I couldn t put it down, and as always I am intrigued at what I read and research the facts laid out in every story It doesn t matter what she writes, I always put her book back on the shelf with a better understanding, a bit knowledge I loved the strength that the main character and her mother, than her daughter and her had I [...]

    7. I am difficult to please as a reader of historical fiction, so my first experience with any author s work is an exercise in criticism and suspicion If a novel is unintelligently written, predictable, or lacking accurate historical insights within its story, I am quick to cast it aside That said, Devil on her Tongue ticked all the boxes on my list of requisites for a great novel Not only were its characters extremely well drawn and plot intricately developed with surprising turns and developments [...]

    8. Que hist ria maravilhosa N o conhecia a autora e h algum tempo que o livro estava na pilha por ler Quando lhe peguei devorei as p ginas de enfiada fala da nossa hist ria e das hist rias que cruzam povos e culturas Personagens muito bem constru das e um enredo que instiga leitura compulsiva N o vou dizer mais para n o estragar o prazer de desvendar o livro a quem se interessar Deixou SAUDADE,mesmo.

    9. Linda Holeman has never let me down with her historical novels And this one was no different I became totally engrossed and lost in the story that takes place on an Island of Portugal in the mid 1700 s.

    10. I really enjoyed this book Linda Holeman is one of my favorite authors She is such a skillful writer that I am transported into the world she creates with her word craft 5 stars

    11. I love Madeira, and I ve always wanted to find a book that would bring me back there, the colours, the smells and this book does just that Diamantina s sense of smell is very well woven into the story and it makes for a rich, engrossing POV However, all that comes at the horrible price of her Jesuit madman and the Abilio I just this is why I read and historical NON fiction these days When a modern minded historian finds out that life back then , in any era, was just a little less horrible than [...]

    12. I have read 2 other of Linda Holeman s books and this makes my 3rd I love her books because of her strong female characters Her books are historical, which is a favorite genre of mine This story takes place in Portugal with the main character Diamantina taking center stage She has a tragic life but with her fiery, independent spirit she survives and has a wonderful ending with many friends.

    13. Linda Holeman sometimes lets her taste for melodrama get a little out of control, but her historical fiction is well written, has a solid sense of period and place in this case, the Madiera islands and Portugal in the 18th century, and has a skill with plotting and characters that usually works for me Her previous novel, The Lost Souls of Angelkov, I found especially impressive in conveying the complex dynamics of social change in rural Russia, and I hoped for similarly interesting insights into [...]

    14. I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed this novel by Linda Holeman The plight of Diamantina at times is heart wrenching, but with resilence and courage, she perseveres to make a better life for herself Born poor, the daughter of a witch who is ostracized by the villagers, and later abandoned by her father who reluctantly leaves them for the New World, the heroine faces numerous conflicts as she fights to make her own way and live life on her own terms Beautiful prose and compelling character [...]

    15. Reading this book was like watching a movie Something happens all the time and character development is masterfully done Religion and family ties play a huge role in 17th century Portugal, as would be expected from this time period however this is portrayed in an unorthodox fashion from the point of view of a woman who was born, raised and is living outside of the traditional family unit or the universally accepted belief system Great read, can t wait to get another one of Linda Holeman s books

    16. I absolutely could not put this book down I am a big fan of Linda Holeman, and she did not disappoint with her latest book I enjoyed the story line about a woman s life in 18th century small town Portugal, and thought that the twists and turns made the story quite interesting I thoroughly recommend this book.

    17. Wow loved this book Quick paced intrigue set in the 18th century in places we ve recently visited Could feel walking through streets of Funchal and up into Nuns Valley in Madeira And then when it moves to Lisbon and Belem e earthquake that changed so much of coastal Portugal happens The story line was really dear and the main character is so colourful and likeable

    18. Espectacular Estou encantada Tal como nos outros livros a autora consegue criar um enredo fenomenal, cheio de perip cias, dificuldades, amor e paix es, mas tem tamb m o seu lado hist rico, desta vez sobre o nosso Portugal Parab ns e obrigada Linda Holeman

    19. Started this book expecting to read two chapters close it as historical books are bot usually my thing I LOVED IT The characters were vivid the story enthral lung and I found the historical tidbits of Portugal very interesting.

    20. Really enjoyed this book At the end of a chapter I was always checking the time to see if I could squeeze in one chapter

    21. This is the third book I ve read of Linda Holeman I enjoy her writing and descriptions of places and people I really get a sense of what she is protraying through her words.

    22. What an engaging read The descriptions of the characters, places, settings where amazing I did not want to put the book down.

    23. Absolutely loved this book Great Characters, believable and passionate.I haven t read anything to fill the void since The Red Tent , until nowI m a huge fan of this author.Linda Holeman

    24. A beautiful story with many twists and turns Diamantina is only 13 when her father leaves to sail to Brazil She stays behind to care for her mother in an isolated village in Portugal.

    25. Having read before a novel from Linda Holeman , The Linnet Bird and having enjoyed it, I was very curious to read The Devil on Her Tongue when I learned that the plot was set in Portugal, specificaly in Madeira archipelago As Diamantina, the heroine of this novel, I am from Porto Santo, the tiny island next to the bigger Madeira island Linda Holeman did a great job portraying the way of life in the 18th century in Portugal Some bits were a little bit far fetched the character Abilio required som [...]

    26. Linda Holeman is a superb writer.I have read all of her novelsE DEVIL ON HER TONGUE is exactly the kind of historical fiction that I love.Impossible to put down, I finished reading it in several days.The characters, setting, continuously twisting plot and well researched historical details provided all the elements that comprise an excellent reading experience I highly recommend this novel as well as all of Holeman s others.

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